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The Real Cost of Discipleship (video sermon)

The Real Cost of Discipleship by Leonard Ravenhill

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0:03let’s read some verses from Paul’s first

0:06letter to the Corinthians chapter 3 and

0:09reading from verse 1 1st Corinthians

0:16chapter 3 reading from verse 1 and I

0:19brethren could not speak unto you as

0:21unto spiritual but as unto carnal even

0:25as unto babes in Christ I have fed you

0:28with milk and not with meat for hitherto

0:30ye were not able to bear it neither yet

0:34now are ye able for ye yet Carlo for

0:39whereas there is among you envying and

0:41strife and divisions are ye not carnal

0:46and walk as men for why one saith I am

0:51of Paul and another I’m of a palace I

0:55gain not carnal who then is Paul and who

1:03is Apollo’s but ministers by whom he

1:05believed even as the Lord gave to every

1:08man I have planted Apollo’s watered but

1:11God gave the increase so then neither is

1:15he that planteth anything neither he

1:16that watereth but god that giveth the

1:20increase one of the most forgotten men

1:26in the Church of East amongst the

1:29so-called great men hmm was a man by the

1:32name of Henry Varley he was a great

1:38preacher and on one occasion he shot out

1:40a statement which has come a kind of

1:41become a kind of classic in the

1:43vocabulary of preachers he said the

1:47world is yet to see what God can do

1:49through one man who is totally committed

1:52to Jesus Christ well it was a kind of a

1:56narrow shot of the venture but in the

2:00audience there was a young man he wasn’t

2:02that he learned his education was almost

2:07zero but he kind of caught that thought

2:11that he went fast not no man the world

2:14has not yet seen a man who

2:16is a hundred percent committed for Jesus


2:20and so he said under his breath well by

2:23the grace of God I’ll be that men all he

2:29did was sell shoes in a store there in

2:34Chicago and some of you know him I’m

2:37sure his name was dear moody you know

2:43when I think of that I always take issue

2:45with it because I’m quite sure that that

2:47was not a true statement the world has

2:51yet to see are you suggesting God that

2:53had to wait 2,000 years that Jesus had

2:56to find the man that he could totally

2:58inhabit because all self and sin had

3:01been purged out of him and his will had

3:03been surrendered and his personality he

3:06was a love slave to God why right at the

3:10beginning of history Christian history

3:14loser man who was so totally sold out to

3:18God that we I don’t think I’ve ever seen

3:20this like sins the remember his story

3:24begins as far as we’re concerned going

3:26down the Damascus Road and in the

3:29twenty-sixth of Acts where he gives his

3:31testimony before Agrippa

3:32he doesn’t cover the blemishes he comes

3:37trying to minimize the the wicked zeal

3:39that he has he doesn’t say I’m sorry and

3:43trembling and blushing that I I have to

3:45admit that I was a murderer the east

3:47race I went down that road and I was

3:49going to exterminate the whole Church of

3:51Jesus Christ being exceedingly mad he

3:55says not just mad he was blazing with

3:57anger to think that some people are

4:01following a man who died on a cross to

4:06think they wouldn’t go to the temple and

4:09offer sacrifices and regard the high

4:11priest I can go through all the

4:12different and very wonderful things on

4:17the calendar of the Church of their

4:18church but going down that Damascus Road

4:25God got hold of that murderer

4:27and made him a messenger

4:30he got all of the persecutes and have

4:33made him the greatest preacher ever he

4:36get he got old and the executor and made

4:40him the greatest sex pounder of the

4:41gospel that the world has ever seen he

4:46says giving his own testimony that when

4:48he when they are not Damascus Road that

4:51the Lord appeared unto me he revealed

4:56himself to me that later he says he

5:00revealed himself in me he daringness

5:05there’s over another

5:06you remember Galatians 2:20 quoted so

5:08often that that I am crucified with

5:11Christ nevertheless I live yet not i but

5:13Christ liveth in me I believe that’s the

5:17most awesome thing any man can say this

5:19side of eternity not that he walks on

5:21the moon

5:25not even they lose hope the only who’s

5:31who I’m interested in gods who’s who let

5:34me get up there haven’t be some sharks I

5:36think the greatest thing that could ever

5:40cross your lips is to stand and say to

5:42the world the flesh the devil the

5:44in-laws and outlaws Christ liveth in me

5:51and the life which I now live in the

5:53flesh not when I shuffle off this mortal

5:55coil Shakespeare says but the life I now

5:57live in the flesh surrounded with all

5:59the adversities and temptations and

6:01trials and all the things that can come

6:03and yet Christ liveth in me and the life

6:05which I now live in the flesh I live by

6:09the faith of the Son of God who loved me

6:11and gave himself for me Paul has an

6:16amazing pedigree he forgets it on as he

6:20ends his letter to the Galatians he says

6:22in the fourteenth verse of chapter 6 but

6:25God forbid that I should glory save in

6:27the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ by

6:30which the world is crucified to me and I

6:32am crucified to the world now there’s

6:36the thing you and I never seen we have

6:38never seen the agonizing death of the


6:41Krauss oh well of course in the days of

6:46the Romans it was a sport immediately a

6:50man was nailed to the cross he lost all

6:52his rights and if you ever get nailed to

6:55the cross you’ll lose all yours too

6:59immediately was nailed on the cross and

7:01the u.s. exalted the people could do as

7:03they like they could throw a bucket of

7:06filth on him they could throw that

7:08rotten eggs they could stone him he had

7:10no rights and before he died his eyes

7:13will be gouged out his ribs will be

7:15broken blood will be dripping from him

7:17and everybody got excited particularly

7:19if it was a kind of a Barabbas who’s

7:21there he deserves all he gets he’s

7:25destroyed other people’s lives

7:27he’s right people he’s broken people’s

7:29minds and and so they go on with a list

7:31of things that he’d done and he should

7:34die a thousand deaths as soon as the

7:38bell tolled in the city they didn’t stay

7:40there they went back into the city at

7:45six o’clock they could let’s see that

7:47bleeding victim there was nobody there

7:49at six o’clock in the morning on the

7:51arms of the cross for the vultures they

7:53pick out the eyes they tear the body the

7:56blood would run out then the dogs came

7:58out of Jerusalem and and licked up the

8:00the brothers they did the blood of


8:04nobody wanted to photograph it they

8:06didn’t have photography but nobody

8:08wanted to see it a bloody spectacle I’m

8:12not nosy nose were hanging out a man

8:16whose body is so distorted you could

8:18have a tell it was a human friend it had

8:20been lashed with rocks it was covered

8:22with self

8:22he not only extreme ins and every other

8:25offenses thing and Paul says when I said

8:29goodbye for the world I said goodbye to

8:31a filthy thing the world is crucified

8:33for me it’s a filthy world it’s a

8:38corrupt world but not only that he says

8:43I’m crucified to the world people would

8:47save the Apostle Paul here’s a man he’s

8:49got acres of culture he’s got a colossal


8:52he’ll be a greater height

8:54Rison Hillel or any other high priest

8:56rather had in history I’m the fool of a

8:59man he’s been so charmed with this

9:02Christianity that he’s resigned all that

9:04he could have in the world