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Prophet Elijah (video sermon)

Prophet Elijah by Leonard Ravenhill

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0:15this is one of the best-known Old Testament chapters I’m sure particular

0:21when they think of revival which is one of our maybe it’s our number one theme

0:27around the earliest it should be I just

0:32finished a book revival God’s Way because we’ve tried everybody else’s way

0:39I thought it might be decent to go back and try God’s Way we’ve tried organizing instead of

0:45agonizing and superficial instead of the supernatural and the electronic church instead of the

0:53electrifying church it’s about time we had to change and no man is able to

1:02bring that change only God you know I’m sure that this is a chapter on Elijah

1:12Elijah is in the category of what I think with the greatest man that ever walked the earth or what the moon if you

1:17like in this day he was a prophet

1:24prophet to gods emergency men for crisis hours

1:37let’s say this is primary and then it’s true of all of them the prophets walk

1:42alone profits are antagonized by the

1:49declension and apostasy round about them they refuse to bow to it they stand up against it and in fact domine raises

2:00profits in days of declension and

2:07apostasy you never find the profit sponsored by men you never find a

2:15prophet begging for money over TV

2:22usually the message of a prophet is accepted only by a minority no prophet

2:30however great or successfully was ever became the man of the year I get a

2:38little disturbed when I get letters and I get some almost every week sometimes it seems they come every day either

2:44letters or phone God’s called me to be a prophet our God has called me to be a

2:50John the Baptist when a man says that I say are you insured and he says what do

2:55I need insurance oh because you’re only going to live six months that’s all John Baptist I don’t whether it was insured

3:02but that’s all he lived for six months and lost his head over the business

3:08but there’s the law he that loses his life of ice age you’ll find it and he that preserves his life shall lose it I

3:19thought of some very simple words to say about this man first of all his position

3:26again either he’s an isolated character I forget the

3:35exact date but somewhere in the 1500 s there was a man in England in the in the

3:42town of Kidderminster I’ve been through that time anytime it has a great Cathedral and this stone isn’t like the

3:48usually drab grey stone in England it’s almost red and it has two great steeples

3:54instead of one and when Baxter went to Kidderminster he said there were not

4:01four families in the whole city that had devotions and fifteen about 15 years

4:10after when he died they said they were not for families in the city that didn’t have them he had revival on the family level which

4:17is the most immediate thing in that country today I get a bit hotter about

4:23deacons and past as always deploring the Bible’s thrown out of the school but I go in Deacon Psalms and never see the

4:29Bible brought out once all week and some of you come from pastors homes and your daddy never took the Bible out every day

4:35and read it around the table anyhow so why throw stones at the Russians or somebody else judgment must begin at the

4:43house of God it begins as the old song says it’s not my brother nor my sister it’s me Oh God standing in the need of

4:50prayer but it was Richard Baxter who

4:55gave us that great phrase that I tried to push over when I’m talking to preachers he said I preached as though I

5:01would never preach again another dying man to dying men there is no office on

5:09this earth and you can include the President of the United States or the King of England there is an office in the world higher than that of preaching

5:18I have a friend who is a very brilliant open heart surgeon I hope I never have to meet you make sent round the dinner

5:25table but I’ve great respect for a man that can go in here and do it as a man

5:31have the other day of five what do you call it a five part bypass I’d rather

5:36pass them all I have a great admiration for a man who

5:42can drill a hole in your skirts : go in and sort maybe that’s what I need I hope it don’t have to have that but but a

5:49brain surgeon man do you think he goes joking into the room and says hey what’s the ball score I’ve got to get in this

5:55guy’s skull and put some things I don’t think so then that I saw the men but

6:00most preachers are idiots almost today they can tell jobs just before they go

6:06on to enter preach I’ll tell you the secret of preaching not that I found it

6:12I rediscovered it from the Word of God Isaiah 66 God says to this man will I

6:18look to him that trembler that my word and that doesn’t mean that the first time you stand up in your fan your knees

6:25are very friendly knocking together it doesn’t mean that kind of nervous not not that kind of trembling but trembling

6:32at the awesome task of representing a holy God in an unholy world and then is

6:40it Peter that talks about them preaching with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven Jesus was the son of God from the

6:47moment he left his mother’s womb but he didn’t preach until he was anointed he

6:52stood up and read the scriptures when he was 12 years of age in the synagogue but he never preached well how do these guys

7:00there to preach because the other piece of paper stuck on the wall about 10

7:06inches by 18 saying they were ordained

7:11there’s no one on earth can all date another man to them in history there’s

7:17there’s only one ordination people say sometimes you know those guys in the upper room and absorbed eight men well

7:23that’s why you’re wrong they were all dead because it says in John 15

7:28I have ordained you that that’s the only ordination the ordination of the pierson hands not the ordination of the

7:36well-manicured hand of the bishop or somebody

7:42the preachers job is as I don’t have any

7:48biographies about of George Whitefield I used to have about a dozen I think that but I think a friend of mine maybe has a

7:55150 different biographies of Whitfield but they said if we’d field was going to preach on heaven by the time he walked

8:01to the desk and gave out this text you’d think he’d been living in heaven for the last seven days and that was marvelous

8:09but if you’re having to go the ninety preached on hell you’d think he’d lived there for six seven days and you’d we should never got to the meeting

8:21why should people tremble at the word of God if a preach doesn’t already tremble at it why should people weep for their

8:29sins if the preacher hadn’t already wait for them to scarce rare thing to find a

8:37preacher ever weeping in the pulpit anymore isn’t it and yet it’s a

8:45condition of revival in Joel to let the priests weep it says let the priests howl you know that those preachers used

8:56to how during the night now we’ve got night owls and those the preachers they’re watching TV all night but they

9:03don’t how they don’t weep they don’t grieve and since we’ve stated so

9:10magnificently in the last 25 years you wonder why we don’t have a minister’s conference and find out where we got off

9:16the track 4,000 preachers met in Amsterdam about three months ago a

9:22doctor a friend of mine and his wife went a month after and she said oh we

9:28were going around Germany and other places I wanted to get to AP’s did the Amsterdam to feel the power of God in

9:34the city and when she got there she didn’t feel a thing

9:39isn’t it amazing a hundred and twenty men from the Upper Room could turn the city upside down the internal it’s not

9:45Nightside up and you’re four thousand preachers gathered together for about 10

9:51days costing five million dollars and coat nobody could even tell they’d been in town isn’t illogical

10:01now I may have many false but I’m not I’m not afraid of anybody and I wonder

10:09why I preach it says every Sunday morning I four thousand students in my school they’re all filled with the Holy

10:14Ghost and nobody knows they’re in town but the new one 120 were in town filled

10:20with the Holy Ghost so here’s a question you might work out what’s the difference between the baptism of the Spirit in

10:26acts 2 and the baptism of the Spirit today there’s an awful discrepancy you

10:34may have a headache thinking about it maybe a rabbit how take me before you get through the whole thing but

10:43obviously the Church of the New Testament and the church today are two very very different things and I hope

10:49you’ll make some great discoveries where I get into school here okay let’s look

10:56at this quickly I’ll say that a few times and not go so quickly I suppose but anyhow here we are in 1st Kings 17

11:06no end of 16

11:15they have the son of Omri did evil in the sight of the Lord above all that will be for him now let’s remember that

11:2158 years before this there had been a dividing of the kingdom right before

11:26Elijah comes on the stage there had been seven kings and every King Reed did more evil than the king before him until

11:33finally the final King does walking there’s more evil in all the previous kings before him and that includes

11:41Jeroboam who you may remember once made some gods out of gold and said to the

11:46tip of Israel these are your gods or Israel I think I think that amazes me is

11:55how short our memories are for all of us

12:00how quickly we forget the mercies of God how quickly we forget the judgments of God but you see this is comparable to

12:09the day in which we live let me read it now that verse 31 it came to pass as if it had been the light thing for him to

12:15walk in the sins of jeroboam the sons of kneebar needed a lot of evil things Jeroboam he took Jezebel the daughter of √ęthe

12:22Bale the king of those Eidolons and went and served there and worshipped him see what he does he no greats worship two

12:30strange heathen gods he puts an altar for bel in the house of bel and he’d

12:36built an eMeter Samaria and he made a grove and they have did more to provoke

12:44the Lord God of Israel and to anger did more to stir the Lord God of Israel to

12:51anger than all the kings of Israel that now all the aggregate iniquity of the

12:56kings before him this one king exceeded all their wickedness and he made God very very angry and he rebuilt Jericho

13:03which you remember fallen down in the days of Joshua and he set the foundation

13:10stands it stones in the blood of his son and as we would say everything in the

13:16garden was lovely everything was rolling along perfectly like putting the lights

13:23out one by one the nation’s morality and spirituality had been pushed away

13:28preach the gun hiding underground and it looks as though this wicked King it

13:37would be more correct to say he was a very weak King his wife Jezebel was very wicked and when everything in the gun

13:46was lovely suddenly come up comes a

13:51little man a rugged rugged man by the name of Elijah looking here for a

14:03description of him

14:09bunny in the second book of Kings and the first chapter in verse eight this is

14:18the Elijah who would come up against a man who was going to do something evil

14:24and he says in verse eight of 1st 2nd Kings chapter 1 they answered he was a

14:30heavy man gert with a leathern girdle about his loins and he said it is elijah

14:36the tishbite today our profits are Brooks Brothers

14:42suits on and have the hair what do you call it blow dried and heaven knows and

14:50they’re big rings on the fingers and showman showmanship and here’s a little

14:55man that makes a whole nation to tremble

15:01go back to chapter 17 Elijah the Tishbite he’s of the inhabitants of

15:08Gilead now there were two Gillard’s one of them was a rugged mountainous place and my guess is that he lived there and

15:15he was as rugged as a mountains rough looking hairy man but the word of the

15:22Lord came unto him verse to say get the handsome turn and eastward and hide

15:27thyself now look mark mark that phrase there high hide thyself

15:34seventeenth chapter those three now look at eighth eighteenth chapter and verse

15:42run go show thyself you know the secret of his life is not difficult to discover

15:48the secret of his life is this he was obedient when God said hide yourself he

15:53didn’t say well Lord how long am I going for and what’s the apartment like I mean that does it have hot and cold water and

16:00is a grocery store nearby God says you

16:05go I’ve commanded the Ravens to feed be there now I don’t like that I wish you another bird that is a raven anyhow but

16:13you see in the Hebrew the word Raven and Arab are interchangeable

16:19so the smarts colors today say well it wasn’t a bird that flew with his breakfast everyone it was an atom well

16:28have it that way if you like that’s as big a miracle as anything it did you ever know how to feed a Jew but I don’t

16:40think another would come flying through the air but he brought in bread and flesh in the longing bread and flesh in

16:46it maybe that’s a suggestion you only need to eat twice a day it’s quite

16:52natural and yet super natural for a raven tokay a raven is a carnivorous bird what was the first bird that no but

17:03other the art so everywhere we went he had a choice he could eat to put the

17:09banana he had a smorgasbord he could have a bit of an elephant now bit of a human being the next meal a bit of

17:15somebody is all the carcasses floating around from everybody you’ve been destroyed in the world but when the when

17:24the Dove went out what did he do a dove

17:30is that unique birdie only marries once he or she marry once if he goes near

17:37anything that smells of death he won’t even settle on another nine deeds the

17:43rain will eat food that’s rotten you see some of them on the roads they they’re a type of Raiden somebody hits an animal

17:49and you see a big ugly looking bird scratching that all of the Eagle and Raven family but the dog will not eat

17:57anything dared anything unclean it won’t even put its little pink feet down on anything that’s a pretty good

18:04illustration you see because if you’re dead in trespasses and sisters flashing you the Holy Ghost won’t come he may

18:11come and give you a nudge numbing it but he won’t abide in your heart is this filth and corruption then you can weep

18:17and cry and make all the confessions you like that you won’t the Holy Ghost won’t come but anyhow

18:28notice what it says get the hens turned

18:33the eastward verse three is it over – of 17 and hide thyself by the boot kiri

18:41that is before John it shall be that the – a drink of the broken I’ve commanded the right mr. Feeny there and he went

18:47and he did according to the word of the Lord and you find out over and over and

18:53over and he life he did according to the word of the Lord now he didn’t ask any

19:01directions about this thing as far as I know go to the brook Tirith

19:13and the birds brought in bread and flesh in the morning and in the evening and he drank of the brook he came to pass after

19:20a while that the brook dried up the brook was quite natural the natural supply was cut off first and then the

19:27supernatural the bird with the food didn’t turn up and then again the word

19:34of the Lord came unto him saying get thee to zarif Earth now we’ll have to

19:42jump over some things here but anyhow

19:53we find the verson looking for here I’ll go back to this one okay Elijah the

19:59Tishbite said to Ahab now here is a nobody a man that doesn’t know home he’s

20:05a cummerbund today a and he stands in the presence of a royal king who can

20:12command his death and he isn’t nervous about it at all he says as the Lord God

20:17of Israel liver liveth before whom I stand I tell you what if you stand before god you’ll never kneel before men

20:27the man who was stood in the presence of an eternal holy God will never need bother kneel never come from eyes he’ll

20:35deliver the word God has given to him and go hide thyself now what do you

20:43think he did all the time who’s in that cave do you think he was collecting bugs to see how many rock variety there was

20:49there he’s no companionship somebody has

20:58given me a beautiful set of pictures from my office Eagles oh they’re gorgeous I’ve only

21:04everybody seen eagles fly and they never fly except on courting trips they fly

21:10two together but normally afraid the great eagle flies alone it’s the king of

21:15the air the lion is the king of authority hunt the log except for

21:22certain other seasons and if you haven’t learned the lesson learn it now while

21:27the young great men walk alone

21:33Enoch who did he knock walk with God

21:39he’s not only the only one but the distinguishing feature of God he was he walked constantly with God and one other

21:48thing it’s nice to be in a school I went to a school once you may learn as much

21:54under a tree up somewhere in the field there with your Bible or listening to God as you listen as you get sitting

22:01listening to somebody else spoon feed you

22:10you see just just studying the Bible will not make you a saint it has to get

22:18in your bloodstream and work down right through you you can store your head with

22:23knowledge and that’s good you may learn Hebrew and Greek which are fine but there is no substitute for a

22:30personal relationship with God himself do you remember that when they point the

22:36priests in the old ritual of the Old Testament then God says separate Aaron

22:42and his sons that they may minister unto me now when I have lived you minister to

22:48the Lord today not work for him but work with him not just talk to him but it’s a

22:58two-way street as we say he talks back this man continually hears the voice of

23:06God the word of the Lord came unto me read Ezekiel and see how many times he says the word of the Lord came unto me

23:17he did succumb to the word of the Lord verse 5 verse 8 the word of the Lord

23:23came unto him saying arise get you to the 0th now the chapter 18 came to pass

23:31after many days the word of the Lord came to Elijah and said go thy show thyself unto Ahab notice he had said in

23:42that pammi 17th chapter and verse 1 the

23:48Lord before I’m at home I shall stand there should be not do no raid these years come on now come on would you like

23:54to wake up in the morning the Lord said you get to the white house as quickly as you can and tell the president there

24:00with all the business he has there’s nothing as important as this I have to say to him I’ve been with God and he’s told me that I’m going to turn a key

24:07light that I’m going to shut up have another being alright now come on do love another day you love enough you

24:13love America enough to send a bankrupt

24:19is it better for the nation to go to hell fat I’ll go to heaven thin it is so

24:28easy to read this like this isn’t it this wonderful little man he goes up to the king he says there’s going to be no

24:33rain according to my word not God’s word my word and he says here look I’m going to shut up heaven and be no rain around

24:39until I unlocked it you see God had said in what numbers in it new numbers of

24:46Deuteronomy 11 if a nation commits transgressions continually I’ll shut up

24:51have another B no rape and what Elijah says look Lord nobody else keeps their word you better keep your word why

24:58should people believe you if you don’t keep your word now you can’t shut up

25:04heaven and have the crops you can’t shut up heaven without your cattle die

25:10you can’t should have heaven for three years without industry collapsing but

25:17you see these men love God so much they hurt when God was hurting they didn’t hurt just because the neighbors are

25:22saying when are we going to get more food and when a price is going to drop when is the economy going to recover when is inflation going to drop how many

25:30preachers do you think will go into the pulpit this Sunday and say listen America has spent another week hurting

25:36God we brought in his Commandments we’re breaking his Sabbath

25:42we’re legalizing abortion where legalizing homosexuality we’re on the

25:48devil side that wouldn’t let you be you won’t become the man of the year before

25:54you got through most lack of the Deacons would change would chase you out of the front door

26:04okay let’s go that to Elijah Dam in this chapter what does he do I want you to

26:10notice his the people were against him

26:16verse 19 of this eighteenth chapter

26:26Alpana go back to the 17 it came to pass when they have so Elijah he said unto

26:32Him art thou he that troubleth Israel do you think we’ve got any preachers around

26:37here troubling the devil huh I hear preachers say you know what

26:43one pictures always think you know I preach for Jerry Falwell I had my dinner at the White House the other week do you

26:50think I have ever invited Elijah to dinner huh if you do raise your hand

26:57you’re crazy do you think a gripper ever

27:05invited the Apostle Paul to dinner of the Royal Palace did Herod invite John

27:12Baptist to dinner Lord Jesus the very presence of a man of God scared them

27:20immediately came in their presence he diffused something of the Almighty God the eternal God and immediately they

27:26sense out on corruption and failure now

27:32listen remember that wonderful study in the Bible where Paul gets on board ship

27:39and everybody laughed and said who’s that guy who is a preacher in Chains yes

27:45yeah he’s where’s he going he just told me he’s gonna have his head chopped off

27:51and he gets off the boat what and he’s not trying about it no no he says I’m

27:57going to I’m going to do the greatest job I’ve ever done for my master and he got on board shippers of passage and he

28:03got off as the pilot the ship went to pieces typical of the day in which were

28:10living is it well going end with a bang or a whimper is it going to end up in the

28:17hands of communism or the hands of Capulet no it’s going to end up in the hand of preachers that ship tossing and

28:26twirling this the sails are ripping and the spars of breaking and the Seas of

28:31boiling the people are screaming and everybody’s terrified and

28:37comes a little man up from down the steepest quarters on the boat he comes up with a big smile says what’s wrong

28:42with you he says was it a terrible night didn’t you think we were going to sink he said no there stood by me this night

28:49an angel of God or what an angel of God

28:58what Kevin does he’s sleeping oh he’s not it just comes down to visit me came

29:04in the middle of the night he says Paul give me a hand or bow remember this this ship’s not going to sink and you’re

29:10going to make it new you’re going to be the means of saving everybody on board this ship and the captain they threw all

29:16the furniture over body through all the baggage of abroad they threw everything

29:22they could overboard to lighten the ship and Paul said why don’t you quit and just let me take charge it’s the same

29:31thing here I thought he that troubleth Israel verse 18 he answered I have not

29:38troubled Israel but thou in thy father’s house because you for Satan His commandments and you followed Balaam now

29:46listen here’s the little guy here’s the king in his beautiful uniform with all his servants around him in a house full

29:54of antiques and one in the world of you God and here’s a little rugged man that doesn’t even have a hand in his pocket

30:00and he has no home should I tell you what the situation was poor guy he got

30:07nothing but God isn’t it terrible I mean when you have nothing but God do

30:14you remember what the Apostle Paul said he says I have nothing that possess all things now the church has everything

30:23including computers and instead of

30:28saying I have nothing and possess all things now we possess all things and have nothing

30:39I’d love to draw a picture of this if I could draw Elijah with his leathern

30:45girdle his big hairy chest and his standing before the king his glorious

30:50robes and his wonderful crown and the little prophet says hey boy look you get all Israel to Mount Carmel and bring all

30:58your false prophets 400 from Vail and 400 from the group from the Groves that

31:04eat at Jezebel’s table that old witch somebody called her a toad but I think

31:10that’s an insult to the toad but I never neva gathered them gathered all the chin

31:17of Israel out would you like to stand up against this mob it’s estimated there

31:22were two million children of Israel and 850 false false priests there from false

31:32religions and what does this man of God

31:37do well it delivers the word that God has given to him that’s all he has to do

31:43I was trying to find her I’ve lost a knocking here but a bit later on do you

31:48remember there were 50 sons of the prophets came up to him and they said

31:54who are you he said you want me to prove it he said yes okay well if I’m the true God he

32:01said let fire fall from heaven and burn you all up but that’s what happened and he roasted 50 of the false prophets on

32:07the spot now wouldn’t you think they’d learn the lesson but what did the wicked

32:13people who they sent 50 more and he roasted them and they hadn’t learned the

32:18lesson they sent 50 more he roasted them so he got trillion people three times 50

32:26150 of the super high priests of false religion and two million maybe of Israel

32:33and 850 false prophets the odd the dice was pretty loaded against him wasn’t it

32:42but he says let’s build an altar and you

32:47put your sacrifice on it and at the end of verse 25 he says you call on the name

32:54of your God will put no fire under and they went on crying and cried and cried

33:01and no God answered and verse 27 it came to pass that Elijah mocked them and said

33:07as he cried aloud that he is God either he’s talking up a swinger if you’ve got one of those horrible living Bibles this

33:16isn’t written very well at all I always read out to the Living Bible

33:22the King James Version that they there’s

33:28some rough language there but try larger gods on the journey has gone shopping he

33:35mugged them the God the tongues of fire fire but notice in verse 30 he lied you

33:44said to all the people come near unto me and all the people came and he repaired the altar of the Lord that was broken

33:51down do you know a lot of our prayers are not answered because we broke down

33:59we’ve got broken altars in our lives those that we made to guard him we never

34:05kept them

34:10but first of all you built the old altar repaired it now come on let’s be

34:16realistic about this what do you think those eight hundred and fifty false prophets were doing while he was

34:22building that altar don’t you think they were saying look at the old clown what’s he going to do why doesn’t he give up I

34:29mean it’s stupid I mean there’s 850 of us against him plus all this crowd now

34:39it wasn’t right for Elijah to put God to the test like this why should a little

34:46man take it upon him to say I’d build an altar and then the God that answers by a fire he’s the real how does he have the

34:51audacity to do it the I’ll tell you I have the audacity to do it because he said to the word of the Lord came unto me to do it and come hell or high water

34:59you can multiply the false prophets by a million but I have the Word of God and

35:05I’m only obeying God and because I’m a being God God will come through and and

35:12God will answer by fire we don’t have time to go through this in the way that

35:19I like that there’s a lot of old altars

35:24that need to be rebuilt some who once made a vow you’d never get married but

35:30you’ve got married since on the edge of it what about repairing the old onto

35:35altar do you mean I should break my engagement yes if you made a vow to God

35:41that you wouldn’t get married you better hold and wait and find out what God wants I’ve read and reread the fifth

35:50chapter of Ephesians this week now you won’t remember this but some of us older

35:56people I don’t know brother day remembers this that no hardly fifty

36:03years ago there’s a popular American by the name of dr. Buckman and he came to

36:09England and established in Oxford University a series of meetings which

36:16spread like wildfire through England don’t think of the name of us or the

36:23Oxford group and they used to have what they called a squash instead of thing

36:30you into our house meeting went to a squat because we went to a room like this which happens to be a bit

36:35overloaded this morning it’s evening you go to a house where you could normally seat about 30 people in it’s close to

36:41about 80 people you’ve all squashed together you see so they call it a squat

36:47now John Wesley in the 1700 s stablish what he called a class meeting and

36:54people used to testify sometimes it’s starting rotation but Wesley wouldn’t

36:59let you get back and say you know 200 years ago my grandfather was a bishop or I have a cousin that’s doing this you

37:06could only testify on your experience between last Friday night in this Friday night now what the book my Knights did

37:15they’d meet together and then they start talking I went to some meetings out disgusting and they start digging up

37:22their past sins and talking about them looking God’s put them under the blood why’d you drag them out if God doesn’t

37:29want to remember them why do you want to remember them I went to meetings in New

37:34York City where I wanted to throw up people talk how many women they live with and what sin they had done and all

37:41kinds of licentiousness what does Paul say what other things are lovely

37:47whatsoever things of good rapport with think on these things but listen to what

37:55Paul said in Ephesians 5 V therefore in verse 1 he therefore followers of God as

38:01dear children walk in love as Christ loved us and has given himself on an offering and a sacrifice to God that

38:08fornication uncleanness and covetousness let them not once we mentioned among you

38:14as becometh Saints now the thirteen is not foolish jesting you say well shouldn’t sing that you’ve been you’ve

38:22covered up in your life shouldn’t he be confessed but let me tell you something and you you refuse to stand up for

38:27anybody until God can be sure I believe the sin that is being committed privately should be confessed by

38:35you should find a confessor that is you should find a pastor or some of you used

38:40to count me and go to that person and say listen this is part of my past not not spill it out before a crowd because

38:47it can become pornographic I remember a girl who’s had certain things in one meeting and every time I saw that girl

38:53and sheeping to the depths of hell you talk about incest and and all the other

38:59things you could mention process she came up with a string of stuff one day and I every time I’ve seen her since all

39:05I can see is all these rotten filthy things hanging around us and not to be mentioned amongst you as becometh saints

39:11let’s think of holy things and pure things build again the altar one altar

39:21you see it’s not enough to make confession today the two of the most unpopular words in evangelism number one

39:28is repentance but a not unpopular word is restitution now look if you’ve got to

39:35go into trouble and then you desert either you get back and pay that girl some money and get her out of trouble if

39:41you stole some money from your boss bill bill defenses if you made a vow to God

39:47in your hand and I’m going to pray so many hours or minutes a day and you haven’t kept it well you can’t fool God

39:54you’re fooling yourself don’t say I’m not growing in grace I don’t seem to get any taller or stronger why should you be

40:03you remember does it this semi elijah rooster at the side of the river having

40:08a tree with an axe wasn’t he also he come on matter who was it elijah what a lie sure that’s right no

40:18is one of those terrible twins I always get mixed up with him so what’s he doing he’s working with an axe Oh boys these

40:26boys have it rough now they run the chainsaw up it goes in and they come in exhausted but the would

40:37they do getting one of those seekers out on the west have you seen them you should see them as yarman you can drive

40:43it to a drove in a car through one of them imagine guys working it out all day

40:48long guys swinging at the axe head fell off but he was too proud you would let anybody know so he tried to chop the

40:54tree down with a handle you say ridiculous that’s what some of us are

41:01doing you’re trying to chop the tree down with a handle just the knowledge of

41:06the word of God and it needs a sharp anointing what did you suddenly boy wax

41:16isn’t heavy the axe head goes into the

41:21river and he took some twigs and what did he do throw it down and how do you

41:27ever mr. Chadwick when I went to Bible School you can see that I’m sure almost six months with anyhow

41:35what did he do he took some twigs where did he take them oh he took them a mile

41:42down the river because they are and it’s going to swim oh forget it then what I went down in the water and

41:50he took the trees what they do it’s whit and mr. tablet read it this way the iron

41:56did swim the iron did swim the iron did

42:02swim where did he find it where he lost it

42:10where will you lose that anointing and sweetness you had years ago where you lost it no where you left it in every

42:20preacher course at Scripture the wrong way you’ve lost your first love that’s

42:26what the Bible says it says you left your first love if you lose something I’m getting a bit absent-minded these

42:32days I say Martha dear where are my keys were where you left them thank you

42:40I’d never had never thought of that Oh usually she knows she savored dearly

42:50I saw them at songs oh why would you recover that tenderness that intimacy

42:57you had with God where you made a choice maybe we got coating with your

43:02girlfriend and neglect your Bible study neglect prayer or play handball or something else

43:07his handball sinful yes it is if you love it more than you love God if it’s

43:12more for anything I know a man who lost his anointings by collecting stamps he

43:20was one of the smartest man I ever met he read Hebrew and Greek and he was a deacon in the church i pastored and he

43:26could preach father than I preached but gradually he lost that anointing he

43:32stood up and he could quote his Greek and Hebrew but why because whereas it

43:37used to stay up from 9 o’clock till 12:00 or 1:00 in the morning reading the Word of God he goes he got so fascinated

43:45with being what they call a philatelist got a a student of stamps and he spent a

43:50fortune on them that it ate into his soul he would rather get messing around with stamps than searching the

43:57scriptures now it’s not enough to confess that something more than

44:04confession that has to be not only repentance that has to be where it’s

44:11possible it’s not always possible that there has to be restitution

44:18you know you could lose your tenderness for God even in a Bible school any Bible

44:25School you might get so involved with your buddies and friends around and what

44:30you’re doing you forget even to write home to the mother and daddy that cared for you for twenty years and they won’t

44:36care too much for your spirituality now if you’re on the Dean’s List 20 buddy else’s list if you’re negligent to all

44:42the people that have raised you all those years and wept over you and sacrifice to raise you and so forth and

44:48so on the I believe that half of the reason for hold up of revival is that

44:55we’ve not rebuilt our altars we’ve not repaired it’s so fascinating isn’t it I

45:01mean supposing the Lord College up to a new place would say oh boy that’s great

45:08I didn’t like last days too much I’m glad the Lord’s made an opening or some other Bible school doing you’ll still

45:16have to come back before God and in humility and tears repair that altar

45:21that was broken down those vows you made you didn’t keep maybe you made some last week or the week before I’m going to

45:27start praying at least one hour a day I’m going to get at least one hour Bible study apart from what I have to do in

45:34the ordinary curriculum of the school I’m going to take more of my money or

45:41something whatever the how you’ve made whatever where I’ve made you have to build the old and I believe it’s a key

45:48built at Earth they repaired the altar that was broken down now let me jump

45:55through this because time come do you remember that when this man had to hand over his reins of office he handed them

46:03over to who come on Elisha what was the

46:09first thing you know I said what fun

46:15yeah well yeah but but actually when he came into power and he got his mantle

46:22What did he say okay where is the lord god of elijah but notice when you read

46:28in this 18th chapter of first book of Kings he came to pass at the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice Elisha

46:35the prophet came near and said Lord God of Abraham and of Isaac and of Israel

46:41why did he say that why didn’t you lied you say the same thing I’ll tell you what I think for the

46:49simple reason that Abraham and Isaac the

46:57Lord God of Israel the Lord God of Abraham of Isaac and of Israel were so far far far away in history but Elijah

47:05says oh I don’t have to go all that way back I’ve just seen a man anointed with the Holy Spirit of God by the name of

47:12Elijah you know one day a Holy Ghost revival will be better for all of us

47:17than 10 years in Bible School let the fire fall so you don’t just stand up and

47:23confess but we laid prostrate before God people say well that’s not going to

47:30happen I got a tape I won’t tell you where from but I got tape this week it’s about a

47:37man by the name of bunkie bo n ke right now he’s working in Africa though he is

47:43a German he’s quite a guy I’d love to

47:49meet him fasten your seat belts and anything may get rough right here he’s

47:55having a tent nade

48:02he costs five million dollars and it

48:07seats 34,000 people he better not bring it to Valerie we’ll

48:12cover the whole city and God has coming

48:20tremendous power on him there in Africa certain edit he says he’s had a vision of God

48:25you know the southern tip of Africa is Cape Town then it goes right up through all those new nations now to Cairo and

48:33he’s had a vision of God sending revival from Cape Town to Cairo it’s alright to

48:42go back to finis he’s very popular around here so right to go back to some

48:48of the Saints that used to be around but there’s any money nowadays stand up with all the hosts of the devil around it

48:55could you imagine the largest standing Saint oh there that their lives whether they astrocytes and then of the false

49:02prophet he’s surrounded with them I better watch my step no become more bold

49:09people say that they were fitted in living our day no he didn’t he didn’t have to combat Mormonism or liberalism

49:17or Mormonism or mooney ISM sex wasn’t

49:24the sport in his day like it is today marriage vows are not broken at the rate of one in every two marriages oh you can

49:33power the statistics of the three in God’s name dad why don’t we quit looking at the difficulties and look on God this

49:41one as older didn’t go this but God’s been breathing on him so a wealthy lady

49:47in Johannesburg one of the richest women in I was going to say America in Africa

49:53sent for him mr. Branca you are the message of God for our day and I want to

50:00finance you Oh come down to my mansion so he went with

50:06his wife and children and saw this mansion walk through the doors was breathless with the antiques and all the

50:12gorgeous things there and the lady called a button and said would you bring file numbers home soon brought a great

50:18big bucket full of bongs and starts and

50:24said I want you to take these do you have a lawyer yes we do you know the

50:30name of this group is Christ for all nations and he says it’s not Christ for

50:36all donations well did you did your lawyer check on

50:44this yes What did he say

50:52they said the stocks and bonds at the conservative estimate are worth sixty million dollars and she said fifty

51:00percent of that money is yours to evangelize he went home and he said the

51:09Lord gave me a vision he was standing in a river up to his neck and he looked in front there was a hippopotamus with its

51:15mouth opening welcoming him and he wouldn’t go forward he gets swallowed up he looked behind there’s a hippo behind

51:21him he looked to the right there’s a hippo they looked to the left of the hippo there he said well Lord what’s

51:30this all about he said if you move forward and take any money from that

51:35woman the hippopotamus will swallow you so he went back and told the matter to

51:42her disgust because everybody goes begging he said lady thank you I can’t take a penny of your money

51:48you remember Abraham came from the Battle of the five kings against four and the king of Salem came and said to

51:57him I’ll give you this that the other and Abram so I won’t take a pair of shoe strings lest you should say I have made

52:04Abraham rich the Lord said if I fail to pay your bills no well then what do you

52:11want her money for so he said goodbye

52:16and she was disgusted a bit later he

52:22needed money so somebody said well you know the popular way two days to get faith promises and he said you know I

52:29got the most elaborate cards you ever saw in your life full of faith promise oh you could have framed them they were

52:35so godly and he invited six hundred of the most wealthy people in South Africa

52:41to the best hotel in Johannesburg and they poured in to see this man that is

52:46living again through the Acts of the Apostles

52:54and he was praying and the Lord said what are you going to do he said just

53:01like people pledge money for your kingdom the Lord see did that I failed you know why you’re giving the cards

53:08away he called his office and said would he please destroy those faith what the

53:14most beautiful pledges you ever saw in your life but they’re no good so they

53:20told them all alone he went into a town and the Lord said sure Jesse were the

53:27back I thought I could see Georgia the back now Georgia so sunburned I can’t

53:35see you either a new country in Africa

53:41called Botswana yeah well he went in there a while ago when he got to a city

53:47he said what’s that building oh it’s a we would call it a stadium Oh the Lord

53:56said I want you to take the stadium before you take it I want you to take the city hall say Lord I couldn’t fill

54:04the City Hall nevermind so he took the stadium and the glory of God came and

54:11one night he said I just said how many of you believe the Holy Ghost is still

54:16the same that he’ll come on people have broken contrite hearts you walk forward in a thousand people walk forward and he

54:25said I started laying hands he said they all fell on the floor and I never told him to do that and then somebody said oh

54:33my eyes are open I can see oh my ears

54:38are unstuck I can hear oh my crippled leg I can feel it I and they began to

54:44jump and leap and praise God and you know you don’t do that in any decent meeting

54:49you only do that in indecent meetings

54:55you know a lot of us will lose ass touch the first time the Holy Ghost comes on the meeting will either bend or will

55:03snap in two

55:08well he fill the City Hall and then he said booked the stadium he booked the

55:14stadium with infinity said more than ten thousand people came and again the

55:20Spirit of God worked and criminals were saved and people were healed and he is a

55:28wonderful are many preachers believe the Bible from cover to cover till he come to the miraculous but Christianity that

55:40isn’t supernatural is superficial you cannot separate the supernatural from

55:46this holy magnificent God that we had now I better get on here or else I’m

55:51going to be in trouble first 336 of 18 again came to pass at

56:00the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice at Elisha the prophet came near and said Lord God of Abraham and of

56:05Israel and of Isaac let it be known this day that our two got in notice he doesn’t pray for his

56:10own vindication first that had been on this day that there is a God in Israel and the guy and I servant

56:22hear me o Lord hear me that this people may know that thou art the Lord and us and now has turned their hearts back

56:29again then the fire of the Lord fell

56:35verse 39 them and all the people saw it they fell you know there’ll be a lot of

56:41falling once the fire of God falls the fire fell and the people fell now you’d

56:51think that when this man had seen the fire fall and the people fall and seeing that the whole nation cried to God the

56:59Lord he is God that he’d feel kind of on top of the world verse 42 Ahab went to

57:05eat him to drink he lied you went to the top of Carmel well that’s what can old people do they

57:11go to eat and drink he lied to rent on the top of the mountain and he cast himself down on the

57:17earth and put his face between his knees now you try that for an hour tonight and see how you get up ah that’s contrition

57:26that’s humiliation wanting me relax and say well you know I’m the bigshot

57:34preacher in the nation I mean I pray that people fail at the rain fell and the whole nation’s heart was turned back

57:41to God he said to his son gonk now and

57:47look toward the sea and he went up and he said that is nothing he said go again

57:53seven times now here you got the patience of prayer and you’ve got the

57:58persistence of prayer I mean when his servant had been once and said there is

58:04nothing why didn’t do you say well then it’s not time for God to work I miss I got wrong here he says go second time

58:12they went a second anything no go third anything no go fourth anything no go fifth this may sound foreign to you

58:19right now but maybe when you’re on some mission field or in some other location you discover that God doesn’t always

58:25answer prayer on the button like that to get us out of difficulty and trial faith that he’s going to be trusted is going

58:31to be tested and here is a man who’s seen this supernaturally seen a whole nation fall

58:37down before God is seen the fire fall from heaven and yet he persists in his praying however painful it may be the

58:48next verse 44 says he came to pass the

58:53seventh time he said behold that arrives with a little child out of the sea like a man’s hand and he said go they say to

59:01Ahab you know go tell the King again I know I’m a thorn in his flesh but I’m not leaving him alone I’m not giving up

59:09until not just a nation Falls but the king Falls prepare thy chariot and get

59:15thee down that the rain stopped not came to pass in the meanwhile the heaven was

59:22black with clouds and behold there was a great rain so here’s the money praising the fire fairly prays and the people

59:28fairly praising the rain fell would you like him for a deacon in your church the

59:38hand of the Lord is on Elijah remember before it was the word of the Lord now the hand of a lot and he girded up his

59:44lunch and he rang before Ahab to the entrance of Jes wasn’t that of being something the King’s been living off the

59:51hog the King has a beautiful chariot and here’s a guy who’s only had two meals a

59:57day for over three and a half years Nik now Street the big fast horses if that

1:00:03is a supernatural life or days

1:00:09you know we’ve got lots of they hubs today but with pretty short of Elijah’s maybe you should turn the question now

1:00:15not round not where is the Lord God of the Elijah but where are the Elijah’s of God do you think you’re prepared to hear

1:00:25God’s voice say look whether you’re teaching here or a student and the Lord say listen I wanted to get out of the

1:00:31crowd and go find a cave and stay in it for three and a half years till they hear my voice and then you come up and

1:00:38stand before kings and rulers I say this

1:00:44in all due respect we know it’s not very difficult to make records and still

1:00:51people it’s not very difficult to make books I can write books but tell me

1:00:58where is the man who can bring fire from heaven today anybody will buy our records almost every day people right

1:01:04are you writing another book I ain’t going to give us a book on the judgments you’re going to give it a book on worship that doesn’t take much moral

1:01:12courage to sit in a swivel chair and reach for my Bible and look through some references and find a lot of things come

1:01:18crowding into my mind but what if I need a have in the way you say we’ve no

1:01:24groves to Astaroth what about the Roman Catholic Church we have no false priests what about

1:01:30Mormonism what about Jehovah’s Witnesses we’ve got false priests in this country

1:01:36or England today than these guys haven’t you a thing about they tell me that out

1:01:42of Berkeley there there’s a guru goes out on along there every lunchtime and

1:01:49gathers 2,000 students around him come and sit around us for a year and listen

1:01:58how is it men with unbelief and our heresy can magnetize crowds and we with

1:02:03a truth of the Living God can’t

1:02:09Paul says my preaching is not in word only much about it but in power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost

1:02:17there’s nothing pleases me more than when I preached and somebody says as one lady did I thought I said to my wife

1:02:23sweetheart this lady this looking around the tables in this rice our lovely lady

1:02:28I’ve seen her face somewhere so she came up and said good evening I said good

1:02:33evening and would you like to select something this I never eat before treating I eat afterwards pretty well

1:02:39and I’ve seen you before she said yes I should think you have I said what do you

1:02:46mean you type I got off from work five nights in a row i sat under your nose

1:02:51down in the Baptist Church there and hadn’t slept a wink for the last five

1:02:57nights and said praise the Lord what do you mean praise the Lord are you praising the Lord I haven’t slept five

1:03:03for five nights I said yes anybody else ever keep you awake for five nights no I

1:03:09said well that’s what not for me anyhow I can’t sleep I think of the judgment

1:03:17seat I think of eternity at even like missed opportunities I think of the vows I made I haven’t kept I think of the

1:03:23altars I once built but you see we mistake building an altar it may cost

1:03:29you a lot of work I think all those trees that they have but really cooling and saying that silly old guy what does

1:03:36he think he’s going to do you see we get the idea if you build an altar that God’s going to send a fire God never

1:03:43sent on the fire on an altar yet and he never will he sends fire on the

1:03:49sacrifice not on the altar

1:03:55that’s why says you’ll present your body a living sacrifice in the Old Testament they were dead sacrifices you and I

1:04:03living sacrifices or should be we’ve all our faculties he can’t endless and

1:04:08endures and fill us and send us out look I’m going to say in my judgment this man

1:04:13bonky is a modern prophet but you know

1:04:23we need a prophet in every pulpit in the land today if he lied to God on CBS one

1:04:34Sunday morning you think again on next Sunday morning do you think he’d get through the first Sunday morning they’d

1:04:41switch him off halfway you’d have to give out this text and start breathing fire from heaven everybody switched the

1:04:47TV are thinking it was going to explode or something

1:04:56I’ve been trained that God will make this term here and I won’t do much

1:05:01teaching it don’t think I’m trying to make it the most unusual turn oh if you

1:05:08don’t commit to him hear what he called it her return and my dear friend here

1:05:14he’s starting a Bible Institute in oilton ward a place you might as well

1:05:21start one in a desert I think is Alton speaking naturally I’ve often wondered

1:05:30why they call the three wise men there’s no proof there were three any kind of three kinds of gifts of every 33 but the

1:05:38wise men what did they follow what a

1:05:43star science where did they learn up

1:05:52was Jesus said no he wasn’t in Jerusalem where was he he’s in a village seven

1:05:57miles outside of the city of kinko they were sure he would be born in the City

1:06:03of David the King as they thought and he’s born in a little place called oilton if you like seven miles away from

1:06:11the main city you know science is still

1:06:16getting lost reading stars and what had he done I was praying the other morning

1:06:25about three o’clock for oilton as they start this school if it’s going to be like any others you shouldn’t get

1:06:30headaches over it pack it up and close it well nail it up when you go home I’ll help you I’m going up to oilton tomorrow

1:06:35I’ll help you to nail it up if this is going to be another class like last

1:06:42class or last year I have it I mean come on face it there has to be a

1:06:48breakthrough somewhere I used to have a

1:06:53science of taking hanging churches didn’t like it if not here where if not

1:06:59now when if not us who what’s that for revival hang it on the pulpit it’s not

1:07:08here where it’s not now when it’s not us who what’s the good of praying that the

1:07:18fire will fall on or you don’t mention my name when it makes caught that we’re

1:07:24blossom are you students here tonight yes good how many one two three five

1:07:31young people or driven five hours to this prayer meeting that something and

1:07:37they drive five hours to go back they’ll stand up a minute you’re not so big but let them see you this is the pastor from

1:07:43Alton so there are the young folk from oru and maybe they’ll come along and see

1:07:49you there but let me swine lit up

1:07:59I’m deeply deeply deeply disturbed about the condition of the church what you

1:08:06need to read into this story of Elijah when you read it it was threatened though a whole time he started speaking

1:08:13to the end he was threatened by death when Jezebel wasn’t after him a hug was after him and they have one after him

1:08:19the false prophets were after him and they won’t have to after him fifty people at once come after him then

1:08:24another fifty then another fifty anybody who hadn’t heard the voice of God could never put up to that come on you

1:08:31youngsters what what are you going to walk into the greatest hell this world has ever known America could be on fire

1:08:37from one coast to another with a blazing has been saying curable but

1:08:43indestructible atomic war there’s no answer to it I don’t want the folk in the world a

1:08:50panic-stricken about it they’ve no hope I think the more realistic than many

1:08:55Christians look either either we’re going to have an atomic fire or we’re going to have Holy Ghost fire settle for

1:09:00one or the other either we’re going to have Holy Ghost fight or this generation is going to Hellfire now one of the men

1:09:11are going to bring the fire down from heaven they don’t sit in committee meetings I don’t read it that it I just

1:09:18said well I’ve got a promising young student by the name of the Elijah I’m going to have a day off and talk with him he didn’t go to what elders the word

1:09:26in Israel either Elijah again didn’t say

1:09:31all God of Abraham god of Moses will split the waters and divided the Red Sea

1:09:37oh that’s dusty history he said I’ve been living with a man Elijah and when

1:09:42that man stood King’s Chamber when that man spoke the dead were raised he’s

1:09:50going to have to come back to this and I’m going to tell if I come Friday after Friday which I hope enough strength to

1:09:57do we’re going to get deeper in the things of God this winter the nether and it may cause to some tears it costs me

1:10:06I priest was in this all I preached before oh the other one priest one

1:10:12Thursday night from Philippians 2:5 that I may know him and the power of his

1:10:18resurrection and the Fellowship of his suffering not suffering for him but

1:10:24suffering with him and the difference is this immediately

1:10:30Paul was called a soul and he was called to preach I mean I says go and tell him

1:10:35what great things he must suffer for my name and he did suffered he was whipped

1:10:41and he was stuck but that’s not the Fellowship of his suffering the

1:10:47Fellowship of his suffering is this that every time Jesus turned he suffered if

1:10:52he saw paralytic he suffered if he saw dead corpse he suffered if he saw

1:10:57somebody demon possesses it he looked at the temple that had lost its glory in the priests were going through the

1:11:02ritual he suffered and while I was

1:11:08preaching I was singing under my breath Lord don’t let me die in this pulpit I never know the agony of a woman in

1:11:16travail with a child but I knew it that night and I said well don’t let me die

1:11:22here in two days after I had a stroke and a pretty severe one and I believe it

1:11:29begun in this hall while I was preaching that night I felt look birth-pangs I felt the suffering of Christ now if you

1:11:38want to grow quickly get it get a prayer life

1:11:46don’t have a measure you don’t have a trust in your experiences it’s a

1:11:52dangerous thing when we turn truth out experiences as a source of our strength

1:11:58the only strength we have is in the Word of God in their vegans to the Spirit of God but I’m quite sure of this God is

1:12:05going to show our generation we’re at the point of bankruptcy we can’t turn around as a nation you can have your

1:12:11model majority if you like they never worked anyhow if you think I’m wrong as a Gideon how did you get on with a

1:12:18modern majority why didn’t Jesus wait for the 500 brethren that were silent

1:12:24once together only a hundred and twenty came out of five hundred rebel and seeing the nature of them never turned

1:12:30out it’s like that look if you’re determined to be more than somebody with

1:12:35a knowledge of God but real experience of them you better get ready to walk alone be quiet they other people throw

1:12:44rocks at you it’s easy to accept the

1:12:52contradiction of sinners it’s when you get the contradiction of saints it hurts when people profess to be spiritual try

1:13:00and weigh you down because you’re praying water fasting more or doing something else more Elijah wasn’t born

1:13:10in a day for sure he had a years of quietness and then out of that he had to

1:13:17come and publicly display that faith and courage that God had been building into

1:13:24him for those three and a half years alone but boy the nation it soon knew

1:13:31when he came and the same with Elijah

1:13:37let a prophet of God arise in a true sense of the word they won’t need any advertising plans you want need to get

1:13:44on public TV the magnetism is the abiding presence and power of God

1:13:53well I’ve ever stayed in my time tonight it’s the first time I’ve been out of my

1:14:00bed for months actually really first meeting I’ve been in for months and a bit longer than usual but anyhow

1:14:21I’m not going to ask you to dig up your dirty past I’m going to ask you this if you could remember an altar built and

1:14:31that altars broken-down value made about prayer of value made about sacrifices if

1:14:38you made a few bills and alternate altars brought them down tonight your life your prayer life’s broken down your

1:14:44private Bible studies broken down or some other thing we’ll ask you to stand

1:14:52up and confess it and say Lord my altars broken down but here by faith I rebuild it tonight and in your presence I’ll

1:14:59keep my vow forgive me where I fail and from here let me continue in this vow

1:15:09that I make now to keep my prayer life in order or my devotional life in order

1:15:14or I’ll go back and straighten out what was wrong and I’ve let natural affection

1:15:22get in the way of my spiritual affection if if need be I’ll postpone my marriage if whatever the thing is the Lord laid

1:15:29on your heart be a good thing to start this first Friday night and get things cleared up for the days that lie ahead

1:15:35so I’m going to give you two or three moments of crichton’s to do that and I’m going to wind up the service so if you

1:15:42want to straighten it up you stand up and strain ago with the Lord