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Tokens of His Compassion (video sermon)

Tokens of His Compassion by Leonard Ravenhill

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0:00Lord we’re evidence of the wonderful hang that wheel stunk we know it’s two

0:06centuries old that your love is London that’s a longer than that older than that we clear the proof that Jesus thou

0:16art all compassion and pure and bounded love a lot when there was no arm long

0:23enough and no arms strong enough to lift us we thank you that your arm reaches

0:32the old him says from sinking Sun he lifted me with tender hands he lives at

0:38me from shades of night today’s of light or praise His name II listening how

0:47blessed you are to be here tonight what if I form we cannot see we know and feel

0:54about here we’re never sure when we come here who will be here except yourself

1:02circumstances often hinder our best desires so you think we thank you that

1:07you never break your promises you’ve no reason so we thank you for your amazing

1:15track record if we dare use that phrase but never in the history of the world have you failed to keep a promise you’ve

1:23never let your people down whether they were individuals increasing or a million coming out of Egypt wandering through

1:30the wilderness you led them by a little child by day in a pillar of fire by

1:35night we thank you for the little fight you given us your Holy Word the servant

1:44of yours in the Old Testament said your word is like a fire that burns in my bones we thank you for this book we know

1:54it’s not a human construction

1:59we know there’s no alternative in Jesus Christ you know there’s no alternative

2:04to your word it’s not a book of imagination it’s a book of inspiration

2:10and revelation holy men of God some world very Pro clothing some were

2:16Shepherds some were kings the most colossal intellect like the Apostle Paul

2:23others were very old women that they wrote on the divine inspiration never

2:29dreaming that 2,000 years after men and women all over the world would be reading their writings I think that’s

2:37now the day when Paul said a contempt of Leslie said that within a hundred years

2:44from the day he said if the Bible would not be found except in newsrooms now

2:50he’s building gone to ashes and we thank you your word is indeed a mighty

2:56fortress change and decaying all around we see but we thank you go word is

3:02incredible we’ve already guaranteed it by waldo goddess forever and ever just

3:11like your kingdom is an eternal Kingdom this is our our King cannot abdicate his

3:19kingdom cannot be destroyed he cannot be over phone he cannot die we thank you

3:27tonight that the head that once was crowned with form this crown would broaden out the cheap that once was

3:35smitten the face when which the hair was pulled the face into which some ungodly

3:43Rascals spit that face is shining in eternity brighter than the noonday

3:49Sun we think of a revelation that Isaiah

3:55had centuries before Jesus came when you said he saw him and all his majesty

4:01knowledge building high and lifted up and he’s training

4:09fill the temple even the cherubims use their wings to phils of a blazing glory

4:16of the King on this phone we come to

4:22worship you tonight you come to hear your voice fill your word through the

4:29simple expression of this creature we

4:34will be still another bailout good we come from a world of turmoil speak peace

4:41in this meeting particular to any how excessively trouble speak a lot of

4:47comforts of that person who’s being wounded and leave we thank you there is

4:53a balm in gilead there is a physician there beyond all human physicians a

4:59miracle-working God let you work vividly or invisibly we cannot again we thank of

5:07this word which is a lamp to our feet and I like to our part we strong finish

5:12then nine new creation may this service help to finish that new craziness you

5:18have begun a good work in us you know we won’t give us up we may stumble and stagger at times maybe we rest too long

5:26maybe kangri rushed you’ll quickly so you blessed your reflection for the Holy Spirit is given to us to be our guide

5:35open your world we pray and open our eyes and then open our mouths to tell

5:42what great things other than for us to give you praise in Jesus name I hope

5:50then look at the gospel as a copy by Johnny Lee a little better on chapters

5:55step 470

6:15since i only live inside my own personality i don’t know how you think and i guess there were some things which

6:22are very common to us and one for me is that how often I read the Word of God and suddenly they explodes I wonder why

6:30didn’t explode 50 years ago I was too dull when the fact what I knew so much

6:36then that nobody could teach me you see but alot of that still I put it in my

6:41head so I’ve got it in a nutshell you see it will be correct to say that this

6:56Murphy that family the seventeenth chapter actually the engine or thirteenth chapter in this 13 steps of

7:03the gospel this same gospel we love it

7:08moving to a new dimension Jesus is speaking particularly to his disciples

7:15now before the feast of a passover when jesus knew that he vow was come that he should be parked out of this world unto

7:22the father having loved his own which were in the world he loved them unto the end now they never gap actually and we

7:32could really pick up the story here in this 17th chapter I say the 13th chapter

7:39of introduction to the 17 I was reading that story what is the Fratus fix of

7:46Ezekiel today you remember the man with a measuring line the river of water

7:52taken to the type of the Holy Spirit he measures a thousand cubits and there’s

7:58waters for the ankles he measures another thousand and there’s water for the knees I take that to mean this or

8:06it’s my interpretation that river is a type of the Holy Spirit if we want to

8:13trot ankles we must be walking in the spirit we can’t walk in the spirit very

8:18long before we get to our knees and start praying in the spirit but it’s praying was the wizard wisdom of the

8:25stood at me authority of the student then the next measuring Riley measures a

8:30thousand cubits and it’s worthless of the lines now if you’ve been a left

8:36where you know that the strength is all here in the lines remember when Jacob

8:42wrestled with the lord what did he get for wrestling you may say I want to pray

8:47life you really do really sincerely on the prayer life you mean you’d like the

8:54lots of you so you have to pray what did Jacob get the mod such to marry

9:00was too strong he hung on to the angel

9:06the angel run on for him but then he wrestled until they were angel touched

9:11him in the hollow this five where he was strongest and ever after that he dragged

9:16the wizard length I’m not saying this is the right thing to do out but I do know

9:22people actually ruin their physical lives and summer love actually ruin

9:28their business lied because they are for a life of prayer and gods of them of the word sometimes it is called have been

9:39called the longest prayer of Jesus if you do your homework and go through the

9:45New Testament you’ll discover that a 19 prayers of the Lord Jesus Christ you

9:53know through the Bible that are 650 prayers they make an interesting study

9:58one leg this is not the longest pair of the Lord Jesus I don’t believe it is

10:04anyhow it’s the longest recorded player

10:10someone said it’s the most beautiful plan i disagree i believe the longest

10:16pred jesus prayed with in Gethsemane I believe it was the most awesome prayer

10:22so awesome that though unheard it

10:31these respect Jesus and lifted up his eyes to heaven and said saba I heard

10:38Paul talking to somebody a few days ago they said my father he didn’t know what a kick I got that was so lovely to me

10:45sometimes my wife calls me the old man but I still love the old lady even if

10:50she does but when I my son’s that I

10:56had forsaken my father have you ever

11:02really tried to digest this all think of the acting fest you I haven’t i’ve read the Bible for 70 years and just this

11:09week this thought came to me ladies taking on this chapter which shows how new things can camp that Jesus began his

11:15life without the father the end of his life without the father he started his life without a physical father and on

11:22the cross he said my father my god lifestyle forsaken me think of all this

11:29amazing history between those two awesome events these world straight

11:38Jesus lifted his eyes to heaven now we always close out i don’t know why i think i dunno why let me save myself

11:44there to save us from distraction I don’t know walking to dr. total obvious

11:50one they always came out with something that leveled it to the ground anyhow one

11:55day he said Lang remember none of us rode off to Jesus at the judgment seat and looking straight in the eye not one

12:01of us know people talk is always going to say old G so I love you he’ll be so

12:07terrified and your senior will be speechless

12:14oh I’ve only seen one portrait of Jesus was given in Revelation his eyes as fundly his hair was white as snow Marie

12:24Antoinette you may remember in history was a young lady at time T one who got the heart of the King of France and she

12:31manipulated him she was the most beautiful woman in the world they said

12:36that she grieved him and he puts in the Bastille it’s been destroyed now the walls were 30 feet thick nearly against

12:42but the length of this room they put her there one night with his fantastic hairstyle she had this face that looked

12:50as though it was enamel those flawless blue eyes they put it out in a Cell so

12:56that she would die in the morning with the executioner’s you know that horrid guillotine shopping ahead up they put in

13:04that cell smiling when she went in gorgeous she heard the bell at Notre

13:12Dame Cathedral toll out night out after our five six seven and then at eight

13:17they took about the chopper head off but when they went in the prison so that God

13:22this young lady was a hundred years old but still at all shrunken the hair was

13:27as white as snow why because she’d nearly in terror these were straight

13:35Jesus lifted his eyes to heaven and said father the hour is come I believe I

13:41didn’t check today i’m working on men were here but i think this is the seventh time that John mentions the hour

13:46do you remember Jesus came to is the mother of Jesus came through and said

13:52perform a miracle here that the marriage in came of galleries in my hour is not yet come remember the seventh chapter

14:00jump he said to his disciples you go up to the feasts I’m not going up that

14:05three verses outfit says he went up he was saving time it’s one thing that you

14:13young folk after beware though I think you should have a clock in your room in

14:19every room in every College in every house redeem the time he won’t forgive

14:25you the Lord will forgive you the clock one people say faith can do anything if you

14:31believe that I’d like to kneel down and you pray over mean sale of late lengua attention from 77 227 when do I get up

14:38joyful I don’t believe any of you have faith through that five can’t do

14:43anything I want it can do anything God once but God isn’t there to be Nick you

14:49later Mary Antoinette was a hundred years of age in the morning she’d gone

14:55through hell and torment she’d heard that bell tolling say would you like

15:01somebody to bring you a prophecy of grandmother made when you were saying six weeks old and she said when you’re

15:07seventeen you’re going to have a major accident that will you when you this one is that when you would you like

15:13to read your future I believe Jesus have been reading his future for many in many

15:20years as far as I remember he’s the only person that came in the world with a

15:26specific intention of dying

15:37his hair was as white as snow his feet like burnished brass that’s why dr. Tozer said none of us were looking

15:42straight in the eye I was reciting to

15:49myself one of the great hymns of the southwest of the day low he comes with clouds descending ones for favorites in

15:56a slave low the tokens of his passion during glorious still he bears when he

16:04was resurrected what did he do is show them his hands and his feet how Paul sake why in the world did he go down the

16:09street and shout over the cemetery wall and raise the dead of he said he would do why did he go to the river all the

16:18lake and turned into blood and shows majestic power though he showed them the tokens with his passion lo the tokens of

16:27his passion though his role in glory still he bears cause of endless XO

16:32patients who his ransom worshippers hallelujah Christ the Son of God appears i say jesus had been for let me say this

16:48what what was a supreme desire of the Lord Jesus right What did he say long I

16:56come to do thy will in the volume of the book it is written of me he’s saying

17:04here he wants to glorify the father glorified crucified I think he mentions

17:12glory about seven times in this chat again I didn’t read them today the only

17:18way God can be glorified is when he is crucified and all the end things that

17:23follow are some shows

17:36he’s supreme joy he said was I always do gross thing but please with father never

17:42once in those 33 years did he back off from the will of God he was never

17:47intimidated go back for a minute here

17:55into the seventh chapter of the Gospel

18:01of Luke or go back yes ok into Luke

18:10let’s go back into the second chapter sorry his parents had beans with a feast

18:17remember one of the greatest feats in the history or in the record of that marvelous people the Jews verse 43 says

18:24when they had fulfilled their days they returned to return the tactile Jesus

18:30tabid behind in Jerusalem and jersey from his mother knew of it that’s the most incredible story in the New

18:36Testament incredible why but they’ve

18:41been given the privilege of escorting Jesus out of a room right to the cross to the two womb to the tomb and they

18:48lost him I thought there’s another bodyguard there day and night when did

18:54they lose it they lost him immediately they came out of church just not you though something on you look forgot maximum because you’ve done 100 guys

19:00either church particularly the cowboys are playing I think that’s the greatest

19:06religion in Texas football

19:15they lost him why they suppose he was in

19:20the company and he wasn’t there remember the resurrection molding she suppose it

19:26was the gardener she thought he wasn’t then he was there they thought he was then he wasn’t that some people think of

19:35you build a God just church and put stained glass windows have a big pipe organ and all the trimming is what the

19:40Lord is there not so but necessary they

19:47supposed you’d been in the company and they sought him among action fog and

19:53they turned again after three days you know you look pretty good if you

19:58backslide and you make a recovery in three days you’re doing pretty good those don’t backslide any help they

20:05lasting and rediscovered it in three days where in the temple and I think

20:12they searched every room it was in enormous place one part was the upper

20:18roof no other rooms they starting with despair and his mother went to bed what

20:23do you think she did the first night what would you do if you lost a twelve-year-old boy cry yourself to sleep I think it would just be fine you

20:31think you do it the next night too and the next night too he’s not here or

20:36maybe those men but you know come every time down by the pool of Siloam selling

20:41goodly pearls they’re taking away stolen him finally they found him where I

20:47imagine George’s pushing the door of the sanctuary opposite where it is amazing a

20:54twelve-year-old boys up on the front row asking the wife heads questions it says

20:59hearing does that imply he answered hearing and asking them questions if you

21:07don’t have a twelve-year-old you haven’t yet discovered how ignorant you are Oh haven’t you people needs to pray for

21:14extra wisdom and these your boys and other confuses you don’t know what that means anyhow fact buying your husband a

21:20sewing machine for Christmas well I

21:27would have loved to have been eavesdropping so a lot of questions he was asking would be of anyone that the

21:33developer eyes questions I’m sure of that do you think those wise forehead

21:41that I forgot that youngster hey that’s avoid that came in the temple that they

21:47had us all puzzle then embarrassed us I wish they’d lose him I felt like that

21:56about some church members to

22:09so they lost of this house

22:18go from that incident to another incident just embarrassing Lord embarrassing in the fourth chapter

22:32verse 16 of his custom was he went to the synagogue on the Sabbath day and stood up to read why I wasn’t his job as

22:41the rabbi of the chief rabbi are one of the best of the priests they delivered

22:48up during the book of the prophecy I finally found a place he found the place I like that he wasn’t going to read

22:55anything you know that would not mean anything so he rolled from the 61st chapter the Spirit of the Lord is upon

23:01me you wonder it closes with us by saying in the eyes of everybody there

23:07would upon him I don’t want his voice was like I’m sure it was majestic maybe

23:13it was that even at that day like the sound of many waters What did he say the

23:20Spirit of the Lord verse 18 is upon me because he has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor something they didn’t

23:26vote he sent me to heal the brokenhearted to preach deliverance to the captives recovering the sight of the

23:32blind and credit limited end of the bruise you don’t have upset a lot of people a day all the sane ones pious

23:40phrase Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever you mentioned healing to think of an idiot

23:46well I happen to think that Jesus isn’t crippled I happen to believe that Jesus

23:52Christ has more power and authority now than the other in the days of his flesh and you have the meaning of the death

23:59you have dominion over lunatics he had the winning over policy do you wonder he

24:04embarrass them oh yes they said very parsley no they read the thirty fifth chapter of Isaiah when he’s come the

24:11eyes of the blind shall be opened the ears of the Deaf and stuff inshallah lame man leap at the heart the tongue of the dumb shall sing he didn’t read it he

24:18did it so embarrassment the Spirit of

24:25the Lord is upon you know there’s no greater thing they start of eternity so Paul you believe it not too so no man

24:31can say the Spirit of the Lord is upon me I won’t give you two hoots for all the decrees the preachers have is now 32

24:38and still be frozen you know

24:44I’m glad money can’t buy this there’s no

24:49man can lay hands on you and give you the spirit of wisdom I don’t believe so you can’t buy it you can’t get it by

24:57turning the intellectual level of education getting some great degree at University God Almighty doesn’t happen

25:04to read diplomas and I’m not facetious in finger if you’re going to be a

25:09preacher covetous whatever its culture you have to pass one day a week if you

25:15have to miss two nights impress a lot when I was in my twenties many times I

25:22won’t go to bed for three or four days stating the church up to sunday night

25:27service went to just saturday night at the street meeting till midnight went to

25:33the church ranks of practicing the swap and lay at the sight of my books my library there to wait on God some of you

25:44have read and sorrel dr javed he was a good Englishman of course but anyhow he coined the phrase I’ve thought of

25:50thousands of times you have to bleed to bless you have to bleed too blech if the

25:56Son of God can be a real true blessing has got one without bleeding how can we

26:04he came to do the will of his father essentially back in Scotland there were

26:10three famous Brothers hang Andrew I think one of Andrew Baumer and the other

26:16was or was he kool Horatio Bonner he

26:21wrote this lovely him go labor on spendin be spent by joy to do the Father’s will it is the way the master

26:29when should not the servant read it still toiling on an in night I rejoice

26:35for toilsome dressed for exile home son shall hear the bridegroom’s voice with a

26:41night fri behold I come men died in darkness at your side I don’t care if

26:47you live it working with the most fashionable up-to-date computers the man across the other composer standard out

26:53govern without hope of to the heating up the amethi it wasn’t

26:58while serving to see stark naked people in Indian isn’t it dying in some rotten

27:04roots of uncivilized country people in the waldorf-astoria dying without God’s

27:10a night the counts ten nine million people in washington signed to solve

27:15problems for the world tanks all that our marriage problems Sam Sullivan drinking problems and solve it on

27:22gambling problems we’re like Vegas this

27:28world will never be put straight till the Prince of Peace know that you can be sure about that the spit of the rod is

27:35upon me because he has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor d had sent me to heal the brokenhearted to preach

27:41deliverance to the captives recovering the sight of the blind to set at liberty then of the bruise to preach the

27:46acceptable years of the love and he throws the book and gave it to the minister and sat down and the eyes of all in the synagogue were fastened upon

27:53it I don’t wonder well if the ungodly

27:59people said he speaks with authority and others escribes preaching from the event

28:06is beating a drum and that needs the policy defining if you like a function

28:13decided if you like us anointing and they also a preacher says I don’t what

28:19it is we’re all in it isn’t when I don’t know that he said I know when I haven’t had it if that mysterious something that

28:28God is pleased to put upon those who will travel and wait for that anointing without which preaching has no power and

28:35has no authority

28:45I’m going to read this again the Spirit of the Lord nor I read the first 17 chapter one so dissenting this one these

28:52words straight Jesus and lifted his eyes to heaven and said father I say when I

28:59heard my son Paul said the other day for someone he didn’t I was written say my father I felt such a joy I know what

29:06kind of a son I have and the 19 minor 32 a pioneer in a on the most difficult

29:11field in South America that looks to all but he’s been there about 25 years

29:16anyhow can you remember Isaiah looking

29:23up into the face of job and same father can remember Jed and I are looking up

29:30into the face of garden same father or

29:37any of those stalwart Giants we think of take all the men if you like in Hebrews will in any one of them ever told the

29:43creator of heaven and earth I Fire doesn’t do it because in behind lopsy one who inhabited eternity he sits upon

29:48the circle of the earth he falls speechless before God hear Jesus have

30:01come through this long long period I’ll suggest you tonight disagree if you like that i took this point Jesus have been

30:09in training for what’s coming as I say

30:14would you like to read your own biography before you die knowing it is

30:23accurate that little fellow SAT there

30:30puzzling the high priests and the distinguished people there was possibly

30:35like some of the Jews that there are in New York’s are they’re not great admiration problem there’s a sec there i thought what if all have half addicted

30:42is something they wear flat hats and they’ve been black curls coming down to their shoulders and I understand every

30:49one of those men can recite the first five books of Moses it’s not right one

30:56oh I see the thank you know you got that straight I don’t know what it was but

31:03it’s free can you imagine Jesus reciting

31:10all those books can you imagine him reading a game about the Virgin’s would

31:16bear a child and I think I think of in reading so I 553 horse believed our

31:26report so whom is the arm of the Lord revealed he should grow up before him as a tender Plan B should be like a rule

31:32type of a dry ground there’s no beauty about that there’s no beauty that we

31:38should desire him I say Jesus up to this

31:46time has been preparing for this awesome thing that lies ahead of him we can

31:55break these chaps up into many areas I be able to do that I want you to know

32:01this if you will when you read through John I think about 33 times your inventions the world you know one of the

32:10tragedies of the world is today is the

32:15early church the world can get on with the early church you can get on with us with other form in its side we don’t

32:21want any trouble if you displayed some of the power of God they might take some

32:27notice what we don’t do that how they’s all theology it’s all paperwork

32:46I looked up these things that today just to go quickly through them in first Corinthians and chapter one the Apostle

32:53Paul talks about the wisdom of this world which is foolishness with God do

32:59you think dogs intrested that we’ve got a thing clapping up in the sky right now a machine full of technology and they

33:05can spy on the Russians do you think that troubles garden eternity the wisdom

33:12of the world is foolishness regard friendship with the world is enmity against up how friendly you were the

33:18world what secret societies Italy long

33:25some of you guys Nathan’s especially used to kick the nation’s around a lot I

33:32clashed with one in Ireland he said it’s not a religion so we’ll why’d you go to a temple they meet in a temple will

33:38reach to the template pepper pot that other worship the wisdom of the world is

33:44foolishness with God the friendship with the world is enmity of gut with God 1

33:50Corinthians 7 says the fashion of this world passeth away John in his first

33:56verse official said if you love the world the love of the father isn’t in you you profit God’s love as soon as you

34:02get tasha hunter caffeinated with the with the love of the world read an

34:09article recently where the preacher was saying you know so many people lose their first love that’s not what the

34:14Bible says the Bible says now has left my first love you don’t love it I got an

34:25old coat but buddy 20 years I was it this week boy was I upset it’s out the

34:31stylus but it’s good to me if we want I was glad when I found it I lost it

34:42but the address for the people that in the book of the revelations to people who left their first love something else

34:48got them and they gave all their consuming passion and desire to that one thing that they got home of again love

34:56not the world neither the things of the world it’s all about the lust of the

35:02flesh and the lust of the eyes and the pride of life it’s all belongs of this world

35:22what I wanted to say how really which which is been in the back of my mind for Dave and got hold of it as I should I

35:28ensure that chapter 13 will introduce

35:35Jesus introduces his disciples to the Lord and suffer and immediately

35:40introduces them to the washing of feet which has gone out with most people

35:47that’s chapter 13 chapter 40 in verse 26

35:53he mentions there for the first time the comforter which is the Holy Ghost but always remember I my dear old tooth

35:59teacher in England old samuel chadwick he said remember he’s the comforter but

36:05he’s not these were his exact words because i heard them say so many times and I’ve coated them any time since myself the comforter which is that the

36:13comforter the Holy Spirit is not a nursing mother the Spiritualist pictures spiritualistic children that will a

36:21comforter in English in Latin is come fault it’s k um dash fo r T is with

36:27strength what did Jesus say when the

36:33Holy Ghost is come what ye shall receive what in other words you shall receive

36:38strength the Holy Ghost coming upon you

36:44back in the fifteen hundreds one of the Giants stalwarts of that day that was the period of Puritans like John Owen

36:52and all that crowd John Owen was maybe the greatest of them he said the sin of men in the Old Testament was against the

37:00father the sin of men in the New Testament of the game for son well I

37:08think we can say now the the sin of the church very much you’ve against the Father the Son of the trophic episode

37:14and the sin of the church against most churches of the Holy Ghost they want the

37:19Holy Ghost to take and lay a track and he’ll run down their theology but he says forget it now this may be a pretty

37:26stiff yardstick getting beat me up next time remember i’m going to say then your house

37:31I believe every shows his either supernatural or superficial I don’t

37:36believe that any middle ground I’m not

37:42interested million seen hearings I’ve seen men deny that God wasn’t seen blind people get beside seen people leap out

37:48of chairs he said I’m not I’m not any compassion for that but the Leafs

37:54emphasis was put on the Holy Ghost today that when he is come he convinces the world of sin the church is comfortable

38:04with thin I hear the church in now that have special status for young for young

38:10couples are young divorced couples 50 years ago you’ll never heard of a

38:17divorcee in the Christian Church he never heard the marriage counseling in the Christian Church the meetings were

38:24so breathe upon by the Holy Ghost I’d ready to going from meetings even when I was 14 or 15 years of age in those days

38:33if you went to a healthy spiritually healthy church if it was a holiness church preaching the back to the skillet

38:39was killed at this sanctification or whether it was plenty council preaching the baptism of the Holy Ghost with gifts

38:45whenever he went to either of those churches sunday nighta the service studied at six o’clock at half-past five

38:51they also was filled with people praying the power down we had 10 boys of his

38:58culture boy did he shout as light and blood was dead come downs and night I

39:04used to tremble I was scared honey I’m not facetious I imagine the Lord will

39:10come down a bit terrified if you came you hear people saying such Lord you’re

39:17welcome if the holy ghost came for some searches of their stampede to the door

39:25David Wilson was only not long ago he said lending up I know God has given me

39:31certain gifts but they work more than the open air in the street meetings and in churches last year in New York he

39:38pointed to a big fella 350 pounds boy you better be watch what you’re saying

39:44so you’re running away from your wife and you run away from David up the street came back 15 minutes after with

39:51his well I won’t say anything about the life but anyhow he was about 350 pounds

39:56when she was a little less and all the pickaninnies were running after that

40:02there was about five or six children coming he said I was running away from my wife I’ve been living leaving life

40:09when he went this year that man hit him and told him how Christ transformed his life pointing out people in the crowd

40:19like that just make sure it’s too comfortable of it we’d rather go to the

40:28church you know what it says as you enter the door it says everybody keeps

40:33silent and they sure do you said they mended turn the fire hose on it

40:51so John 13 is or let’s say the gain repetitions good jump roping is right he introduces his disciples of the Lord’s

40:57Supper than he watches their fee 4th ed says let not your heart be troubled verse 26 e 10 without the Holy Ghost

41:04coming comfortis with power chapter 15 the incomparable story of the vine

41:10chapter 16 the novelist introduction of the Holy Spirit chapter 17 this

41:17marvelous marvelous prayer and you go

41:23into chapter 18 I will say this is

41:30disastrous I said these have been in training up to this point for the most

41:37horrendous experiences that as human being could ever know when Jesus faltan

41:48these words let me go back a minute and think of this so many people say that

41:55Jesus fought this 17th prayer this prayer in the San teen South with a sense of gloom and doom I don’t believe

42:02that for the moment I believe you said it joyously why they look at the last

42:09verse of chapter 16 these things I’ve

42:17spoken to you that they mean I have peace in the world Usul of tribulation

42:23but be of good cheer I have overcome the world do you think a man’s going into gloom and he knows already come to the world hadn’t he prayed in the fifteenth

42:32chapter that they may have my joy fulfilled in themselves as they say this

42:3817th chapter verse 13 now I come to thee that these things I speak in the world

42:45but they may have my joy my joy to do the Father’s will let that joy dominate

42:54your life you’re not talking about happiness happiness and joy as different as night and day happiness depends on

43:02happenings everything happens to go write you up with everything happens to go down you go down with them but joy is a stable thing

43:08it is not depend on happenstance happenings you know usually only King

43:16guys we dispose of a castle to this person and horses to that person the money to that what did Jesus the King of

43:23Kings what did he leave well it says he says I my peace I leave with your given

43:28peace that passeth all understanding and if you’ve got it right soul

43:34misunderstanding not just peace my peace

43:39the peace that dominated him when they tried to push him over the cliff a piece

43:45that dominates him now when he goes into Gethsemane they may have my joy and

43:52again in the fifteenth chapter he has prayed that their joy may be full but we

43:58wanted on the platter don’t we what his Lord gives he gives beauty for what what

44:08if Isis means something’s being burned to a cinder maybe that’s why we’re

44:14afraid to be consumed because it got a reducer slashes all our plans when God’s

44:22pileup on the altar of my heart was set ablaze my ambitions plans and wishes at my feet in ashes way that’s an old him

44:31we know God can do more with the ashes and you can go with the whole thing

44:41and then they have my joy a joy unspeakable and full of glory a Java can

44:51let him look from the cross all the exam any of the cross a peace that passes

44:57understanding witness understanding to wendys there on the cross but this is

45:06the gateway the most horrible thing is really the safety in Chapter we go from

45:13the sublime majestic you know I’m wondering why because of a certain book

45:21i read not so long ago I’m wondering my neighbor at nob whenever emphasizes the model majesty of jesus in that seventh

45:31chapter of John he walks into a crowded place at all murmuring because of him that’s only raises the dead that’s thing

45:37he does mythical that’s the man he torments people with his teaching the

45:44fallacies were ashamed of him and embarrassed saw the saddest II saw the priests and yet he stands up in the

45:50middle of a feast with more than a thousand people in the temple clothes on in model majestic he went and read read

46:02in the scripture that but when he was even 12 he read there in the listen on the front seat I believe they’re the

46:08other model majesty in other words the other God created character in the

46:15seventh chapter with all the murmuring very modern barrows to say you poured out water every day and he stand in the

46:22place where the priest the stood and he says listen you come unto me I am the

46:29water of life he said he his regret of life he said he is the life of life do

46:36you think they took that sitting down kind of thing who does he think he is he

46:42is the bread of life if you eat over him you have life he is the walls of life if

46:48you drink of him you don’t forget he’s the light of life that will guide you he makes all these stupid

46:54the strains of things that we can’t live it out we can’t live without bread we can’t live without water we can’t live without light and we can’t live without

47:01God week without Christ you can exist and again that an alternatives to Jesus

47:07Christ the only wise thing I know HG

47:14Wells said was that they have a god-shaped blanking all of us I think he bought about anyhow from Augustine this

47:20Augustine says we will never be satisfied until God takes up his aboard eNOS you and I have the possibility that

47:30God is supposed to be in residence in our beings I can read the verse I’m

47:39going to read it here John 18 verse 1

47:48when Jesus was probably words words of wisdom and comfort in the seventeenth

47:54chapter he went forth with his disciples over the book tigran where there was a

48:01jam into which he entered and his disciples and you this also which betrayed him you the plate for Jesus up

48:08a result is over if you want to know the

48:14prayer life of Jesus we’d have to read this account of the gospel given by Luke Luke said he was in the river being

48:21baptized and as he was praying the Spirit descend upon him Luke says he was

48:27on the Mount of Transfiguration and i betray if you want a new personality

48:32openly this the only way they get it is to have a prayer life because it’s

48:38aren’t friendly unclean you can’t train have a grudge you can’t train a bitterness we blame the devil soft most

48:46of the sabotage our own prayers who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord the man has received a degree and then

48:52the way this collar backwards were the man that has priestly garmin the man that Sandra finds behind the nominate

48:58desk with stain grasping at know and then can be plowing a field and ascend

49:03into the hill of the Lord he does I’ve seen her tons that’s our relationship will the

49:09world of the pure heart our relationship with God again those old method issues

49:16to sing a great had no condemnation now I dread I was in the reverse from here

49:23for coming up I don’t know who Charles Wesley base this on this John 17 that I

49:30like it he said to rise my soul the rice shake off like guilty fears the bleeding

49:37sacrificing my behalf appears before the from my shortest and then my name is written on his hands he ever lives above

49:46for me to intercede he’s on the way to do this through this garden his all

49:51redeeming love his precious blood supply his brother Tom stall our race and

49:56sprinkles now the throne of grace 5 bleeding wounds a bear’s suing his feet

50:02when his hands one in his side five bleeding wounds he bears received on

50:07Calvary they call effectual prayers they strongly plead for me forgive him all

50:13forgive he cries and I’ll let that run some Synod I the father hears in pray

50:19his dear anointed son he cannot turn away the presence of his son his spirit

50:24answers to the blood and tells me I’m born of God my God is reconciled is

50:31parting voice I hear he owns me for his child I can no longer fear with

50:37confident I now gone I and father abra father cry made possible only because of

50:43this Jesus who knew from the Judas also

50:48which betrayed in yuba place for Jesus often resulted him I’m going to suggest

50:56to you disagree if you like that Jesus

51:03had to approximate up to this horrible experience he was going to having gets Emily again I say you’d have to read

51:11Luke to find the prayer life of Jesus he’s praying as the dove descends upon

51:17it he’s praying then on the Mount of Transfiguration eration come on in a quick non-dancer

51:24audibly how many people was on the Mount of Transfiguration

51:35six you coming six Peter James John

51:41Jesus Moses and who else Eliza who did

51:47God speak to know so only one person

51:55Jesus we say finger lovely American him

52:01blessed assurance you know God gave us shoulders to Jesus in this pilgrimage in that all the crises periods and then on

52:08the Mount of Transfiguration the father answers from heaven or call from having this is my beloved Son in whom I am well

52:16pleased if I die conscious I don’t know

52:21what I will or not but if I die conscious I’d like that I conscious the Lord centimeters in my beloved son

52:27however that if dear friend who said is one ambition in life is so hear God say you are my beloved son have a son that

52:35Lisa never words other chosen vessel

52:41unto me

52:46how many minutes should get some of these do you think that would be he’s

52:55afraid for his disciple he prayed for himself in the first five verses of the seventeenth chapter verses 1 to 5 eprice

53:02went south with his six for nineteen he praised for his disciples verses 22 26 he prays for the world read it and

53:14emphasize how many times was he really I have kept them in thy name he is prayed

53:22for unification father that’s about the most common thing used out of this

53:27chapter everybody see the jesus prayed that we all may be one easy not but the way you think of it what did he pray for

53:35that they may be one even as real one its vertical before it’s hobbies humble

53:44charles wesley again gave us that lovely children’s and i also seen its am at my mother of me every night it was about

53:50ten years of age gentle Jesus meek and mild look upon a little child think I

53:56guess from is it second Peter when it service Peter talked about the gentleness and meekness of Christ they

54:03seen these days we think gentleness means softness and we think we weakness is weakness the very opposite Jesus

54:11asleep when he got angry was he soft nothing else off you what they say it

54:18said to some people but were you sir peter fallacy in his father’s house you’re a bunch of hypocrites you white it’s settled if that’s not very loving

54:24language is it he loved his own I don’t ever read what he loved this letting the

54:31policies or publicans he loves sinners miss apostle of everybody do you thing

54:40only do it so you brought Bible over the world and accept some church dogma

54:47that’s not consistent with this

54:55he finishes the seventeenth chapter I’ve declared unto them by name and will declare it but the love way with our

55:00lovely maybe in them behind them and then lately said he loved them right to the end so now he’s going into

55:12Gethsemane I can’t we told to him but I

55:17remember used to sing a hymn in England’s also dark Gethsemane ye who feel the tempest power your ademas

55:23conflict see and what’s with him one leaf flower Sun now from the world away

55:32learn from Jesus Christ to pray I guess

55:37you heard how hundreds of times people say Sodom end of the day was saved he

55:44chillin a green of the old holderness folk in hidden fair remember the dead was sanctified you go to a penny

55:51cultural Churchill hidden sad remember the day that I was born again I remember that I was filled with the Holy Ghost

55:57I’ve never yet heard the person say I remember the time when the way to Gethsemane you know I forget felony in

56:06the heyday of this preaching in the world survival and he was only 23 years of age evan roberts who was an oversized

56:14man for the Welshman that a small race of men but he was kind of a giant for

56:20over 30 number people there and suddenly he crumbled you know like you see those I’m not facetiously you see them

56:26dynamite those buildings and they go down like that and he just like fell flat and he groaned and he roared on the

56:32platform in front of twelve or thirteen hundred people somebody was gonna lay hands on him and somebody wise enough

56:38said that stood it is upon him leave him he’s having a gets Emily it’s an awful

56:48price to pay but God gives beauty for Ashes the oil of joy for mourning we

56:54want the job or not the mourning the garment of praise but not the spirit of heaviness

57:03Jesus is pray this awesome prayer magnificent prayer majestic prayer call

57:08it what you will again he’s probing

57:14model majesty you have a sense of unity with his father the creator of the

57:20universe but he’s joining the most horrendous unimaginable heart of the world has ever known by himself using a

57:30him earthly friends may favor and leave us one day soon the next day Grievous but our Lord will need this Weaver’s

57:39he’s grown into that mark of a that foolish the last of a trial that he had before Pilate and before the Roman king

57:51he doesn’t tangle what has he girded

57:57with he’s go do with the righteousness of god he is good with the fact this is the way that God has chosen from it

58:02again as bonus says this is the way the master when should not the servants ready still you know most of us who were

58:09honest we want to go to heaven on easy street don’t overburden me don’t talk to

58:14me about sacrifice don’t talk to me about fatty don’t talk to me about anguish

58:25he’s going into this horrible experience against Emily breathe about it when you

58:33go home read the 22nd chapter had me the 22nd some he talked about the dogs are

58:40waiting for him and the Lions are waiting for me the devours are there the

58:47unimaginable darkness that there is that all by dillos have done over me

59:05you can’t use it card on any better language from that nerve-wracking experience that torturous experience on

59:11his body is mine and his spirit he goes from there to something even darker it

59:17would seem to me what’s darken and gets Emily what’s how can they get finished

59:22well the judgment Hall again he’s diverted he’s alone and he goes on his

59:29way to the cross I’ve read that over and

59:35over again this afternoon in Hebrews 13 13 let us go go with him outside the camp bearing his reproach heavy is were

59:43Holy One of God whose of holy Orizon to behold iniquity he’s given it back to

59:51the slightest

59:59all the holidays I 53 becomes real it’s

1:00:06over by one man sin this disobedience sin entered into the world and because

1:00:11of that every graveside testified for the sin of Adam every broken life every

1:00:17jail that’s filled with wicked men tonight every broken home 65 to the sin

1:00:22of Adam but then we’re sold by one man’s

1:00:28obedience many were made righteous you

1:00:34have this almost word perfect picture of Jesus read in Isaiah 53 he’s wounded for

1:00:43our transgressions and bruised for our iniquities I’ve often wondered why the

1:00:49disciples didn’t leave the judgment Hall be handing him cheering master you told

1:00:57us this was coming up you said that wicked men will put it to their time again you read Isaiah 53 he goes down

1:01:05from a place of judgment to where to go up it he was always an outsider so then

1:01:15he was born outside of marriage when he comes with young regretted young man

1:01:22he’s put outside of his own family they called him a madman that’s how burn your family do that later they put him out of

1:01:28the synagogue usually a great American evangelist not openly quoted told

1:01:35Alexander his wife was English she wrote

1:01:41her hand the children’s and we sang almost every week at home another child there is a green hill far away without

1:01:46the city wall i wonder why twould without if if you will which means I’ve got outside the city one without their

1:01:53Lord was crucified there is staggering under his cross

1:02:02and it’s going to wear well whether you

1:02:08like it or not I’ll tell you what is doing even to the sewage farm please

1:02:15Leviticus read numbers what was he going

1:02:20he’s going outside of the city life because all Molly factors go outside of the city all letters go outside of the

1:02:26city all the unseen growth of the city all the filth of the city is thought out there and there he goes nobody

1:02:39applauding nobody’s shooting and then scrolling him all the way down i’m sure they shut out the lip they laughed him

1:02:45to scorn and drive it’s famine visited

1:02:50beloved son and then mystery of mysteries that it pleased the Lord it

1:02:55pleased the Lord to bruise him the law

1:03:01the freight on them every scene you or anyone else ever committed some people

1:03:08make a lot of the cross of Jesus on the cross it kill him sure it is our cinema

1:03:17killed in

1:03:23used to be a teacher in Edinburgh University new college Edinburgh years ago the century go he was a Scotsman

1:03:30together fantastic knowledge of Hebrew he taught Hebrew every morning for those

1:03:36university students in the divinity class and he always used the Hebrew pics

1:03:41Bible at the textbook he went to Isaiah

1:03:4653 long morning he stopped in his lecture and he said listen to this he

1:03:55coated it in Hebrew that in English his soul not his body his soul was made an

1:04:08offering for sin I’ll tell you what he said how we interpret that they said

1:04:14gentlemen it was damnation and he took it joyfully he tasted the pangs of hair

1:04:23why I say he was born without the father he finished with other father why because he said my god lifestyle

1:04:29forsaken me I can understand Peter he was always vacillating I can understand can’t come as he was always Bobby I

1:04:35understand the flames of the job here i am in the crisis moment if ever I needed

1:04:41you it’s now and I’m deserve it is as black as hell

1:04:50the head of this in book was not trying to think we never swung it man of sorrows what a name for the Son of God

1:04:55who came ruined sinners to refrain hallelujah what a savior very same their

1:05:12instruments stopping rude in my face and then d son I’ve ever figured those three

1:05:19crosses near the central cross with Jesus here’s a FIFA there’s a seat and all the travel going there laughing

1:05:25mocking strumming and Barabbas comes up and says so buddy you know I should have been a backdrop I was mine that

1:05:32miracle-working fellow took it oh what a marvelous man i’m bloody took my place i’d be writhing in agony when it last

1:05:41you see him riding in agonies are you having God blend you get through your

1:05:46prayers without breaking down the side I give away the whole face today cause

1:05:54modern features on this swim ballasting it sinful things of reach that’s a wepon

1:05:59you preach don’t get a hill of beans the

1:06:07manual does creature doesn’t wait for the last should not X people did someone expect people to come and reap for that

1:06:12thing the reason they don’t come and wait for their sins he never wait for them that’s right

1:06:24the billows of hair grows over him

1:06:29before he gets to get Semin ikan can distinct the horrid record drainages for

1:06:35the drainage of the city went there all the corpses like they’re all the letters

1:06:40on the other loud to walk there anybody deranged that Saddam be put outside the

1:06:45city wok everybody they thought was unclean and undesirables top there come on now you say that’s a horrible figure

1:06:52won’t let me tell you tonight you may be a church memory and they are paid your dues in your tithes and having those I’ll get there when some judges but on

1:06:59this let me say this if you’re not born

1:07:05again of the Spirit of God you’ve got the hell anyhow and it will then it will be the misery of that place I’ve

1:07:12described a million times worse and some

1:07:17of these proud preachers get there and discover the girl they passed a hundred times at the end of the block while they

1:07:22were preaching salvation is selling above the evidence funding other people

1:07:27in the cabin within a few hundred yards

1:07:34of this building just yesterday I think it was precious man 56 years of those

1:07:39shut himself I wondered why I hadn’t

1:07:47unlocked reduced god I admit that I wonder if anybody ever did

1:07:55I think the greatest tragedy the world tonight is not sir Ethiopia this

1:08:05terrible it is it’s not Afghanistan being raped and devout every day by the

1:08:12wicked vile Russians disagrees if you like I believe the greatest stranded in

1:08:20the world tonight

1:08:34hopefully the greatest read in the world tonight is a sixth church in the dying world we have a very name and where

1:08:42destitute of power with all the Blessed excuse for modernist and liberals of giving us for not believing in the Old

1:08:48Testament for not believing the miracle-working power I’ve made it so

1:08:56many times to jail inviting a few others ok have you gotta happen tonight I

1:09:05preached over 60 years and I’ve had some wonderful meetings but i want to see God

1:09:11do something is done by Lee Everett is what I die the devil chicas around like

1:09:17a football we were going to have a great Church we’ve got a great building down

1:09:22the road there and it dissolves somehow whether the great goof up the road and

1:09:30they’ve done what is going to run away let the devil have the whole place

1:09:41ivano the first time I heard people in the Christian missionary lunch just

1:09:49singing a hymn also be like the blessed Redeemer made me think I wonder if I

1:09:58really wanted to be like him he was never popular he was never very well

1:10:04accepted do I come on do you really want

1:10:13an intimacy with God these shows you the world that he sees it I preached in a

1:10:19big church income of a few years ago to

1:10:25love the girl that school teachers in England actually Welsh one of them came

1:10:30forward to the brilliant scholar I think he studied in some universities Oxford and therefore she came to the oven she

1:10:37wept and wept I mentioned the name I knew her daddy well I’m known her for some years the monkey got say she said

1:10:45please God

1:10:58that please God will you show me the world as you see it I said you really

1:11:08mean that you have to the Lord to cut the world into like sometimes you take

1:11:15your rosy cheeked Apple cut it into and vanish so rotten and corrupt inside would you like Delta show you the

1:11:21fallacy and hypocrisy of modern Christianity would you like to God

1:11:27explores to you the towel and awesomeness of the devil devilish colony Col Russia

1:11:40hey Jesus is lonely hearts are taking it it’s harder the take right in his State

1:11:47of anguish and the state of confusion when you feel the whole world is

1:11:53breaking to pieces and God isn’t doing much about it I think the most awesome

1:12:02thing in the world tonight gist of a person of death the faith of a Christian and next week so I’ll tell you that you

1:12:12want another key tool preaching it’s in the words of Jesus that we read tonight I 561 in which it said for this man will

1:12:21I look to him that trembler put my word I don’t tremble at clouds are used to my knees loosen up and don’t tremble at

1:12:26crowded in it I don’t even sound like the part of the devil i don’t think but

1:12:32I tremble at the awesomeness of delivering God’s Word I believe in every

1:12:41meeting where God is somebody is born again by the same song I believe in every meeting my god if somebody dies

1:12:48when they reject the message of salvation you could go to hell from this

1:12:53meeting where God is Jesus had his

1:13:02minute to get semanas and show before that final get family he had his

1:13:08repeated audiences with the father I think maybe even have miniature as it

1:13:16were transfigurations where he communicated with the father and saw the glory and holiness of God do you wonder

1:13:23he was as strong as a lion that he didn’t tangle before kings he didn’t semble the photos he didn’t swim but

1:13:28with all the antagonism of hell and hell broke loose on him he says this is the

1:13:34will of god I’m here how this how he says I came into the world everything

1:13:40also have been to luminal a everything’s been an exercise in my spiritual life and now father I’m ready

1:13:49I believe some of you can have a death when you little class meeting you make a decision about a certain thing but there

1:13:55comes a time when used to make the final decisions a day guide your career maybe

1:14:01dice or torture that’s your plans and

1:14:09there’s a moment when you die and then

1:14:15comes the offer revelations the right goddess cause you to be saved and filled with this spirit not just an easy to

1:14:22live with all we should these of live with if we feel of the spin I’m sure Jesus was easy to live with go labor on

1:14:33spendin be spanked by joy to do the master derivatives will lay the master wench another servant said it’s still

1:14:39tile on and in light so rejoice for Tolkien dressed for exile home son shop

1:14:47out here the bridegroom’s voice within that cry bit but before then men day in darkness at your side I don’t know why

1:14:55this came to me but in the nineteen thirty 1932 if I remember correctly I

1:15:01met Norman grunt of the first day he was a son in law CT stud of amazing this way

1:15:09they had a school in England later they

1:15:14had and I think they still have a school at Washington just outside the Philadelphia there I was wondering why

1:15:23today they turned out men of such tremendous spiritual quality seemed

1:15:28every man that went out of the classroom was a pioneer I think first book that moved for all this hand and holds life

1:15:37written by CD stood a written by Norman group they remain they produce such a

1:15:44race of spiritual giants of that type concert that they have fresh information

1:15:51people were coming in from around the world they didn’t use about loaded with cameras and all the stuff they take so

1:15:57they didn’t go for a weekend giving tax out in Guatemala and think they’ve done God server

1:16:05the original missionaries went out on the one-way ticket and all returns with

1:16:11they hadn’t been a game like feet now man again like Fenton Hall little family

1:16:18in Ireland later led us to little shops one she runs to pay the family bills and the other one she runs to raise children

1:16:24for missions she has four children on the mission features paid all their fees and supported them all their lives you

1:16:31know what the reason was because they got sunk in the words of God every

1:16:38morning though they were busy people every morning that breakfast was eight o’clock it was nine o’clock they had an

1:16:44open service every every morning in the year round the Word of God from nine

1:16:50o’clock till 12 I was privileged to share some of those morning I felt could

1:16:56had down the mouse hole sometimes when I hear those mature missionaries not just telling of their achievements in going

1:17:02and pioneering in fields where it singles the hot as hell in the dark of how but that intimacy with God and they

1:17:10will tell you the only reason that they went as they did and Khalid they’ll obey did was because they had such a

1:17:15revelation of the awesomeness of God and of eternity the hour is come all the

1:17:29years of preparation all the Israel opposition by the devil of the

1:17:34opposition by demons all the opposition by the church and he’s come to the final hour he said glorify your son as the

1:17:44father glorifies the Sun the Sun glorify the father I know it’s a dark way it’s a

1:17:50bloody way it’s a lonely way it’s a hard way I don’t know you can’t imagine the

1:17:56icon the Lord has laid on him that precious sheep of God the Lord has laid

1:18:02on him the iniquity of us all wounded so

1:18:08I could be healed rejected so I could be accepted hafta win forgotten by the

1:18:14father for the way so you accidents of a single of heaven and yet

1:18:20we talk about our dry days our hard bass

1:18:26I’m determined this year more than ever to know Jesus Christ in a new way that I

1:18:31haven’t known him before I want to discover his majesty I want to discover

1:18:40that glory had was the father if I could be bathed with tier so up it’s a short

1:18:48journey from here to eternity once you get to it’s an awful long way after that

1:18:54when we get inside the gate we wish we’d ask God for heavier burdens we wish

1:19:00without regard for more difficult tasks we wish we’d ask God to give us

1:19:05something nobody else wants to do the world to be one a more difficult water

1:19:12than it has ever been it was a meeting last week and I’m through with this and

1:19:18Dave Wilkinson brought about 50 of his really all always convert who are now

1:19:26leading missions in different parts of America 50 of us a 60 gathered together there one of them are come from

1:19:35Guatemala he was there when the Pope was there about what three months ago I

1:19:40remember they flashed on the screen here is the Pope with an audience of 400,000

1:19:46people but they didn’t report what he said he said to those four hundred

1:19:51thousand people there is one great enemy of the church in South America it’s evangelical Christianity what do you

1:19:59think of that just before Christmas the headline was down in El Paso a man call

1:20:06me said the headlines of our paper say tonight the Pope says so the 800 million

1:20:12Catholics you do not do not need to go to God for forgiveness just come to the church the usurper bhulaiyaa has taken

1:20:22over has never been as much opposition for the true gospel of Jesus Christ of that

1:20:29is today we don’t go to a man on the

1:20:34cross he left the tomb empty he left the

1:20:41cross empty that we might be received the glory

1:20:52the owl is coming for all of us before too long I beg you I in seat you’ll find

1:20:58what is the will of God for your life and do it then of the exciting they tend

1:21:04to go be a businessman and get money and give it to people on the submission for you he may also the whole course but I

1:21:11said that it’s the supreme joy of life is knowing that you’re in the will of God that’s our number one problem number

1:21:19two problem is doing it when you know it but the thing is once we have qualified

1:21:25in his Willie’s give us all the grace all the strength he prays that they may have my love another mushy sentimental

1:21:32look that strong love of God but love that let him be nailed to the cross it was love that held in there not nails

1:21:39those idiots that said if you the Son of God come down and save yourself he could have done it easily and confounded them

1:21:45he could have breathe on them and destroy them and he takes humiliation and slicing and ridiculous God again in

1:21:55that garden where we shall never understand he was crushed will you understand it if I say Jesus didn’t die

1:22:01on the cross he died in the gardens of the will of god that’s ready God is

1:22:06young bad a very clever ones died there the class was a note manifestation that he had died in the will of his father

1:22:12then in the gun I come to do thy will o my god if the chap can pass wonderful if

1:22:18not I went it I know what you feel but I

1:22:24feel what I said what I’d like to say he’ll together but I feel I live in Easy


1:22:36do you think you gave us gone tonight see yourself not your posture for the

1:22:43baptism of compassion

1:22:51maybe from the interview diet you’ll reap every day so that other people don’t weep inhale to take kinds of

1:23:00column job seek his face and treatment I’ve got to let you adopt such

1:23:06unshielded up to the adopter people in your heart that even a friend trouble for until he is 12 if I there so that’s

1:23:15what he’s doing in the garden is travelling for your birth and mine the

1:23:21pains of how we got hold of me said it’s not an easy way it’s a difficult way

1:23:27there’s a glorious way and that’s that

1:23:37we pray for a few minutes anyhow feel

1:23:43free to babe you want to pray for yourself or night now if you do want to pray for your church but it’s dry

1:23:49unproductive noble have any tears knob heavenly grief we live in the city

1:23:54what’s house said he got 75,000 people nearly all of them lost nearly a million

1:24:01people may be over there in Dallas most of them lost despite all the churches

1:24:10thank you toad God you want to reveal his will to ask him when the hour is

1:24:20going to be when you have to make a major crisis decision that will alter your lives and maybe who knows tens of

1:24:26thousands of feet long I last country tonight let’s play for a season