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Travailing in Prayer (video sermon)

Travailing in Prayer by Leonard Ravenhill

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0:00okay Galatians chapter 4 and the verse is 19 my little children of whom I

0:08travail in birth notice again until Christ be formed in you see the

0:20tenderness he has he doesn’t even say children he says my little children and you think how much protection they need

0:26and counsel and wisdom Paul wrote the

0:32letter to the Ephesians pardon me to the Philippians for you before he wrote this

0:38letter to the Galatians and in his letter to the Philippians he says I’m

0:43Paul the agent for the Aged where he was

0:48over by four years at least when he wrote this epistle I admit that Paul is my hero after Jesus

0:56himself I was pondering about him today

1:02and wondered this right where did he get his incredible courage where did he get

1:08his unshakable faith when did he get his unfailing love I believe he explained it all in this

1:17amazing epistle one of the best-known writings of Paul showed his Galatians 2:20 tell me what it is

1:33good very good how did you know it by memory come on let me see your hands good how

1:40many believe it’s really in your life that’s a bit tougher isn’t it

1:52I believe that the reason that they’re put Paul had what I call incredible courage unshakeable faith and undying

1:59love is explained by two things that he wrote in verse 14 of chapter six he says

2:06this but God forbid that I should glory save in the cross of our Lord Jesus

2:13Christ by whom the world is crucified unto me and I unto the world I believe

2:20there came a moment in his life which is explained the game by Galatians 2:20 I am crucified with Christ I do not

2:26believe anybody enters unconsciously into an experience with God demands our

2:31intelligence and our will and I believe again the reason one reason is this I

2:40came a place in his life where he wrote the world all the world systems offers corrupt as totally antagonistic to the

2:48gospel of the grace of God in plain

2:55language he saw the world as a boneyard he saw the world like Ezekiel 31 7 36

3:02where the prophet is carried out into a valley full of bones and Paul sees every

3:09human system will be infallible and deathly now one thing none of us have

3:16ever seen I’ve seen a lot of things but never seen the crucifixion I don’t think I’d like to see what I know when a man

3:22went out to be crucified as they adopted so she used to say Len when he when he went out with a cross you knew one the

3:28one thing he wasn’t coming back a cross was a one-way ticket the other thing is

3:37at 6 o’clock at night you could go to that crucifixion and throw anything you like on that man on the truss bucket

3:43yourself rocks rotten egg rotten fruit curse him kick him go see that once he was nailed to that cross he lost all his

3:50rights come on did that happen in your life and mine happen in the life of

3:55Jesus take the at night you could do as

4:00you like six o’clock in the morning nobody went the first birds there was something like these horrible things we

4:06have around here only a much larger addition vultures I remember seeing a lot there in India

4:12huge horrible things about this height from the ground with seven or eight foot wingspan span they hide their necks in

4:20their feathers and so they should because when it comes out looks like a long string of meat they’ve no feathers

4:26on their next they were there they pecked at the eyes they picked up a body they pecks at the body until the guts

4:31hung out and the dogs came and licked the blood normally went to see here a

4:39crucifixion 12 hours after person was crucified now look at that horrible

4:45picture you know that’s the that’s the place where Jesus was crucified outside

4:50the city wall that dump where they put dead bodies we’re on the lepers were allowed to live but all the garbage was

4:58it stunk it smelled it was full of everything was putrefying and it was they they crucified the most spotless

5:03man that ever lived and all he had in the gallery were skeletons hung hanging

5:08from crosses no a woman might rush up to the cross when the husband was being

5:14crucified but she didn’t rush up to the cross in the morning when the birds have torn him apart she didn’t go two or three weeks after when he had no flesh

5:20at all that’s a figure that paulius the world is crucified it’s hideous it’s

5:26corrupt it’s so totally unattractive to me you know very often in the heat of a

5:35meeting when the when the preacher knows the temperatures at the right degree he says how many of you will pray half an

5:41hour a day for the next year or something all of hands go okay or the other thing he asks is how many people

5:48give so much every week for the next period never make a vow in the heat of

5:55your emotions or the heat of a meeting Paulding just stretch his head and say

6:02well I I think I’ll be crucified with Christ true he took the sum total of his

6:08life and he says that in Philippians chapter 3 what things were gain to me he says in

6:15verse seven those I counted for loss for Christ yeh doubtless and I count all

6:21things lost for the knowledge of the excellency for the excellency of the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ my

6:27Savior for whom I have suffered the loss of all things it was a calculated deal

6:33he made elsewhere he said he lost all its tribal rights even the tribe of

6:39benjamin of the seed of abraham he was one of the most cultured men in the

6:45world and yet i think one of the few people

6:52who could really say with isaac watts and i richest gain I count but loss and poor content and all my pride you know

7:00it’s easy for you to pour contempt on your pride is when some of the outpost content on it you’re in trouble isn’t it

7:06you know when somebody rubs you out and says you’re only a zero anyhow you haven’t much intelligence of no social

7:12standing you don’t have this Latvian and boy you start going down down down to let us know where else to go

7:19then can we really put up our heads and say if this dear man said I rejoice I

7:25glory in infirmities and necessities in reproaches we run away from them all don’t we not I’m heading into trouble

7:32Lord send an angel send anybody but don’t let me get into that situation well that’s the situation I need to

7:38prove my spirituality not prove it to God but God has to prove it to me but he

7:46says all these things I suffered for the loss of all things and count them but dung that I may win Christ and be found

7:52in him I said again that this man has an

7:58indestructible unshakable faith an unquenchable zeal and an unfailing love

8:06think of his letter there to the second Corinthians chapter five he gives us the

8:12nearest to his theological outline I think he says in Chapter five of Saint

8:17Corinthians we know if our earthly house of this Tabernacle were dissolved we have a building of garden house not made

8:24with hands verse 10 he says we must all appear at the judgment seat of Christ

8:31verse 11 he says knowing therefore the terror of the Lord we persuade men verse

8:3614 he said to the love of christ constraineth me now on the negative side

8:41he was crucified with Christ on the positive he has this great driving force the love the agape love of John 3 of

8:49John 3:16 God so loved the world is that love sacrificial I think the world

8:56around it is just about fed up of blackboard theology and notebook theology the world is not waiting for a

9:04new definition of Christianity is waiting for a new demonstration of Christianity and he can only have now

9:11we’re not learn of Christ is constraining us now Paul has a desperate

9:19love for these people that’s an interesting word isn’t it in upon me in

9:27the 4th chapter there verse 19 again my little children of whom I travail in birth again the word again fascinated me

9:35I’ve pondered that today the Greek word there is paling appalling plin it means

9:43to restore switch work to its original quality he says that they may be born


9:58notice what he says in the in chapter 3

10:04and verse 1 they’re all foolish Galatians worth bewitched you that ye

10:10should not obey the truth so there they have become disobedient in verse 3 he

10:18said are you so foolish to having begun in the study you’re now being man effect

10:23in the flesh have you suffered so many things in vain if you yet be in vain he

10:31therefore that ministereth to you in the spirit and worketh miracles among you so there you are they’ve been embraced in

10:37truth they’d been surrounded with a near Acula net they’d backslidden because in

10:45the seventh verse of chapter 5 he’s speaking obviously in the past tense she

10:51didn’t run well he ran well who did hinder you I heard someone quote that verse the

11:01other day that’s always misquoted anyhow saying about somebody he’s lost his

11:07first love not so he’s not what the scripture says no he’s not the King

11:13James Version doesn’t what does it say he left his first love he didn’t lose it

11:21if you lose the thing you don’t know you lost it if you left it you know where you said goodbye to that person down the

11:26road or you know where you made a deliberate choice and these people unfortunately and they

11:32do deliver us the deliberate choice they did run well that something or somebody

11:38hindered them my little children of whom

11:43I travail in birth again wouldn’t it be

11:49something if every pastor in the nation suddenly realized how sick his congregation was and how far they’d back

11:55slim and he began to travail in birth and ordered every deacon to come along and so with another week of traveling he

12:04would revelation a whole nation revolutionize the whole nation

12:10he doesn’t say we travel it doesn’t say all his buddies in the other revival party not bless you this man was so

12:18isolated that he says demas has forsaken me and somebody else had gone off there and somebody else has gone off there he

12:24stands in splendid isolation and he said well when all men forsook me come on now

12:30come on have you been swinging never never blessed Lord Rama near at me near but not us not last days me here a blessed

12:38lot order gap here where ever you go and God starts doing it all we do we

12:44start screaming the only way you can draw you near loads of God is to draw

12:49everybody else away from you I thought okay a good deal is that what I want my

12:58little children for whom I travail in birth you know somebody has said in

13:04marriage if if if the wife had the first baby and the husband of the second that never be a third this is something we

13:13don’t know a thing about travel and these days of course when everything’s made easier even childbirth is made

13:20easier in many cases some say they’ve sweated out these precious women and got

13:26a natural way which often can take them to the very gates of death now here’s a

13:33man who does not depend on somebody else’s prayers or somebody else’s support he has a hold on God he’s like

13:44the Prophet butts Bazin an old Jewish commentator in fact he lived in America until a few years ago he said maybe the

13:51most tragic figure in the world is the Prophet some of you guys aspire to be a

13:56prophet get ready for pain he said he’s a tragic figure because he has a fierce loyal to the god of a consuming passion

14:03for his nation he’s brought in two directions come on how many whether it’s

14:08your daddy how does your pastor do you think you think he lays at night in traveling

14:15you think he’s gone into the pocket under his own steam it’s scholarship is ordination award there can be no birth

14:23without trouble there can be no revival without travail little children for whom

14:31I travail in birth what did you say about it my little children whom I

14:39travel in birth again until Christ be formed where in you under Damascus Road

14:49he said Jesus came and revealed himself to me a few years later he said he

14:55revealed himself in me that’s why he

15:02says so often to its Christ in you you can’t love a seal on theology you can’t love a textbook you can’t even love mr.

15:09Finney he’s gone away a long while ago as good as it was you can love me I wouldn’t mind that but that’s all right

15:19you’ve only a little person God is love

15:27the fruit of the Spirit is love love is the most extravagant ridiculous thing in

15:34the whole world and essentially sacrifice is tied up

15:41with love and true love is is tied up with sacrifice I’m praying he said not

15:50that you may make a mental assent maybe they’d made that maybe the reason that they’d backslidden so easily was that

15:56they’d never come into a body calls later elsewhere a full assurance of faith he says you began in the spirit

16:06why have you come back into the fresh you came out of Judaism violet why you

16:11going back to circumcision why are you leaning on physical things instead of

16:17the invisible one now this man knows something about

16:24anguish and pain for the same

16:30Philippians two that I may want know

16:37about the second coming for this a know

16:43him and and

16:49yeah but you see actually I also go the other way around we have to know the Fellowship of his suffering before you

16:54know the power of his resurrection the

16:59Fellowship of his suffering the dearest friend is the one to whom you can go and

17:06pull out your broken heart anybody will listen to you when you’re in the good weather and in a good situation but what

17:12about when your world collapses when somehow something’s gone desperately wrong you know somebody you could go

17:18through and pour out your heart what is Paul you remember on the damascus road

17:25when he was intercepted by Ananias was told to go and tell this man Saul what

17:31he must suffer that’s not what he said the Lord said tell you what great things he must say that’s about psychology I’m

17:40a man chased me one day because I said to decide to become a Christian you have to renounce your sin repent restore what

17:46you can restore and then take up your cross oh no he said you mustn’t tell young people to take up the cross it will

17:52frighten them whether you argue with a lot about that not me that’s what the

17:57Word of God says you take up your cross and you follow him

18:04Paul is I don’t know I was going to say

18:09well I’ll say then ya must be right if I say but anyhow he wrote 14 epistle if

18:16you include Hebrews by the way let me remember because I slipped so anytime we were going to start a class next Tuesday

18:22night we have to postpone it until a week next Tuesday which is good it gives me breathing space I didn’t change it someone else did

18:28it’s going to be over in Dave Wilkinson space as we call it and we’re gonna stay with Hebrews 11 approximately from next

18:36Tuesday night until Christmas I said last week I’ve been in coal mines and

18:41gold mines and submarines and seen many things but the most wonderful thing is that I I find interesting is how God

18:49makes men and women and that’s what he showed us in Hebrews 11 how he makes

18:55people they’ve only one common denominator that is they all had faith but boy they’re ministers

19:02very this could be now this this man is

19:08tied to a whipping post it was last 195 times well he says five times I received

19:14forty stripes save one so it’s five thirty ninth 195 times thrice I suffered

19:25shipwreck once I was stoned I don’t think I’ve any smart wonderful

19:31personality he says even to the Corinthians I said that what will this babbler say I think it’s pretty ugly I

19:39think he limped I think his face was creased he’d been stoned so many times

19:45his cheeks have been split his jaws broke in wilderness in fasting in

19:51painfulness in perils of the deep in perils of my own countrymen come on add add them all up what’s the bottom line

19:59he’s filling up the sufferings of Christ but what does he say does he find about it no he says it’s one thing to have a

20:07bleeding back and somebody rub salt in your wounds and stick you in a stinking hole and leave you there for days and

20:13weeks and months and years but he says you know the most hurtful thing is this

20:22What did he say I was that which cometh upon me what is it remember that was

20:31coming upon me daily the what the care of all the churches you think you’ve got

20:40problems with your children what about a man who has a whole string of churches

20:46they just come out of heathen them many of them a weak and vacillating there’s no revelation they no Bible yet God

20:53piteous I preached till it well the first one striding out here on the

21:00Elijah and the Lord I see men like that and realize all he did and then it had a

21:07whole Bible all the heroes in Hebrews 11 not one of

21:12the men I have the Bible and you and I have everything that God is ever going to say to the world boy we’re in for

21:19trouble at the end of the line I like the him our firm a foundation

21:24under him what more can he say than to you he has said that here is a man who

21:29has had the veil of eternity lifted up that’s why he says in the chapter that we read in the 2nd Corinthians 5 there

21:37the love of christ constraineth me why knowing the terror of the Lord

21:43none of this sloppy sentimental love business God isn’t just got a holy God has a big investment in you your parents

21:52have a big investment they sent you to school maybe high school and college they’re paying your way here or paying

21:57your way somewhere anyhow but above all the precious blood of Jesus Christ was

22:03shed for you I understand there’s a bit

22:11of a garment a bit of a girls do you remember the old fashioned pinafores you want that girls used to wear you know a

22:17lot of holes in them I don’t know what you call that you used to ever live Betty you didn’t have all she didn’t

22:25wear what they didn’t will okay but my sister used whether they had holes in

22:31and no I don’t mean holes right you when you rip a thing I mean you know the use of sticks random they will be there for

22:36as a piece of a girl’s pinafore up in what they call a place there they I just

22:45went to name you forgotten what was it in Washington the museum smithsonian

22:53it’s not much bigger than less than i hankerchief it’s got a brown stain on it

22:59it’s one of the great treasures of america it isn’t a chocolate stain it looks like it but it isn’t what is it

23:06when they were carrying the precious man that was murdered there Abe Lincoln

23:12carrying out of the theater he passed by a girl and some of his blood dropped

23:17onto a pinafore they took that piece of that pinafore and it’s a national shrine almost the rockefellers can’t buy

23:25nobody can buy they staying with the blood of one of the greatest men that ever lived never mind in America we can

23:32do with him now in the White House I’ll tell you soon with the Black House away

23:37some things are going why is it so precious it’s the blood of a famous man

23:45just one or two drops of his precious blood nobody can buy it and one drop of

23:52that precious blood sinners plunged beneath that flood lose all their guilty

23:57stains that’s a great hymn written in England by William kalfa contemporary a

24:03friend of John Weiser can imagine John Wesleyan capper and Newton all wrote Amazing Grace and all that bunch of guys

24:10getting together every week for discussions and talks must have been wonderful to be there we should go find

24:15a tape recording of it so here you have

24:22this man with a comprehension of eternity that maybe nobody’s ever had except himself he says that you may know

24:31the height the depth the lengthen of Bradford Bolivia and he’s only touched the fringe of it he admits that that

24:38that burning consuming love that never fails and he talks about in Rankin isn’t

24:43amazing that the man who went down the Damascus Road bleeding out threatenings

24:49carrying in his pocket a signed statement that he’s are permitted to liquidate every Christian he confine and

24:57then instead of running with unholy angry burns and an in comfortable love they throw him outside of a city on the

25:04refuse heap and say that’s the end of him he gets up you have a kind of a little private resurrection they lash

25:11you 195 time but they can’t beat the grace of God out of him they started but

25:17they can’t starve it out of him they sent him to prison they threatening they can’t threaten it out of him if we could

25:24get a baptism of that loving the Church of Jesus Christ today we take the world in less than a year

25:32theology on ice is no good I would have

25:37liked to have been the skull by mother’s color by any shape or form I’d like to be the poor was a scholar I think you

25:46had the greatest intellect of any man that ever lived apart from Jesus himself

25:51you know somebody called John John that gave us the as we call it the false

25:58gospel as I said often there are not true gospel there’s only one gospel told by four different men doll with her four

26:04different accents and John somebody

26:10called in the plates of the New Testament 92% of what he writes in his

26:15own he doesn’t follow from that like nothing mark and luke borrow from each other 92% of what he says is entirely original

26:22take the 15th is John nobody else talks about the true vine take the 16 nobody presents the Holy Ghost like he does

26:29take the 17th the most profound thing in prayer every chord is not the most profound prayer the most profound prayer

26:38was never recorded it will get cemani it was too holy it would have shattered us

26:44if your night of the heard Jesus I’d love to offer Jesus but I don’t I’m sure I couldn’t have taken it but there is a

26:52man consumed he sees the world hostile

26:57every system if you owned a picture of his courage to attend for a few minutes

27:03here to the Beverly government the Acts of the Apostles

27:16what’s up is it chapter 17

27:29I was thinking about a certain message for Sunday morning the showed it was exactly what the Lord wanted me to speak

27:34on but the Lord said it isn’t so I’ve got to obey the master and change it but

27:42in connection with that message I’ve been thinking about one of the most famous poems ever I guess written by an unbeliever w/e Henley this is what he

27:54says out of the nights that troubles me black as the pit from pole to pole I thank whatever God’s there be for my

28:01unconquerable soul it matters not how Strait the gate how punishment the skull

28:07no let me go on the nature out of the night that troubles me black as the pit from pole to pole I thank whatever God’s

28:13there be for my unconquerable soul in the fell clutch of circumstance I have

28:18not winced nor cried aloud under the bludgeonings of chance my head is bloody but unbowed that’s a most wanted poem I

28:26think afraid it is always points looms brought the huddle of the shade and yet

28:32the Menace of the year’s finds and shall find and afraid and beyond this place of

28:39Wrath and tears looms that the huddle of the shade or the gravy means and yet the Menace of the year’s finds and shall

28:46find me unafraid now listen to his arrogance it matters not how Strait the gate how charged with punishment the

28:52scroll I’m the master of my fate I’m the captain of my soul exactly go to hell that you’re the

29:00master of your fate you refuse to vow to God the laws of God the Word of God the

29:06Son of God the spirit of God you refuse of blood of the Lamb well go to the rack

29:12of the Lamb that’s the only alternative for him of this generation after him

29:20comes a sea Swinburne remember he’s a famous phrase glory to man in the highest for man is the master of things

29:26he says from too much love of living from hope and fear set free we thank thee with brief Thanksgiving whatever

29:33God’s may be that no life lives forever the dead man rise up never and even the

29:39weariest wine somewhere to the sea now Paul in

29:45the 17th of the acts here marches with his head and vowed marches

29:53with a holy confidence into the myths of most intellectual group of people in the world in that time this seventeenth

29:59chapter so the strikes were there of Epicureans and the points and all the rest of them and Paul goes in the midst

30:06of these people Stoics Epicureans their

30:16great leaning was on that the natural primal facility of man or faculty of man

30:22an individual self-sufficiency but all

30:28he could see when he went into that City he said it he said his spirit was stirred when he saw amidst all that

30:34massive intelligence they bowed down to the gods of skull and they sought for

30:40the unknown God he walks into the midst of them with all their philosophies and all their reasonings and everything else

30:46and they listened intently when they found in you as much philosophy as they

30:51knew what Portugal their news was history then you but then suddenly he comes out with something they never

30:56heard of he talks about a man called Jesus Christ who died and rose again from the dead what did they do

31:10he says I passed by and I saw your devotions and I found an altar with this inscription to an unknown gun there whom

31:17therefore ye ignorantly worship Him I declare unto you God hath made the world

31:22and all things therein seem that he is Lord of heaven they wouldn’t accept that very well he’s a lord of heaven and

31:30earth and he dwelleth nothing temples with hands all these temples you have down the side of the road the investment of millions of dollars

31:36all your philosophies all your writing they’re nothing to him he is the one God

31:42is the creator of heaven and earth he dwelleth not in temples made with hands not as he worship with men fans as

31:49though you have need of anything and he winds it up verse 41 because here the

31:55point of the day the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he ordained he hath ordained would

32:01all be asked given assurance to all men that he hath raised him from the dead the message of the New Testament was not

32:08the devil Jesus Christ that was only half of it they could understand men who

32:15died as martyrs but they did not understand was the resurrection of Jesus

32:21that by one man’s sin this would be the insane entered into the world and

32:26polluted the whole human race this debate has been a bit interesting not

32:33too much this week I’m glad somebody really pulled one of the speaker’s table was it last night and said when they

32:39said about the abortion this is a very emotional issue was that fierce Ferraro

32:46that said that this is a very it’s not an emotional issue it’s a moral issue

32:52and it’s a spiritual issue oh we don’t

32:58want a nuclear war that would destroy a lot of our young people Oh doesn’t that a lot of our people not sound very holy

33:04and and compassionate they don’t want young men to go to war they want to murder them in the womb which is the

33:12worst we should take care of our young people for the next generation there won’t be any young people next

33:18generation that the womb is there soon its God gonna win without iniquity

33:24much longer if I were a Protestant top I will close every evangelical church in

33:32America all the world until after the election now that we can buy it by our

33:37supplications and devotion but at least let’s get serious there’s not talk about

33:43the World Series this week then about what’s coming up on to the nation

33:48there’s more interesting football now we’re in the football season I don’t

33:55believe you’ve ever as a nation been at the most serious situation than living tonight

34:02Monday would have that the philosophy and Farrar – they’d have back the

34:07philosophy of these men they’re the Epicureans and the Stoics these men who

34:12want to rationalize everything and reason everything up our only hope is

34:20God revival is not the best thing that can come to America to save it it’s the

34:27only thing and you can’t start it in

34:32Washington if you could I’d be up there right now

34:39you know I think one of the horrors in fact knew that when we get to Eternity and we see the winding path from the

34:45throne of Jesus Christ right back to the moment you were born again and you see how many you came to supreme blessing

34:51and supreme deliverance and revived and we missed it by a hair’s breadth over I think that will be one of the sorrows no

34:59sorrow in heaven of course it’s all joy and peace we go to funerals and say no

35:05more tears but the same book that says that the same book revelation says God shall wipe away all tears so what did

35:13you wipe them from I consider at the judgment seat though the judgment is

35:20only for rewards no that’s what Paul said Paul says in 1 Corinthians 3 there we shall suffer loss they don’t usually

35:27laugh if you suffer loss let me look back and see the turn in the road the

35:33wrong choices we made we didn’t wait on God enough we did obey Him enough I

35:42wonder what kind of compassion though I don’t but I think if Paul came back today he looked general over the church

35:48and say you know what I do I don’t sleep much at night I don’t eat much my whole

35:53spit of his groaning I Charlie the man

36:00that honors me to many come to my daughter almost but the member Thomas me is the man that honors me with his

36:06burdens I’ve not come from money I’m not gonna I’ve got such a burden I’ve got

36:12such a concern I’m in such agony I’m in this up so what what it got its outputs

36:19of burden on us do you know one sign of spirituality is

36:24when you ask God to give you a burden of the else Monster Kali unless you didn’t

36:32say Amen but it’s true anyhow

36:40share your heart with me God God says to

36:47one of the churches there you know people saved us the Great Commission what was the Great Commission go into all the world that was God message to

36:55the church prove it from Scripture you can’t that was the message of Jesus to

37:02the disciples the last words of Jesus are not going into all the world and preach the gospel that words of Jesus

37:08were to the church repent and he says to one church I counsel thee to buy I saw

37:14from me and that was the chief industry of that city it didn’t have glasses like

37:21we have to screen their eyes then I’ve got that it should shut saw going down

37:26dusty roads and seeing the white sand and so they exported from that town I

37:32saw that went all over that part of the world and the irony is that the Lord

37:37says you need I saw yourself that you can’t make and you can’t buy I cancel need to buy ugly I stock remember that

37:47hymn that says halt my eyes that I may see glimpses of truth our house from me I used to like that till I found out

37:53it’s a favorite hymn of the spiritus so I don’t see it anymore but there

37:58comes a moment this blessed man on the Damascus Road was one blinding with the

38:06light I’ve not read this anywhere else but I’m sure of it I don’t believe he ever got his eyesight

38:14back again this eyesight yet yes but he

38:19never saw the world the same he never saw him then the same you never saw eternity the same he never saw heaven the same he never though held the same

38:27he was born into the presence of God to see the last world as God’s side to see

38:33eternity even caught up into the third heaven and never tell a word about it

38:40you know I saw a gun to a mission field whether the mission field is a hell of a hole in America ghetto or London or

38:46somewhere Soho or to a foreign country if you don’t have this love you’ll break

38:52down within six months of gun division fear you’ll be a casualty there you’ll be a liability instead of an asset the

39:00mission field isn’t dying for long term nature is most of the movie better come

39:06home they malfunction after what what they went out of compassion went out of

39:12sympathy we went to teach went to help the poor very good but not a primary object of

39:18the man of God or the woman of God they should go with an anointing to go with a love that surpasses everything

39:24they have ever seen a selfless lover an undying love an unbreakable love they

39:35saw the love of the points it’s not the love of a book novel it’s the love of

39:41God can you imagine that Paul says the love of God shed abroad in the heart by the Holy Ghost we try to prove it

39:49through with a spirit by our different gifts I’m not going to argue about that that is one qualification that proves

39:55we’re filled with the Holy Ghost matters we live a holy life one qualification

40:02that is that the love of christ constraineth me you can sample on me if you like I won’t squeal my richest gain

40:10I can easy out I’ll surrender even my citizenship I know a man that did that in India when you’ve been there 15 years

40:18wanting to come home the government said you can go but you can’t come back I must come back this is my life well then

40:25you surrender your rare considered ship I have to think about it I got a boy 15

40:30I’ve got two or three children I take them out to America they can’t come back

40:36no no and he renounced everything his citizenship at everything that he had in

40:42order they may stay there and burn out for God exactly what Jesus came I did

40:47when it came to this lovely world in which we look Lenny took the money not the farm of angels it took upon him out

40:53here in flesh it’s a human limitations it ladies glory but they bow down from

40:59everyday and cried holy holy in eternity down another spit in his face and pulled in bid all that this love

41:16could possess our heart this undying love this unbreakable love the love that

41:23doesn’t seek its own that is not provoked that thinketh no evil that there are all things and hopes of all

41:29things endureth all things look let’s face it why don’t we get on

41:34it’s in God’s name what the Church of Jesus Christ is handing a Medicare or any other tension the last 25 years has

41:41not changed one of those countries so something needs to be changed we’ve gone

41:48to other countries I’m retaking them no we’re taking the gospel with second American Christianity or English

41:54Christianity Bible Christianity it’s the most costly thing in the world it’s the

42:01most beautiful thing in the world it’s the most glorious thing in the world

42:08Paul says I remember the time and I sat down and I did everything up there isn’t one thing my citizenship my position the

42:17church the tribe avenge Benjamin the seed of a per that isn’t one thing that

42:24I will not forfeit to God there’s not one thing that that’s worth putting up as a very that he can’t come in and

42:29arrest me my spit it to my soul of my body I’ve told you before and I say that

42:36I finish talking right here I think the greatest honor that was ever given to a

42:41man on earth was given to the Apostle

42:46Paul and then when some men try to deliver demons out of the man and the

42:53demons jumped up and beat the preacher up I think it every right to do that

42:58what is the demon say Jesus we know and Paul we know did not take your breath

43:07away in the same breath they say Jesus we don’t Paul we know he’s on power he

43:12terrifies us when he moves we are come a council meeting in hell every morning

43:19which word you think he’s going to death oh you don’t know because he doesn’t walk in the fresh he walks in the spirit

43:25before he gets very far he’ll turn around if needs be everybody is disappointed he’s going to birth India but he went

43:31somewhere else because God told him to one of the hardest things is to change your mind when God says that test your

43:38pride what will people think but if use any census no people don’t

43:43think anyhow but what if they don’t

43:49think are you living for what people think God help you if you are there’s

43:59only one thing more difficult in finding the will of God that’s difficult at your age I know that for many of you one

44:05thing more difficult and finding the will of God what’s that doing it when

44:10anybody says you’re a fool why don’t you stay at home why did you take off your daddy’s business you could make a lot

44:17more money and give it to missions God isn’t after money having to stop all the world Melvina premedia darrell doctor

44:24are our brown bear in Okoboji he was in that great Church of the Christian

44:33mission lands in Omaha and he said brother I did with another half night and pray you’ll enjoy that I said I will

44:39he said boy we got some old farmers a sick boy can they pray he said you better watch out they’ll scare you I

44:47said my mother is scared in the prayer meeting well last week he said one of them got going he said they took his

44:53clothes off and rode on once they really got praying we’ve been talking about many needs that we had and he said this

45:01old boy got his hands up and his boys up and he said Lord the Catharine a Thousand Hills of yours the farmer neck

45:08stood next to him said drive him this way Lord drive him this way he thought

45:15that would solve their problems I would have liked to have heard the Apostle

45:20Paul preach I’d like to hurt him on Mars Hill

45:27surrounded by intellectuals philosophers poised happy curing Stoics what did you got

45:33but above all I’d like to have heard him pray Charlie it’s for gardening all day

45:42I think of meeting we had when a roast

45:47guy with us and boy did he shout when he prayed after praying one day an old lady

45:53came up to the front she said son God isn’t dead he said no and he’s not

46:01nervous either you can’t think of Xpression loudness or

46:07what will you shout when you’re in need when you shout when you’re in danger

46:12even America in danger tonight even American needs to know if I generation the greatest needle ever had is hell

46:19enlarging its mouth to swallow this generation under the church miserably failed only God can deliver us and I

46:34believe it I don’t believe the answers prayer I believe the answers desperate

46:40prayer I travail can you do this can I

46:48do this can you call the Holy Ghost of it that’s a dangerous thing to do Paul does if it Romans 10 where I call the

46:55Holy Ghost of their witness well but I could wish myself accursed yeah the

47:00little wood is that I could wish myself down if need be madam Guillen says this there isn’t room

47:08in heaven for one more sinner given my seat let me go to hell because I enjoyed you so much on earth Lord I’d enjoy you

47:14in Hell now that’s not my kind of theology that I suppose is that I understand the feeling I can understand

47:22Paul’s sake let me be an outcast let me be the most rejected man in the world considered with my staggering intellect

47:29the biggest video because I’m a following an invisible person called Jesus Christ

47:35I might have been the greatest rabbi that ever lived what is that my richest gain I count but

47:42loss to contempt an all-night ride I’m

47:48not suggesting you’re getting to that state of Prayer after two weeks in this Bible school or an innocent but I’ll tell you what if your prayer life isn’t

47:57deepened in this school you’ve missed it or any other school prayer is the

48:05simplest form of speech that infant lips can try prayer the sublime is strains

48:11that reach the Majesty on high it’s always great when you get to my age to

48:16have hindsight tell my darling wife recently I said Martha dear I think if I

48:22were 10 years younger I’d sell this how-to in with permission from the Lord I’d go by the old house that Ian bounds

48:29used to live in I walked in that house a while ago the rugs are still the same that shares are still the same the rug where we spend it with his tears

48:37the chair when you’re sitting his elbows in and groan and travail there was

48:43something almost mystical about that house I’d love to see somebody but I’m turn it into a stool of Prayer at 10

48:51weeks course no going out shopping damned night considering scrubbing

48:57prayer getting men that come in that could pray and men who could teach us to pray the greatest need in the nation

49:04today I want you to pray time and going

49:14amazing how people stay at ball games till three o’clock in the morning you know it will be amusing if you once of

49:20sad the people count they’re an hour one hour in the house of gods oh it’s a long one that hour but they do get up and

49:28walk out what they’re going to do when they go to Eternity if you can’t stick it now we’ve got down here in God’s name

49:34what are you going to do for a million years in his presence except some

49:40reports from earth about football games or something no I say this again my

49:53great concern for this area is that in his mercy God will produce a new race of

49:59Christian anointed with the new receive a new passion Nuala say goodbye to the

50:08sports world and the business world in every other world and so I’m going to live from the crown of my head to the

50:15soles of my feet my spirit my soul my body my mind my will my emotions on the

50:26altar I like that verse of the hymn trust and

50:31obey we don’t sing it so much but we never can prove the delights of his love until all on the altar we lay for the

50:40favor he shows and the joy he bestows after those are will trust and obey

50:49we all need a new baptism of love a baptism I I need to see I’ve been around

50:56the world these precious friends of mine is going back to India Lao Zi hole if there is one the describe this week on TV is the filthiest city in

51:03the world I think the second one is Mexico City you go on tiptoe through

51:11bodies on the streets people just fall

51:16down in front of you pull the clothes over their heads and sleep at night babies left on the side of the road holy

51:23cows take up every blessed place only one has so many nations 2000 years after

51:31Jesus died there are more lost people tonight and ever that have been in history does that make you happy

51:40when do we miss the turn in the roll what are we missing we live missing holy love holy passion holy anointing holy

51:47vision do you think you dare kneel down and ask God for some of that now pray

51:56for our precious friends of it go to India pray for that we’ve got group of young men don’t let this moment we’ll be praying for the first time seven of them

52:04pray for the ministries around here then one of them doesn’t need a new anointing in that row brother Martin you’ve got to

52:11pray particularly because of the crisis period in another model crisis not just

52:17a financial crisis there’s a certain crisis here at last days that these precious leaders need special wisdom

52:22from heaven to decide at this time maybe thousands of life depend on it

52:28pray about the political situation it’s a critical situation without the

52:36goes forward the back would you rather go up or go down it’s a horrid thing

52:42when the blind are leading the blind so I thought last night is look you’ve

52:49only trusted your Russians to come to the table it will be nice and obedient and the news this morning says there are 17 recent violations of the promises

52:57that they make what did they do in England today the IRA blew up or tried

53:02to kill mrs. Thatcher in the whole cabinet until five but then thought that they kill her she just got up and said

53:08well it must go on as usual oh god that tirelessly love that ties us

53:19with this courage this man had this zeal that refused to give up this love that would not could not fail

53:27these courage that wouldn’t wave it if a

53:33hundred and twenty people could go out and turn the world upside down and more than not here tonight would you cry to

53:41God and ask him to give what you need that’s a kneel and pray as we kneel

53:47let’s see when I survey the wondrous cross when I survey which the friends Oh