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The Sin of Laodicea (video sermon)

The Sin of Laodicea by Leonard Ravenhill

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0:06good to see you tonight praise a lot for the privilege of being here revelation

0:14the book of the revelation I find the

0:19book of the revelation a book of majesty a book a mystery and the book of misery

0:30the misery part is because it showed me the final doom of the wicked it shows me

0:37what what God’s dump heap is like where

0:42all the sewage of the world is going to gather model of spiritual sewage in a

0:47place called hell it’s certainly a very

0:53inspiring book it not only deals with the last days that’s not just the

1:01ministry but all the last days it’s not only the end of the book it’s the end of

1:07time it’s not only the end of time it reveals a beginning of eternity

1:14Revelation chapter 3

1:22verse 14 unto the Angel of the Church of the Laodiceans write these things saith

1:28they are men the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of

1:33God I know thy works that thou art neither hot or cold I would thou wert either cold or hot so then because thou

1:41art lukewarm and neither cold nor hot I will spew thee out of my mouth I can

1:47give you a very ugly caption for this when God gets sick and not is he not

1:52talking about the world he’s talking about those who profess his name the

1:58church he spews out of his mouth I would think would be the culture it’s not the culture it’s not the hot church it’s the

2:04one that’s halfway up and halfway down it’s always vacillating he never is in a

2:12state of what God wants constant victory

2:19verse 17 because they’ll say I am rich and increased with Goods now come on you

2:24folk that preach prosperity if prosperity is God God’s order why does the rebuke this this country this this

2:32church why doesn’t it complement them and saying you’re living exactly what I want you to live there’s not nothing

2:40wrong in being rich the fact is they were contented with it they were satisfied they I’ve told you so often

2:47from myself for you the danger is going up hills struggling uphill reaching a plateau and camping on that plateau as

2:54though there’s no other height to be gained keep this in mind from an old man

3:00there’s no finality to the Christian life this side of eternity nobody knows

3:06it all we know in part and we prophesy in part but one day that they will be

3:11taken away and you know what we will be to discover how stupid we’ve been all

3:17our lives to discover how little of God’s possessions we’ve really reached out for we’re so easily satisfied let me

3:28go on here that won’t go any further because I’ll say I am rich and increased

3:35in goods and have need of nothing a young man was in my office last Saturday

3:42bright young American man with his wife and nearly three children – another one

3:50coming I said are you American yes what are you living I’ve given my life to

3:56Germany he said the youngster started chatting in German I’m sure they were

4:03correct in what they said but anyhow it was interesting to see them he was so

4:09eager to get back he said in my country it’s so different from America you can’t

4:14get out of America without realizing out that you neither hot nor cold you’re in

4:20the state of lukewarmness and indifferent in Germany he says you’re going to church inside the sizzling hot

4:27freezing cold there’s no middle class as soon as you get in that church you sense

4:32the awesome presence of God arise as a vacuum there in America he says that

4:37sense almost nothing I’ll say stammered

4:45its increased in goods and have need of nothing I counsel thee to buy of me gold

4:59tried in the fire you know this is the last of the seven churches in the other

5:06six churches Jesus Christ as some word of commendation for each church in this

5:14church you have no commendation it’s all condemnation

5:20you may remember you’re ready that the Epistle to the Colossians where Paul says see that this epistle is read to

5:26the church at Laodicea so they had lights they had revelation they had

5:31knowledge and yet there was Kofi indifferent

5:38I counsel thee to buy of me go tried in the fire oh so God has some things on

5:46sale yes he has gonna buy some read through the seventieth I counsel thee to

5:53buy of me white raiment so God said yea

5:58God opens his markets every morning you live do you mean what Isaiah says come

6:03and buy wine and milk without money and without price I counsel thee to buy of

6:09me you know this city of Laodicea was one of the greatest cities in the world

6:15at that time I guess you have read some of the great classics

6:21you may remember Cicero went on a vast journey halfway around the world and he

6:27said he cashed his credentials for money in the great banks of Laodicea there’s

6:33irony here the cynicism here almost the scorn here holy Scott which the most

6:39awful scorn ever from the lips of the holy son of God I counsel thee to buy your naked by some

6:46clothing well one of the main industries of Laodicea was they made the best clothing in the world and his essence he

6:54says it’s rubbish you won’t cover you it’s harmless materialistic is selfish

6:59they were rich in money and it is as you buy gold from me the gold is divine

7:07truth the garment of this laser garment of righteousness I counsel thee to buy

7:14of me gold tried in the fire that thou mayest be rich and white raiment that thou bear’st to be clothed how do we buy

7:21from God how many times are we sang in our fellowship here particularly when

7:26Europe grounds that lovely old house we wouldn’t we used to sing the dying thief Cowper’s him and English him of course

7:32the dying thief rejoiced to see that fountain in his day and there had I not

7:37may I have either vile as he washed all my sins away there is a fountain the

7:44dying thief he got into heaven on the last gasp I expect to see him in heaven

7:50I do not expect to see me them as part of the bride I don’t

7:55believe for a minute everybody’s part of the bride because they’re saved if they were why didn’t all the ten virgins get

8:01straightened to see the bridegroom the door was shut you know everybody thinks heaven is

8:08going to be an eternal picnic when you get in the door Peter’s going to be there and say would

8:14you try this on for size this is a special crown for you and you can try this one on this has rubies this has

8:21diamonds this amethyst this has something else forget it are you saying

8:26I have to work for my salvation no I’m saying you have to work for your reward you’re not going to collect crowns in

8:33heaven as souvenirs the dying thief

8:38rejoice to see that fountain in his day one of the great heroes of America two

8:45books move me to God I think that’s why God brought me here when I got to college a minister wrote and said he was

8:52giving his library away that’s never happened since but anyhow he will give me away his library sent for free books

8:59and sent 15 cents for mailing so I sent for three books one unpress when unholiness

9:04and one on the second coming I got a beautiful book it’s never been published

9:10like that since it had a fantastic cover it was brilliant read and it had big gold letters on the back power through

9:18prayer by en bounds and I made up my mind in the lunch time and other boys

9:23were fooling around I’d go and read that book on my knees I read it through in a week I went through it no it went through me it changed my life about

9:31prayer when I was 17 my Sunday school teacher gave me the bridge life of David

9:37Brainerd one of the greatest Saints ever brain had died at 28 Wesley died at 88

9:43he’s wrestling going to have a bigger reward that no he’s not why not because God doesn’t reward us just for

9:51the size of our accomplishments he rewards us for faithfulness he was faithful in that which is least will be

9:58faithful or faithful also in much some people are going to rule over five

10:03cities some are going rule of intensities there’s going to be

10:08some very strange things in heaven I believe every day that you obey God and

10:15particularly in the simple simple things of our the inner things of your life you’re weaving a garment that you’re

10:22going to wear in eternity John Wesley was converted at 35 so in that round it

10:29makes 53 in that wonderful add them together it makes 88 the time he died

10:34when he died he left six English pound notes six silver spoons a handful of

10:40books a Geneva gown and what was the

10:45other thing real freedom oh I know the Methodist Church I knew it was something he made a lot of money he’d built a lot

10:57of institutions he built orphanages I preached in Wunderland for the British Admiralty one so gorgeous fantastic

11:04building in the town of Bath in England and as I walked up that aisle I said and John Wesley walked through this

11:10magnificent bit he paid for it he printed Bibles he printed him books he

11:15financed missionaries to go across the earth that’s the way to use your money you think of the reward why in god’s

11:22name do you think it says don’t lay up treasure not their treasure in heaven

11:28you can tell our spiritual you are I’ll tell you this will shatter some of you and you deserve it when you’re more

11:37interested in your bankbook than you are in God’s book

11:49when I get to heaven I’m sure I’ll make it I’ll be looking to see if Calvin made

11:56it but there you are that’s another thing what a day in heaven will be like

12:01mercy won’t it be wonderful John Wesley buried a man that he said was the

12:08holiest man since the days of the Apostle Paul I have a life on him John Fletcher the saint of needly the drunks

12:16of the side of the road will be standing there not able to stand up and they’d take their caps off and say here comes

12:21the man that loves our souls John Wesley said he was the holiest man that ever

12:27lived he said when method is when I die and leave Methodism I want to hand over my

12:34office for this amazing man he is the only man in the world that can take

12:40Methodism as it is now and rule it spiritually that’s what he said of John

12:45Fletcher John Wesley buried John Fletcher and live thirty years after he died with him

12:54Wesley invested his time invested his money I read David Brennan I lived at that

13:04time on the edge of Sherwood Forest in England so at night I went in the forest and took my mother’s little dog and tied

13:10it to a tree and I pray we have some ferns in England that don’t grow that way they go like a bowl I used to get

13:17into one of them and pray in the night in the darkness yell my head off when

13:25old lady said God not death and a friend of mine said no he’s not nervous either

13:32I don’t care how your prayers long as you pray with the powder and one thing original the spirit that’s all that matters

13:38I got up early Sunday morning I’m rotted off across the golf course tied the dog up to a tree and had

13:43another session of Prayer and gradually gradually gradually got to know something about the heart and passion

13:48and further of a young man who died a ripe old age of 128 after the revival in

13:56Methodism just like most revives it began to different get colder and Wesley wrote to his brother Charles and said

14:02Charles see that every minister in the Methodist Church gets a complete copy of

14:09the diary of David living a David Brainerd and they got an Edition

14:16specially made and sent it to every Methodist preacher I counsel thee to buy

14:24of me gold he’s writing to bankers and

14:30he never had a gold coin bless his heart he had to borrow a penny and he said one day who’s is a superscription render to

14:37Caesar the things of the Caesars if half the Christians in America were as

14:43interested in the kingdom of God as they are in the Dow Jones averages with every Bible we never talk about gold gluttons

14:51we talk about money we talk about gluttonous people will get too fat with

14:56eating what about the gold gluttons is

15:01it possible for a rich man to enter the kingdom of him yes but hardly Jesus says there’s a little gate there in Jerusalem

15:08if you bid where they try and get a camel through they take everything off it and push the poor old beast through without its burden and he said you’ll

15:15get to heaven as easy as that with your wealth James says young wealth cries out

15:21against you listen dear friend I came to this conclusion this week there’s no God

15:28you cranes of God and expecting him to hear your voice if you walk this week

15:33and under-bed his voice he’s not going Lackey he’s not your servant he’s not there to

15:40pull every mountain down he’s there to give you strength to get over the mountain not too easy

15:47we care like infants lord give me strength for this burden know most of us

15:53lord give me burdens according to my my strength that’s why I didn’t do it break our backs in our hearts you switch from

16:01saying Lord give me a burden equal to my strength to saying God give me strength equal to the burden that’s in front of

16:07me I am sure of this again as I pondered

16:15this week you cannot live wrong and pray pray right you may get away with it in a

16:22prayer meeting but when it gets to the great audit or up there he said but you didn’t do right this week you did the wrong business deal you did the wrong

16:28action you said the wrong word we think that prayer is the easiest thing in the

16:33world all you do is get down in your knees and gamble away something prayer is the most difficult ministry in the world

16:38I had three ministers in my office last Monday one of them almost in tears

16:45pastors a charismatic church on the west coast and he says my church is frustrated I’m frustrated what’s wrong I

16:51said you don’t pray you’re not disciplined you don’t pray you’re not know a thing about worship come on shoot

16:57back what did he say nothing then he said

17:04you’re right I’m not a disciplined man I’m not a praying man I don’t know that

17:10much about worship do you know why we have so many pygmies in our pews because

17:18we’ve so many puppets in our pulpits if Jesus came back you wouldn’t trend that

17:25them bleeped trends the pulpit this week

17:30I’m reading for the third time David Wilkerson his new book and it’s a sculpture I’ll make you happy I’m going

17:37to try and get you all a free copy as a Christmas gift won’t that make you happy and maybe I’ll mail it from myself so

17:43you’ll think I send it but anyhow I’ll tell you what you won’t dare to get

17:48through it without brokenness if you do you’ll beyond help does he scorch the church does he Scotch

17:55the pulpit yes when he calls all the time the scriptures and show how far we’ve drifted from the

18:02holiness of God and the authority of God

18:07it will cost a lot of us something to buy from God wouldn’t it

18:13the scripture that says redeem the time actually is from the Greek buy up the opportunities you set off every day

18:21saying Lord I want a new opportunity to prove your grace today improve your strengths that they improve your wisdom

18:26today I want to be so low that nobody can crush me I’m going to get a rubber

18:35stamp made for my letters and you know it will say on I am a woman no man I

18:42don’t have anything else for the world because a worm is the only creature that

18:48can going at one side of a mountain and come out at the other side tell me another creature that can do that read

18:54the 41st chapter of Isaiah which is fantastic about the worm the context is

19:00fear not thou will maker but God called him a prince but you see God never

19:07flatters us he flattens us sometimes it flattens me pretty often to do that will you would carry your not in your head we

19:13must be on the same wavelength he rubs my nose in the dust sometimes and he doesn’t have to go down through far if

19:19you’re a worm to get your nose rubbed in the dust in that good fear not that worm

19:28but Jacob was changed to have his name called isn’t a prince with God but a

19:35nobody in the eyes of the world oh boy how we want to be esteemed how we want

19:41to be respected how people should realize what precious gifts of the Spirit I’ve given you know why they

19:47don’t because you stink with pride that’s why

19:53am i doing pretty good right now nobody uncomfortable I can’t be doing too good

20:00I can’t ally I’m giving you advice buy

20:09of me gold tried in the fire that thou mayst be rich and white raiment that our mist be clothed and the shame of thy

20:18nakedness isn’t amazing this church thought she was renting the most gorgeous garments and God looked right

20:24through them and said you start naked you’re trusting in your works in your

20:30positions in your possessions in your creature comforts and your spiritual stature I’ve said before let me say

20:39again which I often do of course we’re in grave danger when we let our

20:46accomplishments become the ground of our confidence if you feel stronger in God

20:51if I feel stronger in God’s and how because I’ve been preaching 60 years I’m a fool I push Jesus on one side my

20:59confidence is in the flesh the more

21:04longer I live the more I find I don’t know but you know I’m so happy one day

21:09in a factory Jesus called me to preach remember the first call of Jesus wrought

21:15follow me wasn’t it follow me I am meek

21:22and lowly of heart and he shall find rest unto you the first call was follow me or was the second call well the third

21:33was abide in me and it’s not easy but I

21:40remember when I stood on the crack of the ground enough off in that Factory and so Jesus Lord here I go I want not

21:47only will I not go back I won’t even walk back you know some of you feed your

21:54kids on such junk come on let me see how many of you read how many of you are married how many wish you were anyhow

22:04how many I married raise your hands okay let me see okay put them down thank you how many of you read to your children

22:10Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress one good brother where it was you have two three

22:18could feel dear what about reading the holy war that’s a greater book than Bunyan’s

22:24Pilgrim’s processes second volume you know I once sat in bunions chair and I

22:30thought boy when I get up I write like bunion and it didn’t work I went to a

22:36place where the other adam clark the great expositor of the methodist church had a high back chair i sat in that and

22:44it didn’t help my preaching a bit I sat in a chair by the king of England of

22:50satin do you know what nobody noticed can’t life be discouraging well he says

23:04by my garments that you’re naked no I doesn’t say that it says buy of me garments that the shame of thy nakedness

23:13is it awesome to think that one day at the judgment seat of Christ many of us will be stark naked nothing to cover it

23:26by of me that thou mayest be rich and white raiment that thou mayest be

23:31clothed that the shame of thy nakedness not appear as many as I love I rebuke and chasten be zealous therefore and

23:39repent behold I stand at the door or not you know this scripture is so often

23:45applied in an evangelistic meeting Jesus is knocking at the door of your heart correct exegesis is not there he is not

23:52knocking at the door of the heart there is knocking the door of a church god

23:58almighty how could it be the book of the revelation is not complete yet and

24:04before the Canon of scriptures we call it this seal Jesus is outside the church

24:09I sometimes wonder if he ever got back

24:15do you know one of the great things about the Cristiano you better learn it quickly are you learn it painfully two

24:23years ago God gave me a word for the new year I don’t go scattering through the book to find one and the Lord gave me a

24:30word rejection great I had an appointment

24:35next month I was looking to up for in the 17th of April today the Bible School

24:41found somehow they cross their eyes and they didn’t throw the other guy out they

24:46threw me out good good I’ll have less

24:53responsibility the judgment seat I would have delivered my soul I knew the

24:59message God wanted me to give that they rejected it was born and there’s no room

25:05for him in the inn he got a bit older there was no room in his family’s family

25:10turned on him he went to the temple no room in the temple a temple turn on it and when he died there was no long to

25:16bury him he died outside of the city well why in god’s name do you expect to be accepted everywhere how is it in the

25:25world couldn’t get on with the holiest man that ever lived it can get on with you and me are we compromised are we no

25:33spiritual stature have we no righteousness that reflects on their

25:38corruption I stand at the door and knock

25:48who is this Gabriel no who is it Michael the Archangel

25:53no who is it well I’ll tell you we read in the previous chapter there these

25:59things let the Amen the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God can you imagine it I

26:11stand at the door their Redeemer is standing at the door their Savior is

26:18standing at the door their Sanctifier is standing at the door they’re coming King is standing at the door trying to get in

26:24you know the doors are very interesting in the Bible remember Noah build an ark and the God let him do everything except

26:31one thing leave it alone I’ll shut the door when God shuts a door no man can open it again what about the virgins

26:42that were left outside they knocked on the door saying open unto us and he said

26:47I never knew you in the seventh chapter you have all those men doing miracles

26:53and signs and wonders and when they get to the judgment seat God puts the torch

26:59to all their life and it’s a pile of ash they’ve got nothing for it it’s more

27:05than hay and stubble your life can be wood hay stubble or silver gold and

27:11precious stone wood and hence Dublin above the ground its minister everybody sees you flat it on TV – are big and

27:18famous your poor old oral knows going to do now I got this just after one person

27:24that said it from his art one of his greatest men up there told a friend of mine this week oral is launching into a

27:31two hundred million dollar complex it’s got three rings I’m tempted says the

27:38three-ring circus you know the first one is it’s an entertainment center for the

27:46poor weary Christians that got tired of laughing at night Johnny Carson he’s

27:51going to have an entertainment section you know I think they’re going to call it the upper room not the supper room

28:02can you think of a man putting 200 million dollars of god’s money in a thing like that but the second circle is

28:09Bible lands with the what is it six Stations of the Cross how many ten or

28:15twelve one 12 the 12 Stations of the Cross animated the third is oral Robert

28:23land join me at showing him as a boy and who do you think is going to animate all

28:28the things now don’t laugh it’s true Disney after all the animated Mickey

28:35Mouse and Minnie so why not do it for all

28:42I’m angry you sang your ties that are stupid thing you’re agreeing with the

28:48condemnation you’ll become damned with it you’re agreeing with the worldliness of it behold I stand at the door and

29:00knock no one

29:11he’s still outside the door go to town

29:18you see a church with a Family Center next to it you’ve got a hundred people crushing in there every night 150 and 20

29:24in the prayer meeting if that you think Jesus is standing in the midst of a show there’s only one place for Jesus Christ

29:31and What did he say where two or three are gathered together there am i we’re in the midst read the 21st of Revelation

29:40there are throngs there were four and twenty elders and he’s in the midst and there’s a lamb upon the throne and he’s

29:47in the midst that’s the only place where Jesus is comfortable where is the center

29:52where is the master of ceremonies I stand at the door knocking If any man

30:01will hear my voice yea this people so clothing through the

30:08world the historic record is they had a breed of sheep that were never known

30:14anywhere else and they produce black silky wool that made the most precious garments that people could buy Kings

30:20used to buy but the other great export was isodd look at the irony I counsel

30:26thee to buy of me I solve that stuff you have is no God they had a little block

30:35they bother little block and they crushed it and mixed it with water and put it in their sore eyes after all they

30:41had no sunshades and they went over burning deserts where the Sun will glow in their eyes and they had tremendous

30:47discomfort and he said I’ll I’ll give you I saw

30:57as many as I love I rebuke and chasten be zealous therefore and repent I stand

31:04at the door and knock If any man hear my I like that phrase I like the defiance

31:09when the Apostle Paul says it I like it when Jesus stood in a crowded place with

31:15maybe five thousand people standing around and he stood there where the priesthood stood every day for six days

31:20and poured out water from a golden vessel on his shoulder brought up from the pool of Siloam and the big orchestra

31:28singing and Jesus to make exactly in the same place and said if any man thirst that was a smack in the eye for the Jews

31:35they said we have a monopoly of God Jesus says if any man thirst Paul knows better than that but 1 Corinthians 5:17

31:42I think he says if any man be in Christ I love that any man anywhere at any time

31:51being Christ God doesn’t plug you up where you’re leaking he makes you a new

31:57creature if you didn’t get a new heart and a new mind and a new hope and a new

32:02appetite for God’s Word and the new appetite for prayer you may have changed your model standard but you’re still

32:07dead in trespasses and in sin I don’t believe that 5% of the Christians in

32:13America even born-again in mind filled with the Holy Ghost and that goes for England goes for Australia the most

32:20radical thing in the world is the new birth he makes us a new creation the

32:28spirit who brooded over there over the chaos in the garden in the beginning the

32:35spirit that brooded over us over that in the beginning he’s the same Holy Spirit that brooded over the holy men were

32:43moved by the Holy Ghost wherever the Holy Ghost goes there’s movement he doesn’t have to be visible

32:50he came across a man coming a sycamore tree herdsman of decor and made him a

32:58prophet he came over a little woman

33:03people passed they’re going up the road and looked at them and said you know that woman’s pregnant she’s not married

33:08what are we coming to passing the Virgin Mary within touching

33:15distance of the son of God the eternal son of God the Holy Ghost in it a bunch

33:21of unlettered unnamed almost unusual men met in the upper room and what happened

33:31God turned them inside out then what happened they went and turned the world

33:36upside down

33:53he said if any man hear my voice when

33:58the whole of Europe was as black as night one man heard God because you know his

34:07name Martin Luther what happened he shook the whole of Europe he didn’t

34:13invent justification by faith he came to a cemetery the church was a cemetery full of dead men’s bones and he was made

34:19alive he said it came one moment when I was browsing over my sins and Satan came

34:26in with an inkwell and an ax and a pen and he wrote on the wall of my cell the

34:32sins of my youth the sins of my manhood the sins of the flesh the sins of the Spirit the sins I remember the sins I

34:38forgotten and then he laughed in my face and said there you are all your sins

34:44that you ever committed Martin Luther says write one more there isn’t one to

34:50write well then if there’s not one tonight right across the moral the blood of Jesus Christ God’s Son cleanseth me

34:57from all sin I’m a free man I don’t need the priest I don’t need the sacrament the doctrine of justification

35:05was restored through Martin Luther at a quarter to nine on the 25 out a quarter

35:12to 9:00 on the 24th of May 1738 John Wesley says in his diary I went somewhat

35:18unwillingly to a place in alders gate Street and a man was reading the preface

35:24to the Epistle to the Romans listen the preface not not the Epistle he was

35:30reading the preface to the Epistle to the Romans by Martin Luther and it was just about quarter to 9:00 on the clock

35:35and I did feel my heart strangely warmed and I said I believe that Jesus died for

35:42my sins even mine a Roman Catholic theologian said it

35:47wasn’t anything supernatural II had epilepsy well a hope a half of you have

35:53ever electric feet tonight it

35:58he went a step further than Martin Luther because he raised from the dust the doctrine of sanctification that not

36:07only can our sins be forgiven but sin can be removed and the Holy Ghost the computer fires through the blood and

36:13coming in dwellers by the Spirit of God and Jesus can be made unto us more than

36:19the Savior he can be made wisdom and righteousness and sanctification Redemption there’s nothing so majestic

36:27there’s nothing this nation or any nation on earth needs more than a series a message on the new birth I said to

36:35some preacher in my office the other day you always talk about the gifts of the Spirit and sometimes the fruits of the

36:41spirit there’s one thing you miss out tell me the last time you preached on this but when he is coming convicts of

36:47sin you’re asking God to fill you without it be emptied of all your

36:52corruption you’re asking him to troll you before you let him take off the garments that you have of your own

36:59righteousness and selfishness the new

37:04birth is a majestic experience it takes the blood of the Sun it takes the pardon

37:11of God it takes the work of the Holy Ghost to read generators I need more

37:17than pardon I need more than justification we’ve got I need a spirit in me that I do not have and that is a

37:24blessed Holy Spirit of God to come and take full control of my personality If

37:32any man hear my voice and open the door there’s a classic picture the first time

37:37I went to London I went to some Paul’s Cathedral there’s a fantastic picture nearly as large of this wall and it

37:45shows a door and the lamp that seems to be going out it’s dark outside and there’s a line going all over the door

37:51and there’s an owl sitting up there in the bush and underneath it says Jesus

37:57the light of the world Jesus is there with a plummet with a lamp I forgot that

38:05I think Holman painted it after he had painted it the critics came and one said

38:11I have seen a miss take on this picture that nobody has found yet what is that there’s no latch

38:16on the door he said there is it’s on the inside the Holy Ghost would never kick

38:23down the door he never abolished your will he’ll never make you a slave to come into a state of grace and make you

38:30a slave after in fact he won’t take you any less terms and you give him your spirit not your lousy sins maybe indeed

38:38that your spirit in your soul and body after he’s pardoned you you want your body you want your mind you want your will he wants your affections I think it

38:54was born and I’m not sure that the wrote him filled out my life Oh Lord my God in

38:59every part with praise that my whole being may proclaim thy being and I

39:04praise not for the lip of praise alone nor even a praising art I ask heart I

39:11asked but for a life made up of praise in every part praising the common things

39:16of life its goings out and in praising these duties in deeds deed however small

39:22and me mean so shall no part of day or night from sacredness be free but all my

39:30life in every step the fellowship with thee I guess it’s true to say here we

39:37have a lot of Sunday Christians here you very pious on Sunday you carry the Bible

39:44with you a nice addition that you haven’t used for years maybe what about

39:50the rest of the week are you a Sunday Christian the measure of your yielded

39:57mr. God is the measure of God’s yielding us to you he won’t drive you into

40:03submission he won’t drive you to the place where you have to take a lot bigger than the other person he offers

40:09you the opportunity

40:21I’ve got through that bit I want to say this I mentioned a few minutes ago there

40:28where the Lord says of those men that had fabulous ministries although we on TV Sunday you know many miracles we’ve

40:35had a guy there his daddy’s a famous preacher saw a daddy lets him wear his

40:41mantle and he stand there the other son dad watched him for three months he said oh I’m so full of the love of God thanks

40:48I’m so full of the love of God I thought well why didn’t you go see your wife and the two kids you deserted he hasn’t seen

40:54them more than once a year and he’s telling young people he says

41:00will pray for your marriage don’t pray for your own what are we living when

41:06adulterers can have the front place on TV my boss comes our better preach a bit

41:15better right here now those two nice

41:22people are from Bethany fellowship you know Bethany fellowship and they’re two of the cofounders so it’s good to have them we’ve got all the celebrities here

41:28tonight but he says I stand at the door

41:33isn’t sitting that person that stands at your door is waiting for a response and

41:38then is going you know what stupid evangelists say well why don’t you

41:43settle it with the Lord tonight don’t leave it till next week listen friend I got past that God isn’t your errand boy

41:50he doesn’t know your thing he could give you the witness that you to be saved and cast you into hell and it’d still be a

41:56loving God don’t put it off till

42:01tomorrow the scripture says today if ye will hear his voice the scripture says now is the accepted

42:08time there’s an old proverb that says what procrastination is the thief of

42:15time I believe that procrastination is the recruiting sergeant of hell you say

42:23but I don’t understand Jesus says to these miracle workers who raised the dead and done many

42:28new you that’s what he says notice what he didn’t say he didn’t say I never saw you

42:34of course he saw them the eyes of the Rodrick wrote Lord run to and through thought they all but I never knew you

42:40you did all your works in my name to build up your name to build up your

42:47institution to bleed people for money of course he saw that they were doing I

42:54thought with the world famous preachers on years ago he had heard me priests he said well you’re pretty strong I said

42:59well why should I join the weak gang anyhow well you were pretty strong you

43:05came on yes I don’t know anything else to preach for what strong well he said I

43:11did something that was pretty bad recently and God hasn’t sent judgment to me I said I’ve got news for you but he’s

43:16not going to do either what I keep thinking disaster will come up in front

43:22of me some calamity will no forget it you’ve gone your way to Eternity don’t

43:27worry about it why I’ll tell you why because God doesn’t judgment like he

43:33used to immediately Cain slew Abel God put a mark on him lest any finding him or the

43:41any his daddy and mommy wouldn’t kill it there must have been a world population anyhow lest any finding injured slay him

43:49nerium gossiped about her brother if God sends us rites of snow with leprosy

43:55tonight for gossip half of the congregation that would have to turn this into a healing meeting but you see

44:02he doesn’t do that why as God changed this time no he is a point of the day I

44:08don’t remember many things there old Keith said to me he said some things that possibly one that day we were

44:14talking and I said well Keith you know all roads lead and the internal Jimmy said to the judgment seat of Christ

44:20right I’d like to make a map of that all the creation of men every nation they’re going right up there to the judgement

44:26seat no matter how lousy and rotten this world is it doesn’t allow corrupt the

44:32religion is a sin still God’s world he still is going to bring it to account in that great day nothing will escape

44:39Kennedy we wish you didn’t get pardoned from the Pope drowning that young woman I think mister

44:47and Nixon will be a bit embarrassed when they played the eighteen tapes over in eternity but they’re going to do it and

44:53should I’ve been listening I guess you will what a day it’s going to be shut

45:04out the judge of all the earth do right but then he says to him that overcometh

45:10to him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me on my throat oh you don’t

45:16have a king in America I wonder God blesses you don’t have a king don’t get

45:23angry now doesn’t the scripture say what you have to do one do something in

45:30another king that shows his mercy that he honors America another King then apart from that so him that overcometh

45:41will I grant to sit with me who sits on the throne of the side of the king the queen who is the queen the bride I

45:47believe the only people that make up the bride of Jesus Christ are the overcomers

45:53overcome the world or become the flesh or become the devil overcome discouragement overcome every crazy

45:59thing that pulls up a people down and the cost of the indwelling irresistible

46:04power of the Holy Ghost we can be more than conquerors not just country I’m going to preach on that one Sunday money

46:10I won’t tell you it’s only money but I’ll preach on it once anyone I’ve got a preach to Sunday after Easter

46:16then David’s preaching next week we’re going to alternate so you can always stay away when I’m preaching you keep

46:22keep a good record but if you do I’ll be at your house or next day I’ll tell you that

46:29he’d never have to get a chauffeur to drive me around no only those were all

46:41become a going to sit with him on his throne I’m going to condense it this one

46:46thing I waitin with this morning about prayer prayer is the most difficult task

46:53in the world the condition is laid down in Psalm 15 who shall ascend into the

46:59hill of the Lord either hath clean hands and a clean hands is our business relationship with the world if you got

47:05dirty hands you’ve no chance of your prayer being answered you sabotage don’t blame the devil don’t blame somebody

47:11blame yourself you sabotage it by disobedience you sabotage it by shady business deals you sabotage it by wrong

47:19attitudes to other people God is demanding clean hands my relationship

47:24and a pure heart my relationship to God the thing that came to me Dale this morning early was this Oh God Almighty

47:32runs the universe I don’t know what the world looks like to him I won but

47:39remember flying up from Australia once he was the clearest day I’d ever flown and I could actually see the circle of

47:45the earth I’m sure of that I looked at that and I thought there’s God he sits on the circle of the earth he’s the hind

47:50laughs – and inhabiting eternity what must the world be like to him how small is it and yet he looks down from heaven

47:58on the world about a little big as my thumbnail so to speak and yet he sees a

48:03man praying this fire-breathing Pharisee

48:09he’d torn families up he admits that he’d driven people to prison he was

48:16blazing mad with holy anger and you think God doesn’t make a man a new creature how do you get that man was

48:21setting himself on Iran confession I was a blasphemer I was a murderer I did every evil thing to wreck the Church of

48:28Jesus Christ and then he writes I may speak with the tongues of men and of angels but if I have no love and God

48:36tent enduring for man whose fiery with hatred to love which is stronger than

48:42earth to fire which is a great food love which is a fire and is the strongest

48:47fire in the world but there he is he’s crumbled up on the Damascus Road and God

48:54in eternity stops creation as he only says look there is a man praying I don’t

48:59find him saying after that there’s a man doing miracles there’s a man raising the dead there’s a man in prison singing his

49:05praises to me he says there is a man and he got my ear because he’s praying I’ll

49:11tell you who pray poor people pray now socially poor the poor in spirit

49:18the psalmist says this poor man how could it be a poor man he has a standing

49:23army he’s at the top of the charts with his songs writing the greatest hymns

49:29ever written the Psalms and any vows before God and says this poor man cried

49:35or he says bow down thine ear and he me I’m poor and needy only the poor have

49:42access to the throne of God you can stink even in your riches if you like and I’m not talking about material

49:47riches I’m talking about the arrogance many people have about their gifts in the spirit you gon come to a banquet or

49:55breakfast to supper or something there’s a man with a word of knowledge because if the poor guy only as the Word of God

50:00is hardly worth listening to but he has a word of knowledge or this man did this

50:07when God found him he was broke and he’s prospered and look at it I’ve never found a man and I went to Full Gospel

50:13businessmen in Minneapolis for years every Saturday morning that they had it

50:21you talk about praying Dinu prayed in our group in a little house there David do police a knock the

50:32other fellow duck huddle bredesen a man that’s done very much in this country

50:38that was named escape tree for the moment about six of us I’m not against

50:43ten but you know what I only remember one Saturday when anybody prayed in tongues I’ll tell you what they prayed

50:48in the Holy Ghost they prayed until it seemed to me the whole ground was moving

50:55Lord let me make a leap into eternity get all of the horns of the altar the one hand on the horns of the altar and

51:02on this poor stinking world in which I live in bankrupt Church God listens to

51:09praying men I’m glad you pray well free during your dear wife he could sell you some

51:16ancestor prayer when we get to heaven we’re going to be embarrassed without

51:22little we have as a pro we’ve received about inheritance in Jesus Christ God

51:28gave us Jesus Christ and if this doesn’t blow your mind what will and with him he has freely given us all things there’s

51:35no reason why we should ever doubt there’s no reason why we should ever fail there’s no reason why we should step back from some supertastic God puts

51:42in front of us he delights in our success in the spirit this man was the

51:50greatest preacher that ever lived I think the Apostle Paul after Jesus but God never said behold he preached earth

51:56he never said be holy prophet saw earth he never said behold he raised the dead

52:01again behold there’s pandemonium in Hell why because he cast demons out of the

52:08woman I’ve said it before let me say it again because some of you have been here before

52:13I think the greatest honor ever paid to

52:19any human being outside of Jesus were paid to the Apostle Paul when one day

52:29some men try to drive drive a demon out of a man and the demon in the man’s eye

52:35listen Jesus we know and Paul we know in

52:42God’s name do you know anything greater than that I would be like I’d rather be

52:48on the devil’s list and most wanted men in America than any other the world could give me you couldn’t even give me all the banks in the world they wouldn’t

52:55satisfy me whisper in my ear that Satanist moved you up he says you’re

53:00getting to be dangerous to his kingdom he says you’re spoiling his plans your thought in his purposes you’re pulling

53:07down his strong we’re not putting things out we’re building pretty little churches and

53:12little rooms for people to sit around

53:19people say well if you pray in the Holy Ghost or pray in tongues you can prove that with all the religious you haven’t in the world all the Greek praying in

53:26the Holy Ghost is praying God’s mind with God’s strength with God’s wisdom with God’s love if you tell me how to

53:32pray in tongues tell me how did Wesley shake the world and never spoke in tongues how did finish shake the world how did

53:40Judson go to Burma one of the hardest kundan see revival how did he Stan his

53:46state for seven years and never see a convert and not get discouraged because

53:52he was looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher there Wilfried on his wife

53:59this precious brother what God has begun in Venezuela is on the finish I don’t

54:05care how big it’s been it’s on the beginning I don’t probably sound like Dave Gus so I may tell you this your

54:12whole outfit down there is still in water to the ankles you’re going to go to waters to the knees then water to

54:19swimming mentor to Holy Ghost abandonment we want you to send us

54:24reports that will make us weep make us search our heart look what God’s doing down there david

54:33has a statement in his book that’ll cause him some trouble that God Almighty is not dependent on the money in the

54:38churches in America to shape the world he’s done it all through history without money men I know we got to live we’ve

54:46got to eat got to pay our taxes but people think if we can launch out here the little boy on PTL says this is God’s

54:54method you know what do you mean God Almighty’s methods have saved the world people that listen up the Amazon can’t

55:00afford a shirt never mind a TV go around

55:06the Philippine Islands and see people there they’ve no shoes to their feet

55:12there’s a hymn that was written I forgotten 40 40 years ago about a woman that came I think was through Korea

55:21they told her about a man who was preaching about the Living God who had a son and his son ones came to this earth

55:27and he lived like us and got sleepy and tired and hungry and yet people kicked

55:32him around where is that man and she was told she walked 15 miles at seventy

55:39years of age he got 15 miles of the meeting she couldn’t hear too well and

55:44just before she left she said to the preacher I didn’t quite get the name of the man you said died for my sins I

55:51would like to say thank you for him did he take all my sins yes I have been very

55:59bad he took all yours there’s not one of them the devil can bring up against you in that great day what was his name

56:06Jesus Jesus she walked home 15 miles

56:12through the forest feet were blistered and soul and bleeding when she got home she slept soundly sure she didn’t woke

56:19up in the next morning and forgotten his name and she walked back to the missionary 15 miles she asked for the

56:26mission they said he lives in that she hammered on the door and she said tell

56:32me his name again I forgot it and he spell it out again

56:38somebody wrote the colors were used to saying Oh tell me his name again I’ll sing me that glad refrain how Jesus in

56:45love came down from a bow to die for our sin and shame tell me his name again you

56:50know that name has lost its charm for many of us you know we’ll never get

56:58things to be wertham god’s way some people never get out of the first five chapters of the Acts of the Apostles

57:03well the Acts of the Apostles is the Acts of the Holy Ghost it’s the Acts of the church but really carefully and get

57:10out of your doldrum and find out the name of jesus is mentioned far more often than the Holy Ghost he knows name

57:18did you do this thing there’s one name that makes hell tremble its name high

57:24over all in Hell or earth or sky angels and men before it fallen Devils fear and

57:30fly I say this I don’t get it

57:35I’m in balance to be part of the Church of Jesus Christ tonight which is so totally radically different from the New

57:41Testament so impoverished so blind so powerless I thought with David now yesterday we

57:51had a wonderful talk I’ve come to this conclusion there is a move of God in

57:58America today but not amongst the unsaved it’s amongst the redeemed will determine

58:04by the grace of God to be part of the bride and to be part of the bride you’ve

58:09to be divorced from everything in the world you can’t be holy on Sundays and

58:15count on Mondays you can’t delight in some of the scripture the preacher gives

58:21you in your turn each of and then Monday say oh I just saw the Dow Jones boiling it wonderful oh brother that money

58:27stinks when he’s become your idol

58:32anything you like more than prayer and worshiping God is an idol you better get rid of it I shall have no other God

58:39before me God is a jealous God I wouldn’t share my dear wife if I’d said

58:47to my wife while darling I love you you’re beautiful and but you know I remember a girl I used to know called

58:52Alice I’ll just need one night a week to go tour with Alice I mean I’ll be back

58:58you know by nine o’clock and he says yes you don’t matter if you never come back

59:04which will be right come on why don’t

59:09you you’ve got an idol come on some of you can’t wait for baseball to start you

59:15know every player you’ll know is the average is and how many times it gets knocked out that washed out or beaten up

59:20whatever it is you’ve had no joy or winter because you don’t like oh boy

59:27just a week into them we’ll have the TV showing us a wonderful game anything

59:37that you love more than you love Jesus Christ is an idol I don’t care what it is

59:46David was that well in Cyprus my dear wife now been reading up okay steady stirring and in one place he says

59:54Rebecca remember Rebecca was barren God

1:00:00told her to take all the idols out of a tent and when she did she became fruitful and he Labor’s on that on the

1:00:06on the Baroness in the churches do to the idols in our homes I counsel thee to

1:00:14buy will cost something buy gold from a banking system buy gold from a city that

1:00:21made more garments in any nation in the world by I sob there was one of the

1:00:27greatest hospitals in early history in that very church that in plumbing that very city and it is saying to the church

1:00:34you can make that isar but I have a nice South wonderful to have wonderful eyes

1:00:42wonderful when we can see the things that God is doing we can see into the creation of God well my times gone I’m

1:00:56going to ask you to pray for these precious brothers as they go back dear wife to Venezuela pray for Paul I’ll

1:01:06Paul down in one of the most difficult all these other countries in the South

1:01:12America I think every one of them one time another have revival all except Paraguay is never in its

1:01:19history have we Bible anthropologists say the people in that country the most

1:01:25savage people of all the people in South America I’m not asking you to pray because it’s my son I’m asking to pray

1:01:33that the devil will be overthrown that souls will be liberated they’re not

1:01:39trying to build a judge remember when their eye beam was here and she said we are not in South America to get converts

1:01:45we’re in South America to get worshipers that’s wonderful

1:01:55David Wilkerson’s boy Gary he’s working in one of the darkest spots in America

1:02:00right downtown Detroit vicious do you

1:02:07know that a more young people killed in Detroit in a month than are killed in

1:02:13New York City in a year the murder rate

1:02:19in the schools the devastation amongst young people is utterly wild and yet

1:02:28there’s people all over town they’ve been lifting their arms up for months and years and God Almighty they’ve never done a thing I’m tired of writing and

1:02:38reading about revival I want to see God do it the last thing here somebody

1:02:48caught it tonight I think Romans 12:1 and 2 I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of God that you present

1:02:53your body a living sacrifice holy acceptable to God which is only a reasonable service and be not conformed

1:03:00to this world was it Philip says don’t let this will shape you in its mold and

1:03:09as a statement like dr. Criswell awhile ago he said I’m amazed at the worldliness of the people of God in

1:03:15these days how worried we are how caught

1:03:21up in materialism how fascinated with the things we can say the perishing

1:03:27things of Claybourne but for one brief day I’ve told you before I say that sit

1:03:34down I do not want God to say to me in that day my son had many things to tell

1:03:39you but you couldn’t bear them I’m going to stand by myself my darling wife won’t

1:03:46be with me my boys won’t be with me my friends what I’ll be standing there with billions of eyes looking on me the

1:03:51Apostle Paul and Jeremiah and Isaiah and all the saints of all the ages watching Paul and Romeo give an account of his

1:03:58life and God said you you didn’t go far enough into the checkbook that’s what

1:04:05mr. Spurgeon coal is it they is God’s checkbook it’s signed in the blood of Jesus and all that everything

1:04:10you need for life for time and eternity is in that book I’m tired of working

1:04:17with Dwarfs I want to see God raised some Samson’s spiritual samples who can

1:04:26pull down strongholds so next Friday

1:04:31night God willing I want to bring a message on Easter part of the Easter message as I say David will be preaching

1:04:38on the Sunday morning we want to pray pray for something that’s on your heart

1:04:44tonight really pray that matter if you cry forget it pray for your own church

1:04:51maybe it’s bankrupt pray for your own pasta maybe is no power pray for your

1:04:57family maybe they have no vision behold he prayeth I wanted God to look down and

1:05:03say that any turns it look there they’re praying there it’s the most important thing we’ll ever do after worship okay

1:05:14John Tenney a little I’ll pray