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Public Interview with Leonard Ravenhill

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0:06that’s a greatest need in the church today as you would see it from what you’ve observed and I’m sure if we

0:13digested some of your books that we may have insight into it but what would you perceive brother Raven Hale to be the

0:20greatest need in the church in America specifically today I won’t give you my

0:25opinion I’ll give you a Bible opinion from Jeremiah chapter 1 to verse 13 my

0:34people have committed two evils they forsake in me the fountain of living waters and hewed amount systems broken

0:41cisterns that can hold no water it’s amazing to me when every pastor

0:47that comes oh I’m in a mega church you know we get 4,000 something I got nothing to do with your church every

0:55Church in America nearly is filled Sunday morning how many people you have in your prayer meeting the prayer

1:00meeting has almost died not just in Presbyterian churches but in Pentecostal

1:05churches in Baptist churches I have a pre-meeting Thursday morning for the

1:13pastor’s about 20 come son come 200 miles song come 300 miles roundtrip and

1:20the last five or six weeks we’ve all ended up on the floor in tears praying for one thing revival nobody’s praying

1:26for his church I believe the spiritual condition of America at this moment is

1:31lower than it was in the revival of the 1700 with Jonathan Edwards we forsaken

1:37God particularly we were saying the prayer meeting what would happen if you

1:43had a choir like say other First Baptist somewhere i First Baptist in Dallas oh

1:48good brothers First Baptist Church in Atlanta I I stayed there a month ones

1:53you about two hundred people in the choir what if only 10% turned up for choir

1:58rehearsal on Friday night do you think you might get the resignation of the choir master but supposing a guy with

2:05twenty six thousand members at 10 percent come to the prayer meeting he die of shock

2:11you see we have had people last just a

2:17year ago now we finished our 500th prayer meeting every Friday night and it

2:22was a prayer meeting in most churches now the preacher preaches Sunday morning

2:29Sunday night and Wednesday night forget it one of the young pastor that comes to us he got moved by the power of God he

2:36went to his church and said look I’m going to preach Sunday morning Sunday night but not Wednesday night we’re going to pray he’s in a country church

2:42he went from 60 Wednesday night to 6 they don’t want to pray we had a prayer

2:48meeting where people drove for five and six hours and there were people that came and they belong to famous churches

2:54in California and they came over and said look we know why God’s brought us

3:00in this area we need to learn to pray we went to a very popular church it’s attended by dozens hundreds of film

3:07stars and others but there’s no prayer life there but it all happened when they come three or four times they quit you

3:14know why because we have men they used to mumble in their prayers and it pleased God to educate them in the

3:20spirit and I would go on Wednesday and I go Friday night there was one in a

3:26full-blooded American Indian he was dying in the gutter snow falling on him he was a victim of drugs and drink and

3:33God awakened him he got wonderfully saved and he got an anointing in prayer

3:38to hear that man pray for the American Indians that the most neglected people in America today and and the Indians

3:45somehow don’t go after them you can’t go on the reservations they kill you all they say listen you stole our land you

3:52stole our oil you stole our mineral rights you stole our fishing rights get out of here and I’ve told him stay with

3:58it stay to your people with your people don’t let somebody else wear your crown you see so much we were walking around

4:05eternity and God was going to put a crown on my head and I didn’t do the job so he passes it to down he’s going to

4:12wear it for a billion years every time I see him is that that should have been my crown but that’s my fault it’s not the

4:17devil’s fault no man take thy crown that’s that’s a warning against Deacons

4:22but anyhow not let a man take your crown God is getting you a job do it if you die

4:29that’s what it takes brother Leonard what is the nature and

4:34the content and the direction of those prayer meetings for the average layperson who has not been able to

4:41attend where do you begin what do you pray for what do you target what happens in those prayer meetings

4:48that are so unusual and what are the kinds of primitives that we need to start having in our churches where we

4:57have different target I call it target pray for instance when we pray for all

5:03the husbands of the wives or fathers of

5:08the children who were there who’s daddy’s were not saved maybe now they even church member we concentrate on

5:14unsaved father’s unsaved husbands another time we concentrate on teenagers

5:20you see there’s something about covenant in prayer I went to dr. Torres church

5:27thank you and I stayed there for two weeks and I had the privilege of praying

5:33with him it’s a wonderful man he wasn’t the greatest preacher never heard we had an intimacy with God like nobody else and I remember one day he said Len don’t

5:42let anybody diminish your appetite or zeal for prayer he said I’ll tell you

5:48what happened in World War 1 the finest young many now in our church went to war

5:54they were drafted 30 of them and we covenant ‘add with their parents and

6:00their wives we covenant it in prayer that not one of those men would get killed or seriously

6:07injured and every man came back the only one that was lamed was his own son but he said if we can covenant in prayer

6:14like that when you count your covenant in prayer in your church is not one of our girls in our churches are going to

6:20get pregnant not one of our boys is going to go into drink we’re not just going to raise a nice healthy children

6:26we’re gonna do more than that we want to produce spiritual offspring and the

6:32reason those Superstars that came to our prayer meetings didn’t continue well they heard men that

6:39were praying with anointing again they heard this fellow crying with tears for

6:44the different tribes in America it’s astounding that a what – Ana quarter

6:50American Indians where’s David Brennan today there is no brainer there how do

6:57we have how do we have a right to pray for revival when in the 20th century

7:03there are so many people who believe theologically that things are just going

7:09to get worse and worse and worse and God certainly is not going to send a revival

7:15so why are you wasting your time praying that God will send one well you get a

7:22new class of people to get together and talk with the Deacons and others but it says here they’re forsaken me so what

7:30how many of your deacons come to prayer meetings one night I was standing on the platform little Charles Stanley there

7:36were maybe over a thousand people there I think he has 50 deacons and I said

7:42Charles where are your 50 deacons tonight is a trying count 15 as it will fire the rest what did they do in the

7:50upper room when the Holy Ghost came they geum’s gave themselves continually to fundraising did they what did they do

7:59give ourselves continually to prayer I like the figure I’m going to speak

8:05maybe one day I think Hannah is the best type of an intercessor that I know that all the qualifications she had grieve

8:11she suffered she mocked and and yet year by year he wasn’t once they scorned her

8:18but when she got pregnant she didn’t care a hill of beans about anybody well

8:23let me say this truth I think there’s a danger of seeking revival to justify my

8:29ministry to prove we’re the best people in town and we mentioned it with Paul

8:34this morning what does it say Malachi the Lord whom you seek we’re not seeking

8:41him we’re seeking revival we’re seeking healing we’re seeking miracles it’s not

8:47that we need if we get God we get all that’s needed and revival is when God comes down picked up the book for me

8:55please here’s a little book I hope you’ll all get it’s come down Lord it’s a good book

9:00of course it’s ringling but depart from man get a copy if you can it’s published

9:07by yeah which another table it’s alright with it it’s published by banner of

9:14truth but I’m out this page 23 now this is revival I think revival is the most

9:20prostituted word that we have in our cabinet today either revival or faith we

9:27don’t know much about either revival stops the traffic as their toes used to

9:33say Leonard when revival comes it it changes the model climate of a community

9:39taverns closed down nightclubs closed down it’s I mean there’s a wall going on

9:45now dear God if every needs one a whole armor of God it’s today how many of you

9:51might have the book the whole armor of God by Google do you have it let me see

9:56your hands oh good only two out of all of you it’s a wonderful book it’s eleven

10:01hundred and thirty pages it’s $36 we can send dear Nancy an address we can get it

10:09for 18 it was written like most of the classics in the 1600s and it’s the most

10:14stirring I gave Wilkinson a copy of that five years ago when I came back he said

10:20hey while you’re done that we had a vacation in the Bahamas we should be there now I get a free flight and the

10:25free holidays but this glorious atmosphere here you know where you can

10:31freeze every night is more attractive so uh how do you address the people who say

10:38that we are living in a day and age where everything is getting worse and worse and worse there is no way God’s

10:45going to send revival let’s hang on for dear life and pray for the rapture but you have no right to believe and to

10:53storm the throne of heaven in faith believing that God is going to send a revival he tells you in the Bible things

10:59are going to get worse and worse how do you answer those people well I answered it this week this way when the world

11:06population was five million did God love it yes does he love it less when it’s five billion if God isn’t willing that

11:14any should perish when it’s five million is he more willing that many should perish now you see the trouble in the

11:21world today the stagnation they the moral desolation America and the stagnation America is not due to the

11:29strength of humanism it’s because of the weakness of evangelism people don’t get

11:34born again when they come to the altar they leave it they come down and they leave it damned they’re not born people

11:42can’t be born in five minutes put us ten million sins and transgressions and violations of the law of God they can’t

11:49change the way of life put off the old man put on the new man by just standing there in tears and I told you last night

11:55when I heard that guy say on TV come for the Lord take a few minutes I went to

12:00bed and cried I’d say that he’s a leading evangelist in America telling

12:07people who are dead in trespasses they’re not bad they’re dead the

12:12prodigal didn’t says my son is bad it says he’s dead it’s no fun to look on a congregation

12:19maybe I said yesterday a hundred years ago that great that great art critic in

12:25England what was the name John John Ruskin said preaching is thirty minutes

12:31to raise the dead I thought that was procedures it’s scriptural all those lovely people you have executive people

12:37deacons nice people wealthy people poor people hippies yuppies what have you got there

12:43they are they’re dead and we’re the ones that transmit life but I dear brother I

12:49believe we’re going to see a Pentecostal will of Pentecost pen decals now tell you what not is going to stick his name

12:55on it Swaggart’s had his chance to evangelize well messed it up all rubbers they’ve

13:00got millions of dollars what are they done they’ve got disgrace to the name people ridicule it that God is a jealous

13:07God God’s going to raise oh man I pray for Romanian and behind the ank on every

13:12of my life people want to tell me now that God bypassed America don’t waste it

13:19time why was it is dead in the days of Jonathan Edwards what is revival well I

13:29think it’s an old America I think I think the Zn bound said that en bounds is the breath of God on the situation

13:36that threatens to become a corpse with very near death in America there’s no

13:42time for a new Reformation in a denominations going to raise a new man

13:47with new visa I want to preach on vision tonight God willing and we’ve got to have vision and passion you’ve got God’s

13:54got to upset our whole schedules our lifestyle our way of eating our way of living our wealth socializing in the

14:01church God helpers sure you can get a seat Church if you put a chicken supper

14:07before the prayer meeting they’ll come for the chicken supper you got the chickens you’ll drop the

14:12crowd because of our chicken but anyhow I believe that in beneath is going to be

14:24waiting okay God is giving the privilege

14:30of knowing praying man there’s a little fellowship of people in a town called Zion Illinois you know that it and it’s

14:37still there there’s one or two original people that were there with Joey and I

14:44went there they asked me to talk with a nanny’s upstairs in bed normally he’d speak to the mic to the congregation

14:50downstairs every morning do you know what happened to him I walked any thank me so mystery oh you

14:58do another I’ve read your books I said please don’t say a word my mother said if ever you go into

15:03royalty you never turn you back you am i backpedal to the dollars I want to thank you do you know that man Andrews God

15:11called him to go to Israel and he mastered Hebrew and when he got there

15:18God said go back he said that people gave him a do as I say go back

15:23I intercede for America what did it do for 30 years he prayed from 10 o’clock

15:33in the night till 5 o’clock in the morning by himself who you talk about

15:42David Brainerd that was what I’m talking about how them talking about when I talked with when they carried him his

15:47little wooden casket out of that room it was the first time he’d been out of the house in 12 years never out of the house

15:54Hudson and retainage fire he’s not only seen many lost many not merely lost in

16:01your church the robbers of robbing God of the right to use their personality they’re robbing other than I to use that

16:06time they’re robbing God the right to use their tongue dear God Saturday they

16:12commit they shout till a-holes they’re frantic on Saturday at the Sports Arena

16:17the frozen on Sunday and the here is a man II said listen I am NOT a bit

16:23worried and this is a staggering thing to me he said mr. rain there’s going to

16:30be an awakening before Jesus comes I know you I forgot it – Martha remind me the other

16:37day he said there’s got me a revival that will sweep 1 billion people into

16:42the kingdom of God well that’s a lot but the 5 billion in the world are the other

16:48four billion John the hell is a madman that country now I don’t this man have

16:54you met Paul Kane yet well Paul minutes with him a few times lately he’s an

17:00amazing man he used to get 30 and 40,000 people in his meetings he deputized for

17:06Bill Burnham and then he disappeared I heard of him in 1950 when I first came

17:13to America I didn’t meet him till about 20 years after and then I met him recently and he said in a meeting

17:18wherein he said God has revealed to me there will be a moving of the Spirit of God and what and 1 billion people will

17:29be born again and he mentioned you’re consider brother what he called him son he mentioned your country the

17:36other countries of in the belly of Russia now Latvia Estonia Lithuania

17:41there God when I was a boy we are the families that come from Estonia I think there were what about 10 in the family

17:48they all played different instruments and they set our church on the fire well why did they disappear – dear God you

17:56say my church would never pray get some conditions from this brother about what’s happening in their country you

18:03know the two most pleasant looking men in the world right now are the two biggest enemies of the cross one is the Pope another that there is Gorbachev and

18:10they fooled us they fooled us we may not have a collision with communism we loved

18:17one with Romanism it’s a deadly enemy because it says Mary is calling em

18:22tricks and there it is is a mediator before God but going back to this there

18:29never has been a situation in the world as difficult as today we’ve never had all the cults that we have now I see the

18:36nations being squashed like this this wall is moving in this way it’s cult this way ball is moving this way it’s

18:44the occult and these things are rampant my dear comes of England again in the

18:51last 25 years they’ve closed 600 branch churches of the Church of England the long leave how the Methodists and others

18:57but in the place of 600 churches we haven’t yet now 600 mosques the greatest

19:03revival in the world right now is amongst the Muslims why because we’ve prepared to die you can’t scare them

19:10we’re prepared to die I’ll ah prepared to live sure they’ll come to

19:15accommodating right horses I have played 10 years of some other thing I know there’s nothing wrong in that but

19:22where’s the passion it’s young men that see vision I’m not trying to escape it I want to tell you for God I’m in my 80

19:29third year now I have a bigger fire burning in my belly if you like of my

19:34heart than ever in my life and handed to me by the grace of God to wage war and I

19:42say I got young men coming 300 miles to our prime meeting that’s my consolation I know that man is studying people in

19:49his bill in his area still God has a remnant but the remnant is not enough we’ve got

19:56to return to the old ways as hire us to burn dear God the primary thing has to become

20:02the most attractive thing in the church you fire the Deacons if they when I went

20:07to the last church I said listen every Deacon has to meet me half an hour before the service any meeting Friday

20:15night we meet at 9 o’clock and pray to the midnight you would tell me about Spurgeon Paul will show me a little book

20:23the other day yes sure he was a great man of it you know in all the 20 years he was in that church he never once made

20:28an altar call do you know what the Deacons did for him they went in the side room where he prayed and wept and

20:35grown before God every time he went in the pulpit the Deacons brother arms over

20:41his armpits and carried him to the door to get him on the platform when old lady

20:47that visited him knew him told me about his prayer life it’s amazing and no man

20:56is greater than his prayer life I don’t care how many church members he has I somebody told me that they you like a

21:01favorite verse I like no I’m coming around a bit but you know I think the greatest honor I don’t have any doctorates either begged or bottled or

21:08burned or anything else I have no degrees you can ask 32 and still be frozen then one thing I covered

21:21I want to be one of the 10 most wanted men in hell I want the demons to say

21:27Jesus I know and regnal I know Jesus I know and Dale I know that’s why the

21:32Devils opposed him did the manly last

21:38night movie to tears I was strong come to the platform I wish but it is there after I said you may have one thing in

21:43common with the Apostle Paul when in death soft dear Lord my wife’s been to my funeral a dozen times out at my

21:50bedside lots of people are to see me die but I’m not going to die I’m going to live

21:57that’s it through a white sheet over men the doctor said you won’t last four minutes and I was going to die piously

22:04night my hands folded and he said he won’t last 500 meat I said you’re

22:10talking about me and the doctor said you won’t is it by another 11 years from now

22:16you’ll be crippled and paralyzed your back’s broken your feets are broken your leg a broken you’ll be useless Bilaam

22:23may be useless but I’m still hanging on but the thing is this I’ve been

22:29privileged to share in prayer and I don’t remember great pulpits I’ve preached some of the great pulpits of

22:34the world I don’t remember them I’ve taught with great preachers but when men have let me pray with them I remember all of them I can tell you how we pray

22:42I remember manly at the what was National Conference we had in know when

22:51know when booth but no they with Bertha Smith was there no better but

23:05Philadelphia that night to pray we had we said have a night of bread we got in

23:10the bedroom and boy after about ten minutes the door kept going out and I

23:16thought my I’m going to be left by myself as usual and folk want going out they were coming in so I looked round

23:21about six pairs of legs the guys were under the bed the black guys under the

23:26bed at that side and at this side and we pray too I don’t want two or three in the morning and so they said God came

23:32down that night well that’s where revival is born you can’t schedule it the stupid thing

23:39we’re going to start a revival next Sunday night in the finish there who who gives all those to the Holy Ghost

23:47sensitivity to the Spirit of God isn’t fair in the middle of the Welsh revival and remember there’s a guy 26 years of

23:55age and he’s already prayed 13 years for revival they won’t allow people to

24:03photograph him the greatest preachers in a minute in England with her at the time William Booth was

24:09he left his office desk to go listen to this 26 year old guy the greatest Bible

24:14teach in the world was there G Campbell Morgan he left his office at Westminster and came to hear this young Welshman FB

24:22Meyer came from the Baptist Church they were all flocking to Wales to hear a man

24:27who was anointed in the Spirit of God he comes into a meeting there were the

24:32biggest hall in town at eight hundred seats everyone was packed an hour before time and in comes a young man

24:38everybody’s waiting for him to come there’s one seat on the front he went to the front seat bowed his head and he

24:44prayed for three hours what do you mean do you think our congregation do that they say is fall asleep for three hours

24:53until he felt that rich or not then he stood up and preached for 15 minutes the glory of God came down and it all happen

25:03nobody dare leave the place he went out

25:08at ten o’clock and prayed the whole night for the anointing for the next day the people stayed till 2:00 and 3:00 in

25:15the morning they did that week after week you see we take our little revivals

25:21to South America what do you call him again swagger went he took the formula

25:28out here turn it on at 6:00 turn it off at 7:00 he didn’t do a thing it sailed because it was American no because it

25:34wasn’t biblical another Big Shot did the same thing but the tie was having

25:40revival in South America now I was reading one report it said they go to a meeting it starts Wednesday you have

25:46Wednesday night delphos night they are Friday nights at Friday night the people

25:51particularly teenagers pray the whole night through pray all day Saturday pray

25:57all Saturday night into Sunday and the glory of God fills the place you see

26:03you’ve got to get an appetite you know the nitty-gritty of the whole thing is raised we don’t know God we

26:10don’t know God we know theology we know about him why did Jesus come into the world to

26:17save sinners that’s not what Jesus said what did Jesus said and come that they may know

26:23the everyman that come to my office I get them worldwide I don’t know why but

26:28they come and I say first tell me do you know God well I have a degree I didn’t

26:33ask you about that do you know God when was your last encounter with God when we

26:38were last prostrate in his presence when you do last sit spellbound at His Majesty you don’t know God because we

26:47don’t know got it not out of worship we know how to enter into his presence we can tend to know a few theological

26:54shibboleths and other people of tortas dear God one of the leading men in the Southern Baptist Church about a dear

27:01friend of yours I won’t give you a clue after that my dear brother he said to me recently said listen forget our

27:06seminaries there’s no anointing in them those professors are teaching the leg lessons on Romans they taught 10 years

27:13ago you can shake the dust off them and every year they go back and say the same thing Romans in Chapter 1 and then

27:20chapters 8 to 11 chapters 2 – sir – Parekh insane how can men sit in here

27:28the word of the Living God and not catch fire our God is a consuming fire I don’t

27:35know what about why preach tonight when I’ll pitch tomorrow – or the day after I’ve two more times so maybe I’ll get to

27:42preach on the incandescent man I like that and then on the indestructible man you see the Blessed Word of God it

27:50torpedos us it says Elias was a man of like passion I didn’t notice often God says I look

27:57for a man I’ve been noticed in the middle of this great the greatest poem ever written on love 1 Corinthians 13

28:04has 13 verses he suddenly stops talking about love and he says when I became a

28:09man what does he mean tell me man we think it over when did he become a man what does he mean when did he step out

28:16of spiritual infancy when in his pellets move out of spiritual immaturity when

28:22did that didn’t come I would have

28:28preached on him one day before I go I hope yeah when you were talking last

28:33night about Hebrews 11 you know I read that as I tell you when I read Hebrews 11 I

28:40followed my phrase because not one person in Hebrews 11 ever had a Bible and when I’ve read all about the

28:46achievements I’d like you to preacher there sometime monthly there’s a thirst led that staggers me and it says what it

28:52says they did by faith subdued kingdoms wrought righteousness obtained promises stopped the mouths of lions and then one

28:59verse says not accepting deliverance what does it mean I’d rather die than fail Christ you

29:07can’t imagine it can you there’s a woman standing over there feeding a baby and the judge says to a look that listen

29:15preacher you take three grains of incense to that at the feet of Caesar and all you do is say Caesar is Lord you

29:22can go back to your darling wife and precious baby if not those lions were going to release them the next thing

29:28you’ll find the line between your baby up another one telling the breasts of your wife you love your wife I give them

29:35tell me you’re going to love a god you can’t see to the wife and he stands there and watches it we forgot all about

29:43that there’s a book called Fair sunshine

29:48it’s about the young men that were put to death in Scotland until 1665 and did

29:55you read them waving their hands and saying have three more days before I see the King in his beauty you see what our

30:02generation of preachers have managed to do we fail to make sin diabolical we’ve

30:09failed to make sin offensive and we fail to make sin attractive a Christ attractive you know the only time you

30:19can sing the hymn of Wesley Thou O Christ art all I want the only time you can say Christ is all I need is rain

30:26crisis all you have we’re propped up with everything our refrigerators are

30:31full I don’t have many clothes we’ll have at least I have two suits at least and I’m at least two pair of shoes I’m

30:39only one preachers place at 35 a sports coat and 25 pairs of shoes it nearly as

30:47many books does it does a devil care what we have

30:55all these worried about is that you catch fire and then your church catches

31:01fire another thing that it’s a this I’ve gone round a bit I know but I’ve got it’ll get wound up and say what I want

31:06to say you see the great revivals of Methodism were not in buildings they were in the streets The Salvation Army

31:13said England on fire Wow not by buildings they the Bishop of Gloucester

31:22said don’t ever let John Wesley a Charles Wesley in any of our churches they were both certified men of

31:30impeccable morality scholars read the Hebrew and Greek don’t let them in the

31:35churches and don’t let that man George Whitfield in the church at all Tony was

31:42a bishop at that time nobody knows don’t have a hill of beans but we know the men

31:47that got kicked out you know some of you guys if your faith will be kicked out these that’s my prayer I pray I’ll get

31:57fired for being fired but God’s going to do it don’t don’t lose sight of that

32:02with all I’ve rambled on you see God use the same material before they were flesh and blood many of them are fallible Paul

32:09was saying this morning some of them made great mistakes but God looks on the heart and they were able to see great

32:15Moving’s of the Spirit of God and that occur is harder today than she’s ever

32:21been we know the cavalry anymore nobody

32:27commits adultery now they just have an affair there’s no fun occasion it’s

32:32premarital sex not these messing with spiritism it’s just channeling we’ve taken the sting

32:40out of all the words we don’t talk about hell we’ve got to get back to biblical theology

32:46unless we’ve got to do the essential thing Jesus says I if I be lifted up

32:51we’re not preaching Christ we’re preaching drugs we’re preaching abortion we’re preaching crime we’re not

32:56preaching Christ our fathers I’ve been reading very much late

33:02again the well party the Apostolic fathers and the men up in the the

33:07Puritans and the other people in that area how they exalted Christ it was Christ first priceless you see we

33:16lost sight of the majesty and holiness of God we don’t tiptoe out of the sanctuary subdue by gods almightiness

33:23and power and mercy it’s just a ritual it’s a formality people are going to

33:29start now we’re going to start but let’s go back to the main issue again the main issue the charge of library boy if I

33:35live within a hundred miles of this place I’ll be here every I be here every week at least once to pray with these

33:41guys I wouldn’t train the day when it’s coming about nine o’clock till three in the morning and see our men would come

33:48they’ll come there’s nothing more attractive on this earth and higher whether it’s physical or spiritual fire

33:55is a most attractive our God is a consuming fire and the only answer to Hellfire it’s Holy Ghost fire brother

34:05Leonard let me ask you another question you make interviews very easy this is my third question now what do you believe

34:13is the greatest hindrance to genuine

34:19revival in the church here in the West

34:25the number one hindrance to revival in America is evangelism we made it easy

34:32for people to come forward and say little prayer and go out stop them and ask ask you ask teenagers in your church

34:40number one are you saved yeah from what Oh from hell I will say from last you say from pride they don’t know talk

34:49about the witness of the Spirit that John Wesley preached on more than anything else I don’t all you’re talking about they’d sing blessed assurance and

34:56they’d know children’s the hindrance

35:02number one is remain it’s so easy for people to come forward they go out at the door I watched some recently they

35:08have occurred after the door they were lighting cigarettes they won’t go in home and of anguish do not dear to him again

35:18Spurgeon said when he was 15 he was under conviction of sin for weeks and

35:23weeks and weeks he couldn’t sleep he couldn’t beat when you get conviction like that they’ve got our people that

35:31there have been upset in the meeting they go out they go back to sin they go back and sit before TV to midnight

35:38there’s no concern that has to come an awakening in the church to the peril those loved ones of jail at the end of

35:44the table they don’t go to church no they’re going to hell why don’t you say it

35:50my boys are good boys quarterback who cares a hill of beans its quarterback a fullback any other back where are your

35:59children what’s your ambition for your boy I three boys two of them the two the

36:07best preach in America today the other one say the head of one the new sex in that multi-million dollar what do you

36:13call it now Smithsonian Museum and and these boys of but they they got prayer

36:20lives two of them it got tremendous prayer lives and then my joy I will be totally unhappy if there were anything

36:26else they’d never been millionaires and never be rich but they know God they’re laying up treasure in heaven and now

36:33young people you see it’s not a case of getting the family getting the Bible back in the schools get the Bible back

36:39in your home we were talking I’ll talk of their brother bill here about what’s

36:47his name now Duncan Campbell I spent many hours in prayer with Duncan Campbell he used to pray and weep and

36:54groan the amazing thing Billy I don’t know he never had revived like seventy

36:59preached in Gaelic I preached through the first day of what I remember the first day of world war one it was the

37:06fourth of August my cousin went to the army he came back crippled I remember the first day of World War two I was to

37:12preach at the head Church of Nazarene Saturday night in the Afghan I went to a mission hall in the center of Glasgow

37:17and I didn’t know they said this is Duncan Cambell and it was always known as Duncan Campbell of the outer guile

37:24revival I’ll tell you about that too now he lost his anointing and became nobody but I said to him well what was a

37:32condition he had what revival 1949 he said her brother ate at that time after

37:38breakfast in the morning they listed all the dishes off the kitchen sink off the table put them in the kitchen sink and

37:43daddy got the Bible and he read a salmon or a psalm usually commented on it and

37:50the children had to memorize they recall it they hear Shorter Catechism you see

37:59maybe the greatest name right whoever had was Isaac what he wrote when I survey the wondrous cross he wrote joy

38:05to the world the Lord is come he wrote for marching to Zion wonderful man of God but Dino he had a catechism

38:10catechism for children under seven years of age and you couldn’t move up in it in

38:17a class in Sunday school until you’ve memorized it then you had another catechism for children from seven to

38:23fourteen years of age then you had another catechism for people 14 and up

38:28what’s a good book said I wonder that I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee and so the I said well I you’ll give me

38:35the secret of revival the seed had been in the hearts of those children for ten and fifteen years then the Holy Ghost

38:41comes and sends somebody along and that seed begins to germinate the Word of God

38:49is quick and powerful where is it it’s first in my heart but then the Holy Ghost breathed on it it’s go I have a

38:55little spark in my heart the Holy Ghost breathed on it comes into a flame your

39:04number one’s concern should be a family I went to preach at a certain college at

39:11a good time the second time I went a guy came he said I want to thank you for coming he said God moved on my heart

39:18last time you were here fine and he said I believe in your said what do you mean you believe in me so because you’ve

39:23raised three boys that are credit to you – wonderful preachers my precious wife did most of it I was away Tory in prayer

39:30but I spent housing prayer for the and my number one if there was in a big

39:36church in some other country number one today long the first thing I cover my family with the precious blood I believe

39:42the Holy Spirit will talk to them dear God when Paul was 16 years of age he prayed more I was in I trained he

39:49would pray till 1:00 and 2:00 in the morning in an old part of a mansion we had in Ireland and all the men I’ve

39:57known have been men of prayer and it cost something but you see your ambition

40:05which should be to see your spiritual offspring in your home your spiritual offspring in the church if I were in a

40:12church I would have a nucleus of about 10 young men every week and talking about the things of God particularly in

40:17the life of prayer I’d read some of the great characters that God has made because the made of the same stuff of us

40:23and what we bothered about a big church why didn’t Jesus take the 5000 he fed

40:29them they didn’t follow him they didn’t feed the 5,000 in the church didn’t feed

40:35the 4,000 in a church he manifested his power yeah 12 and the one tall good

40:41Thomas doubt there look at the mess that Judas made but prayer is a secret you

40:46know that you make up your mind you gonna give time to a prayer that devil will fight it more than anything else

40:52your phone will ring off the hook visitors will come someday I’ll say come on preach at our church why do you go

40:58conductor revolving zone the Elsie’s church when your own is dead that’s Nelson’s brother Ravenhill if you

41:09had if you knew that God was going to remove you from the scene and you only

41:16had one message left that you could communicate to the church in North

41:22America what would that message be what’s the burden of your heart right

41:28now there will be two things number one that

41:36the sad thing we don’t know God do you Sam come that they may know thee the

41:42only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou sent and if we know God we don’t have to

41:47know anybody else if we don’t know God we need to know everybody else the other thing that’s obscured I’m going to use

41:54it when I preach on the indestructible man we’ve lost totally lost sight of the

42:00judgment seat of Christ totally suppose the Lord is coming today

42:10as you as a pastor would you welcome him and say Lord my church is a cleanest

42:16Church in town we’re without spot or wrinkle we’ve dealt with divorce we

42:21dealt with drunkenness I have the most godly bunch of Deacons in Texas or in America I have the finest

42:27group of young people Lord I’ve spent my life preparing the bride why doesn’t he

42:33come because the bride hasn’t made herself ready she’s filthy she’s unclean

42:40it isn’t rape and all the damnable things in the world that gives these away the church is filthy he’s not

42:47coming for a bride therefore we have to revive a revival of true holiness bill I

42:52believe with all my heart you do not bleed to Manly holiness has to come

42:58there are three things missing in modern preaching immensity intensity and

43:04eternity there are two things missing in the pew one is integrity and the other

43:09is honestly but you read about those old Puritans they are the immensity and intensity

43:16there was no dodging the Word of God your failure almost being crucified with it it’s the Word of God that’s living as

43:23my dear brother said last night it’s not an illustration you build a doctrine on it you can’t do that these guys that

43:30have all these visions they trouble me in one sense you are the vision it doesn’t help me it’s my personal Asian

43:37trip with God and as you taught last night I was thinking often I’ve piece on that chapter manly and it’s a

43:44wonderful tabs on on faith and the key in that chapter to me is is Hebrews 11:6

43:50oh how did it begin yeah and he that

43:57cometh to who he that cometh to God must believe that he is that he is what that

44:06he is able to save to the uttermost that these a bird will keep you from falling he’s able to make you pure in an impure

44:12world as I said the other night the greatest miracle in the world is God can take a unholy man out of an unholy world

44:19make him holy put him back at that in Hollywood he can walk in truth and righteousness from here to eternity walk

44:25so he’ll decently died to save us from sin sweet Titus 2 what did he die for to

44:33pick get a peculiar people unto himself you know many of people in your church want to be good that or not many want to

44:40be holy who wants a drunken husband new ones who rotten unfaithful wife who wants kids

44:46that the smartest dressed in tar no cares ask your children do you want to be holy

44:54you see my right turn run say dad are you holy do you live like Christ in our

45:01home you see that’s where it comes down to role models as we say we’ve got half

45:08of men who are models I think you centralize it last night or the when

45:13you’re talking about Christ being in us you see a man isn’t say because it gives up it allows his sins and confess his

45:20sins and believe Jesus rose from the dead the devil believes that the devil believes in the virgin birth he

45:25witnessed it the devil believes in the resurrection he witnessed it but there’s no Christ in the devil it’s Christ in

45:31you Paul says he revealed himself to me and then he revealed himself in me

45:38you’ll never forget that if you have that crisis I’ll tell you that you can argue as what you like about the second

45:44blessing you come into a crisis where the Christ becomes different the Word of

45:49God lives and vibrates the losses of men you see men robbing God every day

45:55some of your deacons do it they rob god of time they robbed god of it testimony

46:00that we’ve got a Rob government authority on them there has to come a revival of purity in the church so the

46:07two most urgent things to me will be to preach that you may know God say for the

46:13next month you say I’m going to do nothing but study about Jesus Christ who

46:18he is and what he is and now I’m going to study about the judgement seat of Christ I preach on the judgment seat of Christ

46:25for more than 20 years I’ve been working on a book for nine years but you know what it terrifies me I tried to go to

46:35bed at 9:00 one night I was later into 10:00 I woke up at 2:00 o’clock and went

46:41to the end in the house from our little office and I opened revelation I began to read the revelation 20 and it’s as

46:50though the books only left alive what did I read I read they’re the second

46:57death and suddenly I said either a hundred sermons on the second coming

47:02I’ve had a hundred on the second blessing I’ve had a hundred on the

47:08second coming on the second birth on the second blessing and never heard one on the second death and it just a voice

47:14like that I’m sure just said to me hell has no exits and I turned around what do

47:24you think I didn’t go back to sleep a million rogering to Helena where my preacher tell me when did you last come

47:30on be honest don’t raise your hand when you last preached on hell huh

47:41not so the Dallas guys don’t believe they cut it out of your Bible you’ve cut it under your preaching what’s the

47:46difference in God’s sight you cut it out of your Bible or you’re going to get

47:52into trouble man you won’t be in the Southern Baptists did you say we should do what Jesus did you see kids come to

47:58me and say well I’m going to slip in for three weeks can you speak the language now get out right why I have to fulfill

48:05the Great Commission what was a great well the last words of Jesus tell me what were they as Manley says what were

48:10they well the last word of Jesus was going into all the world am NOT in my Bible that’s the last word to the

48:16disciples the last word of Jesus is three times over in Revelation repent repent repent and he didn’t say going to

48:23all the world and preach he said make disciples you can’t make disciples in five minutes at the altar you can’t make

48:30disciple by getting tracts on Main Street every Friday night bring them in if it’s in the bribe them with coffee or

48:37a donut or something and say we’re going to have instruction now we’re not going to go through the Catechism with the

48:43pastor’s made a catechism we’re going to teach you the fundamentals of the faith how kids don’t know it I guarantee the

48:50big church in the south where the pastor says we are called to the 11 thousand

48:55college students in this town and then he says I’ll give you the name of it in the back of my Bible and he says in this

49:02town in their sophomore years and the Baptist I give his name he says a

49:08sophomore students in the college’s here as soon as they get away from home in

49:14the second semester or what they kind of sophomores they a quick church they go

49:22off out on Sundays why because they’ve been baptizing and everything but they never make christ they’ve gone through a

49:29ritual in a formula few of our young people are generally born a gain of the

49:34Spirit of God boy I’m glad and I got saved I got saved I no sooner got saved

49:41by I got an appetite for prayer I owe a lot to American it owes a lot to me too but somebody gave me a limited edition

49:50the life of a updated branded when I ready I cried I said people told me that

49:57all finished with a New Testament listen if miracles finished with the New Testament pair finished you show me why

50:04God the Holy Ghost abrogated giving gifts unto men you can show me a

50:10professor told you who told him not God the devil told him it’s an amazing thing

50:16you can be in a church and commit adultery you shouldn’t do but if you do that that’s some other thing they let

50:22you stay as a pastor you get filled with the Holy Ghost and speaking tongues they kick you out I had dinner the other day

50:28with dr. Jack Reed you know Jack Reed beautiful man of God knows Hebrew

50:33through and through nods Greek through and through was teaching in dollars no sorry

50:38Jack dear thank you do Jack dear and I start with him well he was teaching

50:45Greek and Hebrew I won’t mention that the seminaries a whole lot of these cemeteries

50:50I mean seminaries in Dallas and he didn’t get the gift of tongues

50:56he went to see what was happening in these other churches when he saw it he became alarmed you know guy said to me

51:05I’ve read your books one thing sticks in my mouth what is it you said one day somebody’s going to

51:11read the Bible and believe it when they do we’ll all be embarrassed that’s what they’re doing some of these foreign countries they get the Bible and they

51:17read it they stare and say hey who’s this Jesus is it their own only lives up

51:22there they don’t get a hill of beans if he lives up that if he’s not living in you life action became new to me today

51:28and tell you you can believe there brother I know you’re doing your team but people don’t just get interest when

51:35your van goes down the street with life action how much life you’re leaving churches how much life is the that

51:41somebody say Devon is team they don’t preach like on romaine they preach as though they’ve got something that our

51:47power that we never measured I’m going

51:52to keep saying I’ll stop over right now but you know what all of us are thermometers we have a big thermometer

51:57at the back of our window and I said your mouth in the morning darling what is it do you know the last few mornings

52:03we go came here it was almost 80 at 7:00 in the morning and well what’s he going to be today a hundred but you know that

52:10poor thermometer well a poor thermometers around there were 80 the other day boy they they went down like

52:15the stock market down to 40 or something last night but they’re inside the door you have a what

52:23do you call it a thermostat well it’s only a thermometer the difference is

52:29this the thermometer outside got opened down with the changing of the world the thermostat taps into some power and it

52:37doesn’t say it doesn’t say I’m going to go up and now I’m going to I’m going to control the atmosphere the way

52:43atmosphere doesn’t control me I control the atmosphere well it’s neither the world the flesh and the devil control

52:49you or God the Holy Ghost can told you we don’t go up and down where God controlled where God inspired where God

52:55energized we’re not serving in denomination we’re serving the Living God and brethren listen every one of us here

53:02this morning were on probation we’re coming for our finals I’ll tell you a

53:09sort of the judgment seat when I preach on on on Paul that absolutely floored me

53:16when a brother wrote it to me recently but you see you you start preaching

53:21every time you pre maybe someone put your notes down whatever you have and say Lord I’m just going to preach this

53:26in the light of the judgment and I answer for every word before a billion of 50 billion people I have to answer

53:32for this message keep a record of your prayer life and at the end of the week say Lord this is it if you can’t control

53:41your TV every time you go to the TV put a chair at the side invite the Lord to sit there and you make a note of how

53:47many minutes you spend how many hours and at the end of the week keep a list on your praying and see how much time

53:52another football season coming and all the other crazy thing you know what I’ve in my mind entertainment is the devil’s

54:00substitute for joy the more joy you have in the law the less entertainment you need when you can say thou old Christ

54:08out all I want but listen be careful he may strip you of everything else you

54:13have you may lose for your best I think if an article they don’t mind you being kind and good but you become

54:20holy and zealous and immediately have you got friends think you crazy

54:26good well I’ve got some too maybe the same friends if you were to recommend to

54:32these young revivalist and pastors to books that they were to read within the next year that would make the greatest

54:40contribution to their ministry what would they be well I guess to some of who could guess

54:45number one would be the christening complete armor by Colonel GU RN a Double

54:52L it’s eleven hundred and thirty pages Wilkinson told me it turned his life

54:58around there’s another book called what

55:03did it looking unto Jesus then that’s a secret the whole Christian life is in three words in Hebrews 12:2 looking unto

55:11Jesus it’s written by my Isaac Ambrose

55:17in the same bracket sixteen have you got that too good and then the other I would a paperback

55:23which is published by banner of truth cold fair sunshine talk about these

55:32young martyr preachers I had a fella in my office the other day he’s just

55:38upgraded the ten volumes of the figure you’ll find the finis Parker’s Bethany’s

55:45done them he’s taking every book that Finney had and he’s yeah he hasn’t done

55:53any drastic surgery on them he’s just shut it some vocabulary made it easy but there are ten volumes that are two more

55:59still to come and that they’re very very precious and then the other I would a

56:04paperback called a soul of Prayer which by PT Forsyth there’s one phrase in that

56:10book which is worth the book and he says you say you have to mean you have to

56:16pray to maintain your Christian life he says you have to maintain your Christian

56:22life to pray and that makes all the difference revival is based on Psalm 24

56:29who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord either clean hands our relationship with the world and a pure heart our

56:34relationship with God and it’s as simple as that and then it’s humiliation and brokenness and tears and fasting and we

56:43be willing to be considered even by spiritual people do you think that

56:48Hannah didn’t feel it when the priest the so-called elect of God says this woman’s drunk she never said the word

56:57brother Ravenhill I know you’ve got to go and prepare for tonight and on behalf

57:04of all of our participants here I want to thank you for giving so much of

57:11yourself and what God has taught you this afternoon well it’s been lovely to meet

57:18your brothers and there’s nothing on God’s earth secondary to preaching the

57:26job in the White House is peanuts compared to being a man of God in God’s

57:31house God’s house is going to change America not the white all right it’s full of corruption it’s like Washington

57:38it’s like Wall Street it’s down the drain and the church is in the same condition it’s going to be revival I’m

57:45looking tonight for some men that maybe there’s one man in that meeting tonight I keep saying to myself and I’ve got a

57:51word from God I know that maybe there’s one man who’s going to be transformed tonight and only ten years from now we

57:57all know what God did I’ve seen that happen more than once and that’s my

58:04desire I love you all I love you dear brother mmm pray for everyday