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Private Interview with Leonard Ravenhill (video interview)

Private Interview with Leonard Ravenhill

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0:00I got saved at 14 I’m 84 almost 85

0:06sobbing 770 years have seen old candle tragedies in the church wars and rumors

0:12of wars popular men gone popular and so forth but people looking unto Jesus and

0:18reading the word and remembering these old paths of my daddy used to talk about

0:24Simone and all the other looks like trivia

0:34you and I’ve often said that I didn’t come

0:42to jesus’ as an old english himmler we used to sing so often attended Jesus I

0:47was wearing one and said I didn’t because I was 14 and I didn’t understand

0:56my father’s evil for God I didn’t come because I was convicted of sin I came because of the blanks in my life like he

1:03relished reading the word of God and he relish go into prayer meetings even half nights of Prayer and also more than ever

1:11he relished being a street corner preacher and that deliver the him by

1:18faith looks up to these album of Calvary well the last Anders’s made thy rich grace in praat strength to my fainting

1:25heart my zeal inspire and my dad had inspired zeal God lifted the beggar from

1:32the dunghill he completely changed my daddy been to a certain system of religion which made him fearful and

1:40terrified of priestcraft and all that and he got marvelously born again as a

1:45result of hearing David Matthews who went through the Welsh revival then he

1:51wrote the classic is still a classic on I saw the Welsh revival and my daddy had never been in meetings like that and the

1:57fervor and the joy and that particular I remember seeing David Matthews when I was 5 years of age and never seen him

2:05but it precise sang like is Ralph like an OL and had a shock of black wavy hair

2:11and he had to see you on the other join the Lord and that stirred and my daddy got saved well as his out of that assay

2:19he became fervent in spirit serving the Lord I never swum downcast and never saw him

2:26suggesting about giving up but I mean when he got saved it he tossed away his

2:32interest in professional football and everything else which which of course became a style in England after you said

2:40you never go to a movie never go to professional match there’s so much profanity and so far and when I saw that

2:46and I saw the join we live in comparative poverty we had much money my

2:51daddy was a and as a result of that as a say at 40 d2 which were half night to Prather with

2:57three other men there and they prayed a man that is a big husky man taking his coat off at one o’clock in the morning

3:04in a room that had no heat and pray with tears and further from that very day I

3:09recognized as something far beyond what the average Christian had and then after

3:15that of course I went to the Methodist class meeting till I was 14 and that was full of the joy Lord and I mean people

3:22spoke as though God lived with them all the time and he did and there was that

3:27same candle seal there I mean even in

3:34those days back in the nineteen aught – well that’d be brown 1912 district for

3:40World War one even that there’s a half-hour song singing before the Sunday night service but they didn’t sing

3:45choruses except choruses from hymns or they sang great hymns like and can it be

3:51and so forth and yet men who would explode in a meeting when you were seeing and can he be the ice but my

3:57chains fell off one old boy would jump at the tears hold on his face he’d strike it up at the end there’s a woman

4:03to the left of us I used to watch her because and they could go red and then she suddenly burst with a hallelujah mo

4:09we talked about the joy of the Lord I’ve never seen anything like it well at that time Samuel Chadwick was

4:15preaching in they had revived on the local level in Leeds and of course the

4:21conversation our house we have you ever had a newspaper there’s no talk about films of course we were just coming out

4:27then it was all about God and Mishra’s and so forth daddy told me to sipan’s equal to funding the Japan rescue

4:34mission I was about 12 I think I heard cities don’t give a lake to a morning

4:40and later saw miss cable of Miss franceska friends that walk through

4:45China in the Gobi Desert and all that kind of my daddy wherever there was anything fervent ultimate at that time

4:56Doncaster was 25 miles away from us well

5:01does the Pentecostal fellowship there and I forget the name of the Bible teach

5:07of amide ugly muddy we get on a bus to town another bus from town to Doncaster then walk the rest of the way to the

5:14fellowship and stay there a weekend and come back radiant to soybean in the Upper Room which to just about had

5:21because um Smith Wigglesworth or one of the teachers there and all those guys

5:28and nobody in those days scornfully said said fatally is fake healing I mean

5:37there were living evidences of people spontaneously getting out of wheelchairs and so far but he wasn’t that maybe it

5:44was transformation in personality I mean they went back to the church is not prayer meetings and in our town we have

5:53little man his only I don’t think he weight above about a hundred and ten pounds and for years he fasted and

5:59prayed even a penny castle which was despised in fact his wife said to him

6:05pray he’d be praying in another room he was like you know a man having a

6:10personal encounter with God his rustle with God and then George Everest came along in 1927 the whole city was swept

6:17in three weeks with a whole eagle and the church in in Israel today it’s

6:22called bridge Street in Leeds England that church is still it’s in its third and largemont when other churches are

6:29going down the still of that same they were born in the father maintain the fire but they maintained proud all the

6:36time well then from there I was in a

6:42factory working the factory one day and I heard a voice say follow me and I turned it was so real

6:48I took my tape off my neck house of tailors cutter for my shears down and prayed I remember saying clearly to the

6:55Lord Lord not only will I not go back I won’t even look back and that day I

7:00applied to go to cliff college and then went Chadwick was the principal there well Chad the birds both had a fall

7:07together so the great character in America at that time was a B Simpson found with Christian mission lands and

7:14also in Scotland was a man by the name of

7:20McIntire a little book hidden life of prayer through the classics it still

7:26published better aged asleep over well well those three menu will cost across

7:32the Atlantic there’s no telephone in those days and mail was slow but they corresponded all the time he cuts her on

7:38on one level while Chadwick hand out and write offices Church in the middle of

7:43Leeds there’s a oversee statue of of Queen Victoria with a big spread in

7:50front of it men used to stand on them preached well an atheist stood there and he laughed at people came here to church

7:57since gone them Antonio Lydia man standing a coward’s Castle a pulpit he talks one way you can and listen to me

8:03and then listen I’ll chat him in doubt and listen to this man’s calling the Bible and everything a one day said

8:09listen I’ve listened to you three weeks you dead come on listen to me you come and listen to me so I come Nate so it

8:14came and there’s a big horseshoe gallery and right obviously the preacher was o’clock and this man the leaders sat

8:21behind the clock and the other ten minutes are with him and they came to the altar the first night they were there and he wiped out the whole

8:27testimony of the 80s then he wiped out thee all the devilry in the community at

8:32level on my honor on a local state every dive on a local level and it was all

8:38prayer I mean he wrote them he wrote the book the way to Pentecost and after that he wrote the build the path of prayer

8:43and that’s where he lived and that’s why they rubbed on southsun so many of us

8:49that we we saw a living example with a man who walked in the power of the Spirit well then I could go on for long

8:57enough and I won’t all the time I’ve tried to feed myself on had gathered books had a record books on prayer and a

9:05whole stack of books on historic revival which we don’t have anymore and Mary

9:10hasn’t had a revival in the last 70 years that I know I mean revival at

9:15closer to shops and as soon as people get home they want to get to the same tree and and they don’t stay to semuc

9:22lots of a they still ate till midnight after when the Holy Ghost really comes I

9:28think maybe offer we’re praying in ignorance from the his spirit a camera what we want him to come for just to increase our numbers

9:36just so I kids won’t go to the devil I mean how he jealous for God’s glory and to me that’s all revivals all about

9:43revival is an invasion of God by the spirit mystery America does novel ruin the next ten years it’s going to be

9:50horrible living in this country crying it out of hand now a morality abounds herpes aids every devilish thing is

9:59prospering Plus all the power of the cults a multi-million dollars so it’s

10:04inevitable that we have rebuttal

10:12Paul said would to God you can bear with me in my fall again Wendy bear with me

10:18for I’m jealous over you with godly jealousy 10-5 espoused you to one husband so I may present you as a chaste

10:26virgin to Christ but I fear lest by any means as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety so your minds

10:32should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ for he that cometh preaches another jesus yet

10:39whom we have not preached or if you receive another spirit which he have not

10:44received or another gospel which he have not accepted yea you might well bear

10:50with him and is there another gospel

10:55than we’re listening to it’s not a gospel what is that gospel well in

11:04English call it modernism or you call it liberalism hear that I mean that Baptist

11:09now if a longtime devout contention about the the Bible is it the very word of God I mean can we all traited as I

11:18say very often we’ve revised it but God never has and I still think the King James versus neighbors to the best and

11:24those old-fashioned guys preach it I think brother this we’ve almost no

11:30preachers in America everybody’s teaching teaching teaching I think I’ve 500 tapes in there that people’s I think

11:38I got 40 tapes in the first month of this year you must read my interpretation of Revelation you must

11:43read my story that was there’s at least 50 John the Baptist’s in the country saw

11:49the thing there if a guy tell him John the Baptist’s have the increased your insurance and say why has he only got to

11:55live six months ago thrown on all but we’re not preaching the gospel when all

12:01we preach it well as one was two groups there’s one group now that’s preaching

12:08signs and wonders all the time there’s another one that says it’s love and signs with its signs and wonders in

12:13God’s name what do you do for Judas he saw everything Jesus didn’t look what it did what are some of the guys to being

12:20preached about the Holy Ghost and miracles where are they now ones in jail the others in the gut of comparative

12:26we’ve got to get back to the cross I if I be lifted up I will draw all men you

12:34get the Emmaus Road going down the Emmaus Road it says the Jesus hold on to them the scriptures and they open their

12:40eyes and they of their understanding but then you’d think after they’d and to

12:47read the last chapter Luke and it says they will saw something there that they son takla Jesus had breakfast with it

12:54one of them broke bread and he took gave him bread the other one broke a honeycomb oh well can you imagine you

13:00giving Jesus personally honeycomb and he puts his hand out there’s a nail a hole through it and they saw the most

13:07astounding miracle in history the resurrection of Jesus from the dead and wait a minute he says come with me and

13:13they went to what that so that makes most astounding miracle the ascension of Jesus into heaven can they live on that

13:19can they live it live there isn’t a devil in Hell will ever love us we had breakfast with Jesus we talked with

13:25Jesus we said of me with Jesus can you live on that forever Jesus says no you can’t or we saw him ascend into heaven

13:32not many of us but we saw him the two most outstanding and yet Jesus s

13:38territory being dude you can’t live on the emotion of it that’s a trouble with

13:44that the most horrible thing I know that happens in the evangelism today we don’t

13:49value with a human soul when we’re going to get serious about being serious about the most serious thing in the world the

13:55birth of people at the altar i watch the close of a service in dallas a few weeks ago at the end about 15 people came in

14:03for four minutes they said a prayer and gone away we’ll look at my reaction to

14:09that brother was this I can’t get my car through a carwash in four minutes can they pass from death unto life can they

14:16put off the old man and put on the new man as usual to get can they get married to Christ in four minutes

14:23of course not in fact when you read seven Pentecostal pioneers which

14:28everybody should read because it’s still printed it tells you there that they had one place where they had meetings for

14:34three weeks and I forget the members of that nine 164 people came and everyone was dealt

14:41with personally we used to go to a city without money and pitch a tent and stay there 12 weeks the churches are still

14:48there 60 years after but everybody came to the altar issue came I come with a Bible of the side of you and ask you

14:54what your problem or you wanted to be saved we took you through the scriptures if we spend an hour so what I don’t

15:03often watch TV I want your special those especial about three years ago of all

15:09the things we’re going to show on one of the but woody told Mel well it’s a

15:17special animals the birth of the giraffe I said to mother well darling I want to see this so any other guy said now

15:24listen I’ve already gone through this once but let me show you and he brought in this this female I said look ahead is

15:3014 feet from the ground which I thought was a long way now his the male is had his 19 feet from

15:36the gun now watch and he said I’ve been through this so watch and he said we bring the camera right in front of the

15:42giraffe he said now look she’s splitting a legs of the back you see that black thing hanging that’s a little baby and

15:48it’s gonna fall five to six feet according to the height of the animal onto a bed of straw so once I got to do

15:55with the gospel it broke my heart why because I watch that thing and he

16:00said now what’s in it now you see the things coming now I’ll watch what she said there and the thing dropped to the

16:06ground to the onto the big bed of straw and he said now this takes between three

16:12and four hours and he said I’ll watch and the little thing tried to get ugly

16:18rolled over it tied again it rolled over the trial up again it rolled the other way now what’s carefully said and the next

16:23time it tried the mother put a Foofa hind it’s it’s back sign lithium needs to know and she turned around and nodded

16:30and the little thing not it and he said that’s almost four hours so I run to the

16:37room to pray and mother said what’s wrong it’s our darling it takes four hours to get a baby giraffe ball it’ll

16:43take four minutes for somebody get born and our altars today oh well I grant

16:48said it mother one just a few minutes a few minutes Ingo name what it means their human is was

16:56gethsemane few minutes was a temptation illness a few minutes we’re trying to

17:02get people I guarantee that not 5% of people in America of England in

17:07genuinely born again of the spirit they born again of a decision they give up a few lousy habits some of them and so

17:14them no they go right back and then you tell you there’s nothing in it dear brother I I was at a certain place I pre

17:21saw the new birth I thought that would pretty much liberty and I said if any of

17:26you want this experienced at birth in Christ come for the men come down the

17:31aisle and go to the room on the right women go down on the left so there are a dozen each group well that was that was

17:39nine o’clock and we stayed in that room till 10 helping men and they were really

17:44broken before God then at Ellicott have knock on the door I said come in and here’s the pastor they said can I bring

17:51this lady in will you pray with our seller will if you station a big gorgeous looking blonde she knows when

17:57they hit the ground then she bursted and she said but I want to tell her something mystery me I said well tell me

18:03I was it she said this is the 14th time I’ve come out for this I went to a certain Bible school for three years we

18:10had three revivals of the year and each time I went that was nine times and he said since then I’ve been to other

18:15meetings somebody slips around round me and says don’t worry did jesus paid it all he knows when you said you sorry

18:22there that’s all that matters and I said that’s not true and I said that will stay with you while you really get a

18:29real relationship with God so we stayed and she passed from death to life how do

18:35I know because two years after I was passing the church she was coming out with a Bible and I said to her he said

18:42that’s a good woman you pray for the last time you were here she’s the best battle teacher we have that the thing

18:48was before she got saved and back to Bible School day she got married she got

18:53divorced yeah that charge had a broken heart a broken life it would have been avoided if she got saved the first time

18:59but she didn’t get saved she made a mental decision she wanted to be better’n she wanted to go to heaven

19:06but how many people really want to know I mean isn’t the essence of Christianity

19:12Christ in you the hope of glory there’s no other religion in the world what a man’s God comes and lives inside of him

19:18and we made it appear as though if you get saved of course you’re gonna give up all you George you give up these crazy

19:26habits you don’t go to movies you’re gonna ballgames you Christ is only one but what on the other hand what about

19:33peace that passes all understanding what about a home eternal in the heavens what about the eternal aspect we don’t

19:40present that I guy who follows in here that are we and they came from a son I

19:47lied so came from Criswell similarly I wonder will said indeed it’s a mystery I

19:52now to put a sermon together now to get words together but I’ve no power the man burst into the house and I just open up

19:59a paper and you your pictures in there they said well I didn’t put it somewhere that’s over Europe reaches I’ve had 300

20:05people saved in the last three months now how do you know and the end

20:11announcer well he said I don’t know I’ve often wondered they’ll come out and say a prank gone out and live the same it

20:17said they don’t live they born again you become a new creature if any man anywhere at any time being Christ and

20:24there’s no better example of that on day with only people he covers a lesson on

20:30if you know Jackie pulling Jean on Jackie well she was here to see me and I mean she goes to cheat on God till

20:3710 o’clock at night she goes to the gutter she goes to the outcast she goes to the prostitute she goes to Mendoza

20:42slope opium for 50 years she goes to women to the prostitute for 40 years you

20:48can have a gospel you can’t give a mental flip to those people and she

20:53stays with them until a born again of the Spirit of God as well almost amazing works in the world as far as I’m

21:00concerned the where are the people of me you add up all the people who made a profession of Christ in the last few

21:07years now Crusades or let me put it here then quit Adam a veteran mission from South America he said before I came up with

21:13Iranian I was talking to a veteran missionary and he said brother if you add up all the crusade

21:19in South America and all the people to everybody in South America’s been saved five times in the last 15 years well is

21:27it the same in this country all we talk about how many people came to the meeting how many people came forward why

21:33are the church is increasing I had a lawyer call me from one of the greatest judge in the country’s history at least

21:40a thousand people walked down the aisle in our church every year and after three years of doing that he said the church

21:47is still the same size we still have the same seating capacity the prayer meetings haven’t grown there’s no

21:54evidence except that these people come forward every Sunday why are they as I

22:04said to only their brother the darkness of this day is the gift of the church to the world the street meetings have gone

22:10dear God with all kinds of ministries rarely ever Tyler goes to hell how many

22:16churches do have the mega churches in Dallas I guess you can’t find one Street

22:22I spent fifty years of my life in three meetings every Saturday night I went out at 9:30 till midnight after every night

22:30first weather was snowing or raining a while we went out to the same place and people came out of taverns out of movie

22:37houses at 10 o’clock have stayed an hour and two hours in the cold no air

22:42conditioned buildings no nice no attractive singers just Testament I call

22:49a one month said this one was in jail this man who used to run around with women this man as a prison record this

22:55one over there used to beat his wife in the trench for this girl was a plus and put them out living flesh and blood

23:00nobody could argue people stand say why you the only preaching that town does this I don’t know except God told me to

23:08do it I’d do it well that’s where the lost people are a man will be an idiot to buy a hundred

23:14dollar fishing gear and fish in his bathtub and that’s all we do in church we’re fishing with the same people every

23:20week and people are dying without God

23:26I’m glad dear brother I was raised in a church where we had I know the preachers often body i devoured the Methodists

23:33implicated eighty years ago an angry sigh still doesn’t and does of him and when was aimed by Andrew Bonner go labor

23:40on splendidly spent I judge do the last as will it is the way the master when shown are the seven trade it still men

23:50dying down nestled your side without a hope to cheer the tomb take up the torch and wavy wide the torch the light

23:56Stein’s thickest gloom I go to the prayer meeting somebody will pray that after that somebody will pray the prayer

24:03of one of the greatest mother women there from India pours on him baby calm

24:13oh yeah thank you Amy Carmichael you know give me a love the leads away of

24:19faith which nothing can this mayor hope no disappointments had a passion the will but let me not seem to be applauded

24:25the woman in way over a hundred pounds make me thy fuel flame of God she never

24:31managed she took a one-way ticket to the mission field people go now there’s plenty of money now Church or we’d love

24:36you to come back for Christmas or Thanksgiving do come back so they break up and come back they go back there unto

24:42intro they have to go with a camera they have to go the load of stuff you don’t find the old-fashioned missionaries

24:47going by they used to do Jackie went on a single ticket to Hong Kong when she was 19 she’s 44 now she’s still there

24:55she’s said a million tears but she’s had some of the greatest characters infamous

25:03characters save there how many people come forward in your church and you can

25:08go back afterwards and say you will you came to the altar that well what happened in your life I think that

25:14everybody that comes to the elder we should visit them during the week and be sure that they did pass from death unto

25:20life because what happens they say will I be now twice he never got anything well they can’t because I loose and

25:28mentally I don’t see any brokenness I see kids come for dinner in a true say

25:34they’re laughing and joining hands they go out and the first thing they do is stop at her

25:39a hotdog place or something they don’t go home to grieve and read the word and

25:44find out if it’s true they go back full of jollity and they sing on the bus we had a wonderful time but what are we

25:51doing the summer’s gone the harvest is Frances past and we’re not saved is that

26:04what your tongue yeah well not the same there brother I don’t believe that we we

26:10reach the conscience like some people like one of the classic things about

26:16toes you succour to me obviously well then remember when our famous American preacher Dale moody went to lemon the

26:22first de prisa lavitus is Yankee close the second day they laughter this style

26:28the third Bay Young Cambridge University men were there laughing these father it’s a temple laugher my style of my

26:35Americanism but he said in God’s name don’t laugh at the Word of God it says the word I would just assume handle

26:41fault lightning or what happened he’s an illiterate man it comparative no

26:48education he goes to London it goes from London to Scotland when Alexander White was the King of the

26:54pulpit at that time and Alexander wise sits on the edge of is hear it with his mouth um well for what is this one God

27:01it doesn’t know history too well does much quit for very correctly but there’s something about it so much so that

27:07across town there’s a vanadyl if your book call no a book written by Henry

27:13Drummond the greatest thing in the world is when the greatest classics enter and Alexander Weiss has to dominate come

27:19over and hear this fellow we have another leaf and suicided and they were spellbound what would have happened if

27:24he gone to London for three days it in he went for eight months he went to

27:30Scotland and and and the still they the tent hall is still there at I think they

27:35call it a tent hole because people came out of the tent the Modi had a went in that hole also

27:40the one of the greatest Bible schools ever Glasgow Bible Institute was founded

27:47because of that and the money was given to him but well I’ll tell you you talk about a background one of the most

27:54wonderful men ever saw was CT stud well CT stood daddy used to buddy with

28:00the King of England when I used to I used to do in World War two I went to the largest Air Force captain in the in

28:07the nation and had to go up a hill and to the right in the moon right I could see this head stay where CT used to live

28:12with a private race course well see T’s daddy went to London I mixed up with all the society and he had about this Yankee

28:20preacher let’s go well when he got there somebody asked a man to pray awhile well

28:27um well you call him now while moody was on the platform gonna preach they sang a

28:34hymn and said pray this guy went on and on a moody jump dog said let’s sing a song while this fella finishes so

28:40immediately they were happy you know the guy wasn’t tied up the formality well they listened and cetys I think his

28:47father got saved there as his older till the three most famous cricketers in England Ct was the Babe Ruth of the

28:53English critic cricket well they went and the whole society lied I went well

28:59Ct joined up with a K other six they from the Cambridge Center went to China I mean there’s all kinds of things

29:05happen out of that one revival of an illiterate man that didn’t care if they lots of his clothes and everything and

29:11he received opposition well nothing happened like that till the 1920s or 26

29:19or something that when when the judge jeffreys went to a whole Crusades in

29:25England and Stephen Jeffries and greater works than that and they go to a town

29:31without a penny and believe got to fill an auditory with three thousand people in a week and they did it and they

29:38weren’t great expositors well Roman Hume

29:44Jeremiah prophet says thus saith the Lord catch stand ye in the ways and see and

29:51ask for the old paths and where is the good way and walk therein and ye shall

29:57find rest for your souls but they said we will not walk therein well going back

30:15to brother Larry I said we’ve turned the lights out in the street with no more Street meeting who turn the light out

30:22Sunday night many churches and other so not meeting Wednesday night asked about the biggest tragedy people say don’t you

30:28think we should get the Bible back in school as it does on the first promulgated back in the home why don’t

30:34you people may ask the Deacons in your church that’s the past how many of you have family worship they don’t have it

30:40as soon as Supper’s over they have to go and get on TV and leave it to the

30:45kiddies go to bed they don’t know the Word of God and a man here and his daughter came to bring me some Mahlon

30:51and at age 14 I said well very how much scripture remember I memorized any I said can remember as a tanker man she

30:58couldn’t say the tanker members two days after a young guy came he lived across town he has seven children the eldest

31:05boy is 13 he’s memorized every word of every chapter in in Proverbs and the

31:13other boys 10 and he’s memorized 12 chapter of proverb the man gets up with

31:19his wife at 4 to 4:30 in the morning they are now together with the world of God they get the children of just after

31:25five and then teach them the Word of God and prayer and then the children have a

31:30rest and the mother teaches and the rest of the day she’s homeschooling the loud they deliver them for those little kids

31:35are walking Bibles we don’t know the Word of God two things we don’t know in fact I say

31:42to the seminary men do you know God well I didn’t know no I asked answer yes or

31:48no oh oh I learned Hebrew I didn’t ask you though Hebrew and you know God you

31:53got 10 young people in your church to answer in unless 50 words why did Jesus come into the

31:59world to save us from hell to save us from sin and so they God but what does

32:05Jesus say in John 17 – that they may know thee the only true God and that’s

32:10the S we don’t know God if we knew God we’d said the world on fire if he knew

32:16God won’t beg for money we know things about God but we don’t know that we don’t know God but I want to tell you

32:22then in 1932 I priests in Swansea South Wales in a little of a room and it was a

32:29lady there with white hair and she said you know my husband as I didn’t know he

32:35had wounds you know him my husband Lee major Russell as him a lose major Russell in the British Army no Salvation

32:42Army she said would you come out come

32:47out never meal with us I said well this is a crusade and they said I only have try the office and I’ll take the bus and

32:54come up the places call rule Viner I’ll come up there’s Friday afternoon she said well come and have some tea and and

33:01we’ll talk so here’s a gray-haired fellow sitting I’m I said well it’s a

33:06privilege to come and talk with y’all old are you I said well I’m 82 and he’s I’ll tell you some things that when

33:12you’re my age that I never lived to be 80 to am 84 now in 85 but he shared the

33:18office with with William Booth the founder of the Salvation Army I said what were the days like days like heaven

33:25on earth he said God the Holy Ghost came he mentioned a certain place treatise on the Strand in London he said now I said

33:32say a theater in those days is there a hole you’re hired and movies when the

33:39houses and theaters when amnon suddenly so he could rent them on Sunday so used to rent them Saturday and Sunday and he

33:45said he’s I’d been in that meeting he said people won’t believe you when you tell them and then I was that was 1932

33:54so he’s almost 60 ever and he said when you tell the world any better whether believe me not tell me as I want to know

34:01I don’t care if he puts my nose in the ground don’t care what you say as long as you realize that Duchess you’re a

34:07link with the past and my age rates who are you with another generation that doesn’t

34:12know God so say well I’ll tell you what happened he said William Booth could preach like nobody else from Jeremiah the harvest

34:19his pasture so many senators favori was and he had a gruff voice if those run with the footmen and they’re worried the

34:26Ollo doing the swelling of the job fired a volley which meant say hallelujah so they’ll draw hallelujah no and he said

34:33but what William Booth could a kid get men trembling he said he said as a

34:39matter of fact you’ll give him a hymnbook of maybe 25 pages and they’d

34:44sit with it on the shredded while they were they were so disturbed he said you could see whether he’s will

34:50have been all the back pew so full of shredded hip moves the same thing happened in 1926 had toe with the I told

34:57with the the greatest revivalist the islands have around WP Nichols Isabella

35:03when he said people used to shred the hymn books from a missile and the conviction they were so nervous and sweat wouldn’t off the noses not though

35:09it doesn’t happen anymore anyhow going back to this he said the old Willie

35:14would preach Hellfire boys and he could make his shake and he said but he could

35:20make an altar call so he will say now come to the mosses she come to the mercy

35:25come run fear lies you’re gonna hell and he couldn’t ever say eighth grade shout out where is lolly where is Molly well

35:32Commissioner lolly was one of the stores LaSalle they summon like Bringle and he

35:37said he was under the platform and it come out and they you stand close to each other you know like so well he gave

35:43me your we’ll be hanging down on me in Commissioner kill all his cows down to his ankles and say come out on

35:50all fours and do this would be a cloud of dust and then Laurie will begin to make an appeal you know come to the

35:56versus Eaton he said the altar will be lined and sometimes they wouldn’t come they said the general would turn round

36:03and roar out as you know play what everybody do down pretty unusual is a

36:09break but he said this day they prayed and nothing else I said again pray he

36:15said everybody’s nervous he not sunny to the old boys angry angry I sprained it

36:20with a lot log boat right now more right now and he said nobody came so a third time

36:26he draw you know get older God who said this meeting is going to go to hell these people are perishing some of them

36:32owe wealth is some of poor some ignorant some of backslidden pray and he said the

36:39Holy Ghost would take all of men on the back seat and lifted bodily although the congregation have brought

36:44them of the altar I’ve said to Pentecostal you so that you run for the door you say spiritual or something I

36:51said that there was an unwritten law the Salvation Army they call that church it a Koi you know like like the army does

36:58CRPS Corps and it was an unwritten law in the Salvation Army though when you

37:04finished your stream meeting at nine o’clock Saturday night you go to pray to midnight and he said to me we had men

37:11that would pray and when old men particularly would say a jump up maybe 12:00 or 1:00 and races and it shall

37:18victory victory they’ll be ten tomorrow and he said to be nine or ten saved or it said the 15

37:24will be 13 or 14 he said there was only one at well every time but he said remember we our stream meetings we got

37:30baptized every one age did in those days the world know how to do bathrooms the

37:36kept to what they call a power pots under the bed and they know is m-g know

37:42people run out throw it from the window and throw urine on them and they say we kept two coats she kept an old one with

37:48eggs and any went home and scrape them off and then you put your Sunday best on and he said bad he said who cares when

37:55there’s revival as I said to you you don’t have tried with as a fire Colonel Bringle was a biggest orator in America

38:02and I don’t know it was with a lottery winners offer to build him a biggest

38:08Church in America giving the biggest salary who would stay he said I’m going to London why because said there’s a

38:14fire as a man called William Booth who was a Methodist they got rid of him and he’s having revival and he went in that

38:20revival and he gathered all kinds of people to him but the cecum again but they had a

38:28burning you ended up RAM eating you you know you fell the glory the majesty of God and now you don’t do that like I was

38:36with the team Oh go well before the meeting and I went in the side room and they’d hot tea and cold tea and drinks and fruit and

38:43everything and trivia talking and straight off there to the platform how do you suddenly turn off and so we

38:50become spiritual we travel the country but I wore the lender thing though of the breadth of England with five college

38:56fellows we slept in fields and I we slept in churches we can get a penny wage in six months and nobody ever said

39:03a word because at night we’d kneel in the street at 10:00 and lever clock at nine people get saved in the street you

39:09don’t care a hallway you sleep we slept in sleeping bags for three years slept on the floor of churches anyway they

39:16take us in but we had revival the churches are still standing today but now I go to a meeting everybody’s really

39:23nice to see you and they want to talk I say we leave me alone winter we went

39:28whether we had a solid hour of prayer together a red leaf lots of 12 in the morning they made a bit of a rest in the

39:34afternoon and mostly went to prayer and we had a pre-meeting one hour before the night service went on the profile

39:40charged with the power of God and full of expectation and faith and now by now the elders were lined with people we

39:47don’t do that today we’ve got miss Sun so she’s number one on the chart through

39:52girl Sansa and his humanism we’re depending on something we have I mean you clap you go to uncharismatic meeting

39:59you’re being to the mall you stand and sing for 30 40 minutes we’re trying to work something up and God has to send

40:04something down I can remember dear brother when you went to a hole in this meeting in England or or a Pentecostal

40:11there were more people at the altar before the service and after I used to fear going when I was 14 I used to go my

40:18daddy used to take me to a Pentecostal meeting and the whole roar the fro before I let me praying with energy and

40:24crying to God when old man particulate say Come Lord and walking are mates now

40:29use the thing I hope he doesn’t cuz I’m scared to death he would but God used to come in the meeting and then at the end

40:36it enough to beg and sing emotional songs as room at the cross I forget it as room on the cross

40:43forget those room at the cross get on the cross and as Tozer said a man going

40:48down the road with the cross you know one thing about he wasn’t coming back how people don’t want to die there’s only two kinds of

40:56people in the world those who are dead to sin and those who are dead in sin and well in one of the two inside you talk

41:04about victory they laugh at you oh you can’t live in victory well then why why

41:10don’t you be a Buddhist or somebody want to do with somebody it says look I don’t just want to get so I want to be pure in

41:16how you can’t be pure in our to sesor one of the latest books off the press that you can’t who cares ahilla be what is a word of

41:23God say what did Jesus say to the bad woman that came to him go and sinless he

41:31says that to a woman who has been spending it in a barrel a morality before the cross but is about much Paul

41:38say that in the stole still s no siree is cut off what we needed America dear

41:49brothers is more than ever we need people to go forth for the new birth message forget all about tongues forget

41:55all about miracles and signs and wonders in case of not happening anyhow let’s

42:01get back to real genuine conversion why most of our kids our teenagers they go

42:06to her you could then go to Christine Campbell Christian cam so much better than others I mean I’d a mission here very one of

42:14the few men I really respected the world he came from Indian he came through Hawaii I went to a very famous Bible

42:21School er what do you think they said well he said the girl shots was so bad when they came toward me I was disgusted

42:26when II went the other way it was worse so he said to the world-famous leader you’ve no dress code here he said what

42:33do you mean he said well the girls come towards reason you can’t tell their shots on the social when they go the

42:39other way they’re terrible and they reply go for the famous leader was as long as the chicks are not showing that

42:44all right so as a girl’s back side to be showing then you can’t even not preach holiness

42:50you can’t preach mothers to these days because kids are used to getting sane and then straight back to the old way

42:56they go mix make mix rain in some of the meetings around here they’ll have two mystery groups go to wedding world or

43:03what a guys want us stand with half-naked women women in bikinis or as near as they can to there

43:09and a man came to see me a few weeks ago he said he’d been to a mere minister

43:15near here and he said I went to the meeting last and he was very good they enjoyed it but then he said this morning

43:20they said we were meeting at the swimming pool he said there was my wife for the first time in alive by five

43:26children saw the mother almost naked stunning in a pool and I realized this is not for me he left in another man

43:32left not after and he said we if you can’t have modesty where can you

43:37have it and they don’t want to pray they know every type of Prayer but the old Salvation Army thrived on prayer the

43:45greatest revivals in history shank tongue revival when over there Munson

43:53was there and the woman that died last year 100 years old

44:00Bertha Smith with a Southern Baptist she was born again see if it were the Holy

44:06Ghost in that revival and they expected God to move in phenomenal ways they

44:11didn’t advertise he don’t have to advertise it what we need is God in the midst if God is in the midst a lot of

44:21our stuff will never take place just let God come is there it presence

44:30that happened in the Welsh revival you know when you go to revival now the big

44:35guy gets up they sing then Bev says somebody’s going to sing then something else sensor and

44:41it’s all programmed beforehand now can God come in but one of the things that I I i said i went with a man who that well

44:49swoon who went through the revival with the with William Booth but then I said

44:57what about the world should have attacked everyone having the world’s revival he said I was with William Booth in his office we were having meetings in London

45:04and somebody sent me no my wife revival has broken out as a young man in his 20s

45:10Evan numbers and it’s packing everywhere he goes he won’t even let them publicize him he won’t let them put his picture in

45:17the paper they’re just announced it’s coming – swans in every church in town is filled because they don’t know what is going so

45:24he said well I knew I tried the afternoon I had I could leave Friday

45:30afternoon and that Saturday free and I can come back Sunday and get to the

45:35others from any morning so I said I went there meeting was counted in one meeting Evan Roberts comes in there’s 800 people

45:42which isn’t big for America but there it’s a largest hall in town and Evan walks down to the front seat sits down

45:51vows his head and prayed for three hours our people walk out but then he stood up

46:00for 15 minutes is that ever the hurdle like in your life the Holy Ghost came upon him he was a big man when he prayed

46:07God just came down as I jumped in the audience and that happened more than

46:13once but he said once I did that young man and of course the Wells can sing

46:19right nobody on earth God me although great deal over these are the great hymns and they said at the end of the

46:24meeting he said you go she ended the meeting will no no no no no no II just

46:30day after we’d prayed for three hours and spoke for 50 minutes you went out at

46:3610 o’clock at 9:00 he prayed the whole night for the anointing for the next day I guys don’t do that ago sin dog and say

46:44silly jokes we want to be spiritual and come with spiritual camel hot and cold

46:50all out for God all out for the Cowboys God says no and you’ve done it for 25

46:56years why not quit and start something different okay so then he said I stayed

47:02the first day a boy said I was hope here’s this young man preaching right nobody had ever preached in my life

47:09praying is nobody up rain tears and he said I listened the first day thought

47:15well III can still get the train overnight and get back to my office Monday morning but boy he said Sunday

47:21night was better so I stayed the next day and then I thought well I’m in trouble any other general be after me

47:28oh no no because I can use this day is my day off for this week and he

47:34kept bogged me with himself like that and he goes home on Saturday Friday night it goes in the office he said

47:44William boot just turned on and said Russell what have you been you know about to me and he said you said quietly

47:51general I’d been to heaven do you mean we’re happy to heaven what do you mean

48:02you’ve been to heaven he said sir the Spirit of God is on the man in Wales a

48:07young man almost without tutoring mbmb into a Salvation Army college but God is

48:14upon him he’s been in hiding for 13 years dear God he’s only 26 years when we pray

48:22for 13 years I said to preachers when I go tell I said listen you can does that

48:30you say I need a vacation you don’t need you need a cave I said could you go for three so you can’t go for three hours

48:36without turning TV on you they need grace to pull down strongholds you need grace to stop TV that’s the devilish

48:42thing this list it’s not the devilish your choices anyhow he said the general

48:49Tsin well tell me about it tell me about Lisa he said the general dis relaxing it and I told him how God had worked he said

48:56there’s no begging people they come and rush to the scene and crying he said the police are not arresting anybody the the

49:04judges are not that the courts are closed the taverns are closed they are prayer meetings Nicole mine they used to

49:11take a little tin you know with you when you go in a food tin you take and and

49:17that they call you out in there snap you’ve only little time I mean and they need us now before they stop working and

49:23then they spend the rest of time praying in the dinner or singing in the coal mines and he said I went on to tell him

49:29what miracles were being honest he said the general put his finger up he said he

49:35said remember Russell he said in the

49:40very early days of any first days of the salvation um it was like that the glory the Lord came down

49:46we’re getting to commercial we’re getting to mechanical we’ll have to go back to the glory of the Lord in the

49:54same way and although Bible says it’s pray without ceasing doesn’t say preach

49:59without ceasing don’t say do miracles it says pray and what light somebody may

50:04ask me if I know you fellas will not say well I met them but I know I don’t know

50:10anybody till I prayed with him I don’t care who he is and I know so the

50:15outstanding personnel is in the world today but I’m praying with them so I don’t know them but once a man owes his

50:21heart and it’s one thing for us to stand between I stand before God on behalf of

50:28people it’s a great thing stand before God on behalf of people and stand before

50:34God and tell me for people on behalf of God and I quoted the other day some people worry about the 34th chapter of

50:43of Exodus where moser been on the mountain and God says let me alone

50:49I said that’s God saying to a man leave me alone I said they’ve got never say

50:55that to you I said it’s wonderful when a man lays hold of God it’s a wonderful

51:00wonderful thing then one central a man lays hold of God but when God lays hold of a man and God says let me alone now

51:07lets me destroy these people but are we not there John Wesley preached on Romans

51:158:16 more than anything else for the witness of the Spirit and when I want the spirit to wear witness I’m walking

51:22in holiness I want you to bear witness I’m speaking truth or when you do I said you know don’t borrow his language in

51:28Romans 9 where Paul said I call a Holy Ghost to bear witness and I lie not can

51:34the Holy Ghost bear witness that’s it in essence what Paul says then I’ll be damned if need be follow me you’ll just

51:40rend the heavens and come down and I said you came you keep praying again as

51:46I was 64 for all that that was friend Evan and God shoots back rend your hearts and not your garments don’t put

51:52her on our prayer meeting I’ll make it a lifestyle are you so I told the Deacons alas Church and in English

51:58settle ISM I’ll take the church on this condition number one that you meet with me at least 1/2 out of 40 minutes before

52:05every service number 2 you abolish offerings so we don’t have to beg from the poor people and they me with a

52:11Friday night 9 o’clock to midnight we didn’t got turn that chance Church round and I don’t know any any ministry that’s

52:19had the same time time in prayer have you ever have you read George Burns at

52:25all well you read brother merrimette you know George Burns how do

52:31you read well or other than him a chain yes well well marry Maxie now stood outside of this church in in Annie house

52:42on the coast was called Aberdeen Scotland well he was and then that prayed and wept and prayed and wept and

52:48plaited wet until his health went so he went to be a missionaries a brilliant man in Hebrew and he went to nad the

52:54rest in there what was his Israel then I’ll Palestine and while he was there WC

52:59Byrnes came in the church and the Holy Ghost was upon him cuz it spent days and

53:04weeks in prayer and the whole town was wrong with her if I for the whole city was moved and they’ve been revival

53:12before her since has had the kill site regard oh so I know WC burns has this

53:17tremendous move of God and we were booked him up to London and book Hema for Manchester oh the anointing is on

53:24him all the way let the guy go out of there Oh God picked up man oh dear brother and took him to China and

53:30dropped him in China and he died unknown from a modern Pentecost go and pray any

53:37went and prayed and fasted and wept in that there is so what happened after him Jonathan go forth went missus go fall

53:47says they will go to a meeting in the morning at 9:00 and stand and sing and

53:52praise God and they still be praising him at five o’clock nobody sat down and even though they were tired you go the

53:58next day there’ll be no singing will be prayer the whole day you go the next day there’s now the scene of Prayer the

54:04whole day in the climate even in the crimeless was more productive than the other meeting I told the people is

54:10really forgotten to be quiet is still another time goddesses really be filled with the spirit and now Jonathan go forth when

54:17the old ground was broken up and teared till stained by WC burns Jonathan go

54:23forth went after him came watch worthy and I don’t know if you read the life of

54:31John sung i’ve aiready learned that’s the most fabulous thing ever and outside

54:37the new testament he well I quoted him as being the most distinguished scholar

54:43falling scholar ever came to America he learned English he learned German and did his PhD in German he took his BA

54:50degree is MA degree learn a new language took his his doctorate in three and a

54:58half years and finally he went to Union

55:04Theological Seminary in New York and when he was very young man said to me you look more like a preacher and like a

55:11scientist well five different nations begged him to come on though on my payroll and be their leader in nuclear

55:18fission even those years ago and he refused him welcome long story short one

55:23night he knelt down he said well oh my daddy’s a Methodist preacher and I I’m not Paul again I don’t know God and

55:29right there God came upon him he jumped up open the door run round the colon in

55:34Union Theological Seminary right the only next three leaping and praising God the next day they certified him insane

55:39and put him in the white in in in a institution and there the Lord said I

55:46can get you out of here but he’s been staying I’ll forget another like a hundred ninety five days I’ll teach him

55:52my way and he learned dear brother how to analyze it chapter eight different ways and then he went back to China it’s all

55:59his diplomas overboard in the China scene he began his ministry married the girl of the neighborhood said they’d

56:08marry when they were kids took a long story short I was preaching a meeting that quoted the story and a big

56:13oversized over the organelles she been playing tears only gonna fade so outward she said well I was it a lovely meeting

56:21and said uh knows you a weeping yes in that stolen that story of John Sumner

56:28did you hear before no mr. rain I used to play his minions meetings in revival in China

56:34I said welded eggs and she couldn’t exaggerate that mandon well you’d say

56:39but she I’ll tell you one thing that I went after he died and he died as a

56:45young man he died of tuberculosis see that he will come from a meeting at night and he never he never did like the

56:52others who didn’t get western clothes they want an American jacket no I sure he just saw this figured he tightened

56:58his shoulder loco hair the fella and she said he stayed in the home of a friend of mine and he would leave a half

57:07door open you know to get the air and she said he would come in after the meeting his shirt sticking to his back

57:13knee would be heating like a dog and this lady said – about – you know of all the preacher who ever had in this

57:19country I’ve never seen him unlike jong-seong he lives most as his being in God and he comes home every night

57:26sobbing and weeping and he shall stir twist back and today one scripture only

57:32believes to my mind when I see him she’sa what’s that this is my body which is broken for you and she said that was

57:39where he lived until other people live there but he lived economically and he lived all the time well his book is

57:45render time in the mission published it and if you see it buys worth $1,000 I

57:53mean I’ve tried to contact them they’re like that of live without their being in

57:59God and theories as all candle theory I could in fact right now I should be in Australia with a team that will go on to

58:06Hong Kong and China everywhere but the thing is as a Hungama young men in this country have never seen revival

58:12they never seen meetings that gone till 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning people that won’t go home or residue go homes how

58:19County I can’t turn on my TV I’m so hungry for God I’m so tired of my neighbors gonna hell until my daughter

58:26came home and tells me she’s pregnant my son came home he’s on drugs there’s all kinds of messing even there bunch

58:33believers either mostly hustlers children sobbing what we need to

58:39rediscover the value of a human so our people need to be taught what repentance says what the atonement is what

58:45forgiveness is what parn is what justification is what the witness of this they don’t know they were kneel

58:51down and he if I’m in his pass from death to life and make of a full-blown Christian he can’t happen

58:58Jackie Bollinger was here and we were talking about people being converted she

59:04said well a man looked at my door recently now when I said that well let’s call him bill that was his limo bill

59:10come in no no miss Jackie I’m being a bad boy I left you 13 years ago you took

59:18me in I was a drug addict I was a drunkard out of fight I was a bad man

59:23and I got saved and filled with a spirit spoke in tongues but then I just went to

59:28the devil the devil took me I left my wife and child took another woman I’ve been in and out of pretty I know I’ve

59:34seen your record in the newspaper but but he said I’d been wicked for almost

59:4113 years I’ve done everything shamelessly but three months ago in my

59:48present sound Jesus came to me and I was saved again and he’s restored me knavish

59:54piece now his joy but he said miss

59:59Jackie I want to tell you that every night for the last three months I’ve

1:00:04wept two to three hours every night and she said she will come with him she said

1:00:09well bill you don’t need to do that he sins when the blood they forgot I know I’m no I’m not worried about my sins

1:00:16what are you worried about I’m worried about the fact that for 13 years and denied God the right to use my tongue

1:00:22and use my heart and use my mind and use my thinking’s yeah and I’m sorry she said that’s the best case of repentance

1:00:29ever heard well this one isn’t just saying I did these lousy thing but I didn’t I’ve got the ride Oh what could I

1:00:35be Nephi but would swagat be even messed his life of him and have been a new deliverer for this nation with a devil

1:00:42gumming and now his arrogance he says it’s no business of yours they tell me when he said that two weeks ago the

1:00:48audience stood over Clapton gave us standing ovations he’ll gather thousands of people living in adultery and devil

1:00:54really don’t care I just hope God spares him I mean if I were gonna cut the guy

1:01:00off he’s on his second chance Adam didn’t get the same chance Judas Lee get the same chance when a

1:01:05struggling favorite but we’re in that day now where Sanders that sin doesn’t mean much to us

1:01:10I mean I I weep over the guy but what does Jesus do he’s crucified the Son of

1:01:16God afresh I was eating last night what to Martha said dummy well I don’t understand this in fact I wrote to a

1:01:23friend at two o’clock this morning where what oh is it 2 Corinthians 3 says the

1:01:30fire shall try every man’s work and what not what size et for what sort it is and

1:01:37then but the thing that bowled me over maybe you fellas can help me

1:01:43maybe I’ll fight evil on sin you today and I’m serious about it things worked

1:01:52with me yep wonder wanted to say that friend

1:02:111 Corinthians 3:13 yes everyone’s role

1:02:23should be manifest for the day shall be clearly well let’s let’s put it in a nutshell dear brothers when you and I go

1:02:29to the judgment we’re not being about passports checked we have our baggage check what are we been collecting all

1:02:36our lives he’s been bill about ok look at those 13 if anyone’s work shall be made manifest

1:02:42today should be clear because of the review by fire the facial gentleman’s work what sort no outside it is now if a

1:02:50man’s work abide which is built their own in Susa very world now look at this fifty first of any man’s work shall be

1:02:56burned he shall suffer loss but he himself shall be saved by fire now cover

1:03:02something if anyone they found the temple of God him shall God destroy now what you do God’s going to be stronger

1:03:09man did Jimmy Swaggart the other thing is tell me for five billion people are

1:03:15you and I will with all the Archangels they’re all the apostles of the old of the New Testament all the prophets of

1:03:23the Old Testament gazing on me and God reads my record oh we lost sight of the judgment if we began every meeting in

1:03:30the light of the judgment with it prostrate before the end of this survey you wouldn’t think about running home to turn the lousy TV off there LaPenta

1:03:38castle meetings brother used to go 8:00 in the morning and stay till five or six at night they had a meal on the grounds

1:03:44and a particular in America and then have enough to unsession an evening session at three or four servants I

1:03:51don’t so we have to go to that but this is nobody’s handle I question him shall

1:03:56God destroy not his record be destroyed by he shall be destroyed

1:04:04how can a man mix with a holler when he knows his body is the temple of the Holy Ghost let his holy in his head I mean a

1:04:11body is the temple they see awesome when you think two men five years ago at the world at their

1:04:18feet tim is striking about again because in God called him to evangelize the

1:04:23world in the first place that’s wrong he said it nobody better David Wilson went to him two years before that mess up he

1:04:30went to tip PTL two years before and told them and they wouldn’t listen to him no good saying there no friends they

1:04:37were so arrogant they became a lawn to themselves nobody dare correct them they

1:04:44wouldn’t listen to counsel they got on a crash on earth as I said the world I got on a roll

1:04:49trigers taking three million a weekend I I hear it still takes in a million

1:04:55million a week but where’s the power I’m

1:05:03not looking for a modern Elijah I’m looking for a kind of a hundred Elijah’s in different eras two to come we’ve had

1:05:10all the other would you respond to this

1:05:19passage of scripture from Isaiah and long would you say Isaiah 29 verse 13 it

1:05:26says wherefore the Lord said for as much as his people draw near me yes their

1:05:31mouths some of their lips do honor me but have removed their heart far from me yeah and their fear and toward me she’s

1:05:42taught by the precept of men yeah their fear towards me as taught by the precept

1:05:49of me it’s all being watered down I mean don’t fear I mean got in teaching us the precinct the fear of God and not the

1:05:56Spirit of God teaching us the period oh yeah but I mean you got the again the

1:06:04more I read the more I’ve read the last month of Noah I just think I’ve read the Bible with eyes closed before he was

1:06:11moved with fear did he think what do you think happened there brother the first ten years after he told those people is

1:06:18building they are don’t cut that tree down Adam used to know that tree what are you doing ruining the

1:06:24countryside cutting it trees down what he doing all lying there and he got his family with him they were

1:06:29the Philomela one seventeen eighteen-year-old kids there must have been 100 years oh but anyhow the fact is

1:06:35after 10 years I say listen you old fool there used to be a man going a mile gumpa says an old man went home down

1:06:41there with a white beard with his hands raised to heaven remember they’d never seen a Bible they’d never seen a priest

1:06:46never seen an altar never seen a sacrifice and yet enoch walks up and down don’t care a hill of beans and God

1:06:54made a hole in the sky and he saw something that hasn’t happened yet the Lord cometh with ten thousands of

1:07:00his Saints we think gentle Jesus meek and mild is coming forget it everybody likes that him Charles rested

1:07:07on it what about I wrote to ganas well I said to a cluster I fell this morning lo he comes with clouds do when he comes it

1:07:14gonna be terrible in His Majesty nobody’s gonna jump on his knee or say Papa I’ve come to see you forget it

1:07:20we’re gonna thought I mean if John felt his feet is dead and John useles hand on

1:07:26this bosom ooh what are you and I gonna do but we don’t live in that realm we don’t live in a realm of the Spirit will

1:07:32in the realm of reason and we’ve reasoned Oh God is a loving God he doesn’t send the judgment that he does

1:07:39he’s gonna do I think we’re heading for the next unless a miracle happens we’ll

1:07:45have a financial crash within three years a bankruptcy which may do something but on the other hand I don’t

1:07:53believe that we hats to earthquakes and one went north to south other end and America’s in four pieces that people

1:07:59would repent the only repent when conviction of sin comes you can’t deny the Holy Ghost is

1:08:05off it’s right when he is coming you’re convincing come convictive sin and righteousness and judgment to come we

1:08:12don’t live in that area I mean nobody expects Jesus to come today they say

1:08:17they do but if they do he thus hath this hope in him purifies it doesn’t say when

1:08:23he’s come it give us 24 hours notice if we’re in purity healed ecology for

1:08:29immaturity he won’t call us well we should be like him not not an hour after he comes not a

1:08:35day after but at very moment and I’m not walking in the will of God in be known purity I don’t believe we’ll retain and

1:08:43the posture of the biggest church in town ten times as big if billy graham

1:08:48won’t make any difference all that ideas are perverted anyhow there’s no much

1:08:54meekness less of the meat they shall inherit the earth oh dear God where is a meekness anymore oh we have the biggest

1:09:00Church in town and so many radio stations a little Robert choose to say that Swaggart’s it in so as he got them

1:09:09God is a jealous gun also for such are

1:09:15false apostles deceitful workers transforming themselves into the

1:09:20apostles of Christ yeah and no Marvel for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light therefore yeah it is no

1:09:29great thing if his ministers he also be transformed as the ministers

1:09:34of righteousness whose end shall be according to their works and ministers

1:09:40of righteousness and but ministers of Satan don’t you think that like when you

1:09:48talk to some people about victim degrees oh well my righteousness is as filthy

1:09:53rags as who will get saved what does John say he that he that doeth

1:10:00righteousness is right to see this is righteous I mean you can’t be part of this I mean there are no degrees in

1:10:06purity the degrees in life than no degrees in death among the dead

1:10:11this one isn’t he’s injured he’s incapacitated as a main problem physical

1:10:17but you pre-christian for fixes they love for you these they’re security then

1:10:23you’re scorned but as can say that this hope in him purifies himself in polarize to the to

1:10:30the Peter or any First Epistle ye have purified your hearts by faith as I said

1:10:37to Congress you’re just as spiritual as you want to be all these men here only are the same

1:10:43Bible I have they used it better they’d only 24 hours on the clock I could do the 48 hour clock and I still use it now

1:10:52you now are you clean by the word which I spoke against you we’re withal shall a young man cleanse a

1:10:58shrine taking heed thereto according to thy word yes well it goes on to say that

1:11:04anything does it thy would have I hid in my heart that I might not sin not just occasionally get

1:11:10victory leave their God what said differently that’s another oh speaking tens Mormons speak in tongues every

1:11:17devout Mormon speaks in tongues but they live like Devils a lot of them there’s

1:11:25only one thing I think the devil can’t fake and that’s a holy life he’s trying to do it through monasteries but going

1:11:31back a minute I don’t if you’re in it and I don’t know ever any recently in two different accounts by two different

1:11:38men said if I could now I would start a Christian monastery what they mean is

1:11:44like the Bible school I went to there were no TVs in those days or radios you couldn’t take a radio you can take an

1:11:51automobile when you went on the campus you stayed from October till Christmas

1:11:57they went home for a few days came back steadily seco of the comes let’s have a haircut you can go shopping you can

1:12:04drive a car anything though no girls rather too distracting and we were shut out you came here to know the Word of

1:12:11God and they did a pretty good job but now dear God I know boy I went to oru

1:12:17his daddy as an agency of cars he gave a new car but when you typewriter bottom

1:12:23you closed a new set of golf clubs everything he had and within a month here at the new car a little a lamppost

1:12:30total records Cole bangs and it oh oh don’t come home don’t come on Mama’s bringing a new car tomorrow and that’s

1:12:36all they’d back him up whether all Robert says yes four thousand young people they’re full of the Holy Ghost

1:12:42baloney how could you have four thousand they will need 120 in the upper room his

1:12:49fever go today can’t dance on the premises where they go to other places to dance why do the ampère

1:12:56places where they say students are spending all night in prayer an intercession we’ve never been in a

1:13:03lesser in now when there a judgment that we never been in America and England England America a lot on Sullivan the

1:13:10bottom Gemara they never had the chances we have they never had the Bibles

1:13:15remember the seminar never had all the Christian periodicals how many Bauer

1:13:20this moment how many how many teams do you think there are around America either going around teaching spiritual

1:13:27warfare with something else every magazine you come out we’ve got something new and we’re feeding jaded

1:13:33appetites if we once had a Holy Ghost revival that say got all of a dozen of a hundred men

1:13:41in in a in a factory and the vegan is so going to lunch they the other lunch then

1:13:49had a prayer meeting a sunny would soon spread but we don’t know that and I

1:13:55don’t know by what by what I read you’re going to do the same thing the next 10 years we’ve done the last 10 years we’ve

1:14:01done nothing but it’s like Spurgeon said

1:14:06you you see there’s a stick then it’s the most crooked sticking us he don’t hug you about it put the straight stick

1:14:11of the time you see that so with our young people whether they don’t know they don’t know what their be me

1:14:17like Donald Fred wolf as well the biggest Southern Baptist Church in in

1:14:22main mobile a priest then he’s put a new Billy of since 44,000 and he says he

1:14:28said we feel responsible for 11,000 students in this area but he said I

1:14:33wonder why it is in their sophomore year which is what the second year living

1:14:38college they leave Church when you can guarantee those kids went to daily Vacation Bible School most like you went

1:14:45to Christian camp I guarantee ninety nine ninety five percent of a the profession of Christian day when you get

1:14:51away from home I’m not going to go to church getting play sports here you can go down to the sea and begging other why

1:14:58did they deserve like that I mean why don’t they have an appetite for God but they don’t I mean three weeks ago that

1:15:07the fella was taken up there to be assistant of dr. Criswell he blasted Baylor University the message

1:15:16sent but then Gow stoie gone to Baylor it’s not known any longer as a spiritual

1:15:23place it’s known now as a yeah well it’s a liberal arts college and it’s known mostly for its football team but what

1:15:31are the kids sub me I’m the only time where they get teenagers get away from home or one have to go to church

1:15:37somewhere my folk of many good reason you know every time so there’s no relationship with God and if we spent

1:15:45time at the altar and took them through step by step what it means to become a

1:15:51Christian your life is hid with Christ and only not your own you bought with a

1:15:56price that you’ve no time of your own you have no money of your own if no interest you’ll Christ was become a

1:16:02complete monster we don’t do that and unless we do we don’t go never change I

1:16:08mean there are people are really hungry they’re people that meet Dave roots and

1:16:13folk on the streets all I never seen it Chris in my life well what what they say

1:16:19the average church member is just like us very often the smoking till they go in the meeting a louse and lastly when

1:16:26they come out it’s the Cowboys or something it won’t where’s the difference and it isn’t there but it all

1:16:33comes down it I don’t care whether it’s rugged to PTO it comes down it breaks down with personal devotion to Christ

1:16:40they quit praying they quit reading the Word of God the oven time and therefore they start rotting

1:16:46from the inside that is the nation big enough to destroy their who will destroy ourselves a present rate of development

1:16:53in help ease and AIDS is appalling the list literally doesn’t mean taking off

1:16:59the thing yet I don’t think the government dare tell us what’s happening in the country it’s a same in England

1:17:10but we’re a God fill men I mean strike

1:17:18it says the day after I’ve been in that trouble I was going to step down and let my son take over but I woke up full of

1:17:25the Holy Ghost no he woke up full of tongues he gave his tongues and he took a that’s a sign but the gifts and

1:17:31callings have gone without repentant I see a girl wearing a big rings you know what Jack gave me that I go back to the

1:17:38toasting some shaft and say well oh did he get mad oh no we we called after that but he’s still wearing the ring yes well

1:17:45of course at Jack’s gun but he left his ring by the same token the Holy Ghost

1:17:50has gone with he left his gift the gifts and callings with our repentance who

1:17:55moved women more than irvan Edward Irving in his day carriages jostled each

1:18:02other Parliament suspended so they can go now may this great holiday their every kind of sign no wonder they’re

1:18:09like colossal chairs and finally sit on the platform and said I am the son of God I cut this veil too but now here I

1:18:16am and everything men call him the 13th

1:18:22apostle and still there’s no questions about what happened there’s a whole book

1:18:27I’m in my habit and you’ve got all these amazing rules

1:18:34I guess you read something of wiglesworth and they’re in Jung chunji

1:18:40lake jaunty lakes books are published now by Christ relations as four of them

1:18:46that man is well here I’m standing here and I told wiglesworth Wigglesworth is

1:18:52here I’m here John Lake is up there each of our apostolic Christianity and it all

1:18:58done anything we’ve ever known I don’t think it’s the only answer I think the

1:19:05answer is when people are so transform they’re no longer mean and no longer selfish too long if covetous but they

1:19:12give them sell and say something happened to my daddy he’s being a Baptist for all this life

1:19:17or something am i man that is really method a so now my daddy’s been a charismatic but something something

1:19:23change had become different his christ-like he speaks gently to my mother he concerned about us it isn’t

1:19:31well I’m going to the World Series whether you like it a lot or I’m going to a ball game you know Super Bowl and I

1:19:39said to these preachers you and well you you say I can’t take three days off a sage of all the three days off to go

1:19:45deer hunting you took three days off to go fishing why can’t you Pastor set the standard say that there’ll be a meeting

1:19:51for pastors at least one day a week or one night a week when we get together we

1:19:57evangelicals will lay hold of God for revival in our city these kids around

1:20:04here will raise money to go to Hong Kong for three days I’ll go to South America

1:20:09but when they come back a surrogate off the plane that compassion dies I’m only

1:20:15gonna do it kids like that and they’ll keep doing it as long as we want them

1:20:20you know oh we took a number of our people from our church we took them on a

1:20:25cruise that you’re touching the elite of the church all the time you’ve done that year after year the poor people are

1:20:31struggling if you can take six or seven days off her clothes can you take six or seven days off for a nation it’s going

1:20:38to hell what do you want to do kids lined the street fornicating people clobbering

1:20:44them in on the head and stealing his watch a sin to become before your eyes before we feel I mean how many it’s

1:20:51alright to say I want to be like Jesus to all of it Lightwood don’t get so many I’ve never heard a person yet their

1:20:56brother have been to church for 80 years I’ve heard men say I was born again I went to the cross I thought my God my

1:21:03upper room experience I never the one say I get 7 HP I have a broken my dad

1:21:09was in the rest of that my dad can’t say grace of mealtime without tears right

1:21:14now I have any taste of 7 different but I’m not going to 1 I said because if people say what’s happening in America I

1:21:20can’t say there’s no title anywhere I know I said do you think I’m going to talk about the Holy Ghost revival when

1:21:25we’re dying and doomed and Damned here and we go running into worse trouble well is in the scriptures what does God

1:21:32say I can’t give you glory because you wonder one another that’s when the biggest sin is history

1:21:37like John Windows to them what do you recharge me and I said if you do a walk

1:21:42off the platform well I went to say well first of all we thought about reliably

1:21:49so we you told Bickle that in revival you don’t make all the cold until you notice I’ve never been in a meeting right now so I said well we come I said

1:21:57let our David Speaker now before I do a now are dead it’s free now is pulled out from a church is free to go anywhere I

1:22:03said so David priests an hour we have the 15-minute break and I preached for an hour and a half and while I was

1:22:10preaching the whole audience broke up they came in hundreds to run wept and groan and cried out audibly make me

1:22:16clean pure if I mean that happened six days we never had three one week and

1:22:22three the names we never had an altar Coenen after they came to the other and stayed not five minutes two and three

1:22:29hours calling on God you read Luke

1:22:34chapter three will say John was preaching and the people cried out watch

1:22:39we do and the soldiers cried hours we do and the publicans cried out their God when he the men start trying out what

1:22:46should we do you know God’s there there’s no cleaning alterable know what did this ended on the other day of

1:22:53pentecost mend and brother what should we do we’re panicking with but they also doesn’t

1:22:59mean anything to people how they come out every week by roman izing our president oh I’ll get your sins forgiven

1:23:04go back to the same lousy thing it’s ridiculous you don’t do that if you go

1:23:11to death when you die to self you die to business promotion who died to ambition

1:23:16you lay it all out and say we mean this with bit like gun gone record put us on record we don’t we’ll do anything let’s

1:23:24forget that we rather I did can invent it what do we have know long ago do you

1:23:29remember hey Alan hey Alan you stop meetings you get 500 come fold on the

1:23:36way home to it’ll tell he pull his car girl and she met him there he died with

1:23:42the liquor bottles whiskey bottles all around his room it whole bunch a member

1:23:48then you don’t find anything like that amongst the old-fashioned revival is

1:23:55true revival if that’s why like I write to read a book like this one um the

1:24:03accounts of revival I mean something we don’t know a thing about did gob piteous he say we’ve the same Bible the same

1:24:11oligo why do we get the same result the men are so many of our meetings is which

1:24:16elegant people say they don’t know they lost come forward the Lord loves you the Lord loves you the Lord hates you why do

1:24:23put a stonker snow this bumper sticker don’t blow sure God is angry with the

1:24:28wicked every day all the wicked shall be turned into how we swim in trouble rules make a market sir but we don’t do that

1:24:35we don’t even preach it but I know

1:24:42there’s a hunger across America by the phone calls I gave and gotta go to a

1:24:48stone wall now there yeah doesn’t there isn’t it there isn’t a church in this town there’s nothing a move of God the

1:24:54same I’ll pray till the rains get together and

1:25:08the Prophet Amos said behold the days

1:25:15saith the Lord the days come saith the Lord that I will send a family in the land yes not a family bread nor a thirst for

1:25:24water but of hearing and words of the Lord and they shall wander from sea to

1:25:31sea from the north even to the east they shall run to and fro to seek the word of

1:25:37the Lord and shall not fun is that

1:25:44literally like no Bibles or is it that the word is from a Living Word it

1:25:50doesn’t I mean you can read it I go and hear a felony preaches there’s no passion there’s no tears as no you know

1:25:56I’ll died rather like Richard Baxter I preached as if to never preach again and

1:26:01as a dying man to dying man though you think these fellows were professionally gets paid early when he steps out the

1:26:07pulpit he says hey John what about a round of golf on Wednesday or Thursday and immediately they switch from the

1:26:14spiritual men eternal to some stupid thing I wouldn’t take any notice of them

1:26:21anyhow I say pastor live it live it live it don’t tell me to pray meet with me in

1:26:27the inner jet when I would got safe and then out to sit just about the sanctify because of the blankey Mela and at first

1:26:34thing I went to the pastor said pastor I want to prayer meeting on Wednesday night on Friday night for the young

1:26:39people well it’s so good for young people to meet together so you come and supervise anything over for so we

1:26:45started Prime meeting on Friday night at 7:00 we prayed till 9:00 I started framing it at 7:00 Sunday morning and I

1:26:51lived on outside the boundary of town I walk to the prayer meeting Walt home for breakfast wart hole for the morning

1:26:57service walk home for lunch well back for the afternoon service walk home for supper walked for the ninth of it I saw it and

1:27:05go began to move and people in the neighborhood go say that and never happy

1:27:11for but you see once you’ve been in that it’s like like her I said look no

1:27:21colonel bring major Thomas said no major Russell that

1:27:27once he got back in the fire of the Welsh you have anything in in Burleigh governed the Train and going home so he

1:27:33couldn’t get back to London quick enough to tell that the Holy Ghost had fallen then I mean the first greatest revival

1:27:40in England was the Western revival the went to 90 know the Western Ababa and

1:27:46then an extra was a Salvation Army which the went into 70 countries in 90 years

1:27:52not send it’s about 70 countries dare go there the most amazing night prayer

1:27:57meetings and training students and getting down to the Bible and prayer and every week they would think when I took

1:28:03rather the thing to Street meeting somewhere in London they were meeting CID head on visiting taverns talk to

1:28:10Hollis which normally does no except just about Bay Brooklyn and Tim Delaney

1:28:15down in in the Motor City they’re doing the same thing but where we’re all

1:28:21sitting inside for Ted John Wimber so while you sit inside of for walk wall singing let the earth in his voice it

1:28:28doesn’t make sense let the earth his voice get out stand on a box call a man to witness call a woman

1:28:35to witness sing a hymn he can’t preach very much to crowds but before long you

1:28:41say we’re going to be here every Saturday nigh for the next winter and all summer and they come with

1:28:48expectation to plan the shopping right people used to go with us they plan to come shopping on Saturday night Sunday

1:28:54now because we’re in the town square and hair wouldn’t miss for three years and our young people came in and after

1:29:01with them they came eagerly you know give me a chance to witness that I said everybody stand on this box whose isn’t

1:29:07telling the truth you interrupt them because I’m the leading us I’ll check on them don’t let a man talk when he’s not

1:29:13walking it if he’s walking in it if it’s the money’s in your factory your office if they’re not telling the truth come

1:29:21and tell me you know chase off well we

1:29:26didn’t need to advertise in the paper dear God our best known man in town even though the cathedral is only 300 yards

1:29:34away from us magnificent cedral I only got 500 Sunday night they

1:29:39stood outside and lined up like a movie house but the cathedral got 50 so where

1:29:45do you go I mean the cathedral is ornate it had gold plate on the of gold communion

1:29:53things and candlesticks on the altar it was like a miniature West rinsed rubbish stained glass window but what is that to

1:29:59the glory of God I mean our place was packed there now before time our prime

1:30:05me to a packed we had 3 prayer meetings a week 3 Street meetings and that’s why

1:30:11that church kept in continuous revival for the 3 years I was there and it’s

1:30:17still there today well brother now what I want to say that either the Bible is

1:30:24absolute or obsolete which is it is God all he says he is is Hebrews 11:6 what

1:30:31we need to rediscover he that cometh to God must believe that he is was it much about swagat all at rest a noise its

1:30:38objects ibly it hurts and people had tell me now they’re really cracking

1:30:43jokes about swagath if if God told me could go on preaching a God told me of

1:30:50that so they said well it’s got sitting on preaching the messies in wining God time there’s a cop following along the

1:30:55road in a car so another’s demos they appear to be

1:31:03I think y’all boils down to one of the

1:31:09oldest hymns we are never seen it trust and obey there’s no other way no other


1:31:25it’s hard on the flesh it’s hard against the lifestyle of preachers around about

1:31:31this but what does God 1 and I’ve been to the judgment bar of the Assemblies of God or the First Baptist Church in

1:31:37pantheism and the general borrowed Jesus Christ and I live with that every day

1:31:49it’s his words those edges yes that’s what he said what do you think gonna

1:31:57it’s not what’s just in the book of life has total said to me one day said Leonard I don’t think I’m ashamed of

1:32:03what I’ve done since I was saved it’s what I could have done that troubles me and not what I did but why I did it got

1:32:10him in a way the MOT is I mean I and II come along and say I had talked with a

1:32:15friend of mine the other day they’ve been treating the church I love to go to monk camel morgenson Allegan eyes are

1:32:22always I enjoyed myself I said he did he enjoyed his oratory and George’s rapport

1:32:27with the people he enjoyed his eloquence he enjoyed himself what did God get the

1:32:33question when I finish a meeting is I didn’t get anything out of this meaning what did God give out of it what do

1:32:40people say going out I think their brother if I was where God wants me to be I should be I would leave a meeting

1:32:46with tears running down my face at the glory of God or that all these people outside of glued to the TV this

1:32:53afternoon this Sabbath day and a little bit interesting on Christ could die on the Main Street today will interest them

1:33:00at all but we’ve got I I think we’ve got a pre still people know that we mean

1:33:06always say we burned

1:33:17Edwin Hodge was Chancellor of I think some Larry Scott College in Oxford and

1:33:24one of the best guys in England but one day even though they had crowds with me he got so tired he went in his office

1:33:32near all that gorgeous him breathe on me breath of God fill me with life anew and the last hundred breathe on me breath of

1:33:38God till I’m wholly thine till all this earthly part of me glows with I find a by people ask me how do you been

1:33:45preaching seventy years now how do you keep an edge because I read stories underneath I because I read the Word of

1:33:51God and I see what the Apostle did the Paul can laugh at death and laugh at

1:33:57hardship and sinning the largest prison in the world’s and tell other people to rejoice or it can give you a tool

1:34:04Corinthians eleven and go down seven times in fearlessly fussing petals of

1:34:09the deep in pairs of a known countrymen in perils petals but not to kill 10 men and glory in tribulation doesn’t just

1:34:17find grace against room he welcomes it he said this is the only way because

1:34:23when we get to heaven that dear brother got it and asked you ADA properties is not looking for medals is looking for

1:34:29scars holsters for this calls also thank

1:34:35we God without ceasing and because when you receive the Word of God that you’ve heard of us

1:34:40you receive it not as the word of men but as it is in truth the Word of God

1:34:46which effectually worketh also the ye that believe you may not believe this

1:34:53word that has been written to them well because it doesn’t work in us I say you

1:35:00said they’re pulling bridgeable what does it mean to you why does it work out in your life I mean you have to

1:35:07die the biggest guy after they shalt have the others I have a five year old

1:35:15Lincoln Continental the small we know now people laugh at me for having it I said well I’ll swap it for anything else

1:35:21it’s reliable that’s I like it I got it because I’m doing long-distance running I don’t needed to chop in each other by

1:35:28bite I’ll take an older one but I say as it doesn’t mean that much to me I said I’m bought any clothes for

1:35:36five years and about one pair of trousers is just that I used to almost

1:35:41either like clothes because else I was a tailor before I was before I was saying

1:35:47how are the best clothes in the country in fact you’ve cover the best-dressed man in the whole new school but all

1:35:53that’s gone that’s trivial that silly-looking but I said all that matters if you can get nearer to God

1:35:58than I get tell me how to together that’s all I’m concerned about Paul

1:36:03isn’t concerned about anything I said you go to the National Convention of

1:36:10your denomination and stand observer the glorious text whew that is a thousand

1:36:15pastor said from our denomination got a glorious take from you you’re dead what

1:36:20would they do they’d glamour you as a poll code year dead and your life is hid

1:36:26with Christ in God oh that believes you’re dead your preacher so you’re dead you accessori

1:36:31dead by you dead to all the world’s glamour are you dead to the rivalry or

1:36:37denomination I had dead to climbing up the ladder it’s every preachers web when

1:36:43when Chris Rome finally decided 12 Joel Gregory from t’other 7 you as his

1:36:50assistant other men thought what I deserve it after him true was there 45 years he’s been there 42 years I’m a

1:36:57young man I should going so hard people ask for what you do to be great I wash

1:37:04some of his feet

1:37:11so they dub you Tozer your mentor yes what was he like

1:37:22well there were different ways to answer that question but I’ll tell you one thing about him it was a same with the

1:37:29Martin lloyd-jones I taught with him G camel walk that listened to him often

1:37:36so Martin lloyd-jones and George

1:37:42Campbell Morgan and toes who had one thing in common when they went to the

1:37:47pulpit they never raised a finger never raised the voice they didn’t depend on

1:37:52histrionics to get the message of dr. Tozer had a habit of lacking hobbies he

1:37:59dove his Bible in his hand Sam reading from John 17 1 and he begin to read and and he may be given a flower lining and

1:38:07then he rocktron for like this and suddenly throw his Bible on the Fulton at that moment he was airborne it’s like

1:38:13a like a plane getting off the runway enough he went and he wasn’t the

1:38:19greatest preacher I’ve heard in my life but the other master intimacy with God

1:38:25and like you read all the mistakes you

1:38:32know it you could quote ladder of sanctity or you could call madam gain

1:38:37affable anybody and he could put his finger on the whole lot and tell you how

1:38:42he’d read them and his emphasis was the

1:38:48inner man the inner man you know and he was against showmanship he wouldn’t anybody play a trumpet on this platform

1:38:53how’d they let anybody sing unless he sang a hymn in your way what and the other fella called Mac something

1:39:07and he how he interview well before that toes had gotten all Methodist head butt

1:39:12assault himself in it well this fellow came on and I can remember snow Mac and he introduced when he got to a lot of

1:39:19old Methodists in books or they printed cut sheets and they sang hymns like and can it be that I should gain and all

1:39:25those and don’t Tosa reveled in that kind of thing he will never concert in the place he

1:39:33would have any special meetings I went and we had two weeks three weekends

1:39:40actually and he said this is very survivor in the in the history of this church we had the older song till

1:39:47midnight people weeping and seeking God and coming right across town well

1:39:52there’s a difference you gots to you got Moody Bible is studio next door is moody

1:39:57church the students on you had to come out of here into there and yet they cross the town when that when ice you

1:40:04know churned up by the cars and it froze and you could well the people’s ankles

1:40:09was snapping getting off buses and that they’d rather come across town in a car

1:40:16or walk some of them and hear Tulsa then go next door to hear they weather was

1:40:24preacher that blogs then part of the time and and there well after where he

1:40:29was he was in that place at three times they begged him to become the president of the Christian mission and for anybody

1:40:36one son it turned it down again again God in us free to kiss babies and sit in Council meetings my business is a Word

1:40:43of God and he he would turn men aware not even uh by is a miser with his time

1:40:51I I was privileged to spend a lot of time with him and go to his home him but all the time he talked about well the

1:41:00type of teaching that a besom said opening the debts of the word of God in

1:41:05over Romans Leif evens living in that area and shot whirling us out shut

1:41:12theaters out shut everything else which he did he’d love music user he listened every night to a recording

1:41:19of who did listen to her not shope I’m not

1:41:29sure but and there will get symphony or

1:41:37a every night said whanau listening to good music but again he was I prayed it

1:41:46many times are very very wonderful in Prairie didn’t shout he just had a conversation talk with God and he could

1:41:55be he could cut an audience in two with the word almost there he got very sarcastic at times and you know people

1:42:04kind of remonstrated with him for that

1:42:11he refused all invitations until the very end he’s standing like one church

1:42:17twenty-five years and he didn’t get a very big salary as well

1:42:28it’s strength that actually was his devotional life he will end it anybody trespass on that he spent certain time

1:42:35with God all the time did you reflect some longer your times

1:42:43with Keith Green okay so the zealot I mean he bounced through that door I

1:42:51remember II well I by this division is he used to be a wall Dave Wilson fully

1:42:57unfurnished all this for me and Wilkinson would come one day cream would

1:43:03come the others opposite as could be because David was mature he’d been a pastor for about 20 years then Keith of

1:43:10course have come from the guts and he tell me about his past life and so dinners but he was hungry for God

1:43:16I remember definitely a turn his life and I told him he shouldn’t charge to go into concerts when they didn’t do

1:43:22they’ve gone back to this last week I think but they didn’t do that and I remember talking to about utility on one

1:43:30occasion and holiness on another on any you know like a trout jumping up to get a fly

1:43:35he got all real Anna and Annie will come back I remember he bounced through the door you know I can’t able to get

1:43:41through before you bleed opening bouncing there’s a big guy and he I remember just give me pops and give me a

1:43:47hug he said pops out you know what all roads lead to we used to say in England

1:43:54all roads lead to Rome it’s an old saying everybody travels to Rome to see he said you had all roads lead to us and

1:44:01know the same thing though I said you’re wrong I said why he said all roads lead to the judgement seat I said very good

1:44:09and the other I don’t know what I’ve never read this anywhere but I think

1:44:15it’s right to say you had a holy fever or it’s not even like a fear of God I

1:44:22mean when you think he didn’t live very long but I still get letters about him again that book that his wife wrote on

1:44:29no compromise is doing good and they

1:44:34still send his tapes out in five hero than he wrote the Catholic chronicles

1:44:40that they withdrew so they wrote to me this week Nestle could ever said because God used it tremendously but they got them into

1:44:47turtle for not being friendly enough for the Catholic so they withdrew it but and he loved to pray he’d say come with

1:44:55brainy get down and really pour his how tiring on he have visions of our God one

1:45:00isn’t doing this area and he was because other people can keep up with in the

1:45:05thought he maybe was he wasn’t mature enough in one sense for leadership you want everybody to jump up to his level

1:45:12which you can’t do any more than I could jump up now to the level of her an Olympic runner and I used to run I’d

1:45:19like to run when I come I’m glad even to walk but he was like that I mean he saw

1:45:24eternal things and if they weren’t clear to you he couldn’t understand his stupidity you can understand why you’re

1:45:30not leaping and you know and going a full page if he fasted he fast if he

1:45:36prayed he prayed there’s a uniqueness well about my precious wife had a

1:45:41tremendous inside to people first time you saw cheated men the Spirit of God is on that young man and in England you you

1:45:49know you got two kidneys as opposed to match function the same well in England let’s say well that man isn’t your

1:45:55kidney in other words you know it’s all you if you’ll cut alter ego I want to go but immediately he came in she said well

1:46:02there’s something unique about her and there was about even and that they don’t

1:46:07have it now they know that I mean the II he was willing to live a full stretch

1:46:12they expect of the slew the same thing for him he was a good reader you like to

1:46:20read toes or that he mentioned he had to

1:46:26read David Brainerd alright to read the three volumes of them Edward patiently

1:46:34read that true

1:46:40in essence their brother is singing some people you say go back to the old palace a dance for you

1:46:45what well because he and the guy that usually up at at of the street and they

1:46:55had a minister of that agape they very much fashion of they used to read

1:47:01William boob they read the stories of William Booth and the old men and he come to me and tell me more about booth

1:47:07tell me what about the Knights of prayer time about the days were fasting tell you about his three meetings and I need

1:47:14warm up to you know we want to get back to them because those mysteries you

1:47:24don’t like God who’s been along my table near how would you want people to

1:47:35remember you oh I don’t know as a nuisance I think

1:47:52when your reward is like I can’t do it now because get so many people but say

1:47:59three or four years ago man they come and spent two hours and then write back and say you know from another country

1:48:05I’m passing out in New Zealand then the turning point was when I came to see you I got more in two hours with you then I

1:48:12got two years in seminary I’m reading the whole armour of God I’m reading this and I’m reading some history of the

1:48:18Salvation Army and and Ares are then brought into and all I know is I’d

1:48:25stressed as much as possible way the life of prayer and personal devotion

1:48:33immediate get cold there you get cold outside if you keep fueling yourself you

1:48:38keep reading as a six over and get visions of God ambition of a living the book of the revelation and you don’t

1:48:46understand all of it or laughter I say God can’t be explained it can be experienced and that’s all that matters

1:48:52I mean I sometimes have fear like I preach my heart out on something the threefold vision I wanted after and I

1:48:59tend to get people to come out to the altar under my cousin ever then all to go but nobody’s gonna jump I mean I got

1:49:07saved at 14 I’m 84 or was 85 something 70 years have seen old candle

1:49:13tragedies in the church wars and rumors of wars popular men go and popular and

1:49:18so forth but keep looking unto Jesus and reading the word and remembering these

1:49:25old paths of my daddy used to talk about so much and all the other looks like trivia guys now laugh at me because I

1:49:34live on my Social Security I’ve done counseling in this room for 13 years and

1:49:41the whole angry give somebody leaves something behind it’s okay then well

1:49:47left five hundred dollars in thirteen years so I don’t do it for the money a man coming from Houston last year he

1:49:55said can I come and see us in yet next one a van came ten of them came with the

1:50:02pastor at ten o’clock and his dead two one my heart ailments I can going out will

1:50:08the city unexpectedly remuneration for this dude said no said I live on my soul seeker anything above that if I did the

1:50:15middle be true motive mistress and myself or the other boy so this fellow

1:50:20said well we should leave you something so he goes to the door takes his billfold out takes something out and he

1:50:27came back me he put me on the table put his hand on and he said I’m leaving this phone because I know you’ll share it

1:50:34with you some ass and I sure will so they went and I went to mouth and I said darling they’ve gone now I said

1:50:40that they left us some money in analytical store without we don’t get that I still ever what it is maybe a

1:50:45hundred dollars or a thousand left us because stall we share it with for sure

1:50:51well let’s go so he came in he left us five dollars so well one thing we’ll get

1:50:56drunk any hell no I’m just saying that because everything has money being a

1:51:01very clear you know what annoys me well what were the language will he cost have you come for a week I say if you start

1:51:07that way I’m not even going I don’t go no I think that I think when moving now

1:51:13in one thing is terrible of things like strikers hammers over it gives a church

1:51:18in you so we’re gonna start a new level of holiness and I’m going to be entertainers and over the mother will come to them come we don’t have to join

1:51:26in every effort than the making the city double if I will forget him in another 20 years stay in the place of prayer no

1:51:33matter who comes to town to preach we’re gonna stay together and pray Friday night from nine to remember nine to

1:51:39twelve I’ve done the bow it every city I’ve been enough started a pastor’s prayer meeting usually on a Monday when

1:51:46the washed out and time and they come from all denominations there’s no

1:51:53alternative to prayer and obedience