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What is your life (video sermon)

What is Your Life? by Leonard Ravenhill

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0:04father we think of those that we have

0:10sung of in this wonderful hymn tonight and as we sang it we think of the tribes

0:17the millions were still without God and without hope we sing about yonder sacred

0:24throng when you wind up all the affairs of this terrestrial ball on which we

0:30live when you end all empires industrial or the great empires of kings and rulers

0:38and between here and there there may be many tribulations and trials but we

0:45thank you again that as you brought us so far you’ll take us further right to

0:50the end of the trail grant Lord this meeting which is not very large but it’s large enough to make

0:59an impact on this world if you get your way in every life tonight we pray Lord

1:05for your glory not for ours not for the preacher not even for last day’s ministry but we pray for your holy name

1:12sake that you will invade this sanctuary tonight we pray your works spiritual

1:17revolutions in us we pray that some of us may go to our own funeral tonight and

1:24die to self and end all the failure and all the weakness and all that’s been a

1:29handicap all that’s been our hang-up do work by the precious precious blood of

1:36Jesus the cleansing blood the sanctifying blood the blood of the everlasting covenant again we ask in

1:44honesty we ask with desire that this will be a very very bad night for the


1:56we pray that lives here where he’s had dominion that that Dominion will be

2:01broken where is being deceptive that he’ll be unmasked tonight where he’s tried to

2:08make us fearful and intimidate us or give us a revelation of your glory in

2:14your power we pray the very angels in heaven may have a good time tonight

2:20rejoicing over all bondage that shall cease take the veil away from your word

2:30take the veil away from our understanding open the world open our

2:35minds and then open our mouths to tell what great things God has done as we

2:43think of the millions again tonight some of them lying as we saw in the newspaper

2:49recently lying with their bones bleaching haven’t strength to stand up in areas of Africa and other areas Lord

2:56where this a total dissolution of their

3:01lifestyle and other areas where there’s prosperity and yet they’re without God

3:07without hope father again save us from being earthly minded let the things of

3:16Earth grow strangely dim they look strangely grim when we get into eternity

3:23we look back and see how often the devil fooled us and now often our own flesh fooled us and now often we were

3:30unwilling and undeserving and we gave up and we should have gone on change our

3:36thinking tonight change our desires change our aspirations make us captives

3:48as adults Saint said in England years ago make me a captive Lord and then I shall be free force me to render up my

3:56sword and I shall conquer be I sink in wild in life’s alarms when by myself I

4:03stand imprison me within thine arms and strong it shall be my hand o God we bless you

4:11that you’re more adequate than we can have a dream of I think Lord when we get

4:18to eternity some of us have lived many years but if you were to cut us all off tonight and sweep us into eternity we

4:24discover that we’re all in spiritual water to our ankles not to our knees not

4:29to our loins we’re still paddling on the edge of the ocean of the possibilities

4:34of grace put a hole in dissatisfaction in us tonight and then holy desires our

4:46supreme desire is that from this meeting Jesus you’ll see of the travail of his soul and be satisfied we’ll give you a

4:54praise in his name before you sit down let’s sing number one this is if you

5:00have Keith’s record you remember he recorded this not long before he went

5:06into the presence of the king it was a favorite we used to sing it almost every Friday night number one holy holy holy

5:13Lord God Almighty

5:26Oh [Music]

5:32me [Music]

5:38ah [Music]

5:44me awesome job Oh [Music]

5:55ever a merciful

6:01[Music] in three persons Leslie


6:26the sakes [Music]

6:32nasty nah [Music]

6:38the glass to say

6:44camera my side

6:50[Music] Oh


7:03yeah oh the

7:14Oh [Music] Oh [Music] all the dark rest ha

7:22Oh they are and I remain

7:33not me [Music]

7:40Oh [Music] Oh

7:45[Music] Oh

7:51Oh Oh

7:57Oh [Music]

8:11Oh [Music] all life looks shall pray

8:21Hey they love the sky I say Oh

8:32holy merciful


8:47sighs blasted tree

8:57thank you be seated

9:07I have a text tonight which is a question and it’s a question that we

9:18cannot answer collectively it’s a question you have to answer individually

9:24it’s found in the very practical epistle as it’s usually called the Epistle of James and the fourth chapter and verse

9:3314 maybe we should read from verse 13 go

9:38to now ye that say today or tomorrow we will go into such and such a city and

9:44continue there a year and buy and sell and get gain whereas we know not what

9:51shall be on the model for what is your life it is even a vapor that appeareth

9:57for a little time and then it vanishes away can you think can you think of

10:07something that was on earth before Adam was here and it was removed and it’s in

10:14heaven now and it may come back to earth

10:19I thought you were waving lady putting a

10:27sweater on well the tree of life oh did

10:33you were you raising your hand they can’t see but even the tree of life was

10:40there before Adam went into the garden and now it’s all the Tree of Life is in

10:46the the other gone the paradise of God and you know this is about the most

10:53fascinating study that there is and you will never face a more challenging

10:59question than this text what is your life now notice what it doesn’t say it

11:05doesn’t say what is life because if it did nobody has an answer it doesn’t say

11:11what is our life on the wise we could fool all our thinking it says what is your life and it replies gives a reply

11:20here in the day it is even a vapor that appeareth for a

11:25little time there are three main questions that come up in life children

11:31ask this question where did I come from and somewhere some time you better give

11:36them the right answer because if you don’t somebody will give them the wrong answer and then maybe at your age right

11:43now you’re asking another question why am I here and then when you get further

11:49up the road which I happen to be you say where do I go from here

11:55so there are three basic questions about life where where did it come from why am

12:04I here and where do I go from here I was

12:11thinking about the different points have said about this one of them said this life at its best is very brief like the

12:18falling of a leaf like the binding of a sheaf B in time Francis Henry delight he

12:27lived in Ireland there where we used to live long while before we were there and there’s a big memorial to him in the

12:33Royal Pretoria school that my boys went to Francis Henry light wrote this grade him abide with me I mean not him you may

12:39recall he says this Swift – its Claus ABS out life’s little day another point

12:50says the lives of great men should remind us that we all may be sublime and

12:57departing lead behind those footprints in the sons of time another one says

13:03about great men that how did he put it

13:12life is fleeting life is earnest and the grave is not the gold dust thou art to

13:19dust returnest was not spoken of as the soul now if this book is about anything

13:25at all it’s about life I was looking while I was away this past

13:32weekend at a fairly recent issue no Geographic and it certainly has some

13:38fantastic photography part of it was about Somaliland and there were women there lying on the floor with a bit of a

13:45rag around them their ribs were standing out there were corpses of babies all

13:52over the place and the country right now is in a terrible grip a famine and why

14:03we today couldn’t make up our minds what kind of ice cream you like I mean you

14:08know we’ve got 28 varieties but surely there must be another one and 48

14:13different types of what we call the things with a hole in the middle

14:18doughnuts there must be some other kind of the thing to eat besides doughnuts

14:25and you hear people say well life isn’t just life isn’t fair one man said life

14:31is a feast but another wise man said life is a fast one man said life is a paradise another man says life is a

14:38prison they see the question here is very pointed and maybe it’s very

14:44personal then in person or maybe it’s very painful maybe you could answer the question what is your life you say to

14:49failure what is your life or success what is your life it’s a disappointment

14:54but actually it’s strong to us by the very context that life is like a vapor

15:02it’s like the steam that comes off the kettle and you try and get a handful of it in its God and in every case in the

15:09Word of God where life is referred to that is this physical life it’s like into something that’s very Swift it’s

15:15like it likened for instance to a Weaver’s shuttle it’s like likened to a tent that men

15:21wrap up and move on in the night Isaiah likens our live to the grass of

15:27the field which today is and tomorrow is cast into the oven now you know there’s

15:34a saying that’s it becomes almost facetious to say that it said amongst many Christians only one life to assume

15:42be past and only what’s done for God will last

15:48but that’s exactly what the point did not say what the poet said only one life

15:57should soon be passed and only what’s done for God will last and when I am

16:04dying how glad I shall be if the lamp of my life has been burned out for thee as

16:12I said tonight it again it’s easy easy to say the things of Earth will grow strangely dim you feel very pious when

16:20you say that but you know when you get to eternity and look back the things of us will look very grim we will possibly

16:26discover we’ve been as earthly minded as the reprobates outside who are dancing and lusting tonight oh we’re trying to

16:40put up to Dumpty together again you know I used to ask what that was about when I

16:46was a little boy I never found an answer to it or you can get an illustrated the

16:52book of nursery rhymes and Humpty Dumpty is a an egg on the wall and he falls off

16:58and breaks himself into a hundred pieces and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men can’t put Humpty Dumpty

17:04together again or the old argument anybody can scramble eggs who can

17:09unscramble them life

17:18men have been trying to manage it directed they kind of consider that if

17:23you made nd environment better we will produce better people that’s not true you know there’s nobody go round in

17:29circles more than the other than the politicians I can remember in World War

17:35one before World War one so I’m not too young they’re a group of supermen around

17:44at that time George Bernard Shaw he wrote a fascinating play called Pygmalion that sent him bankrupt and so

17:51they changed its name to my fair lady and it made millions after he was dead

17:58which i think is what he deserved but George Bernard Shaw ganged up with a

18:04bunch of fellas that were called the Fabian socialists George Bernard Shaw

18:10Gein was there HG Wells was one the leading spokesman Aldous Huxley was there and all the top-notch guys you

18:18know and they suddenly came to a realization that they had us solve the

18:24problem of inequality injustice a way to empty prisons a way to make this world a

18:31utopia after all Christianity’s up 2,000 years they said it doesn’t done too well

18:36so we don’t need the church we don’t need the Bible and they began to tick

18:42off things they didn’t need in 1912 two

18:49years before First World War these fellows made a kind of outline of their

18:54philosophy and what they were going to do they were going to pull around the hills of wealth and fill in the valleys of poverty and make the crooked places

19:00straight they said we can have a new race of men by intellectual and biological processes they didn’t talk

19:08about repentance and sin man alive that’s to theological they talked about the adequacy of materialism the

19:17inevitability of progress and the sufficiency of man that was two years

19:24when they declared that they could have a utopia if not a new head we don’t need

19:30it a newer and they gathered people around them and they marched on bravely with their

19:37little cards you know saying you told you isn’t far often we will do all this

19:43well the Kaiser in Germany had another idea and he upset the applecart two

19:49years after they made their declaration World War one came 1914 until 1990 1919

19:58to 1939 I think were twenty of the most wonderful years for the church she

20:05missed it and in 1939 another fella came along he had Charlie Chaplin’s mustache

20:12on his lip and one stripe on his arm his name was Hitler and we found we were in

20:18serious trouble and like every war every war gets more diabolical and next one is

20:24unthinkable wife you’ve been around here

20:31a hundred years ago you two walk down the road then oh it’s a dirty Indian

20:37shot an arrow in my back uncivilized wretch that he is now the boys from

20:46Harvard and elsewhere with brains they can drop an arrow on a city and wipe it out that’s education the uncivilized

20:57people kill for one at a time go pretty decent about it now we can wipe out whole cities there’s a possibility that

21:03a third of the population of the United States could be liquidated in less than one minute is a sudden terrible horrible

21:10unthinkable atomic war and the situation

21:16isn’t better to northern in the third world we’re giving billions of dollars

21:22away you know in the third world right now that are more billionaires and in the free world yes they showed mr.

21:32Marcos and his wife in in the Philippines I think she’s just acquired her first billion one of the friends in

21:40another country that we’re sending money to has acquired her second billion and is on her way to her

21:46third billion and there tonight with all

21:52our progressive education we have more sin we have more we have more darkness

22:00we are more slums we’re more diseased we

22:05more broken homes more broken lives the world is a madhouse despite all the

22:16lives that were laid out all how many people perished in World War one I don’t know maybe a million and then right

22:22after that 16 million people perished by an epidemic of influenza that swept the world and then we had a time of recovery

22:29and then again we came back to 16 minutes to eight on the 5th of August

22:361945 when one man in a plane on his belly press the button dropped the bomb

22:44wiped out about a hundred thousand people and left about three hundred thousand many of them still living blind

22:50and paralyzed you think these politicians would give up what in God’s

22:55name are they doing apart from wasting money wasting dangling a carrots on the end of a stick when all the time they

23:01know there’s no there’s no hope you know

23:08we learn from history the one thing we learn from history is that we don’t

23:13learn from history if we did we wouldn’t

23:19be in the mess that we’re in tonight but you see when that bloody man Hitler

23:24began to wipe out cities and countries I remember walking down a street in

23:30Sheffield when people are all listening holding their ear to the door of a shop that sold radios and what have you

23:36gotten and suddenly said to a fellow what’s going to church of speaking and

23:41there was old Churchill with his famous slur you know those Huns he said as he

23:46called the Germans they’ve swept past Paris and les sweeping down onto the

23:52French coast and they’re coming over here but he said we shall fight them with

23:59bottles if we have to we will fight them with sticks I imagined myself on the

24:05chair trying to pull a Messerschmitt out of the sky and he roused the people but

24:14the war got more diabolical I’m right in the middle of that war HG Wells who had

24:20already designed along with his friends a way to clean the world up out of it and model sewers and out of its

24:25fanaticism and insolent in injustice pull down the hills of well fill in the

24:31valleys of poverty make the crooked places straight HT Wells had written his outline of history he’d written his book

24:39crux ansata that got him into trouble with the Roman Church and then suddenly

24:44his brain brain woke up and he wrote his final book and this was the title of it

24:51the man that was dreaming great dreams of a new world order and he had the answer along with all his brother

24:56brother brothers were so super intellectual and his last book was called mind at the end of his tether and

25:03he wrote the whole human race often said there is no hope no hope for the human

25:11race because he says man as a blank inside of him when he got almost

25:21theological man has a blank inside of him you’ve got lives tonight physical

25:28life otherwise you wouldn’t be here you’ve got emotional life otherwise you wouldn’t laugh you’ve got a social life

25:38you’ve got intellectual life you may have a religious life but you see this

25:43book is not complimentary it complimentary in any straight or thought so you find a man saying use these a

25:50mistake manhood is folly and old ages are regret fancy having to be a super

25:59statesman to have a bankrupt philosophy like that youth is a mistake manhood is

26:07folly old age is regret if you missed the one place to get life

26:14and even in the days of his flesh Jesus complained he will not come to me that you may have life now do you remember

26:21his great statement I am the way the truth and the life I am the way without that there’s no going I am the truth without that

26:28there’s no knowing I am the life without the hinders no growing I am the way

26:34that’s external I am the truth that’s internal I am the life that’s eternal

26:43now this book is completely lost to one idea as far as I’m concerned it tells us

26:49the origin of man now I know it’s cool you’ve got a teacher who’s much smarter than that she tells you to go to the zoo

26:55to see your uncle and I think when you go back to school you should take a

27:01banana and give it to her and she said what’s it for say well I saw your uncle George in the zoo the other day and he

27:07had no lunch so why don’t we take this for him I was told that not long ago the

27:13monkeys had a conference and they

27:18outlawed the idea that they have any relationship with the human race at all

27:26they asked for a show of hands were 10,000 monkeys there

27:33chimpanzees and Helen out hangs and I don’t want will there every every trick

27:38ended and tribe the whole trial tribes and monkeys were there and they asked

27:44for a show of hands anybody have ever taken drugs raise your paw and number

27:50raise the poor and if you ever been in jail raise your pot no pause window and

27:57you’ve ever been front no no and if you ever been divorced no I mean any of you

28:07go to a village and tear it up and murder everybody in the village in one night oh never think of that well that’s

28:17what those monkeys do that wear clothes they just raid people at night and kill

28:24them and they destroy no no here is a wonderful wonderful fact that God has

28:31given to us it’s an amazing thing when you think of it that God gave just one chapter to tell us about the creation of

28:37the world and seven chapters about the creation of the Tabernacle in the wilderness I wish you changed it round

28:43but you know he never even asked me for advice these days either give him some

28:48in my prayers sometimes because you wouldn’t do a thing like that you’re too smart but the whole thing is about life

28:59every kind of life and supremely about eternal life and Jesus appears and when

29:09he comes he comes with a miracle birth and you know this well enough but in

29:15other countries they don’t know it too well that somehow the heaven of heavens

29:21cannot contain God he was contracted to a span and incomprehensibly made man to

29:28use Charles Wesley’s wonderful words he ladies glory by and wrapped him in our

29:33clay or the hem we sing at Christmas hark the herald angels sing glory to the

29:40newborn King my only ladies glory by born

29:45no more made that wrong to raise the sons of earth born to give them second birth you see the manner in the world

29:52there then I’m gonna put some bits of tin together and sit somebody in it and presses the button and shoots them and they walk around the boat he thinks he’s

29:58far beyond anything that’s got anything to do with a Bible it’s all emotional that man still has a missing link in his

30:06life that man still has a place in his life that only God can fill to use the

30:13words again of Augustine we have a space within us and God made us for himself

30:19and we will never ever be satisfied until he comes and occupies that part in

30:25our lives it’s astounding when you think of it that we human beings with all our

30:32failure we can be made the habitation of God through the spirit now you have the

30:40classical confrontation as far as I’m concerned here is a man of impeccable

30:46morality one of the greatest scholars in his generation maybe you stood on the

30:51edge of the crowd and saw miracles maybe went to the bazaar to buy some coffee or

30:56something heard people say you know that fellow’s done some astounding miracles and the whole nation had been stirred by

31:02John Baptist but John did no miracle and then Jesus comes in he doesn’t get a

31:07clap the miracle he shows you as the meaning of the death of a disease of insanity he knocks the demons other

31:13people mad people’s minds he sets the captives free this Pharisee must have

31:22said it over and over again year after year reciting the 35th

31:27chapter by xiah that when he comes oh when the Son of God comes when Messiah

31:34comes the eyes of the blind shall be opened the ears of the Deaf unstopped the lame leap as a half a ton of the

31:40dumb shall sing do you know that guy and even saw after him those fellows had

31:48been to the anniversary of Pentecost year after year after year I pay act safety Pentecost when it was

31:54empty they rebelled against Pentecost when God saw

31:59his word and poured his spirit out an old flesh we’ve got people today that

32:05are very happy to celebrate Christmas or Easter or even Pentecost than this alone as nothing happens keep up a tradition

32:15that world outside that is not waiting for a new definition of Christianity it’s waiting for a new demonstration of

32:22Christianity and there’s one thing that life does wherever it goes alive begets

32:28life you can’t love theology you can’t even love your Bible you can only love a

32:35person you can’t see a lot of theological concept of God I’ve often

32:43wondered what Paul really saw at Damascus Road when he prayed four simple words who are power if you really are

32:49straight up it means nothing who art thou Lord but supposing we read it this way who art thou Lord

32:59here’s a man with with a colossal intellect here is a man who is he’s in

33:07every every categories in in the highest category is a Hebrew of the Hebrews

33:13he’s a Pharisee of the Pharisees he’s of the tribe of Benjamin he’s of the scene of Abram he had fulfilled the law he’s

33:21less concerning the law it was blameless and yet he’s going down that Damascus Road breathing out threatenings with a

33:27heart full of fire and hatred you talk about a miracle of the grace of God that

33:32man had murdered people as he said in the 26 of X each or families of party change them chase them off into strange

33:40cities and that very man whose blood his brain was filled with theology in his

33:45heart was filled with hatred wrote the most amazing him the most amazing poem

33:52on the love that was ever written though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels and have no loud I’m a sounding

34:01brass or a tinkling cymbal and if I give my body to be burned which he was prepared to do on the Damascus Road do

34:09you know I think I’ll ask him in eternity I think suddenly when he fell off horse there they were I’m sure it was a

34:17horse rider in front of him to protect him and a man behind the one to the right one to the left the man of his

34:23class would never walk all the way to Damascus and suddenly he’s pitched off

34:29his horse you say were there only four people there no you say there’s a man

34:38riding in front yes one behind one two right one two look were they the only witnesses maybe on earth I want to tell

34:46you I believe every demon in hell was looking down on that man at that moment I believe every angel in heaven was

34:53looking down the demons because he was their best advocate on earth he was

34:58fearless he regarded nobody he had some letters in his pocket saying he could put to death anybody that he wanted and

35:06then suddenly Jesus came into his life would you thought that man in the dust

35:15had inside of him 14 it was he figured

35:21him Hebrews and I think he wrote it would you think that he would go through Asia Minor and establish a dozen of all

35:29churches who do you think that that man in a lousy stinking prison they would

35:36let you put a dog into they would write to other Christians that he does to the Colossians or the Philippians and the

35:41Ephesians his love letters to them and as he says rejoice in the Lord and again

35:47as they should have been sent letters of comfort to him and he sending letters of comfort to them why because on that

35:57Damascus Road as far as I’m concerned he came alive religion formality of

36:04ritualism they were banished forever and

36:10then after that experience he was shut away in the quietness maybe that’s why

36:16God’s brought some of you around here so he can get alone under a tree somewhere and talk to God and find out what

36:22to go when he had three and a half years

36:27in the wilderness then he’s caught up into the third heaven and then he sets out on that

36:35amazing pilgrimage and as far as I’m

36:40concerned he explains it all

36:48when he said I’m crucified with Christ nevertheless I live and yet not i but

36:54Christ liveth in me and the life which I now live here in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God if I were to ask

37:01you tonight you’re saved you say yes I’m say when else on saw preached I got baptized I’ll say what do you say from

37:08hell are you say from bitterness I am saved from lust is a from cheating I

37:14said from lying how you say from bad manners is a from rebelling changed parents come on what do you say frog 90%

37:25of the people in the nation are not saved they claim to be when I went to an

37:31altar and I confess my sins fine fine that’s what the preacher said you

37:38confess your sins and you confess them do you know they did that in every Roman

37:43Catholic Church in the country last Sunday a man needs more than than to be

37:49forgiven he needs transy needs more than cleansing he needs indwelling and needs modern indwelling he needs and doing

37:58that in the little place a country place last week the pastor was away his

38:04daughter was expecting a baby good night it must have been a big hospitai think

38:10every relative they had went there took a thousand-mile journey my daughter’s under baby our daughters having a baby

38:16so what didn’t make all that first when I was born at least I don’t remember it

38:22but anyhow but all when the baby came you should have heard what they were

38:27saying about it it had everything except wings

38:33he got a halo but it got broken when they handed their baby over to the nurse oh and this fellow said to me hmm

38:42isn’t a birth a wonderful thing it sure is

38:48it sure is I’m not asking you tonight in your one night kneel down and make

38:55confession and after that your life was no change allied star was no different your appetites you know different your

39:00pair life was no different come on

39:05supposing we change the language Paul says Christ in you if I were to start

39:10here tonight and go around the front run everyone and say to everyone you stand up and when you stood up I say does

39:16Christ live in you what would you say would he say oh yes he lives in me he rules my life he controls me he pulls me

39:25back when I would go too quickly he he urges me on when I would hesitate the

39:34miracle the new birth you see the insulting thing about the Bible is that while you may have a colossal intellect

39:41and you mean then so many things and you may write great books Oh for some reason

39:48right here I think of Lord Byron he was a contemporary of John Wesley Barron

39:54brought off broke all records for writing poetry and publishing books the

39:59rich people of England would have a whole row books in pure leather binding Lord Byron wrote it log Byron he went

40:09into the homes of all the kings in Europe he went to the palaces people

40:16begged him to come and grace their home with his presence it was an extremely

40:24handsome man at the pale complexion jet-black hair even curls down to his

40:31shoulders and people swooned when he came in their presence Bertie was

40:39dissipated if I remember right he died when he was 39 years of age

40:45- shivering on the coast by the water slapping his feet there in Greece and he

40:51wrote this just before he died my life is in the yellow leaf the flowers and

40:57fruit of love are gone the worm the canker and the grief a man what a summary would you like I was going down

41:08Orange Grove in London some years ago I was speaking at London Kezi I saw this

41:13swell place and flunkies there in knee-breeches you know her and oh they

41:20look so nice well I’m glad I don’t have to wear that I got such terrible legs I’ve thin thin

41:26legs if I wore breeches like that I’d be arrested for having no visible means of

41:32support but here was this flunky

41:38standing at the door and he had his left beautiful velvet coat and a cravat there

41:43and his hair and I stepped back and he said room good afternoon sir I said good afternoon could I come in

41:50there for so oh no sir no sir no you can’t come in here to eat well

41:56yes you can oh if his lordship the Duke of Westminster brings you or the Duke of

42:01Argyll or what all mash but you see well it was just before the Queen our queen

42:07got married in England the Queen was here last Friday night Anna and her sister was here too they they stayed

42:14until 2:00 we we closed it two in the morning now you know like most church

42:21prayer meetings closed at that time and thank you they you can’t come in here

42:33why not I’m clean I’m upright I’m a preacher I mean I I never been to get

42:39bit but so you’re not of royal birth you’re not a distinctive aristocrat

42:48you can’t come in why would you like to come in I said I

42:55would like to see all the lords and ladies and Jukes and society with the sparkling diamonds and I’d like to get a

43:03chair turn it round and stand up and raise my voice and saying she that

43:08liveth in pleasure is dead while she liveth also he said you get thrown out

43:15and say well that’s play expected is it offensive to say four people listen you

43:21may be a genius you’ve a colossal intellect you if you fall out the bed you invent something

43:27but you know right in the sense of you you’re dead because you know living

43:33relationship with God now there are two

43:38can people in the world only two kinds not black and white not rich and poor there are those who are dead in sin and

43:44there are those who are dead to sin if I

43:51say most people are half sake will you know what I mean I mean this you go to the cross but you never get on the cross

44:00you don’t get your sins forgiven and feel happy and you go do the same lousy thing again the next day come on what

44:06kind of a salvation is that I heard a

44:12famous preacher and he’s an Englishman terrible he shouldn’t have said that and he said you know the Lord isn’t as you

44:19come here tonight if you forgive your sins tonight hey I forgive your passings

44:24forgive your sins for today and you forgive your sins for tomorrow and that

44:31lies can you imagine a man going up to a judge and the judge says you’ve been

44:39found guilty of stealing a lady’s purse did you steal it mm-hmm oh you did steal it yeah it had a

44:46hundred dollars in it ever stole any other purse yes I have a record this is the three three hundred and forty fifth

44:54person I’ve stolen are you sorry yes I’m sorry

45:01well he said you’re forgiven I forgive you for all the person you’ve stolen in

45:06the past all that you’re starting today and all you’re going to steal for the rest of your life but nothing wonderful

45:13is saying or insane you see that Nurik

45:19when the new birth is this that when a man is really born when he gets this life he doesn’t want that life oh I

45:27don’t think anybody gives it better than Paul to wind this up writing to the

45:34Colossians he says if ye then be risen with Christ or as the literal translation is if you’ve been raised

45:40with Christ you seek those things you say to people are you say they say well

45:47I don’t really know ah supposing you’re coming a hundred pound

45:54sack on your back and you’re stirring up a hill and your knees are going down and somebody whips that sack off your back

46:00and you get to the top of the hill without the sack and the man says hey have you lost your sack you say I don’t

46:06really know I kind of figured he’d know when somebody took a hundred pounds off

46:12his back and by the same token a man knows because the miracle but the birth

46:19isn’t some intellectual somersault Jesus says it is this that we’re dead in

46:26trespasses and in sin and he brings us to life so how we love the things we

46:33didn’t like and we hate the things we used to love okay so Paul says if you

46:38risen with Christ or you’ve been raised with Christ seek those things which are above where Christ sitteth at the right

46:45hand of God set your affection on things above not things on them come on come on come on you fellas now okay you say and

46:53yet I guess you talk all about baseball and you talk about Jesus not right hmm

47:03in the last week you have been more interested in the return of JD than you

47:09are in the return of Jesus and you’ve talked to your buddies about it as far

47:17as I’m concerned little bits I’ve seen on TV they show you’d have to be crazy to go watch it set your affection on

47:27things which are about nothing zombunny for ye are dead and your life is hid

47:33with Christ in God for anything of anything more wonderful than that here

47:39is your life it said in Christ and it’s hidden God what are going to do sneak

47:50out and drink a bit of the world’s junk

47:55do you know how you need entertainment or any of us you only need entertainment

48:01when you’ve lost the joy of the Lord I may be no joy we need entertainment and

48:07when we’ve entertainment we’ve no joy that went over like a lead balloon but

48:13that’s true you’re dead and your life is hidden with Christ now he says if you’re risen with

48:20him that deals with the past you’re dead and your life is hid with Christ in God

48:28not when I die but even now on this earth I did the world goodbye not

48:33tearfully but cheerfully all of its pleasures its pomp and it’s pride Paul

48:42puts it best as it usually does when he talks in Galatians 5 and he says from

48:48henceforth let no body trouble me I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus

48:54Weymouth translates that I bear in Weymouth Muffit translates it I bury my

48:59body the branding they know a lot about branding around here you might get to see some cattle branding and when Paul

49:07wrote this a man who was a slave would run away from his his wicked master his

49:12cruel master that nearly took the skin off his back every day the demand little full day’s work and hardly gave

49:19him enough food to last an hour this man gets away the first thing he does he

49:26flees to a temple and they were priests always awake at least they would always then maybe not always awake and the

49:32altar fires were burning and the man runs in breathless in wakes us for a priest and says brand me brand me in the

49:41name of which God and there’s different ions to brand him and the man puts his hand out and close his eyes on the

49:47branding irons put on his fresh and it sizzles and he yells and then if he’s a garment he stamped in the back of his

49:54neck and then he lifts his foot up and he stamped in his instep and their

50:02rubber kind of ointment and leave him there for days until he’s able to get out he goes out and as he goes down the

50:09street he’s all master sees him and says to his friend Marcus theirs are his darkest core bring him back here and

50:16that his darkest comes up his master says listen I’m going to take you back and whip you like you’ve never been

50:22whipped before you’re going to cut it logs you’ll never do it you and he starts telling him what he’ll do this is

50:28just a minute sir what do you mean he says look oh look look there and the old

50:41master said i’ve got no claim on you

50:47i’ve got no claim on you you’re the possession of a god and paul

50:56says listen i got branded there at the base of my head because of my thinking is going to be about jesus this mind be

51:03in you which was in christ jesus do you think he went to the Olympic Games because they had them in his day

51:13you think he fooled around with the material things of the day his head was

51:21branded his hands his feet saw him Ryder says like my hands performed his bidding

51:28let my feet run in his way like my eyes see Jesus only let my lips speak for this place all for Jesus all

51:35for Jesus all my beings ransom powers all my thoughts and words and doings all

51:41my days and all for my hours listen now you just a Sunday morning Christian you’ll live and move and have your big

51:47in Jesus Christ every waking moment of your life has he got your thinking will

51:57he be embarrassed to rap to you at some certain point in your life all your habits of life paul says i bear in my

52:08body the owners mark come on now listen your kids you listen one of the time

52:20talking thank you now do it he says I

52:25bear my brands of Jesus these hands will never do anything Jesus wouldn’t do

52:31these feet will never walk my Jesus with them comfort all this mind will never

52:36think of anything that wouldn’t satisfy the heart of God and then he kisses the world goodbye says henceforth let no man

52:44trouble me I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus for the worst crucified to me

52:52ha I can make a safe guess I’ve traveled the world a couple of times around it

52:58I’ve seen a lot of strange customs in many countries I’ve never seen a

53:03crucifixion I’m not sure I’d like to see it but as dear dr. Tozer used to say

53:08when you knew one thing about a man that was carrying a cross out of the city and knew he wasn’t coming back has come to a

53:14halt and we go back the next week and we’re just fascinated we haven’t spent half an hour with Jesus but we will

53:19stake to his stinking house in a movie house we have a witness of somebody

53:25who’s going to an eternal hell of God into our theology where we talked about some trivial to them we sit at the table

53:34with unsaved parents and instead of being submissive and kind and loving we’re sassy and we don’t come in at a

53:40time we’re supposed to come in and mother says you know our John suppose we said he’s no better he eat his

53:46rebellious as our daughter is but look at his figure for a moment here is a man

53:52stretched on a cross as soon as that man is nailed to the cross he has no rights

53:58of his own you can take a bucket of filth and throw it over him you can take a stick if you like and

54:05break his legs you can have a game of pitching rocks and you knock his right

54:11eye out I’ll knock his left eye out and so forth he’s no right he can be battered and bleeding and broken and

54:20maybe 5,000 and more people are there to see him die at 6 o’clock at night and

54:27then the trumpet sounds in the city and nobody stays after the trumpet sound you

54:32have so many minutes to get in the city in the gates a lot maybe 5000 people

54:39watch that hideous crucifixion 6 o’clock at night 6 o’clock at morning there’s nobody there

54:44I remember going through India there were bees there were birds that were this height from the ground they all

54:51about at 8 foot wingspan they keep their necks in until they fly in and out of this long neck with no feathers little

54:58hideous they beaks oh they must be this length huge kerfing you know they do they gone to the arms

55:05of the Cross the light comes up daylight and those big hideous things reach down

55:10and pick out the eyes if they’re still there and they tear the body and it

55:16becomes bloody and the entrails run out of the man and the blood runs on the ground and the Dubs come out of the city

55:21to drink of the blood even a woman who saw summer a husband crucified would

55:28never go back in the morning you didn’t see a woman with their arms around a bleeding horrible wretched farm of the

55:35man saying darling I love you and Paul

55:40says what the world is to me it’s a system of corruption and rottenness and Varmus it’s antichrist of the world Oh

55:53is the world crucified to you tonight how does it fascinate you though I’m

56:01coming down the line I mean Jesus isn’t looking for some sissies to serve Him he’s looking for some men with guts and

56:07men with grace and men with determination you still comfortable to

56:15sit in the ballpark and say here’s somebody take the name of Jesus in vain oh you’re saved that you’ve got a

56:28Hellfire if you’re not well you only gave him a few sins that’s all that’s all just gave me a sin now look you’ve

56:35been in this lovely environment today I’d much forced-labor there is how much time you have to sweat and grindin and

56:41whatnot but surely about one or two hours do you want them to sit around and

56:46talk to pretty girls and nice guys I didn’t get along with God and say Lord I want this to be the most meaningful week

56:54I’ve ever had in my life I want to hear

56:59your voice I want to see a vision of your glory in your power let me finish

57:09with Paul’s words here again in Colossians 3 the past he says we’re

57:16risen with Christ the present we are dead but look at the future when Christ who is our life there you’ve got it

57:22there you’ve got it what does John say in his epistle he that hath the son hath

57:29life and he that does not have the son has not like you can reform your life you can give up your rotten sex life you

57:36can give up your drugs without the help of God good night I’ve seen some men come out of the gutter and transform

57:42their own lives that’s on the social level but they never made it upward to God then a living relationship with God

57:48the past he’s made it possible to be

57:55risen with him the present we’re dead and our life is it with Christ in God

58:01and then verse 4 the future when Christ who is our life shall appear

58:06then we shall appear with him in glory but this is what has to be done come on you do your part here

58:11he said mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth while you are

58:17in the flesh put them to death fornication uncleanness inordinate affection evil concupiscence

58:24covetousness which is idolatry j-b lips translates that best I think he says

58:32consider yourself dead to all the worldly contacts love them hate them hate what well have nothing to do with

58:41sexual immorality have nothing to do with dirty mind business have nothing to

58:48do with evil desire how about nothing to do with uncontrolled passion don’t lust

58:54after other people’s goods you see and it’s it’s hard to say again if Christ

59:02has been born in me he wants to live in me he wants to talk in me he wants to walk in he wants to work through me it’s

59:10not a struggle that I’m trying to be a Christian life life life he says I’m come that you might have

59:16life and that you might have life more abundant you know if you have life I

59:24guess it’s a sign of life maybe there’s some other things too but a sign of life

59:29usually is you have a good appetite I guess they found the cooks found that out today you have a good appetite look

59:41if you haven’t got hold of this get all of it now you can’t impress God now if

59:47you’re a Christian you’re supposed to be living a full stretch that you can’t impress him now if I’m going to live I’m

59:55going to eat if I’m going to live I’m going to eat this word because Jesus says what I am the bread of life man

1:00:03cannot live by bread alone the old me earthly bread but he can live by the bread which is Christ he says I am the

1:00:11water of life that’s essential to life you can’t live without water he says I am the light of life and he says I’m not

1:00:19merely come isn’t it 10 and 10 in which he says I’m come that they might have life and that they might

1:00:28have it more abundantly you know here people go to conferences

1:00:35meetings and they say boy it was good boy what we challenged every meeting we were challenged and the question isn’t

1:00:42where you’re challenged the question is where you’re changed where you change

1:00:50poor on this flag to the top of the mast or I like his statement there in what 1

1:00:57Corinthians 5:7 in which he says if any man be in Christ any man anywhere at any

1:01:04time if he be in Christ he is a new creation isn’t patched up he’s made a new creation again a new heart a new spirit

1:01:11new desires New Hope’s new longings that

1:01:16cannot be satisfied at the broken systems of the world you remember the

1:01:28climax of the life of King saw

1:01:34Sall got pretty mad because a young guy was coming up behind him and king saul

1:01:40had been writing songs that were at the top of the charts and then after him they came another young fella by the

1:01:47name of David and boy he broke all records for publication and people going

1:01:52down the streets clapping their hands and singing so let’s lay these thousands but David his tens of thousands and then

1:02:02there’s a man that terrified the nation big man oh mercy what was he about ten feet high and Saul

1:02:10then go to him and Saul’s brave sunder and go and the chosen men from West Point

1:02:15Eden Oh a little boy comes up with his sling in the stone and his brother says

1:02:20hey you go back look after those sheep he says well do you mind if I kill Goliath before I go and his brother says

1:02:29now go on go on look after those few sheep and somebody says I’m going to

1:02:34tell the king and the King says that be the boy you mean mm-hmm bring him here very handsome ruddy good-looking country

1:02:42boy and the King says is it true you

1:02:47want to go to tackle that man there that’s ten feet high and only five foot

1:02:53six yes sir I’d like to do it just before I go see my dad what makes you

1:03:01think you could do it all the other night I was looking after my sheep and the lion came I got old he by the beard

1:03:07and I punched his nose and said if you come back I’ll kill you and the next

1:03:13night a bear came and I took my slingshot and I killed him I got rid of him so I killed a bear that killed the lion

1:03:19and I’d like to make it three in a row do you mind if I just kill this fella

1:03:26this is worm you can go put my suit of

1:03:31armor on you know he put his helmet on came down on his shoulders he couldn’t see where it was going put his suit of

1:03:39armor on it came down to his knees he couldn’t walk I can’t go kill that giant like that he’s been why not he said

1:03:46because the weapons of our warfare are not carnal no he didn’t say that but he thought it and he goes out

1:03:57with his sling and his stone and Goliath code and Goliath had an armor bearer in

1:04:03front of him mark you and little David and nobody in front of him except God

1:04:16you know what David said to Abraham I am thy son and thy shield not that I’ll give you a shield I am the

1:04:23shield and if God is between me in that situation did anybody ever get past God and beaten Debbie goes to the broken he

1:04:34chooses his five stones and the young guard getting so angry send a kid like

1:04:42that break him up on my knee and feed the birds with him and David says well

1:04:48that’s you know two minds with a single thought I’ve just been thinking of doing that with you and he took five smooth

1:04:56you know I took five stones because Goliath had four brothers and he wanted to kill the whole lot while he was at it

1:05:03wanted to wipe the family out do you

1:05:11know what you know what he did the little boy took a stone a book book book I remember years ago preaching the another message that’s a stone went up

1:05:18and avoiding the back of church right like that well I said the stone hit him

1:05:24in four and he said Chuck no well you

1:05:30see he got armor plating all over and just a little thing there and the stone

1:05:37came and you know such a thing had never entered his head before

1:05:48just a little boy he didn’t bother with the armour-bearer you know we’re so busy

1:05:55chasing demons we’re leaving the devil along you’ve got a demon if you sneeze

1:06:01when some churches have got a demon tell the headache oh you’ve had it all day oh you’ve got a demon in you good night

1:06:10they must multiply like frogs those demons oh I’m longing to see the church get

1:06:19into the place where again G pulled down strongholds I’m tired of writing about revival I’m

1:06:25tired of reading about revival that I’m all lost people in the world tonight and ever in the history of the world and

1:06:34what are we doing sitting on the campfire thanking God we’re saved and we dig up our lousy drug lives or

1:06:40prostitution or some other thing great great but there’s more than that to it I

1:06:48remember a night I walked down an aisle in a church in England I got saved when

1:06:54I was 14 I read David Brennan’s life

1:07:00when I was about 16 that not for a Luke I was about 19 when I read a great

1:07:07American book by the name of power through prayer by en bounds and I was a

1:07:14youth leader in the church and I got people to pray I got the youth to pray we met Friday nights and we pray we went

1:07:21to the church seven o’clock Sunday morning and we prayed we saw some people

1:07:26in the community saved and yet there was one thing that ate me up it was another

1:07:32fellow in the church I was a youth leader but boy he was more efficient and he was breathing down my neck and people

1:07:38are talking about him and so forth you and I got so filled with envy that my spiritual life began to shake I remember

1:07:48being in a meeting where the preacher said there’s something more than salvation

1:07:54there’s something more than cleansing as wonderful it is it’s the indwelling and

1:08:00Beyond indwelling there’s a nineteen I walk down the aisle of that church

1:08:05everybody said I wonder why Raven who went out well I went out because I knew

1:08:13that I’ve got a inward enemy has worse than in the outward enemy somebody came

1:08:19to pray with me that was a custom there and the fellows rather startled he said

1:08:27well Len what do you want I said I want God to make Romans chapter 6 verse 7

1:08:33real in my life he said you mean Romans 6:6 I said I mean Rollins 67 he said no it’s 60 so there may be for you 6 7 for

1:08:40me what Romans 6 7 he that his dead is freed from sin I’m tired of bondage I’m

1:08:47tired of fear I’m tired of weakness I’m tired of vacillating I’m tired of being hot and then cold strong and then weak I

1:08:54want to get rid of the old self life I want to die right here let me tell you

1:09:02this an experience of God that costs nothing does nothing and it’s worth

1:09:08nothing two simple things I don’t know I

1:09:14thought of this man he came and joined our revival party in 1932 that’s a good way back standing in a meeting one night

1:09:22he had his lovely sweetheart at the side of him she’d been the means of his conversion he being a fighting drinking

1:09:28swearing lusting lying man and this beautiful way led him to Christ they’ve

1:09:33been engaged about a year he’d bought a house full of furniture they got a house in view and he was standing there and

1:09:44they were singing a hymn and as he sang

1:09:49it he turned it over in his mind and thought boy I’ve sung this but it’s had no meaning until night and for some

1:09:57reason the song leader said let’s sing this last times were again here I give my all to the friends and time and

1:10:04earthly store friend that’s my sweetheart time that’s my life

1:10:11earthly store Ike a room full of houseful of furniture here I give my all

1:10:18to the friends and time an earthly store soul and body than to be only thine forevermore as they went down the steps

1:10:30of the church he said to a sweet God I got news for you is it good he said well I think it is

1:10:36what is it he said well we’re postponing our marriage till I get up postponing

1:10:41what well I have to make up my mind whether I loved you more than the Lord

1:10:46and the Lord says wants me to serve him I’m not I’m not in a state to sir they might need some discipline I need some

1:10:53correction I need some authority over me I need to study the Word of God and it

1:10:58is going to cost a lot and even if you give me up you can have the furniture but I’m going to follow the Lord he

1:11:06became one of the outstanding men of the day in England at that time okay let me

1:11:12quote the final scripture second Samuel there where Paul is being chased pardon

1:11:17me where Saul is chasing after David because he’s got envious of David the songwriter envious and David who can

1:11:24throw the enemy down and he chases after David and tries to find him and you

1:11:31remember how he David’s men could a piece of the Royal gun tour they showed it and then another time they shouted

1:11:38over the valley and David says hey King Saul you know you’re acting the fool over there and I could have killed you

1:11:44now here I am and you’re chasing me said like a free over the mounds and like a

1:11:50partridge and the king suddenly saw the IDIA severe idiocy of it I profess to be

1:11:58a king and I’m eating up with envy and jealousy I should be languishing in my palace

1:12:03near I am over these rotten roads and climbing up struggie mountains and dying a first when my men kick up the dust all

1:12:11because I mean up with envy and jealousy and just before he died king Saul said

1:12:20this with all while living I have heard exceedingly and played the fool that saw in the Old

1:12:28Testament here Saul in the New Testament now Paul he’s come to the end of the journeys being whipped and last and

1:12:34tormented in perils of the deep in peddle as his own countrymen a night and a day in the deep once I was stoned

1:12:42thrice I suffered shipwreck in weariness in fastings in painfulness and he writes it all off as a huge joke because he

1:12:49says number one none of these things move me and number two he says our light affliction which is but for a moment and

1:12:55he doesn’t crumble up like King Saul looking over the wrecked life he looks over his life of triumph and deliverance

1:13:02and he says this I have fought a good fight and finished my course and kept the faith henceforth there is laid up

1:13:10for me a crown of righteousness you know tonight could be the turning

1:13:15point in your life tonight if you not only come to the cross but get on it get

1:13:22rid of your pettiness and your jealousy get rid of that erratic living that you get on top when you come to a conference

1:13:28and whip your way down the valley next week that should not happen if the Christ is indwelling me he’s the same

1:13:34yesterday today and forever it keeps me and PC kids from enjoying issue in power okay

1:13:4435 years of age John Wesley was

1:13:50converted about a quarter to nine on the 24th of May seventeen hundred and thirty

1:13:56eight about a quarter to nine I felt my heart strangely warmed he was a scholar

1:14:02he was a gentleman he was a clergyman in the Church of England like his brother and like George Whitfield but when he

1:14:10was born again England was born again across the English Channel was one of

1:14:16the most vicious atheists by the name of Voltaire and he said huh that thing they

1:14:25talk about in England why he said a hundred years from now

1:14:31there’ll only be Bibles in museums he missed it don’t you only Bibles in museums you see

1:14:41a bloody revolution swept over friends and they toss the monarch into the garbage can and they put the tricolour a

1:14:47red white and blue liberty and fraternity and equality and Blakey is a

1:14:52secular history another church historian and like he says this remember the bloody revolution that swept over France

1:14:58and swept the mumming into the garbage can was going to sweep over England and God raised up two men he raised up three

1:15:03Whitfield was the file leader Charles Wesley John Wesley okay John died in

1:15:121791 converted at 35 turn that round it makes 53 add them together it makes 88

1:15:20because we were saved at 35 preached for 53 years and you know they left when he

1:15:26died they left a handful of books a

1:15:33failed uni began that he preached in all over England six silver spoons somebody

1:15:40gave him six pound notes give one to each of the poor men that carry me to my

1:15:46grave and that’s all he left six pound notes six silver spoons a handful of

1:15:53books a Geneva gown and something else what was it the other thing oh I know

1:15:59something else he left the Methodist Church

1:16:04he could have died as Richard view a famous TV feature Sunday story made

1:16:11money and he built orphanages sure he made money he printed Bibles shoot him in money he compiled with Charles the

1:16:18Methodist hymn book and the girls orphanages and he died worth about $30

1:16:25how have you heard the little man down the road I would you know he wasn’t here he was at the other place Sunday morning

1:16:32brother Andrew did you hear him how many of you heard him something you good good

1:16:37good good I remember him only wasn’t brother Andrew nobody knew him he came and III called a staff I was working with Dave

1:16:44Wilkinson in New York then nearly 20 years ago brother Andrews called me he said I’d like to come and see you I said

1:16:50well by the way we have a staff prayer meeting will you speak to us where are

1:16:55you coming from he said cubed I said he can’t come from ku but it’s not legal he said well I went from Cuba to Mexico

1:17:03City change planes and came into America you can always find a way I introduced

1:17:09him that night I said this is brother Andrew a friend I’ve met before very strange man he’s God’s smuggler and he

1:17:17gave his book that name I told him the other day I said hey remember I gave you the name for that book huh I mean it’s no good being humble if

1:17:23people don’t know is it

1:17:30would you thought a few years ago that little man from Holland it doesn’t look

1:17:36like the heavyweight champion of the world does he buy the only weight he had

1:17:42to make a paperweight that he’d been in and out of countries that they’ve been arrested he told me I’d not if he told

1:17:52you one time he went in not the last time the time before that I think it was and he’s coming back out of Moscow he’d

1:17:58taken in about 800 Bibles he’s coming back and they see a car coming you never see cars on a gas station every 100 150

1:18:05mile and he says to his friend I hear somebody and the car stopped and they were two Dutchman from his own native

1:18:13City and he said having any food they

1:18:20said now we have something to drink but we know food he says well we’ve got food and nothing to drink so they made a meal

1:18:26at the side of the road and he gave him a tract each six years after in Holland

1:18:32there’s a knock at the door his wife went and he’s your husband in yeah I’d like to see him brother Andrew goes to

1:18:40the door the man says you remember me no remember meeting two men half a road to

1:18:47Moscow one day yeah and he said as they

1:18:55were coming out from Moscow when they got home they heard that two dutchman had been arrested and put in prison and

1:19:02he said to his wife you know I stopped and thought with those two men I’m sure the man come six years up and says you

1:19:09know what you gave me a tract and he gave my friend a tract they arrested us

1:19:15and gave us eight years in jail but we got out after six years because of our

1:19:21good behavior but he said you know in those six years I read that tract and

1:19:27read that tract until Jesus Christ became my own personal Savior would you

1:19:33think that man had been in and out man he told me this last trip he was on he went to rush it and he came back

1:19:39went to a donor and there’s another little guy in here is about this width all the way up you know it’s a tall

1:19:45fella about that high dear little George

1:19:54I’m sure all demons in Hell will get a day off when he dies the Lord will say

1:20:03at the devlins will say will not see a fool like him anymore that guy sets off to go into fifteen

1:20:10countries behind the Iron Curtain never never thinks he might get turned back he just wants a let’s say you should be

1:20:16glad to have me you know I’m a royal birth you know I am I’m recipient I

1:20:22represent the King of Kings oh you know what Gabriel if you’re looking down from

1:20:30heaven I want to tell you something you don’t know the hidden potential in this meeting tonight only God knows it mmm

1:20:39the last heir is of the Amazon right nobody has been yet the last time I flew

1:20:49over the South Seas the plane didn’t fly too high there are three hundred thousand islands and nobody knows if

1:20:55they’re all occupied and I wonder how many people are squatting in the trees wet then you have that new area up there

1:21:00to the north of New Guinea there are not north of the yeah two Guinea there New

1:21:06England New Ireland and New Scotland vast areas of the world what are you

1:21:14going to do when you got a head and say Lord I I gave out six copies of the four

1:21:19laws every day of my life for the last six months and I’d like my crown right

1:21:26now hmm you ever wonder if there are two

1:21:32heads ah come on athletic guy when you stand

1:21:38at the judgment seat oh I hope it’s not me I hope it’s you I hope David Brainerd

1:21:44is just right before you and then you stand up and say but I played softball for the church I’m not more home runs in

1:21:51leave all the Angels say Oh your excellency oh well they say that will

1:22:01say you idiot hmm oh why no it’s

1:22:07revolutionary that’s what God wants what the church has had in the last 25 years

1:22:12has not moved this nation or this world to god it’s time for something new and God wants some men were really drunk

1:22:19intoxicated with the Spirit of God who ever loved life with the Lord Jesus that he can ask anything of you and he’ll do

1:22:25it but how many of you guys are eaten up

1:22:32with lust hmm you women eaten up with jealousy with pride or is it just

1:22:39chronic laziness you’ve not happy tight for this a lot of letter of God’s

1:22:46because the only way you can grow is by eating this work and the other thing is prayer which is the Christians battle

1:22:53bread you see your lifestyle changes you don’t talk about your social life and

1:22:58your financial life when you get saved you talk in other categories you about

1:23:04your devotional life and you talk about your prayer life you know I will have

1:23:09one of the most merciless interrogations when I stand at the throne of God for I stand over preachers often with hundreds

1:23:16of after priesthood and I see them shrink and I feel fall on the ground and cry because they have no prayer life

1:23:25because it’s so busy with all the affairs of the church and they’re not

1:23:30ministering to him

1:23:38that’s right Lord we thank you tonight for this

1:23:43privilege of exploring some of your word I wonder how many people in the Gulag

1:23:50Archipelago would sit here and weep and rejoice tonight to hear the truths of

1:23:55God army of the Lost millions in China would hear joyfully Lord we’ve it’ll

1:24:03treated your word and we have been treated ill treated your voice very often we’ve accepted our decent living

1:24:11for spirituality but inside we’re dead we know life you don’t live in us and

1:24:16moving us and walking us and talking us and love through us God get all of that

1:24:22life about young man tonight that young woman is stale if they were honest it’s

1:24:28really boring to go to church because that’s all go they don’t meet the cost

1:24:33they’re prison and exalting I’m going to ask you simply single question tonight

1:24:42how many of you here tonight you’ve come from many parts and I’m not I’m asking to keep your eyes closed not look around

1:24:48how many of you say tonight I I do not know that Christ lives in me Christ is nothing dwelling me I know

1:24:54that God bless you thank you thank thank you thank you

1:25:02any others hardly say well I profess to be saved

1:25:12but all the self life dominates me

1:25:18yes hands go up hands go up hands your hands go up hands go

1:25:23you see if I’d coated the context where he says what is your life immediately

1:25:29before that you say you say we’ll do this and we’ll do that we’ll go here and we’ll buy it we sell when you don’t know

1:25:36what tomorrow is and you haven’t asked God’s will I’m going to pray for you tonight

1:25:43so what I’m going to pray very strong prayer I’m going to ask you all to stand

1:25:51with heads bowed and eyes closed now

1:25:56remember you after once at the judgment seat for tonight and I have to answer for preaching it let’s keep our eyes closed those who raise the hands say I’m

1:26:06willing to die tonight for my own plans I want you to put to death selfishness

1:26:12in me and lust and pride I want to be totally emptied himself and filled with

1:26:18God I want you to come and stand at the front before I pray for you move right

1:26:24out we’re not going to sing I’m not going to try and move you emotionally forget it make an intellectual decision tonight

1:26:50come over that way bit on the left and let these other

1:27:01father I pray in the name of Jesus that you’ll make us realize at this moment we

1:27:08haven’t left home and churches and friends to come here just for a good time but we’re here in divine

1:27:15appointment you know every life here there’s not a secret in our hearts that

1:27:21you don’t know the Lord we thank you the blood of Jesus Christ is able to cleanse

1:27:27every part of our being tonight I pray for these precious young lives Lord I

1:27:34could not guess where they might end up they may end up somewhere on a desert

1:27:39sand or in forest in a jungle of it I don’t know maybe in a prison cell

1:27:45somewhere in some strange country of communist domination but I know tonight

1:27:51Lord if they’re willing to die to self die to their own ambitions if they’re

1:27:57willing to let you put to death that secret thing then one thing that still has been bondage of which the Apostle

1:28:04speaks when he says in therein in Hebrews 12 a aside every weight and the sin which does so easily beset as I pray

1:28:11just now in every young man and woman here you’ll slay that one besetting sin smash it right now or by the power of

1:28:18the blood by the resurrecting life of Jesus let bondage cease may they from

1:28:26tonight have no more return to that thing which has been their destruction secretly take away every appetite for

1:28:35the worldly things oh god I pray that they may think on things which are above

1:28:41that when they wake in the morning they look up into your face and worship you and adore you and thank you this is a

1:28:47day you’ve given me to live in victory over the world and the flesh and the devil claiming greater is He that is in

1:28:54me than he that is in the world give them an unusual appetite for your word

1:29:00give them an unusual intelligence by the spirit to read it with understanding

1:29:05give them grace to obey whatever the cost may be whether it’s against public

1:29:12opinion or Church opinion a pastor’s opinion a friend opinion so long as they know it’s the

1:29:17mind of God Oh God we’re so tired of playing religion we’re so tired of

1:29:24saying we’ve been challenged change every life bow before you tonight and

1:29:29everyone doesn’t come out that still set in their heart I want this further purging by the Spirit of Christ and this

1:29:37end Ummah by the Spirit of God maybe some of these young men will become like

1:29:43brother Andrew or Jorge verba going to the doors doors that seem to be barred

1:29:49as library demon hell is holding them but you can open doors which no man can shut and you can shut doors which no man

1:29:57can open I pray you let bring to life in a new way the intellectual power of each

1:30:03one of these people because Paul says in Romans 12 presenting your body a living

1:30:09sacrifice holy acceptable unto God which

1:30:15is no reasonable service and we could not conform to this world bard may they hatin and long everything

1:30:21which is of this world but being transformed or transfigured by the renewing of their minds a new mind a new

1:30:29heart a new understanding of God and your vision a new purpose Oh father I

1:30:36pray that they leave the grave clause in front of this pulpit tonight and walk

1:30:41out in resurrection life walk out orders they never never learned before love you

1:30:49as they never loved you before serve you as they never served you before so long

1:30:54for the burning fire of the Holy Ghost because your word says I make my ministers ministers angels ministering

1:31:02spirits and my ministers a flame of fire Lord Hamlet trust needing just as that

1:31:07burning bush arrested Moses in the desert and then you change it from burning bushes to burning men because

1:31:14you st. John the Baptist and he was a burning and a shining light god I covet

1:31:21for your glory tonight that not one of these people will be ever backslide again that from this night they will go

1:31:27forward and they go upward and they learned the energies of the Spirit of God and they love

1:31:33intimacy with God they’ve never known before we prayed now as we prayed at the

1:31:38beginning this is a bad night for the devil he’s lost control of these lives

1:31:44they won’t yield to temptations as they’ve yielded before they won’t be

1:31:49intimidated by the devil they think as Jesus did that when Satan came he threw the book at him and he said it is

1:31:56written it is written it is written brand each one of these young men young

1:32:01women tonight as you brand it Paul your brand in his mind that they may think

1:32:07they have the map they may know they have the mind of Christ brand their hands that they want you handle anything

1:32:13that Jesus wouldn’t handle brand their feet that they walk only in the ways of

1:32:19God oh god I pray that somehow they may

1:32:25come a breath of prayer and intercession on this campus for the rest of this time

1:32:31of these precious volker here the be less talking around the table and more praying together seeking God together

1:32:37exploring the word together make this a dangerous pot to the devil in the next

1:32:4410 days the wall of fire roundabout this place of the glory in the midst write a new

1:32:51chapter in the history of your church continue the Acts of the Apostles we see

1:32:57true we’re tired of Stuart step out formalized religion Living God fall

1:33:05afresh upon us we thank you this can happen on just only once but day by day

1:33:11they can be that renewing humans maybe

1:33:16with our heads bowed because in Spirit of the Living God is a pianist there can you strike it for us don’t sing for

1:33:23fresh on us fall afresh on me tonight

1:33:28spirit of aha


1:33:43spirit of ah

1:33:55right me now me hold me fill me


1:34:24[Music] let’s sing just before I pray he is Lord

1:34:31he is Lord he is risen from the dead

1:34:37[Music] here’s why


1:34:49has risen from the dead honey


1:35:05every tongue confess the Jesus Christ

1:35:16[Music] father we ask in that great day around

1:35:22my throne we shall discover the because of this meeting tonight because of obedience to the voice of God that

1:35:30people would march up to that throne who wouldn’t have gone if that this meeting and have been hell spirit of the Living

1:35:37God gives such an enjoyment that Lord these people will not only be emancipated but go out to see others

1:35:43emancipated we look for a great worldwide revival just before you send

1:35:49judgment we don’t deserve it God we break every law that you’ve given us a

1:35:54million times a day we commit adultery the least the world does commits it and

1:36:00we break your Sabbath’s and we cheat and we line we steal and all this to worried Oh God give us a

1:36:08heart like John Baptist to prepare the way of the law to believe that you’ll

1:36:14take us to areas where there are captives where there are people in total bondage and because we go there the

1:36:21Liberty will come to them that comes to us again we pray bless last days

1:36:27ministry bless the tracks that go out they go to so many they go so far we

1:36:32pray they be real live messengers of the mighty power of God keep your hand upon

1:36:40us we ask and dismiss us in your blessing in Jesus name Amen

1:36:46amen bless you thank you