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Willing to Drink His Cup (video sermon)

Willing to Drink his Cup by Leonard Ravenhill

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0:10the gospel is recorded by luke in chapter 12.

0:31reading verses 49 and 50.

0:41i am come to send fire on earth and what what will i if it be already

0:49kindled but i have a baptism to be baptized with now i’ve been going to meetings

0:56being old and antique as i am i’ve been going to meetings for more than 70 years

1:01all over the world pentecostal conferences

1:10methodist conferences all kinds of conferences

1:17i’ve heard the baptism of the holy spirit preached i think 50 different ways you could go

1:24to the greatest conventions in america that and they’ll put a notice up we’re going to preach about the baptism of the holy

1:29ghost in 70 years i’ve never heard anyone preach on this text i have a baptism jesus speaking of

1:38himself but the first part of that verse is wonderful verse 49

1:45i am can descent fire on earth you know charles wesley give us our

1:50lovely children him gentle jesus meek and my look upon a little child but you know some people never get past

1:57gentle jesus jesus is associated with fire the next

2:02time he comes uh thessalonians chapter one says he’s coming with flaming angels

2:08thousands of them it would have been wonderful if it come like the first time

2:15being more impressive but that wasn’t god’s plan but he’s going to

2:21but here he is and he’s saying to these disciples i am come to send

2:29fire on earth and what if it is already kindled

2:34i have a baptism to be baptized with and how am i straightened until it be accomplished

2:42i come to send fire again the symbol of the church i was preaching last sunday night in a big

2:48church with with a big cross of jesus and one for the thieves i reminded them that’s pagan that’s not

2:54christian that’s cruel the cross is no symbol of christianity

3:00the symbol of christianity is a tongue of fire that sat on the head of each of them

3:05and now god is a consuming fire i am come to send fire on earth

3:12i’ve got to quote one of wesley’s hymns or you’ll be disappointed i’m sorry but wesley has a wonderful him on this

3:18he says see how great a flame aspires kindled by a spark of grace jesus loved

3:24the nation’s fire set the kingdom on the blaze to bring fire on earth he came

3:30kindled in some hearts it is oh that all might catch the flame all partake the

3:35glorious bliss when he first the work began small and feeble was the flame

3:43i think now

3:50i should have brought the hymn book i’m getting forgetful when he first the work began small and feeble was its flame now the

3:58word does swiftly run now it wins its widening way more and more it spreads and grows ever

4:03mighty to prevail sins stronghold it now off or throws and shakes the trembling gales of hell

4:12sons of god you’ll your maker praise he adore hath opened wide

4:17he hath given the word of grace jesus jesus love is glorified

4:25the last standard is ye not a cloud arise little as a human hand

4:31now it spreads along the skies spreads out all the thirsty land

4:39jesus matches to prevail i can’t remember the last one but you see you got the idea of a spark

4:45at the beginning and gradually it blossoms out it goes through the whole world now wesley wrote that in 17 he wrote it in

4:5217 i think 76. and yet it’s prophetic because it’s done that

4:59more and more it spreads and grows ever mighty to prevail with the expansion of the thing usually

5:06there’s a weakening but when the church truly expands of the strengthening

5:12god never planned any failures for us

5:22i am come to bring fire on earth what will i if it be already kindle i have a baptism to be baptized with and

5:29how am i straightened or weymouth translates out how am i pent

5:34up i’m not free to let that that flame go forward this is my

5:40design i want a kindle of fire

5:46and and all the power of hell won’t put that fire out

5:51it’s holy ghost fight against hellfire and when the church is really on fire

5:57she is indeed the most attractive thing in the whole wide world

6:04supposedly that i am come to give peace on earth well that’s what we love isn’t it don’t

6:10we recite from uh isaiah his name shall be called wonderful

6:16counselor prince of peace everlasting father prince of peace

6:21but listen to what jesus says you suppose i came to earth with peace i tell you neighbor rather division for

6:28from henceforth there should be five in one house divided three against two and two

6:34against three the father shall be divided against the son the son against the father

6:39and the mother against the daughter and the daughter against the mother the mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law the daughter-in-law

6:45against her mother-in-law and so he’s making this prediction then

6:52verse 54 he says also when you see a cloud rise in the west straight where you say

6:58there cometh a shower and so it is when you see the south wind blow you say there will be heat and it cometh to pass

7:05hypocrites you can discern the face of the sky of the earth how is it that you cannot discern this

7:12time what time the fact that he was there the son of god

7:18the fact that he was a culmination of all the prophecy of all the ages jacob said i i shall see him but not now

7:25i shall behold him but not nigh a star shall arise out of jacob that to rule my peopleism and here he is

7:33they’d read over and over again a virgin shall be with child they’d read about his kingdom coming and

7:39yet here they are blind they can discern the weather they had their predictors in those days and

7:46fortune tellers but he says how is it you can’t discern the time

7:51you know i believe god looks from heaven and says the same to us i think he’s saying your dumb crowd what

7:56do i have to do next to tell you all these things around about us did i

8:01tell you in the last days there’ll be corrupt living corrupt families families divided the divorce diseases damnation

8:10we finance damnation we invest money in every cruel damnable

8:16thing that there is we know the gospel isn’t being preached

8:22it’s been diluted in a very very tragic way

8:28so it’s for us again to discern the sign of the times now i want to bear this out actually

8:34from the gospel according to matthew

8:42the 20th chapter excuse me

9:25okay in chapter 20 now matthew chapter 20.

9:34reading from verse 17 jesus going up to jerusalem took the twelve disciples apart in the way and said unto them behold we

9:42go up to jerusalem the son of man shall be betrayed and the chief priests and the scribes

9:47and they shall condemn

9:54him to death and shall deliver him to the gentiles to mock and scourge and crucify him

10:02then came then they came to him the mother of zebedee’s children

10:08who were they james and john notice worshipping him

10:15and desiring a certain thing of him and he said unto her what wilt thou she

10:21said unto him grant that these my two sons may say the one on the right hand and they are on the left in thy kingdom

10:30but jesus answered and said you know not what ye ask

10:36and she asked a big thing in the other gospel it says that they asked that

10:41john and his brother asked here it says his mother i guess there’s a collusion in this

10:47they’d agreed together to try and give jesus they believed he was going to have a kingdom and they wanted to sit on the right hand

10:52of the left hand when he came into his kingdom but notice they came worshipping him

11:00and yet in their worship there was begging it wasn’t fuel they had an ulterior

11:07emoji they were trying to bargain with

11:12him hansen said you know not what you ask are you able to drink of the cup

11:20that i shall drink of and be baptized with the baptism that i’m baptized with

11:29now we said that in in luke to go back a minute there into chapter was it 12.

11:54um verse 49 i’m come that sent fire on earth

12:00what was that fire why didn’t he what hindered him from giving them the

12:07fire at that moment baptism of what sorrow

12:12a baptism of anguish a baptism we call gethsemane

12:19you see there’s no place in the whole wide world where you can put at the upper room before he’s before

12:25they cross the cross comes before the upper room we try and turn that round

12:32as i said sometimes very often now we’re asking people to tarry in the upper room who’ve never nails at the cross

12:38they get a false experience and it evaporates we shun the cross

12:47i have a baptism to be baptized with but i want you to receive a fire that

12:53will change that degraded will of your yours it will endure you with power

12:59it will give you energy it will give you life

13:09he says i want i want to do that but i’m straighten that i wish it could be accomplished but it cannot be done yet

13:17so then we go back again to that other chapter again in matthew 20.

13:38remember if we’ve gone a bit further back in that previous chapter a man listened to him long enough then

13:44he says why don’t you ask my brother to settle the estate

13:51settle a family dispute you know there are people that think god is only around to help we’ve got a great utility god today your

13:59prayer need desolation friendly does that you pray and he sends you money president gets out of a jam

14:05he’s not somebody worshipped in speechless adoration he’s a utility god

14:10and these eight boys on tv are exploiting that to the nth degree

14:20i’m going to read this again chapter 20 in verse 20. then came to him the mother of zebedee’s

14:25children with her sons worshipping him and desiring a certain thing of him

14:30what is that you would like me to do let one sit on thy right hand and one on my left hand when the outcome

14:36must enter thy kingdom jesus you know what he asked are you

14:42able to drink of the cup that i shall drink up and be baptized

14:49with the baptism that i am baptized with they sent him we are able so that he did he took them at his

14:55word i want my son to enter the kingdom sitting on the right hand sitting on the

15:01left there’s only one way into the kingdom that’s death

15:07in the acts of the apostles chapter 12 and it’s verse two it says habit and that herod was headed

15:14the grip of the first he was the grandson of heller the great you remember the head of the great tried to liquidate jesus when he was obeyed

15:21see before he could walk or talk the world was afraid of jesus when they heard he was born herod was

15:28troubled why herod’s got a standing army herod has a palace

15:33hera does everything he wants you mean to say that little thing there sucking his mother’s breast that the king

15:38is terrified of him herod was troubled and all jerusalem

15:44with him except one or two old people older

15:50people have more wisdom as you can see we know i think so often

15:55that we talk so much about hannah in the old testament we don’t talk too much about anna in the new testament yeah she’s a

16:02hundred years of age and she’s going day by day to pray and simeon’s an old man

16:08just a bunch of old folk going and they will not die until god has sent that precious

16:13child that he promised 750 years before

16:23magnificent you know we’re not watching his last are

16:28you able to say yeah we can drink the cup all right lady i wonder if she was living when the sun was

16:34brutally put to death again axe acts what is it 12 2 says

16:41that herod killed james the brother of john it was herod agrippa the first

16:47the grandson of herod the great a terrible butcher a man who could be linked up with

16:53pharaoh that liquidated all the babies in israel in egypt well in it anyway in

16:59in israel an ancient hitler

17:09i’m trying to write a book i’m not doing so well with it on the judgment seat of christ

17:15i think of the days when all the armies of men that have been slaughtered all the babies have been butchered

17:21the million babies that were dragged out of the mother’s wombs this past year in christian america and torn up and put down the toilet

17:29every one of them is going to rise up in judgment one day did we say the other day about jeremiah

17:36god says i knew thee when i was in the womb and i sanctified not deindi there

17:42is he the exception no no no life belongs to god and whatever we do

17:48with it we’ll be accountable for it we said that the one thing that

17:54sustained as it does all men who get in there the one thing that sustained jebe murray had

18:00more conflict than any other prophet of all immediately he was raised up he was in conflict he was confident

18:06when he was dying what was the secret of his power until the secret of his power is very obvious he states it

18:11he says thy fire burned within my heart while i muse the fire burn yesterday i

18:18took the prophecy of jeremiah and count do you know he mentioned 41 times he mentioned fire

18:27they put him in a pit didn’t burn the fire out of it destroyed the fire

18:33i think it was a matter no it’s a marathon son i think that wrote to him that

18:40um a verse of the hemi wrote says these waters cannot quench it

18:46floods can never drown substance cannot buy loves a priceless crown all the wondrous

18:52story mystery divine i am my beloved my beloved is mine

18:58the fire is unquenchable the fire of hell is unquenchable the

19:05fight of the holy ghost is unquenchable i know there’s a lot of opposition

19:11against the second blessing i challenge you to find me a man that has made history

19:16in god’s kingdom who somewhere didn’t have a second crisis after he was born again in the spirit of god

19:23founder of the quakers said he found something in him that wouldn’t keep peace and he wanted to get rid of the thing in him that wouldn’t keep

19:29cr wouldn’t was always troubling him william bull said i found i i ebbed and

19:36flowed until one day i the holy ghost came in his fullness

19:42and then he wrote that marvelous battle him that the modern salvationist doesn’t know

19:48they marched the salvation army was a penniless organization it went into 70 countries in 90 years not 70 cities 70

19:55countries men and women left their castles in england

20:02professors left their professions university people went why because there’s a fire they could see that fire

20:08as clear as israel could see that pillar of fire at night the holy ghost is here

20:14and all william had them going singing marching down the street thou christ of burning cleansing frame send the fire

20:21thy blood bought gift today we claim send the fire look down and see this waiting host give

20:27us the promised holy ghost we want another i’m not sure we want it we need it

20:34you see the the the thing between where you are now and the baptism of fire is a cup

20:42i better get treated i’ll talk too long

20:48verse 22 jesus answered and said unto him ye know not what ye ask are you able to drink of the cup

20:54that i shall drink remember again he said i have a baptism

21:00to be baptized with he’d been baptized in john he wasn’t talking about that

21:06the man who introduced him to the world said i baptize you with water the baptism is external when he comes

21:14he’ll do something internal he’ll baptize you with the holy ghost the literal greek is he shall baptize you with holy ghost

21:21fire not with the holy ghost and with fire you can’t separate them god is a consuming fire he shall baptize

21:28you with holy ghost fire but you see there’s something between here and there

21:39some of you haven’t been here before but i’m glad to see you but let me say this i say often i don’t know where you are

21:46spiritually but there’s not a man who’s walking with

21:51god that doesn’t know he could have been further up the road than he is if he’d really taken care if somebody up taught you when he was

21:57born again did not happen he was born and he was put in a refrigerator

22:05there’s a dear old the last of the line amongst the baptists i think vance haven’t he wrote the forward to my last book

22:11he’s a great character and he said some people where he lives up in

22:17greenville where is that south carolina oh he said they’re still living in the

22:22last century he said the man came selling refrigerators they didn’t know what they were they still had ice boxes

22:29and he said well this is what you do with the refrigerator you take this plug and stick it in but

22:34they didn’t have any electricity so it didn’t have very much

22:40but in his drawer i couldn’t imitate you know he said you know oh in my country

22:46we’ve got the biggest refrigerators in america they’ve got steeples on them

22:52now i didn’t say that a baptist said it mr chadwick used to say to us gentlemen

22:59win souls but don’t bring them to birth and put them in a refrigerator

23:05the church never had more equipment than she has now she never had less power

23:11nevertheless anointing nevertheless of the miraculous never less than the omnipresent god as

23:18i’ve said before when did you last tip to out of church sunday morning breathless or by the awesomeness of god’s majesty

23:26god’s glory god’s omnipotence we know what’s going to happen stand up

23:31sit down stand up sit down another cry we’ll sing sit a bit longer now the box is coming drop some offering

23:37in it and now we’re going to have another song

23:46you know if we spend as much time teaching people to pray as we’ve taught the choir we don’t set the world on fire

23:57what’s inside of having all the machinery in the world if you’re nothing to drive it i don’t care whether you’ve come on a

24:03i’m going to say a skateboard no if you come under a volkswagen tonight at a rolls royce

24:08we’re all dependent on one thing when we sit in the car we turn the switch and if there is no spark there you’re finished

24:15your car may be insured it may be the cleanest car maybe wonderful condition but it needs a spark to drive it

24:22well look at all the equipment in the church if the fire of the holy ghost really came upon the church today we

24:27could shake the world in six months without a shadow of doubt

24:36you know not what you ask i wonder how often god says that to us

24:44and i’ve told you many times and i say privately in my press i don’t want to get to the judgment scene

24:52with maybe trillions of eyes looking on me i’m here jesus is there and everybody

24:58that live since adam is going to see me come out for trial

25:03i do not want god to say to me in that day son i had many things to tell you but you couldn’t bear them

25:11i’ve got a new saying and i’m always pushing it down people’s throats now when are we going to get serious about

25:17being serious about revival we’re not serious about it

25:22i got a big brochure this week oh i don’t know how many big celebrities are going the man that’s running the thing i i

25:29want you to come as my personal official guest and i’ll pay all your fare and i’ll pay

25:34your hotel fees and everything and it said so-and-so is going to speak and there’s going to be a special

25:40session don’t get this often so i’ll give you the address if you want there’s gonna be a special session maybe

25:48twice or three times in the week to teach

25:54puppetry and then it goes on to say we’re going to teach mimes

26:01i’m not being facetious can you imagine the men coming out of the upper room teaching those rebel priests and crowds puppets

26:08coming with our faces painted white in their hands and clowning dear lord with enough clowns outside the

26:14church why bring them in

26:21why should the world take us seriously when we don’t take god seriously come on

26:35are you able to drink the cup and be baptized with the baptism that i should be baptized with

26:46what’s a cup scripture chapter 26 please in matthew

27:00and verses 39 and yes 39 to 42

27:23here’s the baptism for you he went a little further and fell on his

27:29face and prayed saying oh my father if it be possible let this cup pass from me nevertheless not as i will

27:36but as thou wilt and he cometh through his disciples and finding them sleeping said to peter what

27:41could he not watch with me one hour watch and pray that yen’s not into temptation what was a cup

27:52well i’ll tell you what ingredient one ingredient was it had betrayal in it

27:59the men who sworn allegiance to him when it came to the crisis they quit

28:11can he drink of the cup

28:17what’s in the crop i believe in that cup there was

28:24internal suffering mental suffering and spiritual suffering

28:35do you want to drink the cup

28:40i’m straightened he says i cannot do anything now i cannot do anything there’s a baptism i have to go through

28:48the holy ghost can’t come down until i go up i can’t go up until i’ve done the will of the father

28:54and he goes through the agony of gethsemane he goes through the lonesomeness he drank of that cup

29:05i say it was internal why because in isaiah 53 11 he says he

29:12traveled isn’t that internal

29:19deserted by others and in the darkest hour not only deserted by men deserted by god

29:26can you drink of that cup do you want to travail you see what people are seeking for

29:31today is a painless pentecost that isn’t such a thing

29:36the day of pentecost was fully come what happened immediately to pentecost they prospered yes they did they went to jail

29:43it wasn’t prosperity it was prison pain privation persecution the men are dishonest that

29:51preach on tv today they’re liars it’s in the case of blessing and god

29:56along the windows of heaven on you jesus goes on to say when that man in

30:02the other chapter that we didn’t read off when he says settle this dispute between

30:08my brother myself about the uh family estate jesus says may not for yourself treasure on earth where moth

30:15and rush give up and thieves break through and steal you know there are other wealthy

30:21christians will get to heaven bankrupt and a lot of christians almost bankrupt

30:26living poverty they’ll be super millionaires when they get into eternity

30:33but this is the way are you reading the other version that

30:40if you’re going to follow the lord it’s division in the family your father and mother will hate you

30:46jesus got to the place where his brother said he’s insane you know people say i want to be like

30:52jesus i doubt it you want to get kicked out of your family because you love god

31:00do you want to be so true to god that that thomas comes and doubts you

31:05that a judas sells you you really want to be like jesus why don’t you practice it why don’t you

31:10have 40 days and 40 nights of fasting forget all the paperwork

31:18we make such rash vows when the temperature is running high in a meeting

31:23we make vows vows vows i’d say the pain was internal

31:31he shall save the travel of his soul and be satisfied

31:36i’m sure it was not only internal i’m sure it was mental pain

31:45i’m sure it would bother me pain because it says in the well the fifth chapter of isaiah they

31:51i gave my back to the smiters we don’t do that we fight back

31:57we don’t like somebody to carve us up scorn us ridiculous humiliate us

32:03misrepresent us and he got the whole works and yet he

32:08never muttered once

32:14what did he say he said that when it came to the agony of the cross

32:19that men shut out the lip i don’t understand those disciples i

32:25never will why after he came from the judgment hall and was going to the cross

32:30why did they line up on either side of the road and applaud him and say the king this is the way that king comes into his

32:36kingdom instead of that men shot out the lip and scone and said if god your father let

32:41him deliver you i say the perennial challenge to a christian is come down from the cross

32:48and save yourself yes you made a decision in a missionary meeting i’m going to

32:53give more money to missions and then something and you’re backed off

32:58i’m going to spend more time with god forget it you didn’t do it

33:05you know when elijah before he called down the fire he went back and he built the old altar we don’t want to go back to old altars

33:11to old vows to all commitments we’re always trying to make new things god knows they’ll be broken down anyhow

33:16in a few weeks

33:23christianity has not been weighed in the balances and found one thing it’s been tried found difficult and rejected

33:30it’s too tough

33:35there’s no part-time service leave all and follow me

33:46drink of the cup

33:53in the darkness and agony of gethsemane

33:58i’ve told us again briefly i was going down the street in oldham which is nine miles outside of

34:04manchester i was in my early twenties and i pastored the largest church

34:11in town in fact the largest homeless church in england going down the street one day as i

34:18passed this house the lady opened the door hi i said hi she said

34:24you’re the pastor at the tabernacle i said yes i often come to your church i sit on the back seat i’m very poor

34:32fine i don’t like to come i can’t give i don’t want to come give anything in the offering

34:38but she said i wanted to do something what she said would you come in my house and drink a cup of tea well usually of

34:45course i want tea i said yes the only thing is that i went in are you ending like this

34:52boy that house did it smell i got in there and you know the books

35:01she bought books from a junk shop nearby i’d seen her in the shop many times she had them like a wall when you went

35:07in the door that you could just keep your hands on top of them go right through to the back room the dining room which was dining room and everything

35:14else oh you will have a cup of tea i said sure i’ll have a cup of tea

35:21see lovely fingernails they got passive patoot around them you know what

35:26all of well in common language your fingernails roll in morning clogged up with dirt

35:34the kitchen sink had dishes this height from here about this height there was a plate there with some old

35:40bacon on and they’ve got uh what did all that stuff mold penicillin penis you’ve heard this

35:47letter before she didn’t know she could have sold it

35:53penicillin yes siri she got that fuzzy hearted looking stuff well you take tea

36:00yes she reached in the kitchen sink with a stack of cups

36:05and you know the teardrop on the outside and she picked it up mercy on us it looked as it had about a

36:13hundred bugs at the bottom dried dirty rotten old tea leaves in fact some were moldy

36:21well now she said i’m going to give you a cup of tea i said all right she poured the tea into

36:28the it was as black as my shoes and i don’t like black tea

36:34uh do you take cream yes i have not good you take sugar yes

36:42i have not and with that dirty hand shaking i saw that black stuff that was

36:48supposed to be tea cold as ice

36:54and i hesitated i felt like tipping it up

37:00but i knew i was on trial and she held the cup out

37:08well i hesitated drink it

37:13and if she handed me that cup of dirty tea my mind went 2 000 miles away from the

37:20town i was into a place called gethsemane

37:26two thousand miles away two thousand years back and the father gave a cup of all the

37:32dregs of impurity and wickedness in it and he didn’t give it to gabriel he

37:39didn’t give it to michael the archangel he gave it to his son this is what he’s come to do he’s come

37:44to consume iniquity and he’s going to do it in the garden of gethsemane by himself when everybody’s

37:50betrayed him and his nerves are down and he can hear the enemy coming

37:56and he’s thinking of all the years he’s demonstrated his power the son of god he’s walked on the water he’s raised the

38:02dead he’s cleanse the leopard he’s put insane people and they didn’t believe on him

38:11so what’s the difference today do we believe on him remember there wasn’t one of the 12

38:16disciples ever had a bible

38:21not even the apostle paul had one

38:26you know you don’t boast too much about your bible knowledge it’s going to face us at the judgment seat

38:32i wonder sometimes i don’t have a big library i have a few nice books

38:39i was handling one yesterday and i thought will these books rise up in judgment against me

38:46okay we’re looking i say again with all my heart we’re looking for a painless pentecost we want to invest a dime and get a

38:53million dollars back yes can you drink of the cup we’re able so they drank and they were

38:59crucified today it’s considered sadistic if you

39:06say people have to take up their cross even don’t tell young people about the cross they’ll be discouraged

39:12well you suggesting jesus wasn’t smart okay if you’re going to be my disciple

39:18kiss the world goodbye you see when people are born again these days they don’t get separated from the

39:25world most likely that pastor is the most worldly guy that is around

39:32but if you’re going to get what he wants to give if you’re going to get the real true baptism of the spirit

39:38you have to drink of that cup they said we’re able

39:46and he said you shall drink indeed with my cup and be baptized with the baptism that i’m baptized with but to sit on my right and on my left

39:53it’s not mine to give the father’s going to do that but verse 24 says when the ten the other

39:58ten disciples were around listening they were moved within indignation against the true brethren

40:10now he rubs the noses in the dust you’re looking to sit on my right hand

40:15am i left in my kingdom he could have said are you prepared to go are you prepared to go through hell

40:21to get there you can’t show me a revival in history

40:28that hasn’t been born of travail and pain and loneliness and dark weary nights

40:36as i read this i thought again today of seeing that there’s a model up in scotland

40:41nine miles out of glasgow there’s a great big big big house

40:46it’s a national memorial to david i’m gonna say david brainard no

40:52what was his name david livingstone

41:00and it shows the room where he died where for years and years he prayed it’s like some

41:06of those houses in india that just got bamboo and then leaves woven in and there he is kneeling over the bed if

41:13you can call it that two bamboo rods and with some leaves on and a candle flickering there’s an

41:19automatic uh electric candle flickering there and they said every night you would kneel at that bed and you would hear him

41:27crying with his hands raised god when will the wound of this world’s

41:32sin be healed

41:38he fought the portuguese slave traders he did many many marvelous things why

41:44because he had to get so many of his own his precious wife died he buried her in

41:50the jungle and the baby that she born died he

41:55buried the child at the side of his mother another child he had died he buried that

42:04and the record i had said that he said this as he laid them to rest and he he buried

42:10them of course the christian way and said they’d die and come back in the resurrection

42:17you see the reason he brought his wife he married the daughter of moffat the great missionary

42:23mary moffat she kept writing and saying david why don’t you let me come over there

42:30people say that you don’t care you don’t love me

42:36people say you got tired of me people say they say that so finally she

42:43came i believe she brought one child another was born afterwards

42:49what did he get he told her not to come because they didn’t have the drugs that we have today the queen and no kind of stuff she got malaria and

42:56as he pointed the finger down he said mary darling mary

43:04people will say you were killed with malaria no no no such thing he said

43:12you were killed by the cruel tongues of people in scotland that drove you out of your native home and sent you here

43:19yeah but that grief didn’t change his

43:25zeal for god it added fuel to the fire the devil’s trying to rob me the devil’s

43:31trying to hinder me and he worked with greater zeal he prayed more than ever he prayed and they said nine afternoon

43:37his voice would they go through the following so god when will the wound of this world of sin be healed

43:45dear god all our pastor concerned about is adding one or two members getting another burst to bring the

43:51people in there can be no revival again i say

43:57without travail i want my son to sit on the right hand

44:03side well listen here’s his answer

44:09verse 24 when the ten heard it they were moved with indignation against the true brethren

44:15jesus called unto them and said no ye know that the princes of the gentiles exercise dominion over them

44:21and their great exercise a great exercise authority upon them but it shall not it shall not be so among you whosoever

44:28will be the greatest among you let him be your minister and whosoever will be chief among you

44:33let him be your servant that’s a sweet unit they wanted to sit on the right hand he says well the way into my kingdom

44:40if you want to grow up you go down exalt yourself i’ll beat you be a beast and i’ll exalt you save your

44:47life you’ll lose it lose your life you’ll save it it’s reverse logic

44:57verse 27 whosoever will be chief among you let him be your servant even as the son of man came not to be

45:03ministered unto but to minister and to give his life not to give his

45:08theology not to declare i have a mandate from the

45:14father to instruct you he gave them all he had he gave them the sermon on the mount he gave them evidence that they had dominion over sin

45:20and death and disease and devils and everything and yet they were unbelieving i say the

45:32one thing reverting to that thing again i’m straightened i’m tied up i can’t do anything yet

45:40that’s what he said in luke 12 there i have no release i have a baptism to be

45:48baptized with before that word of john that startled you when he said when he comes here

45:54baptized with the holy ghost and fire but he didn’t do that not immediately he

46:00says i’ve got to go through the father’s will and the father’s willing to get seminary the father’s will is the cross

46:05the father’s will i go down into the depths and i lead captivity captive and give gifts unto men

46:13as i said there’s one great two great reasons we don’t have revival one we’re content to live without it

46:18number two it’s too costly we don’t wanna we don’t want god to disrupt our status quo

46:26we want to eat drink and be merry and tomorrow we’ll live but the the the work the christian life

46:33can only be lived one way and that’s god’s way and god’s way that i leave all and

46:40follow him god’s way is that in the hour when i think i’m going to have joy or something

46:46suddenly that cup turns into a cup of bitterness when i think i’ve arrived at something

46:52the lord shudders that

47:01you know we think well if i had the privilege of mrs sons or mr some somebody else i’d be a real saint

47:10and i read this whosoever will be chief among you let him be a servant

47:17i didn’t come to be ministered unto but to minister and to give my life

47:23i was reading a couple of pages in the mario show’s life yesterday i like to turn to that book

47:28she was the oldest daughter of the founder of the salvation army and had the privilege when she was 85

47:35years of age she she could preach up a storm if you ever talk about a storm

47:41and then one night he said i went to brussels i went to a large mansion

47:49it was loaded with antiques costly things it was beautiful it was owned by a christian and there’s

47:55a sweet girl that i noticed each morning about nine o’clock she came out of the servant’s quarter radiant

48:03i said to her one day my dearie i i want to ask you a question i’ve

48:09noticed for the last few mornings when you come out of the serpent’s quarter after after having breakfast

48:16you’re so radiant well it was a big big old house with we

48:21used to have a house i don’t know how many chimneys in it i think there were 12 fires and she had to light the fire every morning

48:29take out the ashes from everyone and carry the ashes out get the kindling wood get the fire going

48:35first of all in the dining room so the precious folk gonna be shivering you know when they’re eating all the wonderful stuff

48:43and the matter charles said but what time do you oh i begin my dear ladies i begin at five o’clock in the morning

48:51five o’clock yeah

48:58in what time well breakfast is at eight usually i i

49:03finished the last five i’ve got the last five going by about half past seven

49:09well how do you do it i just kneel in front of it and i sweep all the ashes on one side i put them in a bucket

49:15and then i get some paper they get some kindling wood and boy getting coal to go to catch fire

49:21in a job and say i go in that room and get that fire going

49:26i go to the next i go to the next i go back the first one’s gone out so i do it over again

49:32but eventually i get to breakfast a minute or two before 8 o’clock

49:38and i’ve lit my 12 fires don’t you get impatient no well you say

49:44the fire is gonna yeah they often go out

49:50well do you get up early in the morning for devotions he said um

49:55no not very early well how do you maintain your spiritual

50:01life she said every time i light a fair i say jesus well i’m kindly this high kindle fire in me

50:10kind of fire of your loving me afresh this morning kindle of fire of your devotion in me

50:15here’s here’s this precious little girl talking to one of the most powerful women in the world

50:22a woman who at 21 years of age went to paris and turned the city upside down

50:29preaching against all the prostitutes the queen of the underworld was there men came them from the saw born the

50:35greatest intellectuals with their long beards and their pipes and listen to her and yet this precious

50:43little she’s the mother shawl said that young lady taught me more than most sermons had ever heard

50:51she had to light the fire they can get bellows and blow the things up try and get them going

50:56and just every fireplace i never missed one morning saying lord as i’m kindling this fire

51:01kindly of fire in me the fire of love for your will a fire of

51:06love the fire of joy the fire of peace the fight of compassion

51:13if those came back to the church we’d turn america upside down in six months

51:21ours is all theology we get a starving man we give him a

51:27cookery book does it help him he looks in the cookie book and he sees

51:32a he sees a dish there with potatoes on and beef and all that

51:38what do you do you tantalize him oh i hope one day you can come to our we’re gonna have this you see this beef and

51:44then we’re having this and we’re gonna have some turkey and something else and the poor man’s ravenously hungry

51:52we give him a picture but we don’t give him the goods the average church today you go on

51:58sunday morning they give you the menu but they never give me the meal to give an outline of theology this is

52:04our precious doctrine so those people have been reciting doctrine in hell

52:13jesus never intended it should be me as i’ve said you before if you say where two or three are

52:19gathered in his name if the living christ is in your meeting if there’s a living christ how in god’s name can you

52:24have a dead service it’s totally impossible yeah

52:30i remember talking once in the carnegie hall in pittsburgh with miss kuhlman

52:36we were talking about the churches it is and various other things

52:45and she said i talked with some young students the other day and they said well we go to a certain church oh we have a wonderful pastor and a

52:52marvelous choir and he’s a great teacher but nothing ever happens we come to see

52:59your meeting there’s a power of god there and i was in meetings there where billows of power went over the meeting

53:07all kinds of miracles were done what does the pastor say he says well of

53:14course where two or three are gathered he’s in the midst you know i said to

53:20them no what do you say well if he’s in the midst and you believe he’s the same yesterday and today and forever why

53:25doesn’t he do in the midst hear what he did in the midst there we time bail god out

53:34the stupid pastors have been to a seminary as i say against cemetery

53:42our prophets are full of dead men preaching dead sermons to dead people

53:48but there’s going to come an awakening

53:53god almighty doesn’t care if he sends america bankrupt right he doesn’t care if we have to

53:59stand in bread lines he doesn’t care if that automobiles rush because we’re no gasoline and that could

54:05happen that easily if russia gets iran she can bottleneck all the oil in the world there

54:11and that’s what she’s after and she’s going to fight desperately for it

54:18but again you see this is so expensive which to do more than believe in the

54:24lord we have to believe on the lord we should do more than have have a

54:30blessing just because we feel better we feel inflated and we maybe get a gift or something you

54:36know i find people get gifts of the spirit the more proud after they get the gift than they were before they’re proud of the gift

54:46the indwelling of the holy ghost to me is the most majestic thing this side of eternity

54:56the holy ghost produces holy people holy people live holy lives

55:03produce holy daddies and holy mummies

55:08so here’s a question you answer it for yourself do you want to drink the cup that he

55:13drank of

55:19i’m straightened like i can’t get to between me and that mission that john baptist said

55:25when i come out baptized with the holy between him and there there’s a gethsemane there’s a cross

55:34i say this and quit here the welsh men are not very tall

55:41another nation but there’s a young man in 1904

55:46in a town called newcastle emilyn and they had about 35 people in the

55:52meeting and he just put his big hands up went over like i said bend this lord and then

55:58break us bend us bend the church break the church

56:03one night in a crowded meeting with more than 1200 people suddenly the god came upon him and the writer puts it

56:10very beautifully i think though terribly he said that great preacher who had been

56:16captivating crowds and turning cities on fire had a public gethsemane

56:23he suddenly crumbled to the ground as well somebody squashed him downwards and there he was that big

56:29i nearly said hulk but you know what i mean a man maybe six feet or more tall and there he was in front of all

56:37those it wasn’t a spectacle it wasn’t a demonstration it was a personal visitation of the holy ghost

56:43and he arrived and he groaned and he traveled

56:49and some men at the front said let’s go help him somebody said don’t put a finger on him

56:55they said when he got up his face was transformed as though he needed a veil over it

57:02and from then he moved into a new sphere of power new state of authority

57:10we’re not going to gather people together and tell them to repent only god can do that yes i read again joel chapter 2

57:19today we caught it so often he’s going to pour out his spirit and all flesh but wait a minute the price is

57:24tremendous lay all night between the altar and the doorposts can you get i’d love to see i’d love to see a couple

57:31of dozen preachers they’ll get together and lay between the alts and the door post

57:38two nights a week for the next three weeks

57:43with the holy ghost coming upon them not speaking in tongues in the sense that so many people think but speaking with a

57:49tongue we never heard speaking of travailing which according to romans 8 is beyond

57:55language it cannot be uttered it can’t be acted in time it can’t be added anyway

58:01it’s god the holy ghost groaning through us a groan jesus saw the travail are you

58:07going to suggest he didn’t groan of course he groaned in gethsemane

58:18disagree with me if you like i believe jesus right now is groaning in

58:23heaven if he’s the same yesterday then forever don’t you think he groans over the

58:28church as it is today poor misbegotten thing that it is

58:33powerless lifeless without authority i bless you most of our people can’t keep victory themselves never mind cast

58:40out devils we can’t pull down strongholds

58:52but i’m convinced it’s going to come

58:57it’s going to be a great turnaround and it won’t be inside the denominations

59:02as far as i’m concerned

59:07oh it’s nice to read what is it hebrews 13 13 jesus that he might sanctify

59:14that is purify that is edify that is released that is transformed that he

59:19might do that he suffered without the gate but the second half of the text says let

59:26us go with him outside the camp

59:31let’s be cut off from everything that’s organized and man-made and supervised

59:37people say rain is a radical you know you shouldn’t take any notice you know

59:42he has no covering well i didn’t know that you know for me i’ve been going around the world now for

59:48the last 50 years without recovering i didn’t know but the lord knew i had it so he kept me

59:55who was john the baptist covering people knew when john baptist came

1:00:04he did no signs no wonders no miracles but when he spoke boy the words were like fire they burned in

1:00:10the hearts of the people they if a thing doesn’t burn in me why in god’s name should it burn in you

1:00:19i wouldn’t listen to a preacher that didn’t kindle something in my heart i know i kindly angry in some people

1:00:24well i thank god for it nobody else has done it sometimes i’m able to kindle joy by the

1:00:30power of god but she’s this cup we back away i backed

1:00:35away from that rotten cup that woman had and then forcibly she said drink it

1:00:41i tell you that moment i was seeing a man in a garden and he’s saying father this is the most

1:00:46degrading thing in the history of the world if it’s possible please

1:00:53the lord let him do it it pleased the lord to bruise him

1:01:02but when he prays the lord to bruise you what do you do ring for help phone to somebody call the church

1:01:08or you get alone with him who alone is able to heal hear you alone has a bombing gillian

1:01:16see god isn’t training boy scouts he’s training soldiers i think i want to talk about that next

1:01:22week no man that wareth entangleth himself with affairs of this life

1:01:28that he may please him who has chosen him to be a soldier you know the smart advert they have on

1:01:34tv and other places you see these smart boys at what the west point

1:01:40what do you call them now they the cadets we’re looking for a few

1:01:47choice men you know oh i’m one of about there’s a hundred thousand others in america i’m only one

1:01:53out of a half a million and boy doesn’t that feed that ego come and be one of the specials

1:02:01that’s exactly what god does i have chosen you and ordained you so

1:02:07you don’t need any other ordination and out of the twelve he chooses three

1:02:13peter james and john people say you shouldn’t be selective god selected

1:02:19he always was he always will be then out of the three chose one

1:02:26and god has a process of elimination

1:02:31he does ask you to drink a cup a week or a month after you say but you gradually

1:02:36move into that area where you realize this is what is after is after me going to the cross not just

1:02:43to go to it but get on it

1:02:50oh i’m glad he died for me have you died for him it’s not a fair exchange

1:03:00i remember when i was a little boy they announced in the church that uh an american was coming i showed you

1:03:07their feathers you know and and wore paint on him

1:03:13his name was barraclov he had just written a hymn that i think

1:03:18is one of the sweetest hymns ever written and and he played it to us that night it goes something like this out of the

1:03:25ivory palaces into a world of war only his great eternal love made my

1:03:30savior go out of the average angels bowed down and seraphim bowed and had reverenced

1:03:36and men spit on him

1:03:42he had all the glory of heaven but he’s nowhere to sleep at night

1:03:48it will take eternity to unveil for us what it meant for jesus to come he drank a cup a cup of separation from

1:03:56his father a couple of separations of the glory in eternity

1:04:02a couple of separation from of the worship because hebrews 1 says the angels are commissioned to worship him

1:04:09men didn’t worship and they spit on him and he laid it all on one side joyfully

1:04:17and tupper took up a cross to be battered and bloodied

1:04:23actually i love that hymn that american him my faith looks up to thee it was written in the old north church

1:04:29in boston common i preached there once and i had them sing that hymn

1:04:36the second standard says may thy rich grace impart strength to my fainting heart

1:04:43my zeal inspire as thou hast died for me so may my love to thee pure warm and

1:04:50changeless bee supposing god was fitful

1:04:55in his attitude to you as you are to him what would happen

1:05:01a little serpent girl says i i’m on my knees two and a half hours every morning and every time i strike a match in light

1:05:07of that i say lord as i kindle this fight kindle your fire in my heart the fire of the spirit of god

1:05:13and i’ve been here for years i must have lit hundreds and hundreds of fires

1:05:18she wasn’t at the table serving me as with all the celebrities she’s up at the crack of dawn she’s

1:05:24carrying a heavy bucket of coal she’s clearing the dirt out and it’s a ritual most people wouldn’t have

1:05:32but she turned it into a sacrament turned the tables on the devil

1:05:39i see when he says well you could be praying i couldn’t do more than that she said i bow there some days later and

1:05:45i just worship i see the flames go and i think of the sacrifices that were made

1:05:52no don’t pitch me she said i’ve got a wonderful job they pay me to have my devotions

1:06:01they pay me to sustain my prayer life i wish with a lot more people like that

1:06:13look out he might bring you up this week and ask you to drink of the cup

1:06:24can you share my baptism oh you can have the baptism of the holy ghost that’s not his baptism

1:06:30my baptism a baptism of sorrow a baptism of desertion a baptism of pain a baptism of

1:06:35loneliness a baptism of darkness it’s all combined

1:06:41well can you drink it how do we try and make some excuses

1:06:49all he’s asking for is obedience

1:06:55obedience is a key to everything

1:07:01well i don’t know if i said all i wanted to say but i’m not going to say anymore anyhow

1:07:10i’m going to spend some time in prayer

1:07:16now let me say this to you very lovingly last week there were disturbances there were people you can pray in tongues you can pray

1:07:23anything you like but don’t do it audibly don’t mutter much much and at the side of you some of them come

1:07:30from houses where children are muttering and carrying on all day some services like that we don’t i like

1:07:36stillness i want to know what you’re praying about therefore i need to listen the people didn’t come next you to be

1:07:42next to you to be disturbed you don’t help them when you’re muttering all the time do it do it in

1:07:48your heart do it quietly not audibly

1:07:53this is serious business time is running out fast for all of us

1:08:02i don’t believe the economy will last five more years

1:08:07the next decade would be the toughest america has ever had unless again like in 1742 when god

1:08:14raised up some men and i would remind you of this that i finished the greatest revival that scraped america wasn’t staged

1:08:21it wasn’t advertised it wasn’t financially backed he didn’t have broken down film stars

1:08:27next footballers it was in the ordinary course of a meeting of a previous presbyterian jonathan edwards preached his sermon and

1:08:33sent us in the hands of an angry judge there was nobody advertised nobody projected

1:08:40in my later years i’ve been on the road i say yes i’ll come but don’t put my photo in the picture in the paper

1:08:47just tell the church i’m coming to be helpful to the church i don’t want publicity i don’t want

1:08:53preeminence i don’t want projection jesus says how can you be blessed of god

1:08:59when you receive honor one of another i’ve got a placard i say this height in

1:09:04on my desk that all these men that are coming to this great revival conference in dallas it’s not it’s not david wilkinson it’s

1:09:10another one it’s the maranatha thing this man is there about six of them the

1:09:16fastest growing churches in america and this man’s written so many books and all that junk what in the world does it

1:09:22mean to god another thing he resisted the crowd and saved such a

1:09:29sort of a contrite and a broken spirit

1:09:35it’s a lonely life but it’s a glorious life nobody stood by jesus maybe nobody stand

1:09:42by you the enemy again says come down from the

1:09:48cross and save yourself you see somebody else saving his neck and you follow him and you lose your blessing lose your

1:09:53reward lose your power amongst other things you pray for what

1:09:59you like but i’m quite sure about this tonight many of us have unsaved loved ones

1:10:05unsaved children unsaved relatives the other night we

1:10:10prayed for the indians we pray for them tonight brother spencer is here tonight he’s a full-blooded indian and he’s a

1:10:16burden for his tribe and we want to back him in prayer

1:10:22i don’t know why america i don’t know why americans don’t look after the indians there’s two million of them

1:10:28and i guarantee all my but a hundred thousand are going to hell it doesn’t worry us we go to the mission

1:10:34field we we go to another country get churches to raise money we want to send one of

1:10:40our children down to south america or somewhere why not get them on a bus and give them some sandwiches and send them to an

1:10:46indian reservation it’s not glamorous

1:10:51people perish on our doorsteps

1:10:57and we are praying for spencer god will anoint him and anoint others to go into those reservations

1:11:03again we need to pray for our young people it’s getting more and more difficult

1:11:08every year every year now for children to be educated

1:11:14we pay them to poison the children throw the creation story out bringing

1:11:19evolution and the whole balance is going to the devil

1:11:25and it’s not going to be stopped by legislation it’s going to be stopped by revival

1:11:31only god can put up a batter against that rotten corruption that’s sweeping the land

1:11:40now if you need to go we’ll understand if you go but please again if you’re not going to pray be quiet if

1:11:46you’re going to pray speak audibly so we can share your

1:11:52prayer give me a chair brother please