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The Ark of God (video sermon)

The Ark of God by Leonard Ravenhill

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0:11- Samuel six we read from verse one again David gathered together all the

0:17chosen men of Israel thirty thousand and David arose and went with all the people

0:22that were with him from Bailey of Judah to bring up from thence the Ark of God

0:28whose name is called by the name of the Lord of Hosts that dwelleth between the cherubims and they set the Ark of God

0:36upon a new cart and brought it out of the house of abinadab that was in Gibeah

0:41and also under and a high Oh Ohio that’s not a state that’s the name of a man the

0:48center of Bernard AB drave the new cart and they brought it out of the house of

0:54abinadab which was at Gibeah accompanying the Ark of God and Ohio went before the Ark and

1:02David in all the house of Israel played before the Lord Lord on all instruments manner of instruments made a third wood

1:10even on half’s and sulfurous on timbrels on comets and cymbals and when they came

1:18to make on threshing floor those are put forth his hand to the Ark of God and

1:23took hold of it for the oxen shook it and the anger of the Lord was kindled against Rosa and God smote him therefore

1:31his error and there he died by the Ark of garden let’s look a minute here in

1:41the 25th chapter of Exodus actually this

1:48chapter 25

1:59remember the beginning of this chapter is where the Lord is selecting he’s going to do what I think must have been

2:07very strange to Israel they had never had any covering in the sense of a tabernacle they’d been nomads they’d had no priests

2:18they doubt the heavens for the sealing of their church if you like and now

2:25suddenly instead of X been enlarged they’re contracted to a small space that

2:31that’s called as been called again the Tabernacle in the wilderness and God gives specific instructions to this

2:39amazing man Moses about the about the building it’s it’s very interesting that

2:45he had no choice in this he obeyed every commandment God gave to him the abnormal choice in the colors of the thing

2:52anymore than Nora had a choice of what kind of a rainbow he wanted they ever wondered what kind of a rainbow he might

2:57have chosen if the Lord said you choose the colors it would have been a mess if it asked me I wouldn’t know the colors

3:03but he just did as he was commanded and

3:08it says in verse 8 of the twenty-fifth chapter of Exodus let them make me a

3:14sanctuary that I may dwell among them according to all that I show thee after the pattern of the tabernacle and the

3:21pattern and the pattern of all the instruments thereof even so shall he make it okay come down to verse 17 that

3:30shall make a mercy see two pure gold two cubits and a half shalt be the length thereof and a cubit and a half

3:35the breadth thereof and thou shalt make two cherubims of gold of beaten work shalt thou make them in the two ends of

3:42the mercy seat and make one cherub on one end and the other cherub on the other even of the nurse’s each other you

3:48make the cherubims on the two ends thereof and the cherubim shalt stretch forth their wings on high covering the

3:56mercy seat with their wings and their faces shall look one to another towards the mercy seat shall the faces of the

4:02cherub cherubims be and now shall put the mercy seat above upon the ark and in

4:09the ark thou shall put the testimony that I shall give the and there will I meet with thee now

4:15that’s the first piece of furniture mentioned as regards the tabernacle it

4:22was roughly fifty four inches long they saw Ark it was a three feet high I’m three feet wide and it was a visible

4:31presence of an invisible power it was a kind of an earthly resting place where

4:37God put his power between those awesome gentlemen remember how often the separately the psalmist cries all thou

4:43that dwellest between the cherubim shine forth Psalm 80 particularly before

4:48ephraim and manasseh stir up thy strength and come and save us if you

4:55talk about the ark usually people think you mean they aren’t well you know the children play with and harm they’ve

5:00little animals and they are they going to Noah’s Ark well that was an ark all right how do

5:06you remember another knock beside that well it was a little thing a woman made to put a baby and she made an ark of

5:13bulrushes and further you have this Ark now they Ark actually the word really

5:20means if you get right to the bottom it it means a place to preserve something intact he has complete coverage you know

5:29I’ve said so often that faith does three things it reckons it risks and it rests

5:34I think the mother of Moses must have been that well she sure was a wonderful woman and she put that baby in that

5:41little Ark and push it out onto the waters of the Nile I think it’s a horrible risk how did you know crocodile

5:48would indeed it before she had hardly turned her back or the lid could have blown off and the Sun might have Scotch

5:54the baby crisp or it could have been carried away on the flood or somebody

6:00could have stole it they see when you get a word from God you’re not gonna be shaken by the Philistines or anybody

6:06else outside God had told her what to do and she obeyed and again that that’s the

6:11key that’s the Anchorage of spiritual success spiritual maturity is obedience

6:16to obey is better than sacrifice remember King Saul filled the whole of

6:22that that valley with Beast and yet he retained a few of the price

6:27stock and when Samuel came up to him and spoke to him he said well I’ve done as

6:33you said and the little sheep gave the story away not wonderful what little animals have taken the important parts

6:39in the Bible isn’t it and Samuel said if you’ve done what you said you’ve done what meaneth this

6:44bleating of the sheep and the lowing of the oxen which I here to obey is better

6:49than sacrifice there is no substitute for obedience no not there not now not

6:56ever again trust and obey there’s no other way there’s no other outlet you

7:02either do as God says all right there be even to shrink you begin to wither now

7:08here is the Ark and the measurements are given to us verse 22 says there will I

7:16meet with thee and that was a supreme desire of God this is supreme desire of

7:22God today that when we come together we meet with him as I usually ask people

7:28when somewhere in a meeting did you come here or what did you come here tonight

7:34to meet God or did you come to hear a sermon about him I thought with somebody the day of

7:41internationally-known figure who said you know I’m realizing how little I know of God and I had offered somebody a

7:49sermon that there’s the most profound thing I’ve ever heard and this person said I know I feel as I don’t want to

7:54preach anymore I said well that’s how I felt when I when I have the the debts that this man has talking about Jesus

8:01laying his glory by and being wrapped in our clay Oh

8:07God pity us we’re so commercialized we’re so regulated by circumstances we

8:12get up with the clock the clock runs our lives that we lose sight of eternity we lose sight of the wonder of God’s

8:18salvation and the chief concern is about the whole of the building of this

8:23marvelous if you weren’t kind of kind of a private area that was to be rocked often and again when you think of all

8:30the linen that was put round and every thread billions of them were put in there by hand rather staggering isn’t it

8:37and then there’s to be a a place a holy place and then not only a holy place but

8:45the Holy of Holies and this Ark was poop not in the holy place it’s but in the

8:51Holy of Holies and it has the chief place in the Holy of Holies and inside of it you’ll have Li the rod that budded

8:57and you you have a sample of the manor that fell from heaven and it didn’t get worms in it either and and there you

9:04have the tables of stone these this testimony of God has to be preserved and

9:10the Ark is is an abiding place for God on earth that is he manifests himself

9:17there let’s let’s skip over a minute here I am reading the first book of

9:24Samuel and chapter 5 sorry

9:40we can’t go through the whole thing this is a fantastic study I’m gonna do it myself but I couldn’t do it tonight

9:46because it will take up too much time but if you want to find a my let’s give

9:52me a man use account of this Ark and God’s desire and the way it moved around

9:58you’d have to go to the first book go to the first book of Chronicles and chapters 12 to 16 and you’ll find a very

10:06marvelous account of the moving of that wonderful arc and then of course you’d

10:12have to read Psalm 68 and Psalm 101 which which also deal with him and saw this southern Psalm 24 you see this is

10:20some little bit of furniture that’s tucked away in a corner that has no meeting meaning it’s the abiding place

10:26if you like it’s the seat it’s a dwelling place you have the Ark and then on the on the top of the arcuate you’ll

10:33have a mercy seat the salvation army never used to talk about coming to the

10:38altar they used to sing I remember that years ago 6070 years ago in the army

10:43used to sing come to the mercy seat fervently kneel here bring your wounded

10:48heart here tell your anguish earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal there’s a mercy

10:56seat a blood sprinkled mercy see somebody afterwards remove that lid and

11:03looked inside and because they did they they got into serious trouble now if you

11:08read those songs again 68 and 101 and Psalm 24 you’ll find this thing grows

11:13immensely immensely interesting okay we’re now in the first book of Samuel

11:20chapter 5 the Philistines took the Ark of God and brought it from Ebenezer to

11:25Ashdod when the Philistines took the Ark of God they brought it into the house of Dagon and set it by Dagon now when they

11:34have asked God rose early in the morning the whole day cannot fall upon his face on the earth before the Ark of God and

11:41they took Dagon and sent him on his place again and there rose early in the morning and he was falling on his face and his head in his hands and bow

11:48enough now you see here the Peru of toying or playing with holy things

11:56there’s a verse I didn’t look at but that it talks about the iniquity of holy things now that’s that’s something to

12:02really turn over isn’t it how in the world can you have the iniquity of holy things these people

12:09have captured the Ark of God they thought it would do them good instead it did evil they put it on the side of

12:14their God this monstrous God Dagan with with the upper part of his body was a

12:20man and the lower part of fish something like a mermaid we would say today and there he stood in a temple where people

12:27worshipped him and as soon as they put the Ark of God there without anybody doing a thing big old Dagan fell down on

12:33his face so they stood him up again and they went in next morning he was worse off he not only fell down his hands had

12:40broken off his feet was broken off just because of God’s presence they’ve being there now now see what happened further

12:48in the chapter when they rose early in the morning behold Aegon was fallen upon

12:53his face to the ground before the Ark of the Lord and the head of Dagon and both the palms of his hands were cut off upon

13:02the threshold only the stump of Dagon was left there for night of the priests of Dagon or any that came into the

13:08dragon’s house dead trade on the threshold of Dagon to this day you see just that one visitation that one

13:14movement of God terrified them so in a sense digging out to go out of business

13:20verse six the hand of the Lord was heavy upon them have asked God and he destroyed them and smote them with em

13:26ROVs and Ashdod and the Colts coasts thereof and when a man NEBOSH God saw

13:32that it was so they said the Ark of God that Israel shall not abide with us for his hand is sore upon us and upon daga

13:39now God going to the end of the eighth verse and they carried the Ark of God

13:45the God of Israel that they carried the ark of the God of Israel of liver and it

13:52was so after they’re covered it out that the hand of the Lord is against the city now here you are again you see the the

13:59pedal what I want to emphasize two things I want to emphasize the pebble of having these holy things and

14:09misusing them and yet the pebble is obviously the opposite to the to the

14:16power remember the tune of Israel one of the marvelous escapades they walk around

14:22the city seven times what did they do they carried the Ark of God so then that

14:27was the very presence of God can you imagine people on the walls looking down and say well for these lunatics I mean

14:33what are they doing they were not allowed to speak that must have been tough on some of them they weren’t allowed to speak they walk around in

14:40silence they carried the ark what have they got there is that a coffin what is it what’s a casket you see they were not

14:47gonna loud to mount it when Moses was shearing out some of the property of

14:53Israel he gave various things to various people but the sons oh I’ve forgotten

14:58his name I thought I think it was his sons were not allowed to have any cattle

15:04or any of the possessions they were separated to carrying the Ark of God no

15:11the pedal is this I think I think it to me it comes home with great force well

15:17let me go to the other scripture where did we read a bit earlier I forgotten that chapter ii samuel and thus upon me

15:24chapter 6 okay sing samuel 6 and verse 6

15:35when they came to make homes threshing-floor use are put forth his hand to the arc of God and took hold of

15:43it and the oxen shook it and the anger of the Lord was kindled against it why

15:48now they’d made a new cat for it God said it never had to be on a car God

15:56said it out tough for gold rings one on each corner and put a staff through it and that may not to carry this thing but

16:03they’ve made a new Cup you know the Jews then I don’t know about today they love

16:08new things remember what Samson said if you fastened me with seven new ropes then I shall be like other men no then I

16:15should be weak like other men rather insulting to us isn’t it remember it

16:20later when Jesus died they put him in a new tomb when Jesus rolled an ass he

16:26rolled one that nobody had broken in it was entirely new they loved new things and these people thought they were doing

16:33God a favor by you know modernizing this thing I mean why carry the thing on your shoulders anyhow when oxen couldn’t do

16:40it now I don’t know what happened to these ups and you know it says that when they came to the threshing floor of user

16:47maybe they thought it was lunchtime you know they could smell massive stuff we

16:52eat and hmm right now they’re threshing some new weeds hmm we should stay and have something and maybe it’s a very

16:59action of the those those creatures that strayed the ark now it isn’t it isn’t it

17:06really awesome they didn’t decide to painted another color they didn’t decide

17:14to put a second deck on it they didn’t disfigure it in any way the men didn’t

17:23go in front of it and start blaspheming the man somehow thought he knew got it

17:28all look they are keys going to topple over oh I’ll hold it somebody once asked mr.

17:34Spurgeon if he would join a society for the defense of the Bible and he said you don’t usually walk before a lion with a

17:40sword why do you need to defend the Bible

17:47all this man did was put his hand up to stay the ark and immediately he was smitten what do you think we’re doing

17:56with the gospel today dressing it up painting it up somebody told me this

18:05week of a Christian group a rock band the Christian Christian rock man if anything how whatever they are they go

18:11around and now they’ve got sequins on their coats well why not Johnny Cash has

18:17them and all the other guys have them I mean if the world can have them cut wig

18:22glitter I mean if we’ve no other glittery measure I’ll stick it on the outside if you’re not on the inside anyhow and we tried to study the Ark of

18:32God we’re trying to put some improvement on the ark you’ve got we try to do that I think that I think with the translations we make of the Word of God

18:39we try and make sure those words just a little bit more easy as I said to some

18:46preachers I preached with this week that then if we go back and maybe mentioned in here before if we go back to a Bible

18:51language and and call sin what it really is instead of saying somebody you say that

18:58girls are you say no no she’s a call girl now you say about a dirty

19:03filthy sodomite I’m a nice not a sodomite he’s just gay there’s nobody wicked that just weak

19:11there’s no iniquity it’s just infirmity no backsliders anymore that’s a dirty

19:17hood a lot of people have a fellowship but hmm backsliders you don’t use that

19:23word oh how smoothly I remember reading a story of mr.

19:29Whitfield where he was particularly angry one day I’d like to have heard

19:34Whitfield I think it had been right up my alley he got 90 furious about the possessions

19:40the devil had he was always running the church to pull down strongholds it was always seeing the enemy doing his either

19:46work getting people to submit to him and one day he said I’m going to shoot the

19:51arrows of God into your hearts and he said he mentioned an arrow and he pulled the outer back like this and the

19:57congregation ducks you know and it was uh that’s the way to preach if you can get them to do that yeah at least you’ve got them

20:04halfway down to the ground and maybe when they get them halfway down it and push them the other half but the anger

20:12of the Lord was kindled against this man and not only snorting but killed him

20:18come on in God’s name what are we doing with the gospel today hmm isn’t it

20:24getting more emasculated isn’t it getting more hollywood-style don’t you

20:32miss the absence and the glory of God why they got the they got the they got

20:39the very presence of God inside and that’s all we need there’s an old hymn

20:45that says God’s presence and his very self an essence all defined I’ll ask you

20:53again have asked me before when did you last go out of the sanctuary tiptoe because God had revealed his holiness in

20:58His Majesty we got very much as the same way we came in

21:04go out and say hey I like it dresser someone like that in Sears myself we’ve kind of got it well I like some other

21:11trivial thing that’s got nothing to do with eternity and nothing to do with God

21:21oh my not as in verse five now go back a

21:27minute here David and all the house of Israel played before the Lord and all

21:32instruments made of fur would even halves and psalteries and timbrels and Coronets and other symbols now that

21:40there’s his ecstasy now come down to verse nine this same David it was afraid of the Lord that day and he said house

21:46of the Ark of the Lord come to me that’s a big switch he’s excited they have a

21:53band music everything that I’ve been a wave of the time and then suddenly God intervenes and suddenly his own

21:58emotional life does a somersault he realizes what an awful God he serves

22:05what a God of Majesty what a God of glory one minute everybody’s excited the next

22:13me will not be something it’d be like going into the that experience you know when Ananias and Sapphira went to church

22:19that must have been a great morning I would have enjoyed that I think I said

22:25the Lord why do why did you stop with two hypocrites I’m sure half the corrugation you could have wiped them out at the same time it would have been

22:31more spectacular but God doesn’t do it that way but what I’m trying to say

22:37ruffer’s and tumbled as it may be because I’ve had such a hectic day today but the anger of God was kindled for a

22:44very simple thing he did not take a hammer and break the ark he didn’t say

22:49this old piece of furniture we can do without do you know the ark is the only thing that was taken out of the original

22:55tabernacle and went into the temple of the Most High God you know afterwards in

23:01the book of the revelation it says they’ve preserved the testimony of God in an ark our scholars will tell you

23:08that the ark was destroyed in the second invasion and the burning of Babylon and

23:14what have you got that maybe it was and yet God’s presence and that’s what it

23:20matters if even the cage we’re having a wooden box here what it’s telling us is

23:25that God makes their place his habitation now as I said to somebody today this is this is awesome this is

23:31breathtaking when you say well I’d like to go and I wish we had a box and you can say God’s

23:37presence is there he’s there in this wholeness is that in His Majesty is

23:42there it is brought to be careful how you handle this thing well we don’t need

23:48a box we don’t need a presence right because it says you’re the habitation of God there’s only so much of God’s

23:57holiness in this meeting as you and I feel with a spirit of the Holy Spirit of God the pure Spirit of God

24:04Edom dwell in temples mayor you could make him a thousand Crystal Palace’s like they’ve done on the west coast

24:10there so what you can’t sanctify a building and in a New Testament sense

24:16they didn’t do that why even Solomon said and I guess he built the most expensive building ever

24:23made money life he used gold to walk on it use gold on the walls he he was a most extravagant building ever made he

24:31was gold more easily than we used cement and he built the altar and he had all

24:37the priests in total correct display there and yet when you made this

24:42intercession to God he says look mmm I put up this building I’ve done everything according to your commandment

24:50we’ve even done an altar we even got a sacrifice on the altar now what’s

24:57missing nothing except the fire of God

25:02what good is a house that I build it if God’s presence isn’t there what’s the

25:09good of making a showpiece and say we’ve got the best crime we’ve got the most brilliant preacher we’ve got this one so

25:14what in God’s name does it matter don’t

25:21you think we’re putting our hands on so many things these days you’ve got to start this way and finish that way and

25:26do something it we’re getting so mechanical since then when did the

25:34gospel need trimming up I would have to go to a meeting this week there’s a

25:39five-piece band there it was Bambi and if I do not sought to do it that it

25:47would be the be a and n IDI band had to band the whole thing oh how they swerve

25:55and Jasmine won’t know they didn’t do that too long after I really got going the preacher said Amen for ten minutes

26:02then he lost this all his pump was to say his energy and the somehow he lost

26:07his noise who’s touching the arc David

26:18was afraid of the Lord he haven’t been afraid before and isn’t it isn’t

26:26incredible that this people that knew God in such an intimate way this people

26:32had gone round a city without a gun the most despised people of all and they

26:38went round one day round another day round another round another on the last day they went round seven times so

26:43thirteen times they went round that’s pretty unlucky isn’t it and they kept

26:48dumb and they stood all the criticism of the people that were watching and all they had to do on the last day was shout

26:54with a great shout why because God was there and I don’t see any funny and

27:00shouting and carrying on in a meeting oh you didn’t clap your hands that’s okay

27:06but mercy if that’s all you have to do if you have to whip people up you know I

27:14thought my dear friend there down there and his father belong a a tribe called

27:20the Quakers and I thought of that when God says I want a tabernacle and they’re

27:26at the nurse’s seat will I me with thee God wants me to meet with him it’s modernly preaching for him it’s

27:33more than me being a missionary friend he wants to meet with me he wants to reveal himself to me he wants to talk to

27:38me wants to to come in and work in this being of mine and then he called me from

27:46the border of Mexico today and he said she was weeping and she said that God has called us here we’re Hispanic tree

27:52God has really blessed us but all we do want to be such great soul she went on I saved my dear look the

27:58first commandment is not that should be a soul winner the first commandment is thou shalt love the Lord thy God with

28:04all thy heart soul mind and strength there are lots of missionaries that don’t love God then a lots of missionary

28:10should have returned to the from the field six months after they got there they’re doing a thing mechanically and

28:18it’s hard to enjoy that kind of burden when you’re doing it mechanically but when they do it under the anointing of

28:24God when they do it with a love of God can you imagine this procession stopping

28:31hmm they’d halves and psalteries and timbrels and cornets and they’re having

28:39a great time and suddenly death game you

28:45whether that David was angry or afraid and he said how shall the Ark of the

28:52Lord come unto me

28:58verse 12 it was told King David saying the Lord blessed the house of obed-edom

29:03and all that pertain earth unto him because of the Ark of God so David went and broke up that brought up the Ark of

29:10God from the house of obed-edom into the City of David with gladness and it was saw that when they that bear the Ark of

29:17the Lord had gone six places he sacrificed oxen and fat wings and David

29:22danced before the Lord with all his might and he was girded with a linen ephod now notice what he danced with he

29:29danced with all his might doesn’t say dance with a girl he says he danced with all his might he danced in the presence

29:35of God there’s nothing sensuous about it isn’t linked up with some woman in his

29:40arms he’s dancing in God’s presence God has turned his sorrow into joy he started off in joy there comes very

29:47evening they come sorrow they disobeyed God they’ve heard God they’ve transgressed against God do you ever

29:56wonder if you’re getting insensitive to what God’s trying to say to you hmm

30:02do you ever wonder when when a certain thing has happened it’s somewhere in your nervousness you put your hand up to

30:07steady the ark and somehow the sensitivity went and the the compassion

30:13you had went on and the concern you had went again this man didn’t take an axial

30:20split up the ark he didn’t say we carry this thing wrong enough we need no no no no all he did was trying to steady the

30:30ark of God Oh mercy I were trying to steady the ark of God these days we want

30:36to do some new things we wouldn’t we wouldn’t we won’t just tell you it we paint it we paint it we put a musical

30:44box inside of it we put the priests in some new garments means I make it more

30:51acceptable you know there’s nothing nothing this generation needs more than

30:57our baptism they’re all fashioned Hellfire preaching I’m sure of that

31:07the power and the presence of God were resting on that tabernacle and while

31:13they were obedient they had success doesn’t matter if you have to get a city

31:19down again the most ridiculous thing and they stood all the criticism and

31:26scorning and they’d on that final day when because they debate God the whole place came tumbling down well let’s not

31:36be too critical about them because you know you and I again have more we’ve more to answer for than they had we’ve

31:45seen the mighty workings of God I don’t know anybody that’s pulling Jericho’s down to you can you think

31:56about obligation that we have as a nation with all our Bibles all our broadcasts well I was studying the Ark

32:03of God in the way but presenting the gospel these days the gospel is still

32:13the power of God unto salvation to all who believe and when I hear people I

32:22heard somebody say well you know there’s a different approach today is that is that really you go tell a woman who has

32:32just lost a child well these are modern days you don’t have to weep over it and groan of it I mean they did that in the

32:37Bible days but the geckos women were women then but nowadays doesn’t matter all they’ve done is lost the chat if any

32:46difference between the grief of somebody who was heartbroken today than there was in the grief of somebody only 3,000

32:52years ago we say human nature’s change in nature has not changed human nature

32:59is filled of sinful nature human nature still needs God and I think that at

33:06times when God tries to stop the business you know when I think of it again they all they did was put his hand

33:14up to the ark he didn’t curse God he didn’t take smash it they didn’t say now you’re all lunatics for going this way

33:20this is too old-fashioned well do you

33:29think that God maybe has been speaking I didn’t notice how many tragedies we’ve had this winter one whole town swept

33:36away with a mudslide just like that people went into eternity Mississippi is covered more area than ever we came down

33:43past that just the other day acres hundreds of acres just just little bits of roofs standing up out of the water

33:50and all we could see it look like you could see for 50 miles just stretchable water and some farms just the standing

33:58on a little island they’ll never get any crops in there this year the slugs will be left behind they can’t do with cattle

34:07it seems as though God is trying to check us but we won’t take the checking we won’t take the warning and again I

34:18say to the most distressing area I believe is the area of the church itself

34:26the time to study the art we don’t want

34:33God Almighty to govern the whole thing we want a little bit of flesh in it want a little bit of humanism in it one

34:38little organization in it one somewhere else killing it and God holes off I want

34:47to do it in the flesh by the Word of God said some trust in chariots and some

34:53trust in horses but we will trust in the name of God alone oh I’m making on the

35:01inside to see somebody that we really really really have no confidence in the flesh mom tried to organize it’s

35:13horrible when we turned subsidized God’s cause with a few dollars in a collection there and something else now either God

35:20is God or he isn’t as I’ve said before this book is either absolute or it’s obsolete there’s no middle cause it

35:26either has all the answers or it has no answers I’ve got to get to the place when I say

35:32Lord you can strip everything else away from me and I’m Christ the solid rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand

35:39I’m not gonna steady the ark I’m convinced God’s gonna do a new work I’ve

35:45talked last two or three days with a brother I love very dearly and these are the crossroads in his life and I know

35:51others who are men that you think of at the top of the tree do you think they

35:56should be satisfied with what they got and they’re not they suddenly realising there’s a new dimension that God wants

36:01to bring to our generation a new revelation a new unfolding of the Word

36:10of God if you like men that don’t try to state of the out by organization and

36:17saying you must do it this when you must do it that way must do it there say no listen say we’re gonna follow if it

36:22takes us we have to follow those long oxen they look pretty scruffy things but

36:27before long you remember that David he went and slew the oxen and and he took the fatlings and he made a sacrifice to

36:34govern that he danced before God why because he got rid of many of his

36:39obstructions the Lord is very merciful

36:45DNow mercifully is he so merciful in a strip us right down to the place where

36:50the thing to stand on we am the thing to lean on we’re casting nakedness and we

36:56say in this spell you know the church that was rich and increased in good that’s where the churches today she’s

37:03rich she’s increased in good she’s need of nothing which church rock Jesus

37:10spewed out of his mouth I would our die the hotter cold so then because thou art

37:16neither hot or cold I’ll spit it didn’t spew the colon out of his mouth had never been in it was his church that he

37:21spewed out of his mouth he wasn’t the heathen religion it was his church they

37:28were neither hot or cold they were kind of midstream and because they were

37:34neither one thing nor the other be vomited them out didn’t vomit the cold

37:40church out in didn’t bother with it God will not stand for mediocrity I

37:49think I need to sit down in fact I’ve said to somebody today I’m going to do less preaching in the next few months as

37:54little as I can and I’m gonna meditate on certain things I’m not young anymore

38:00I am getting older and older but that doesn’t mean you can I mean Moses was 80 when he started

38:06navigator yet so maybe when I’m 80 I wake up and start doing something but

38:15there’s a hunger there’s a the class we talked of the last Saturday morning there some finding men maybe about 30 of

38:21them thirty two or three and half of those ever say we’re sitting on the edge of their seats at all prospect most of

38:26them they were seminarian fellows eager keen even asking afterwards well mr.

38:34Rainey what what’s the secret really the biding what’s the secret of a bounding in the Christian life what’s the secret

38:39of not being a failure what’s the secret of not letting your branch get withered up I had so many callings a day for

38:51prayer again every day they call I’m sorry for the situation some of them but

38:56it’s the only way they’ll grow in grace any havin in the knowledge of God they’ve been leaning too much on what they have and now God’s gonna dry up

39:04their sauce so that they only have God on whom they can lean they’ve had so

39:10much flesh they’ve had so much ability that had so much organization they’ve had so much security God says well let

39:16me pull it all away doesn’t the word say

39:21trust in the Lord forever for in the in the Lord is everlasting strength I think one of the shocks in eternity

39:29will be to discover how little we’ve ever used of the available power of God not far on means silly self but there’s

39:37a world out that’s dying there and does God have resources to meet this generation come on I learned to my

39:45horror just while I was in Brooklyn that a man who is a professional in this realm of very fine Christian man last

39:51year the churches in America spent close on two dollars on radio and TV preaching to

39:59billion do now many people who reached less than four percent of the other of

40:05the national family less than four percent of americans and listen to the

40:11gospel when we spent nearly – can you imagine how many how many mission

40:16stations that would have built how many churches that would have built in some other country I think we’re putting our

40:24hands on the out we’re rather afraid that we might go a bit overboard you know doctrinally somebody comes up says

40:32he went steady a minute and he hardly knows he’s putting his hand on the ark anyhow we’re just afraid it seemed with

40:40some new revelation some new some new demand that God will make upon us not just individual well is it is individual

40:46if God and collectively now I guess I

40:52didn’t give this over – as it came to me but I’ll tell you when I read it the other day I was shocked to realize that again this man did not smash up the ark

41:00he didn’t tell all the people to rebellion didn’t tell the priests to do it all he did was study the art thinking

41:06he was doing God a favor when all he did was disobey it at all

41:12and that’s all item did in the Garden Allah did it was disobey didn’t curse God and it seems the hardest thing that

41:21we have in the in our lives to learn is how to obey in the very very very simple

41:26things that God challenges us with I still say you know if I were a kind of

41:33Protestant thought I closed every church down for a month where preached to death we we we hens why don’t we keep going to

41:41come from see you can’t handle the light you’ve got that why do you want some more huh turn it on when you go home

41:50tonight the next conference you go with this this weekend the next week of the you’ll have more light therefore you’ll

41:56have more to answer the judgment-seat and you’ve got enough to answer for other areas in your life where you’re

42:02still are not obeyed even though God said do this you put your hand on because it was coming toppling over on

42:08you it’s a fearful thing to fall into

42:15the hands of a living God the Word of God said Robert Louis Stevenson said I only know one thing and that’s when you

42:21fall out of the hands of the Living God and that happens it comes a time when God says to a nation all right you’ve

42:28been putting your hand on my truth you’ve been withholding my truth a job

42:33says I have not eaten my morsel alone you say well we’ve given money to missions so we have you know this came

42:41to me I mention it last night before do a lot of number of preachers in that place and I said this I didn’t know we

42:47had a National Day of Prayer last week no we didn’t have a National Day of Prayer we had a national suggestion if

42:55we had a National Day of Prayer the president would have said every factories closed down every school is

43:01closed down every shopping mall is closed down everything they were stopped

43:06it’s time you listen to God it’s time we humbled ourselves before God that when God wants it that way which he

43:12does we put our hand on the Ark and say will wheel steady it and make it a little bit convenient did God there was

43:18a time when they were so concerned about revival they didn’t but remember they put what sackcloth on the animals if you

43:29will sackcloth they a crackpot if you don’t think so get a second an old

43:35potato sack and cut a hole in the top put it over your head and get your wife to cut some holes so you can put your

43:40arms in and got the church like that and say this is an outward sign of an inward sorrow I have I don’t care about the

43:46style of my clothes I don’t care what you think anybody else thinks we’ve got to have a revival that’s how the love of

43:53God and we haven’t had it by all our financial efforts and all our geniuses

43:58of evangelism all the other things we get so father we put our hands on the

44:03Ark there’s going to be a conference shortly and I am not in any way a

44:11trouble that I wasn’t invited but I’m also the godless men in the world and they’re not invited to that conference

44:17in Amsterdam down 2500 the itinerant evangelist I

44:23guess that’s why they’ll get this they will learn on itinerant evangelist

44:28they’re going to meet in the gun going through a rigmarole again workshops workshops workshops there’s a workshop

44:35for this and as a workshop for that the hardest work in the whole world is prayer they have workshops on track I

44:44know the Ark is tonic we’re gonna study

44:49it we’ve got a new idea every magazine I pick up now Christian magazine it is how

44:55to make your church grow I’m looking for one that says how to take your church

45:01deeper somebody’s head to a preacher you’ve the biggest church in how big is

45:06your church is that 3 miles wide and an inch deep I think that’s true of Aladdin three

45:16miles wide and an inch deep and while it’s humorous it’s tragic are we going

45:26to change the style are you gonna keep studying the arc are we gonna say no no

45:33no we’re not doing any further like this this all can’t you’ve got it down with new cut we’re taking it over do it God’s

45:38Way and it looks silly to carry it on your shoulders it looks silly to walk around when you can mechanize the thing

45:44I’ll organize the thing I’ll paint it up or make it more attractive what in the

45:52how can you make those presence more attractive that’s about the height of insanity isn’t God himself in His

46:00Holiness attractive for some reason I

46:05don’t know why I thought about Westminster love it they recently redecorated it oh they climbed up there and they put

46:11pure gold leaf it’s worth millions of dollars now I don’t think God ever

46:16enters the place to tell you the truth you know that less of the glory of God

46:23we have the more showmanship we need inside a fancy good-looking cry with

46:29marvelous robes on lovely church building everything and the more we get

46:34of that it seems as though God says I don’t dwell in temples made with hands I’m not comfortable here anyhow you know

46:44I need to do we need to do what David did we need to take all the implements we need to take the cart and break it up

46:49and we need to get all of the bullets and chop them up and have one big Holy Ghost bonfire and say Lord God I’m gonna

46:57live on the stretch for you from now until I die whether I died tomorrow or 10 years from now I’m gonna meet with

47:02you as I’ve never met with you before I’m going on the stretch for God as I’ve

47:08never been on the stretch before