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Pure Heart, Pure Church (video sermon)

Pure Heart, Pure Church by Leonard Ravenhill

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0:09I thought about this simple thing this

0:15morning that men’s opinions of God changed very much in the passing of

0:22style in passing of town but God’s opinion of man never changes they says

0:29travel east once and forever in his word I want us to think about a psalm which

0:36is a favorite of mine the 51st son

0:50just to remind you there are 150 Psalms in the in the Bible sometimes they call

1:01it the psalm the day it still is I believe the Jewish hymn book he still

1:07gives us the most profound expressions that can be found in song with all our modern singing no one touches the

1:15heights or the depths like the psalmist

1:21out of the 150 Psalms roughly half of them which is 75 in case you don’t know

1:2875 of them were written by David of the 75 18 of them an autobiographical that

1:37is they all spin around his own experiences there are seven penitential

1:46Psalms one of them has to be the greatest and surely it is this 51st son

1:56until fairly recently I guess some of you will remember any out Leonard Bernstein was the maverick conductor of

2:04what New York Philharmonic Orchestra very distinguished very capable you

2:09wrote that great mass that was said at the song rather at the funeral of Kennedy and he’s a classical pianist in

2:17his own right an exhibitionist a friend of his was in Europe and he brought

2:22bought back a dog-eared manuscript took it to Leonard Bernstein’s house

2:30incidentally he lived in the same house where John Lennon was killed outside but

2:37the man said to him Leonard play this for me he looked at the manuscript he

2:43said I can’t he said you can let your aunt he said I can’t why not this is an

2:49old manuscript it’s 200 years old I paid an exorbitant price for it in Europe

2:56again Leonard looked at it and said I can’t play this why not

3:02he said if I could have crept up by the side of the organist as he was working this music out and I could have caught

3:10his spirit his cadence says his expressions maybe I could have done it

3:19there’s a gap of two hundred years from the time you wrote it to now and all the atmosphere has evaporated you know

3:27that’s very true about the word of God to accept the Spirit of God takes it the

3:32letter killeth in case you haven’t noticed this psalm is the monologue

3:39david includes no one else how did he

3:45say how did he write it he shouldn’t dictate it into a machine I

3:51doubt if he had a secretary in your in

3:57your Bible it’s I don’t know anything about type Martin is heavy might know what type this is that it’s some kind of

4:03type on a white sheet it’s punctuated with commas and periods it’s written in

4:12ink know this psalm was written with blood it is not punctuated with stops

4:19and covers it’s punctuated with groans and tears and agony you know if actors

4:27were to say their lines like most preachers preach they’d never get through that audition they’d be rejected

4:33the first time years ago in Scotland an envious preacher watch the crowds trying

4:42to get into a theater and every night they were turned away in their hundreds and he thought about his empty seats in

4:48his church Sunday by Sunday so he made it his problem it is tasks to visit the actor as a

4:56famous Shakespeare Shakespearean actor maybe Burton that just dad was a greater

5:01sex a Shakespearean actor that ever lived he could call it almost every word

5:07that Shakespeare wrote he wrote tens of thousands if you ask Hamlet the second

5:12act he caught it like that what he Lady Macbeth say so-and-so you quote aquatic Kotick hmm he was salt in

5:22Hamlet so that he knew the thing from beginning to end he was dramatic well the actor said to

5:30the preacher the reason I packed this place maybe is this and and the reason you don’t pack pack your place maybe is

5:36this I make artificial things look real and you make real things look artificial

5:44I heard a preacher last sundean on MTV

5:53for a few minutes he talked as though his giving a weather report and bad weather at that he was about this tasty

6:01is uncooked fish and I don’t wonder people turned when Dave Wilkinson was in

6:08Detroit a few weeks ago amongst all those Muslims and other people on the streets he asked those kids must being

6:15fighting scarred as they were smelling evil and the bodies smelling badly with

6:20their breaths he asked them who is your favorite radio TV preacher timeout the

6:27times that we don’t listen to that all they want is our money he’s not shocking

6:34when kids in the street under the grip of the devil can only say you want our money

6:45how did david recite this thing i say

6:52you punctuate it with sobs and commas now stops and covers with subs with

6:57grief how do i know because he’s come to

7:05God with that which alone is acceptable to God when we come to him as sinners

7:10let me say this first the Constitution of the psalm is fascinating as far as I’m concerned in verse 1 let me say how

7:19we say what does he say have mercy upon me O God he doesn’t say pity me god I’m in

7:25trouble it doesn’t say excuse me lord I brought no commandment or two he comes

7:33pleading the only thing that we can plead have mercy upon me O God over here

7:42in another psalm of David 86 he says in verse 5 for thou Lord art good and ready

7:48to forgive and plenteous in mercy unto all them that call unto thee verse 15

7:55that that will lord out a god full of compassion and gracious long-suffering

8:00and plenteous in mercy and in truth which he bought which is borrowed by

8:06david from the 34th chapter in exodus hmm here is a man who is bowed down in

8:13grief quote Shakespeare again remember Lady Macbeth has a black spot or a blood

8:19spot on her hand and what does she say about it she says

8:25well here is she says this damp spot all the perfumes in Arabia cannot cleanse it

8:31daily does this black spot of murder on one hand a red spot of mud on one hand a

8:37black spot of adultery on the other hand and he comes saying have mercy upon me O

8:44God me notice that have mercy upon me O

8:50God according to the multitude of thy tender mercies brought out my transgressions wash me throughly from

8:55mine iniquity and cleanse me from my sin against me the only have I send you say

9:01no he’s sinned against mercy but I don’t think he did he sinned with her but he’s making

9:07confession here of his own sin he says

9:13blot out my transgressions by real

9:19definition transgression means I acknowledge my rebellion I acknowledge

9:25my disobedience he had gone into sin ignorant he had been tempted again and

9:32again with that woman and then finally and he commits the horrible act of adultery so there are three words here

9:40for sin blot out my transgressions he says wash me throughly from mine

9:46iniquity iniquity means I’m perverted because of my transgression I have let

9:52sin come and have dominion over me against the young Lea thy sin upon me

10:00wash me throughly from mine iniquity and cleanse me from my sin I acknowledge my

10:06transgressions my sin that’s the sum total of my transgressions of mine iniquity my sin is ever before me what a

10:16price men pay for sin he just mean poetic you mean he sees his sin every

10:23minute of the day yes he does he looks outside of his castle and there’s a young man standing and on sentry duty

10:28and every time he sees a soldier he remembers the young captain he put to death in order that he might steal his

10:35wife a baby cries back in the kitchen the baby of one of the girls that works

10:42very mad how many think when he hears the baby’s cries haunted with the cry of the sin of the child of the brought into

10:48the world my sin is ever before me against thee thee only have I sinned and

10:55done this evil in thy sight that I might just be clear when thou judgest and be justified when thou speakest I was born

11:06in sin and in sin did my mother conceive me now there are two theories of the

11:11the singer then one is that we’re born with sin and the somebody says were born with it then God sent us to hell for

11:17having it no he sent us to fail for not getting rid of it are we born with

11:24saying or is this a get out when somebody says David here says I was born

11:30in sinner in sin did my mother conceive me and then when Samuel went to anoint the

11:37the sons of what was his name Jesse

11:42thank you thank – do you think of it that they all were brought up before

11:48Samuel except one I wasn’t David brought up well the third

11:55little because he was not he was born out of wedlock and they didn’t want to own him in sin did my mother conceive me

12:01but whichever view you take hmm man is still a sinner if he isn’t born with sin

12:08it soon admitted into his life anyhow you know it’s one of the tragedies I

12:14think of our day that people when you talk about holiness they’re not afraid of holiness than the out of sinfulness

12:23one of the appalling things in the church now side of it is our waffle I

12:28would call it row fall or appalling comfort with sin I don’t often listen to

12:38PTL but very often do you nights I get I go to bed at 10:00 and I get up at 12:00

12:43and work till 2:00 or 3:00 and the other night just after 12:00 I turn on the

12:49news and it slid right into the PTL and the little boy on PTL as I call him was

12:55saying some of his wisdom as usual I

13:00noticed when he called people to the altar they were smiling one with chewing gum with chewing gum I saw no broken and

13:08contrite hearts David here is bowed down

13:13with guilt he’s lashed with something that has a sting worse than the scorpion

13:19there’s plenty of them around here if you want to try scorpion out I’ve had the max it they’re very painful but he’s something

13:27that stings him worse than they cut a scorpion what is that conscience the old

13:34method is used to sing a hymn quick and my conscience till it feel the loss of nests of sin there’s not much

13:43consciousness of sin anymore the preaching of change their vocabulary

13:52there’s not much preaching of Hellfire on TV I’ve heard a preacher saying two

13:58or three times do you know I was at the White House recently that’s the second time I’ve been I thought well I admit it

14:07do you think Obadiah would be divided Elijah to dinner do you think if Agrippa

14:13would have invited the Apostle Paul to dinner do you think Herod would have invited John Baptist to dinner

14:23we don’t carry eternity with us as preachers anymore as far as I’m concerned we can step out of giggling in

14:33the next room and come and try to be serious and somehow we misfire there is

14:38no sense of guilds around anymore I am sure you know this there are no adulterers anymore few people having

14:46affairs of course not wickedness just

14:52weakness no iniquity just infirmity dear

14:59Lord when I read some of these old men that priests 100 years ago let me say

15:05this we used to go to a church in Ireland where my dear wife is from and the pulpit was on a kind of a stem and

15:10it was only small or as big as this platform and right behind it was the door now that church of about 200 years

15:18old and I said well why do you have a door right behind a preacher well he needed to escape when the crowd got

15:24hostile now we spoon feed you and you think oh

15:31he’s a nice priest so now he’s so smooth he never hurts me never says anything it upsets me quicken my conscience till it

15:40feel the lonesomeness of sin the background of this of course is

15:46extremely dramatic it’s the case of the

15:52this man David he’s got into trouble the Philistines have come up to him and

15:58he’s terrified it says in Samuel 28 verse upon me first Samuel 28 verse 5

16:06when Saul saw the host of the Philistines he was afraid and his heart greatly trembled when saul inquired of

16:13the Lord the Lord answered him not neither by dreams nor by your him nor by prophets then saul said unto his servant

16:20seek me a woman with a familiar spirit that i may consider and enquire her he

16:26servant said that his woman in Endor saw disguised himself notice that he then

16:33going to see what you’re to disguise yourself to go somewhere however in balance 20 a certain place which is

16:40questionable Saul disguised himself and put on other raiment and he went with

16:45the two men and they came to the woman at night all the Lots done at night men

16:52love darkness or the light why because their deeds are evil but it is disguise

16:57himself obviously do you want to be identified why’d he go in the ninth time he didn’t want to be identified he came

17:05at night and said I pray the divine unto me by a familiar spirit and bring him up or martial name unto thee o so she

17:13brought up who Samuel when the woman saw some you she cried with a loud voice I

17:19believe it is the only case in history where a genuine spirit was brought up from the other world every other is a

17:25fake but notice she put the spotlight on

17:30him why how they see me for thou art soul I must have been quite a shock

17:38the king stood under a be not afraid for what thou sayest and the woman said unto Saul I saw God descending out of the

17:44earth and he said unto her what form is the oven she said an old man cometh up

17:50and he is covered with a manful the prophets mantle and so Percy and it was Samuel he stood with his face to the

17:57ground and bowed himself and Samuel said to Saul vows describe me to bring me up and Saul answered I’m so distressed the

18:04Philistines make war against me and God is departed from me Samuel said well of

18:12the others ask of me for the Lord is departed from thee isn’t that something

18:18he parted from who from the man who had the anointing of the Holy Ghost was filled with the Holy Ghost and

18:23prophesied but he died a suicide I heard

18:29a man say this week again in that same show don’t you worry God will never forsake you doesn’t matter you may leave

18:36him he won’t leave you that is entirely against the scripture if the spirit

18:41troubles you this morning thank God is troubling you before you go to hell the

18:48study will leave you well this is what you can do with the Holy Spirit accept him resist him grieve him quench

18:55him now that’s biblical that’s Anna theology my right brother Paris the most

19:02miserable man in the world is not the man who’s lost a million dollars or lost his memory or lost some other thing the

19:09most miserable man in the world is the man that God has forsaken again had

19:17Emanuel Ax this King prophesied the Spirit of the Lord of the pond he

19:22prophesied but he doubted suicide he propped his sword up in the ground and

19:27fell on it and he wasn’t completely dead so who killed him off an Amalekite why was he

19:35in this tub with the Philistines because God said John utterly destroyed the Amalekites

19:41but he didn’t destroy them he kept the best he said for God

19:47he didn’t destroy the Amalekites or the Amalekite destroyed him if you don’t let

19:54God destroy that sin in your life that’s in all this for you all the people I

20:03remember preaching in Australia and the pastor said you see the man on the right there that bald-headed man nearly at the

20:09back yet do you know 15 years ago he used the most anointed man in the whole of this

20:15vast country and it is a vast country Australia is wider from coast to coast

20:22and new than American is from New York to California that man had traveled the country left a

20:30blaze of revival behind him but he trifled with sin and he was desolate

20:39he’s like a man without a country he’s anything more desperate than a man

20:46without God the whole highway of

20:51Christian living is strewn with has-beens he has been a great great

20:56preacher he has bring the great Authority shall I tell you the secret to

21:04backsliding I’m sure you’d like to know neglect to devotional life and your

21:09prayer life no man is greater than his prayer life you don’t care how many talks – on TV

21:17idly preachers in my office the other day I nearly mentioned their names I won’t all asking about the spiritual

21:26life before that – students from one of the best seminaries of cemeteries if you like in Dallas what is the secret

21:35brother angel of stability what is the secret of maturity at number one every

21:41preach that comes in my office our three weaknesses one isn’t disciplined – he

21:48has almost no prayer life three he doesn’t know a thing about worship nope

21:53no no that’s just what I am well then before you leave seminary if

22:00you don’t want to learn to pray in seminary and any Bible School around here or anywhere else you haven’t learned anything as far as I’m concerned

22:09do you remember when the disciples came to Jesus and said Lord teach us to preach no what did they say oh I see oh

22:22well it was it was Paul who said preach without ceasing which some of us almost

22:29do I think sometime oh it was James who

22:35said when you’re sick preach to one another there’s nothing that dead will

22:40attack more than your devotional life forget everybody else God doesn’t make

22:48us in Group C makes individual there’s

22:53nobody could prayer at one time like David and yet here he prays this penitential prayer praising in agony

23:01again it doesn’t say Lord I’m at the top of the charts as you know I’m right at

23:07the top I mean people are going down the street trapping their hands and singing Saul has slain his thousands and David

23:12his things of that and number one on the charts oh what an amazing man what an

23:20amazing fluctuation in his life he wrote some of the most profound songs ever

23:26written you would have to go to Scotland to hear people sing 23rd psalm

23:34they have about half a dozen Tunes to it one is called Krim and that was born in my days it’s a long way while back as an

23:42older one brother James is there that has a lovely little to it they have about five different Tunes to

23:47the 23rd song but you’d have to go to Wales Gwennie grant isn’t here this

23:54morning she’s of Welsh extraction of research I used to love to preach in

24:00Wales oh mercy how they would sing and when they got blessed they’d sing in

24:05tongues the Wellstone and boy when they sang they’re so does a mouse always came and I’m not

24:12down my back oh they were so tremendous

24:18and one great hymn that they sang was this great god of wonders all thy ways display thine attributes divine but

24:26countless acts of pardoning grace above all of the wonders shine who is a

24:31pardoning God like thee or who has grace so rich and free one of the greatest

24:39name writers ever I think he wrote more him than anyone else was Charles Wesley he put his brothers theology to music we

24:49think sometimes that sinners are just the devil it’s those that dear David

24:55goes and he’s going out again I’m Judy pray for him maybe away two weeks

25:00meeting head-to-head eyeball to eyeball as we see on a say on the streets of

25:05Detroit just recently clouds of young black Muslims they’re people running

25:11forward before he could make an altar kneeling at his feet holding his feet weeping at his feet and he said

25:18lend you know the most that I talked to already had an experience of God years

25:23ago I was a Baptist I was a Pentecostal is what are you doing now prostituting I

25:32say sin doesn’t be appear to be sin anymore the week two weeks before when it was a New York

25:38they just set up their music was singing a bunch of young ladies came around him said we love Jesus mr. wilkison you do

25:46yeah I live in New York well we weren’t

25:51born here we work in here honey where do you work where prostitutes but we love

25:59the Lord not something they can live in

26:05that degradation and go to some house of worship and never be broken and contrite so that’s an awesome word that he says

26:12later on he says the sacrifices of God are let me step back a minute he comes in all his disarray not only spiritually

26:20bankrupt morally bankrupt and he said thou desirest not sacrifice

26:26else I would give it by what way was there to God burn sacrifice they brought

26:34the blood and those and go goats or dogs or the ashes of an heifer

26:41but he says thou desirest not sacrifice oh I’d be glad to bring the whole herd

26:47of cattle that I have it that will let if you accept it but you won’t accept it why not because sacrifice without

26:56repentance is useless what does he say thou desirous not sacrifice else I would

27:04give it and then he says the sacrifices of God are a broken spirit he mentions

27:10spirit three times just as he mentions Freeth sin three times in the first two verses and he mentions cleansing three

27:18times in different words in the first two verses he mentions sacrifice three

27:23times he mentions broken the three times he mentions offerings three times he

27:29prays three prayers he prays the prayer of a sinner have mercy upon me O God you

27:40know there was an amazing period in in history in the 1700 in fact I gave

27:45melodie a little article a Briton awhile ago on that period that which maybe will be in the news later I don’t know it

27:51classifies it’s classified for that but anyhow it’s an amazing period some of

27:58the greatest preachers they lived in the 1600 all the towering tech giants like

28:03John Owen and all that bunch of Puritan preachers that have never never never

28:09been equal by the way the second edition of refiners fire is in the press now so

28:16if you not want one we’ve already more than 10,000 old are orders for it you better get it it’s got some tremendous

28:23tremendous stuff in it preaching with a punch preaching with authority the

28:30tragedy of modern Christianity is this we’ve lost even in the church we lost our sense of loss

28:35this of God come on be honest unanswered

28:41if I did you come here to meet God this morning how did you come to hear a sermon about him can you remember the

28:48last time you left the sanctuary and you didn’t utter a word for an hour – that

28:54happened in the Welsh revival I didn’t witness it but I did preach in some of the revival churches or churches of had

29:00revival as late as 1949 there were some

29:05old ladies there that came to our meetings and said these are the most impressive meetings since nineteen

29:10hundred and four I said whoa ha how do you gauge er because the last four nights we walked up to the crossroads

29:17and then they turn and instead of saying good night they say nah star na star and

29:24suddenly realize we walked all the way from the church in the valley up to here mrs. Griffith said last night I ve

29:31noticed that not one of us has said the word any night this week after the service because there’s no sense of the

29:39majesty of God we no sense of the sinfulness of sin I’ve been bowled over

29:47for so many mornings this week between midnight and 4 o’clock meditating on a statement that I’ve read

29:53so many times but it never punched me out like this read the word of John when

29:59he said I fell at his feet as dead I said it would David the other day and

30:08that’s a day for how often do we get felled stoned we come into a gospel

30:16meeting as easy as coming to a political meeting and go out as easily well I

30:23guess you know yeah was it just over a year ago when David was preaching there at their gap before cumference in in

30:29dollars he suddenly faded out and fell to the ground and he said well lend twice I had that experience of falling

30:38of his feet as dead and all the glory of heaven has been revealed to me when

30:45revival comes that is that is something which is right

30:50in recounting the awesome right revival I guess we call it the Shang Tong revival round the turn of the century

30:57mrs. Jonathan gofal says it was awesome to go to church you would go in the

31:02sanctuary we would stand and sing and sing and sing and sing and then realize

31:13we’d been singing for six hours he would

31:21go another day somebody would stand up with an anointing in prayer be waiting

31:27on God all night and burst out with a tolerance of Revelation

31:34you hardly dare open your eyes let you saw God in His Majesty you could feel

31:40the vibrations of eternity one day it was all sung and under a single lifted

31:45to the third heaven next day was prayer that was awesome sometimes it was

31:51sobbing stammering prayer it was preachers groaning on the floor it was preachers that couldn’t even get down

32:00burdened with guilt shame no man right

32:07now 95 years of age in California none you in 50 years ago he went through that

32:12same revival he said Len I know you give him 50 years recently said to me you’ll

32:19give more than 50 years in praying for revival I have about 60 as a matter of fact but you said Len I want to tell you

32:25something when revival come the sewers burst the man you thought was the most

32:30holy man in the district gets up and confesses if I coming around and letting all the impurity out this conviction

32:40which has been writhing if you like in his bosom okay the first day mrs.

32:46Jonathan gofal said it was praise that was unspeakably glorious the next date

32:54was prayer we should tear your eyes out there was a heart out there wasn’t a

32:59single guy everybody groaned in the spirit the

33:05third day she said not necessary in this order you would go ID whereas we it’s fun for

33:11six hours or prayed for six next day the whole congregation two or three thousand

33:17people would sit and from morning till night not a word was uttered and you

33:24said that was the most awesome of all beyond the awesomeness of singing or the

33:30awesomeness that the stillness beasts in

33:37the night I know that I am God dr. tous used to say Len you’ve got to keep this in mind as Christians we’ve activist we

33:43think if we work till morning till night and tumble into dead eggs or a bed exhausted we’ve served God not necessary

33:49hmm I believe you in a hundred people on our oath to God doesn’t necessarily

33:55satisfy the Heart of Jesus what is the first and greatest commandment be a missionary know thou shalt love the Lord

34:01thy God with all thy heart and soul and mind and strength and if you love him you would serve him it’s the key to the

34:10whole thing David I’d love God and he’d known the mercy of God he known the

34:16power of God can’t you imagine him laid back as we say on a hillside the stars

34:23twinkling as his guitar no guitars are backslidden Huff’s he had a harp and

34:32there he is playing his harp and what’s he doing he’s singing when the heavens

34:37declare the glory of God and the firmament shows his handiwork another

34:43statement this week made by I think it ought Puritan when he said the most amazing thing in English prose is the

34:49fortieth chapter of Isaiah and I’ve read that over and over and over and over again he’s setting up for just the

34:59fortieth chapter that God he says lift up your eyes and behold the host of the hens he calleth every star by name if I

35:09ask all I have somehow open it if you put a 1 there and then you put to it 23 zeros behind it those are broken

35:17down zeros but anyhow that’s the sextillion a sextillion is one with 2003

35:25hind it and the scientists say there are 46 Chileans of stars now in England and

35:33Germany as sextillion is a one with 36 zeros behind it but then I read more

35:42recently that that I estimated 50 billion stars in the Milky Way alone you

35:47know that shaft of light you’ve seen the sky sometime 50 billion and he calls them all by name not beautiful Isaac

35:56Watts has a hymn in which he says he made the stars those heavenly flames he counts their numbers calls their names

36:02his wisdoms vast and knows no bound a deeper all our thoughts of drought what

36:09is a creature skill or force the Spider Man the walleye course the piercing which the active limb all our two means

36:16the mean delights for him but Saints are lovely in his side I don’t think go get

36:22fellowships with stars all the beautiful countryside on the rocky mountains he

36:27fellowships with individual now David

36:33has had a marvelous relationship with God okay let’s see him there with this harp again seeing that marvelous 23rd

36:40psalm as only he could sing it it must have been wonderful which was a recording of it the Lord’s my shepherd I

36:47shall not want so far you can turn that round work on it it’s that all in meters the sounds or

36:55get a presbyterian songbook or get a presbyterian songbook and all the Psalms

37:01at the Barker in meters the Lord’s my shepherd are not want he makes me down

37:07to lie in pastures green he leadeth me the quiet waters by goodness and mercy

37:13all my life shall surely follow me and in God’s house forevermore my dwelling

37:19place shall be its beautiful he rise to 23rd Psalm he sings it

37:27but he’s in a different situation from when he said that when he quote when he when you wrote this so he says how does

37:38Alice not sacrifice doubt I would give it the sacrifice in God hadn’t broken

37:43spirit what else does he say in verse

37:52eight made me to hear joy and gladness that the bones which thou hast wrong he haven’t got a broken bone in his body

38:00he’s using a figure of speech in 1951 I

38:05jumped out of a burning hotel we had had two weeks of revival in dr. Tozer Church which he said with the best revival in

38:1125 years I had a prayer partner he hadn’t been to bed for five nights near

38:16old Tom hare tremendous man of intercession we went to bed on the Friday night spun me Saturday night

38:24about how us – I heard fire fire fire I thought well oh dear this is terrible

38:30somebody’s out in the building on fire and it’s snow outside wouldn’t be where I was of course I mean how would the

38:37work church go on if I died incredible surely that couldn’t happen when I die

38:44the world will stop all the church will surely I mean you know I’ve put so much into it well he happened to be that I

38:51was in the frying pan they hope the hotel we were in was burning if you eat

38:57cigar boy died from a 30-foot tower in the Olympics somebody said to him how high is the

39:03tower reset from the ground up thirty feet when at the top looking down 300

39:09feet I was thirty feet up in that hotel and I looked down in the middle of the

39:14night there’s the floor down there people shouting jump I thought yeah that’s fine

39:20no problem jumping he’s putting the brakes on when you get married to the father but I landed on my heels crush my

39:29feet what do you call the oscalus the heels crushed like fine sugar the doctor

39:35said my leg goes in three pieces my three breaks in my back both my feet

39:40broken I’m lying in the gut in the gutter outside the hotel and the guy comes on the concert what are you doing

39:46here well obviously playing tennis out there

39:53he said you can’t stay here I said I don’t want to get up and go away I said

40:00I can’t and my back from my legs rotten my feet a rock oh I don’t think it’s so

40:05bad I said well I do what he said listen you can’t stay here sir listen to this

40:11humor something will come around the rock around the corner and run over you’ll get hurt that’s all I need

40:20let me put you over there Oh No No please don’t lift me he put his hand under my legs here and my back and you

40:29know when he did all those bones just screamed up and gracious money laid me in about 18 inches of snow I wasn’t

40:39ready for refrigeration I didn’t want to stay there I assumed began to shake and quiver but you know I’ll tell you what I

40:49realized what this psalmist Mendes meant a lot of difference since then when I got all those bones broken and there was

40:55no healing for a long while wasn’t possible to turn and David says when I’m

41:01out of relationship with God I’m from a broken bones and there’s no way that

41:08they can be healed he says a broken and

41:15a contrite heart thou will not despise a broken heart

41:23account ride harder grieving her a heart

41:29that’s restless he’s not finding some temporary antidote

41:37he wants that relationship that he had with God to be restored now look at the

41:45difference in the Psalms 23rd psalm

41:52Carmen beautiful in this Psalm he’s like a boy to use a very simple weak argument

41:59like a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar here he is loathsome in the side of God

42:07but the hymn writers say quick and my conscience still it is the Lord’s fulness of sin there are no mild cases

42:14of sin any more than any mild cases of cancer that all deadly what does he do

42:22in this son he says hide thy face ease of holier eyes than to behold iniquity how do you

42:30feel God things about the average congregation in our churches today where sin doesn’t matter anymore full of

42:36adulterers and liars and divorced even all kinds of crimes that had been done

42:41there’s no preaching against sin or once

42:47God exposed his light on human corruption and only then do men cringe and howl for deliverance realize they’ve

42:56got leprosy worse than leprosy worse than cancer in their breasts

43:02David here says hide thy phrase from my sins do remember the 139th Psalm when he

43:10said one of the bravest things I think ever written by man he says to God search me O God and know my heart try me

43:17and know my thoughts and see if there be any wicked way that was when he was leaning as close to God as he ever lived

43:24or maybe anybody else ever lived he did not fear the searching eyes of God he

43:32hadn’t brought the commandments of God he was walking in total obedience

43:37but here he says hide thy face from my sin don’t come into searching eyes hmm

43:46and all him says search me Oh God like he is talking about himself search

43:51me O God my actions try and let my life appear as seen by thine all searching

43:57eye to my eyes thy ways make clear search all my thoughts the secret

44:03Springs the motives that control the chambers were polluted things hold

44:08Empire or the soul search to life re glance of castex Holy Light through all

44:14and I by greysun brought at last before thy face to fall search me O God I

44:26believe the normal Christian life is a life of holiness it’s easy to sing that

44:33hymn holy and by the way melody dear I’ve heard that hymn sung round the world you can’t sing it without moving

44:40me to tears I think those are the concert last night and it’s something better I prayed for them we never sang

44:47that him with more delight and rapture than when Keith green thumped it out on that piano in Brown’s house we didn’t

44:55have to sing he had his own interpretation you put additional words I was going to say additional notes into

45:01it I’ve heard people comment about that okay oh I remember a lady came from

45:07Arkansas one night the meetings we been having it down there in the last days

45:13which were going to start the last week of this month hoping well you know

45:20people have come from mobile 700 miles to come to a prayer meeting you know to

45:26two loads of them come every Friday night from Oral Roberts University and

45:32say why don’t we have a pre-meeting like I said ask oral

45:37you know they come from seminaries isn’t it shame that people have to drive for

45:43five six hundred miles to a meeting that solely given to prayer to seminary

45:50students in my office the other day and I said what 700 goes are they told me what church to go to I go to song so I

45:56go to another well I said your church has 26,000 members how many come to the

46:03prayer meeting we don’t have a permit I said that’s like me saying give you my

46:09Cadillac it was given to me but I’m not giving it to but it’s like me giving you the candle I can say take it frame

46:15there’s only one thing wrong with it what is it it has no motor in it a

46:21church with other parameter has no motor

46:27there is no more precious thing in the whole world as for I’ve preached in some

46:32of the greatest churches in the world preacher some of the greatest preachers and prayed with some of the finest men

46:39I’ve ever met sometimes people say you’ve thought

46:45about predatory can we have a prayer meeting yeah we’ll have it Friday night after the meeting tell all the preachers

46:51in town to come and all the beacons nor the other needy fault brings a premium

46:57all this section is reserved for preachers we’re not down on these 10

47:03minutes but what they get often but

47:09actions speak louder than words they’re not used to pray 5 minutes on their

47:16knees hmm what that was it something we heard the other day Martha somebody will

47:22give them what 30 what was it a period of time for what what do I forgot some

47:29he was said in knew well one thing that was said in the news was that some of the athletes in the in the Olympics had

47:38trained for 8 years some of them just to run for a matter of seconds down the

47:45track one of the girls on the basket but they are pasty but what is the other ball

47:52volleyball team was asked don’t you have to discipline yourself yes do you

47:58practice a lot yeah six to eight hours every day six days a week

48:05doesn’t it involve sacrifice yeah you have to leave home yeah what else oh

48:13this girl said I haven’t seen my boyfriend for nine months supposing you

48:20tell our students on our campuses you can’t go home for nine months boy they cry their eyes out if to

48:26discipline yourself for six to eight hours every day in the presence of God

48:33remember those gold medals are already tarnished they asked one young fella

48:38what are you going to with the gold medal did not he said have it bronzed

48:45it shows the value we put on it but that’s all it’s worth that Paul says

48:51they do it for a corruptible crown remember the Olympics were there 400

48:57years before Christ was born and they were more strenuous than even they are

49:03today they didn’t add vitamins and all the other things that we have but getting back to it we’re living in a day

49:10when there’s little offended discipline come on go to bed at the same time every

49:16night get up the same time every morning take time to be holy forget your friends

49:22if they want to be skeletons spiritually let them be skeletons if they want to be pushed pretty chilly

49:29little bit or you’re going to be not not going to be judged for their lives are going to be judged for your life have

49:37mercy upon me O God according to the multitude of thy tender mercies he uses

49:42different words here now blot out my transgressions block out means like here

49:52I erase this thing here it’s completely gone there you are now it’s gone okay that’s what the word blot means to blot

49:59out means to erase wash me if you’ve

50:05been in Oriental countries you’ve seen people women go down to the river they put clothes in the ribbon and they put them down and they them out

50:11they’re tramping the dirt out that’s exactly what that Hebrew word wash means they’re trample me if need be crush me

50:18to get this thing out of me then he use it an amazing word cleanse me there’s a

50:29great Hebrew scholar years ago some of you must have read though he has two

50:34great volumes doctor either Shimon Ida shine study of the life of Christ is the

50:39greatest classic ever you can still buy don’t put I – I’m a Hebrew scholar says

50:46you cannot translate this word cleanse into English except this way

50:54you can see that a hook unsend me in

51:03that beautiful cut me loose away from my sin I say again the normal Christian life is

51:11a life of wholeness we like to sing holy holy holy and then we go on and sing to

51:18all the N word holy only thou art holy that’s not what the scripture says

51:23holiness originates Riga only he is originally holy he always was and always

51:29will be everlastingly holy our holiness is borrowed from him the command is to

51:35be holy which literally means to be healthy in your spirit that’s why the

51:43word holy comes from an old anglo-saxon word ha League which means health or

51:50again it means purity you should be great priests in England because having

51:56a lot of great preacher in England but anyhow this old preacher used to preach in Wesley’s Chapel on City Road London

52:03Mercy for the life of me I can’t think of his name at the moment he wrote on a great book called the burning cataracts

52:10of Christ and he but I remember his fraid he said the man that only wants his sins forgiven is toying with

52:18religion the aspirations of the human

52:25heart naturally I mean when God has come to deal with them is as David Christ

52:30here create in me a clean heart O Lord and in your right spirit within me and

52:41then he says in the 12th verse restore unto me the joy of thy salvation let me

52:48give you one of my latest quits the more

52:53joy you have in the Lord the less entertainment you need entertainment is the devil’s substitute for joint

53:02and was a king in America do you know the king is McQueen the king is sport

53:08and his wife is called entertainment and they’re devouring not only the man in

53:14the street the devouring people in the pews on a net the devouring creatures

53:19ask your preacher what time to go to bed at night if he says it’s none of your

53:25business it is I want to know what kind of a man you are asking what kind of a

53:30pro-life here I don’t ask people if they’re saved anymore

53:35who isn’t saved from the White House of the jailhouse I look a person in the eye

53:41say does Christ live in you I was saved

53:46it I didn’t ask you that I’m asking you is tried described sleeping if

53:52Christianity is the only religion in the world where a man’s God comes and lives inside of him a Chinese scholar was

54:01given a copy of the New Testament he’d read the Koran it read the Vedas and all the sacred books the man said to him did

54:07you read the New Testament through he said I did what’s the most amazing thing he thought the man would say the most

54:12amazing thing I read was that Jesus Christ was born of the virgin but he

54:17died and physically rose again from the dead instead of that he said the most

54:24awesome thing is in Philippians chapter 2 or Ephesians chapter 2 it is yes he

54:31said in time past ye walked according to the course of this world according to the Prince of the power of the air then

54:37at the end of that same chapter it says you’re the habitation of God he said sir does your God live inside of you if so

54:47that’s the most awesome thing I’ve read and I read the Quran I read the Vedas I read all those on the sacred books but

54:54I never read where a man’s God comes and makes the man the habitation of God I preached in a big church a few years

55:00back I said Martha dearly those trees at the entrance of the church a wonderful

55:07since he’s about that in my life I know what the leaves are but look at all the

55:12little white flowers white birds well I got to church a bit late one night well

55:18I mean late for me I use way to get there half an hour before time if I went in here with the boys you know while I

55:26draw this fleeting breath and then sticking the cigarette stumps in the end

55:31in the trees outside when I gave up my taste I said gentlemen I’m going to

55:37preach this a night I did on Romans 8 and while you’re looking for it get out your cigarettes and your matches you can

55:43all smoke what deacons nudging each other we knew this guy was a crank

55:49I said smoke this building isn’t a

55:55temple of God this is the temple of God you defile it you go to the door of the church defile it inside of course you

56:04could start smoking I’ll tell you to stop but I said this is a temple it

56:09doesn’t run in temples made he dwells in a habitation what full of carnality full

56:15of jealousy full of pride full of anger full of secret last David says restore

56:24unto me the joy I’ve enough pain the bonds that you brought this relationship

56:30with you 7 the only way that I can get my joy back is for God to come in full

56:35control first he has to cleanse the habitation in which he’s going to live

56:4119:37 was a great year in my life I met my sweet wife in a town called April’s outside of Manchester England we took a

56:47tent there didn’t know anybody our usual format take a tent to a city no backing

56:55no churches no money sleep in it praying it weeping it groan in it and figured in

57:02six weeks we could raise a Church of four to five hundred people or even sometimes eight hundred and we did and

57:07those churches are still standing now 50 years after we’d no money with no backing we live like mice

57:16ate as little as we could we because we had to slept as little as we could

57:22prayed as much as we could we went Michaels Martha came in with a

57:30bunch of analysis they always look so beautiful are sitting in rows you know they were white braces in a blue cape

57:35with a red lining and smart girls what’s all the red over the shoulder you know to be more attractive and distract you

57:42while you are preaching but anyhow nearly all the boys fell in love with a

57:48nurse one of them fell in love with Martha I believe I believe I love miss

57:54Wilson and I want to I want to marry her can I go see her tomorrow night I said sure I said before you go and to tell

58:00you I’m going to marry her oh well I won’t him any chance I said well I won’t say a word to her well I got the prize

58:06and she’s been a very wonderful wonderful life that on the Friday night one Friday night one Saturday night I

58:14preached on Psalm 51 there’s a woman sitting at the back I’ve seen some ugly

58:21women in my life but she was the ugly wound I’d ever seen and I say see the

58:27nose like a banana and she was as as wrinkled as a prune she was dressed in

58:34black and she was sallow and at the end I said if you have some need to meet God if you’ve a broad and come trihard

58:41you’re welcome to come and kneel here I’ll pray with you the others all left the tent she came and knelt there and

58:48she sobbed and she cried and she groaned finally I said well ladies have time to

58:54do everything and it’s time to quit crying it’s time to talk to God well I

59:01said what’s your problem he said mr. Ravenal forty years ago I was one of the leading

59:08officers in the Salvation Army one night I quarreled with my partner there were always two women in one area two men in

59:14another leading a corps as they called it what we would call the fellowship we

59:20argued that night and I got angry I went home I took off my straw bonnet I told

59:27it to put it on the open fire I took off my tunic and cut it up buddy

59:32on the open the fire took off my skirt could be uppity on the open fire studied all up and I took my Bible and ripped

59:39all the pages out put it on top and he

59:47said mr. drainie oh and he began to smile a little teeth it it’s so

59:53wonderful tonight I said well it was wonderful preaching I’ve had a better time any time no no no I heard the voice

1:00:02of God the first time for 40 years I tried severed my relationship with him I

1:00:09heard William Booth the founder of the Salvation Army preaches only he could preach I heard Colonel Bringle I hold

1:00:17heard all the so-called great stars but she said for 40 years God has never

1:00:23spoken to me about a heart of stone I’ve been to services I’ve never been moved

1:00:30hymns don’t move meets preaching doesn’t moving preaching to me threatening doesn’t move me and he said tonight as you spoke

1:00:39there and said restore unto me the joy of thy salvation she said I said God that’s the only thing I need in life I

1:00:46don’t ask you live longer I don’t ask

1:00:51you to ease my poverty I don’t ask for it I ask you to research it you see I

1:00:57knew the intimacy of walking with God I had a love relationship with him I could

1:01:04really say personally he walks with me and he talks with me and he tells me I’m and it’s all gone

1:01:10I said well lady

1:01:17two years of wasted life I don’t want to come through that back it can restore

1:01:23your peace he can restore your joy can bring you into living flaming relationship with himself

1:01:30you can Samson and eat your feet the world of flesh and the devil but it’s not going to bring 40 years of

1:01:37wasted life do you know after that that woman every

1:01:42time we open the house of God choose the first of the door we had a prayer meeting every Sunday morning at 7

1:01:48o’clock and I’ve seen her standing there in the snow shivering a clause of everything

1:01:54and you would say mr. Ali it is a lovely morning and they will shepherd I so many

1:01:59shepherd it’s not much of a morning for you you’re shivering it’s cold it’s icy

1:02:05the snow home but mr. reimu I have my joy I have my peace the love

1:02:12relationship is restored my whole world is a new world dear old Duncan Campbell

1:02:22I pray that you make Duncan prettier than many times you used to pray at 5:00 in the morning he couldn’t pray until he

1:02:29had tea made of black issue you can almost stand up the spoon up any I can

1:02:35print it like that I told it was Mobil Oil her once he got anointed with his

1:02:43tea he got going oh how he used to pray oh when you told

1:02:49me about the revival in the heavily brother Duncan please you make me feel

1:02:54as of God has slighted me you make me feel as though Oh

1:03:00what’s it going to say I preach around the world I preach the house up forget it I never seen any brokenness like they

1:03:06saw never seen that a moving of the

1:03:11Spirit of God like he saw or how he used

1:03:18to say there’s only one sin that God cannot forgive and that’s a sin that son

1:03:24confessed if we confess our sin it’s not

1:03:30a nice thing to be humiliated you know I can remember the old days this precious

1:03:37lady does answer when you enter a holiness meeting of a Pentecostal meeting do you know what there were more

1:03:42people at the altar before the service then after they also was lined with people praying the glory down we do an

1:03:52old man who uses thunder I do not know Lord you come and walk in our midst tonight I was a kid about throne I was

1:03:58saying don’t I thought God was going to

1:04:03come down in his glory anon and I VI be running for the door you know we say

1:04:10Come Lord you come if the lawn came to the average Church that’d be chaos in the choir and panic in the pews and the

1:04:16Deacons would be running for the door we don’t know the glory of God but I’ll

1:04:24tell you what I believe it’s going to come back he’s going to come back we’re

1:04:31going to discover a Majesty in God that we’ve never never ever known before and with the glory the reveal light of God

1:04:38there’s going to come a consciousness of sin such as never known before

1:04:45just one thing somebody sent me some little books recently from Ireland their

1:04:50life stories with famous people abridged one of them about Jerry McCauley it was an Irish when who came to Boston he broke all

1:04:57records for drinking violence everything else ended up in jail if I remember was in Sing Sing that’s a name for a dare

1:05:04who sings in Sing Sing spent about 15 years there but make God there came out

1:05:11into New York there’s a famous street there just over Brooklyn Bridge on Canal

1:05:17Street that a famous building called the Water Street mission there were more derelicts and reprobates and sinners and

1:05:25criminals converted there than any place in America and Jerry I believe got saved

1:05:30there and then he started a place of his own but you know he had a passion for

1:05:36the loss I did Dave Wilkerson he could stay in his nice home what you want to

1:05:41go meet take a risk of being hit and stand amidst all the abuse and sin and

1:05:48uncleanness but where did Jesus go preach he don’t go fishing in your

1:05:53bathtub deal if you do you need to check with a doctor you go where the fish are

1:06:00we sitting pretty churches I’ll tell you what the day I worked 20 years ago with Dave Wilkinson when Teen Challenge was

1:06:07first starting in New York there’s one thing about those guys you didn’t after town they were sinners than you you had

1:06:12to tell you about an answer there’s a lovely hymn written in America not many

1:06:18great hymns written America one great hymn written America thy love we also sing in England I admit that

1:06:28it was written by HD Spafford a very wealthy man yeah four beautiful daughters he waved

1:06:34them goodbye on a ship called the Lahav from pier 90 in New York before the ship got to England it sank off the rugged

1:06:41coast of Wales his four daughters perished his wife was safe they send him

1:06:49used to New York sitting at his desk in his office wealthy wealthy wealthy men

1:06:55the ship has gone down your four daughters are lost he got a piece of paper he wrote when peace like a river

1:07:03attendeth my way when sorrows like sea billows roll whatever my lord thou has

1:07:09taught me to say it is well with my soul the second stanza says if Satan should

1:07:14buff it if trial shook it by the third stanza I stopped a meeting in the great

1:07:20method Baptist Church English in in Atlanta about four years ago on the

1:07:27Friday night I said look everybody stand please sing this hymn sing very

1:07:32carefully the third stanza my sin not my sins that’s the fruit my sin that’s the

1:07:39route all the Bliss of this glorious thought my sin not in part but the whole is nailed to the cross and I bear it no

1:07:47more on the sunday night dr. Stanley stood on the platform either I don’t know what happened but does Reese ank

1:07:53Friday night brother angel said look at the third verse something snapped inside

1:07:58of me a deacon came to me said brother a knew what happened to dr. Stanley

1:08:04happened to me Friday night he said I told my friend at the door another deacon he said the same thing happened to me I wanted God to deal with that

1:08:12root of sin the very founding of rebellion and uncleanness there are no

1:08:21degrees of purity no degrees of death of

1:08:27the degrees of life that are degrees of death or a no degrees of purity your heart and mine is either pure or impure

1:08:34and in its impure it’s an offense to God if I’m harboring grudges if I have pride if I have them there is

1:08:41no other message in the world like the message of the gospel it’s a mandate to go to the derelict

1:08:47to any body this Psalm always remind me

1:08:52of this Hebrews 7:25 he’s able to save to the uttermost and somebody said to

1:08:59the mother most and to the uppermost and to the gutter most there’s no such thing

1:09:08as such a chronic condition of sin that God cannot cleanse that heart he is able

1:09:14to save to the uttermost all who come unto God by him seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for us again I say the

1:09:24normal condition of the Christian life is a life of wholeness he says create in me a clean out and give me thy Holy

1:09:30Spirit when Saul the king of Israel an evil spirit II did evil things when the

1:09:35mouth an unclean spirit he does unclean things when a man has the Holy Spirit who produces holy things you know if

1:09:43Jesus could have solved 10 million arguments if he just said 1 1 1 change one word if Jesus had said by their

1:09:50gifts he sold all of it would have killed 10 million arguments but it didn’t say that said by their fruits you saw no gifts I don’t believe them all

1:09:59would they’re wonderful there are many of them but you never saw fruit

1:10:06strutting video people strut with gifts very often fruit is noiseless in its production

1:10:12noiseless in its purity and in its progress and that’s what God wants in

1:10:20our lives my sin not in part but the

1:10:26whole is nailed of the cross in other words when he died there I died with him

1:10:32taking this illustration irritate he’s a man standing up in the water of baptism

1:10:37he goes down under the water Suzy goes under he’s cut off from the world above isn’t it he can’t see if he

1:10:43can’t talk to it he can’t smell it can’t sense it I mean if he goes under that water it’s

1:10:49a symbolic of the fact that he’s been buried with Christ left the world above has no fascination for

1:10:55it Paul said I’m crucified with Christ nevertheless I meant not only that but

1:11:02at the end of Galatians 5 he says and the world is crucified unto me and I unto the world now you’ve seen a lot of

1:11:09things some of you men that went to war saw some bloody things on battlefields dismembered body none of us ever saw

1:11:15crucifixion 5 10,000 people would follow a man carrying his crosses dr. Tozer say

1:11:23if you saw a man taking his cross outside of the city was sure of one thing he wasn’t coming back once he went

1:11:32there uh you could throw rotten fruit of him rotten eggs on him rocks at himself pouring on him

1:11:405,000 people there at night to see that man crucified 6 o’clock in the morning not one of them they’re the first to be

1:11:47there with the vultures that came on the cross there and stood there and picked out his eyes and picked out his body

1:11:52until his entrails were hanging out and the dogs came and licked up the blood there’s nothing more horrible the arid

1:12:00of crucifixion with all those skeletons dismembered bodies there paul says the

1:12:07world is crucified is it come on now is the sports world as ugly to you since

1:12:13you say that it still mesmerized you you spend more time watching ballgames on TV

1:12:18than prayer is so that’s your God that’s your idol the world is crucified even

1:12:25the fascinating world of business maybe with all its enormous to profits and success he’s crucified to me and not

1:12:33only I’m crucified to the world they said that for here’s a man with the most colossal intellect in the world he

1:12:40taught with the Epicureans and Stoics and poets and others in what the sixteenth chapter of the Acts of the

1:12:46Apostles and then marvel that he knew so much he counted philosophy with

1:12:51philosophy history with history poetry with poetry and then finally if dr. Stewart of Scotland said he showed them

1:12:58upon me he he sounded the trumpet blast of the resurrection

1:13:05why and then once died and rose again yeah as a secret guzzle he see if we’re

1:13:13not saved by the death of Christ we’re saved by his life if he’s still dead

1:13:19we’re still dead Buddha didn’t die and rise again Confucius didn’t rise again

1:13:24but Paul says I’m an idiot to the world think of what that man could be doing in

1:13:29the world he could be the greatest philosopher greatest and Socrates greatest orator than demosthenes and

1:13:35here he is huddled up with a bunch of people that have prayer meetings in backrooms look at his face all scarred

1:13:42with stones notice he limps you’ve been imprisoned more than any any criminal

1:13:49others the wage is this glorious God gives you because he’d never heard you know the name it and claim it that was

1:13:57his fault all he knew was prisons and persecutions

1:14:03and hardship and you know he did the poor insane man this is what he said you

1:14:08know I’m glad gods give me grace to get through it I if it were 25 hours in the

1:14:14dead never have made it well I pray this morning Lord keep me from temptation keep me from

1:14:19difficulties and make me a jellyfish no

1:14:25he says I glory in tribulation in necessities and reproaches come on have

1:14:31you got so far huh when the name is cast out as an evil thing when you’re really

1:14:36cooled and despised they see once the heart is cleansed and the Holy Spirit of

1:14:42God comes to control makes all the difference in the world no longer eyes Christ that lives in me

1:14:48the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God who

1:14:56loved me and gave himself for me there

1:15:02is no joy in the world like the joy of God and the man who wrote most about it

1:15:07was writing in a stinking lousy prison cell and he said list I’ve got a word from God for you oh you have what is it

1:15:14within a prosper make money no he says rejoice in the Lord they should have been writing to him

1:15:20he’s writing to them he have another square meal they have another bath four weeks a month maybe yeah and here is

1:15:28rejoicing in adversity in tribulation in distress is in reproaches everything that we shun everything that would make

1:15:35character eNOS make us strong make us tough for God well have you got that joy

1:15:46can we glory necessities in reproaches let me hit look dear brother then ask

1:15:53you to sing it either our cry masks and strike this up in the right place maybe we’ll

1:16:08okay 139 139 lexing the first answer I think it’s the third

1:16:24yeah the first in the third let’s stand insane when peace like a river attendeth

1:16:29my way into a canoe pigeon person third

1:16:42yeah when peace like a river attendeth my

1:17:00when sorrows like sea billows roar


1:17:18hahaha to me to say it is well with my


1:17:44as well

1:17:50my soul is why

1:17:58yeah all the way

1:18:08releasing a to my sin oh the Bliss of

1:18:16this glorious part my sin not in part

1:18:38the cross and my

1:18:52ray Oh

1:18:59my soul Oh

1:19:14with my soul

1:19:32Father we thank you this morning that we can say like David he brought me a part of a horrible pit and something even

1:19:41greater than that you say there’s so many terminal pit you brought this out

1:19:48of darkness into light I’m sure we shall

1:19:53never go into eternal darkness we thank you this morning for truth in the midst

1:19:59of the world that’s staggering and stumbling over error we thank you for light in the midst of darkness we thank

1:20:07you for life in the midst of death God we ask me that we may crave this purity

1:20:13of heart be willing to let you detect us and show us ourselves how did as it may

1:20:20be to shows the secret corruption the violence of sin the secret lust that

1:20:26hold Empire over our souls we thank you the blood of Jesus Christ God’s Son can

1:20:33cleanse us from sin and not only that keep us from the same he’s able to say

1:20:39we thank you for every voice which is the truthful voice in the world this morning think of all the mysteries think

1:20:46about precious brothers and sisters in Russia or China or other countries that

1:20:51maybe haven’t been to a fellowship for years and yet maintain their integrity and they can truly say what is poetry to

1:20:59us though he slay me yet will I trust him God make us like the Bereans to be

1:21:06Noble let there be distinctiveness about us the distinction of holiness and

1:21:12spiritual health and life and power we pray for them and it suit around and now

1:21:18she doing in duplicate their power strengthen all the branches that they

1:21:26have across the world keep us looking to Jesus the author and the finisher of our

1:21:31faith and may we be able to say like the Apostle that we finished our course with

1:21:36joy they give you praise in Jesus thank you bless you free