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Moses and Exodus 33 (video sermon)

Moses and Exodus 33 by Leonard Ravenhill

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0:06okay let’s look at the book of Exodus

0:22chapter 34 or maybe English

0:41I’ll go back a minute they’re into chapter 33 sorry

0:52now here’s Moses talking let’s go to verse 12 and Moses said unto the Lord

0:58he’s not lovely it means he’s sitting and having a conversation with the Lord not with an

1:06archangel or some other being but with the Lord the Lord we sing about tonight

1:12immortal invisible God only wise and it man talks with God in verse 12 Moses

1:19said unto the Lord see thou sayst unto me bring up this people and now it’s not let me know whom thou wilt send with me

1:27yet thou has said I know thee by name I know thee by name and that thou hast

1:33also found grace in my sight now therefore I pray thee if I have found

1:38grace in thy sight show me now thy way that I may know thee that I may find

1:43grace in thy sight and consider that this nation is thy people and he God said my presence shall go with thee and

1:50I will give the rest now if you wonder what rested it’s answered for in that verse rest is the presence of God never

1:59being afraid knowing he’s with us is guaranteed he’ll never leave us or forsake us and because of that we have

2:05rest we can lean back as it were on God my president shall go with thee and then

2:15they saw the wonderful verse the end of the 17 or in verse 17 the Lord said unto

2:22Moses I will do this thing also that thou has spoken for thou has found grace

2:27in my sight and I know thee by name do

2:33you believe God knows you by name hmm

2:39you say so-and-so talks with the Queen of England and when he goes in he doesn’t bow and say your excellency your

2:45majesty so it’s hi Elizabeth it’d be a bit nervous to do that but is it

2:50wonderful that God knows us by name I know they by name that’s what I want

3:01the Lord to do know me by name I know

3:08thee by name and he said Moses said I beseech thee show me thy glory verse 2

3:15of chapter 34 says be ready in the morning and come up in the morning unto the Mount Sinai and present thyself to

3:21me there in the top of the mount now this is a hazard in it he done that in

3:30the 32nd chapter what happened and while he was up there they fooled

3:36around they made a graven image they got drunk they got naked they did every crazy willful thing to disobey God and

3:44now God says now come up on the mountain again and verse 5 says the Lord

3:52descended in the cloud and stood with him there and proclaimed the name of the Lord and the Lord passed by him and

3:59proclaimed the Lord the Lord merciful gracious long-suffering abundant in

4:05goodness and in truth so he’s gone at

4:16the Mount with God look at verse 29 upon me look at verses 6 & 8 first the Lord

4:23passed before him and proclaimed the Lord the Lord God merciful and gracious long-suffering and abundant in goodness

4:30and truth and thus 8 Moses made haste and bowed his head toward the earth and


4:45in chapter 30 / me chapter 32 and verse

4:5222 it says and Aaron said let not the anger of my Lord wax hot now he’s talking there to Moses and now knows the

5:01people that they’re set and they’re full of mischief

5:14okay I’m coming back into this chapter now into a chapter 34 for this reason

5:20the Lord passed by what had he requested he’d request show me thy glory and now

5:29he’s gone up a second time up on the mountain you know we we kind of look at

5:35that as I took a helicopter ride I was stood on the nazca later instead of that

5:41he has to struggle up the mountain and I identified that with that word in the fourth chapter of Hebrews when it said

5:47that way to labor to enter into rest there’s nothing comes easy in the Christian life everything is a wrestling

5:53everything is a striving we’ve got the world the flesh the devil against us and

5:58Moses here now has gone the second time onto the mountain they found him in the writings about 80 years of age you must

6:03have been pretty fit he doesn’t say how long he stayed there how long it took the glory of the Lord

6:09to pass before him but the Lord was merciful and gracious I believe in this instance while there’s

6:18no time factor given if all the glory of God went past him he could have been there for weeks I believe he was

6:24transfixed transfixed means motionless I believe he stood old I believe he gazed

6:31at the majesty of God something that we’ve totally forgot me nowaday the awful majesty of God as I said last week

6:39you should read at least once a week the fortieth chapter in Isaiah which tells you that God makes that made the stars

6:45he counts them all and he knows every one of them by name but the nations are as a drop in a bucket that he has all

6:52power and all authority you see how God it’s so small I leave such a small concept of God the world outside isn’t

6:59in any way staggered by what we are or who we are the Lord passed by him you

7:10know if you put it into common vernacular I think Moses had a bit of a nerve to say to God show me thy glory

7:17boy if I’d taken a stick and divided the Red Sea I’d thought I’d seen all the glory I needed

7:24if I hit a rock and it splits open and it followed the nation wherever they went that’s a look at the magic hey I

7:30did that remember what I did it that morning you were all thirsty and I did good old me Moses but instead of that is

7:37all he bowed down and what what did he do he worship and you know what if ever

7:43you see the glory of God you’ll worship he bound down but Moses was alone Aaron

7:53wasn’t with him the highest moments of your life will be a when you’re alone in worship and in adoration they’ll surpass

8:00all the preaching ever heard unless you heard mine but apart from that we don’t

8:09see the glory of God I’ve said you often when do you tiptoe out of the sanctuary because you’ve been overwhelmed with the mercy and the glory in the majesty and

8:16the holiness of God people going to church dirty sing about even go out dirty you can’t do that if you see God

8:24he goes on a mountain he climbs to the height show me thy glory Lord I’ve seen

8:30your miracles show me yourself I want to get intimate with you that’s what it means show me thy glory and the Lord passed by

8:38him and proclaimed the Lord the Lord God merciful and gracious I think all the

8:43history of Israel must have gone past him like you watch a film go when God said that to him remember time mercy I

8:48could have blotted you out with your transgressions I could destroy you and I made a golden calf instead I extended my

8:55mercy extended my mercy I’m well past 70 years of age people

9:01tell me sometimes I’m living on borrowed time the only time I bothered was the watch tonight because I didn’t have one

9:06I bought out time but anyhow living on borrowed time America’s living on

9:13borrowed time we passed the safety line years ago we’re heading for hell as

9:19quick as any nation on earth but if we saw the glory of God one Sunday in every

9:25Church in America we’d shake that can the country for God the next week everything else would wither everything

9:32else would perish all our values would change

9:37here is on a mountaintop I looked up the

9:42seventh chapter don’t look now the seventh chapter of the Acts of the Apostles and that second about the

9:48second verse where that marvelous young man the first martyr in the church possibly not more than 19 years of age

9:54Stephen and he says the God of Abraham appeared to offer the glory of God

9:59appeared to Abraham we’re in a hellhole called Mesopotamia a place that was full

10:06of idolatry a muddled dung heap and yet God appears to a man and there’s no

10:12system that are no priest there are no altars and yet the god of glory unveiled

10:17himself to a man in a hellhole like that you know maybe the god of glory is

10:24appeared in some cells of those poor prisoners in Russia today more than in our life we’re so busy we can’t we

10:29haven’t time to wait for him all we say be filled with the Holy Ghost sure

10:35that’s a command be filled with the spirit there’s another command be still and know that I’m God they send the forty-second sound when

10:42they ear when the seas are roaring and the mountains are falling paraphrased I guess a game by Isaac

10:50Watts let mountains from their seats be hurled down to the deep sand buried their convulsions take the solid earth

10:56our faith will never yield to fear but in a shaking world where everything is chaos everything that’s orderly it’ll

11:02become disorderly then God says be still and I mean all the time God everybody else is going mad Christians today think

11:10if they knock on door still their fingers bleed and give out tracts until they’re dropping in the shopping mall they please gone let me tell you I

11:17believe you can you could win a hundred souls to Jesus Christ every hour on the hour in the day and still disappoint him

11:24because that service in the outer court God says Aaron and his sons shall

11:30minister unto me come on now I know you’re not your heads and say I’m right how much ministry have you done to the

11:37Lord today you said your prayers but it was requests wasn’t it do this do that do the other again prayer is our

11:44preoccupation with our needs praise this preoccupation with our blessings

11:49worship is preoccupation with God just God himself I put that in the back of my

11:55Bible I think I did anyhow but I brought the wrong Bible but it begins with my

12:01goal is God Himself not joy not pleased peace not even blessing but with thee my

12:06god Norah’s was confronted and he saw the

12:11glory of God and he peered appeared where in Mesopotamia again I says I

12:19prayed over this today Mesopotamia is about the most corrupt place on the earth it was full of idols it was full

12:24of immorality it was lawless it was godless and yet Almighty God comes to one man only one

12:31Saint maybe in a whole nation of a million people and he reveals himself to that one man you see why does reveal

12:38himself to me because you don’t stay still that’s why you give him a shopping list and get up and go out and your

12:44prayers are over I wish had some more details about this I could fill it in by

12:50imagination but I want Moses standing there and God the God of glory the God

12:56of the universe unveils his majesty and there’s his

13:02glory in this man speechless why does he bow down to the earth because he can’t

13:08stand there because he can’t keep looking the glory is so great and he

13:15bowed himself to the earth and not only vows himself – he worships and there’s

13:21only one way you can worship and that is to worship God in spirit and in truth God is a spirit I’m a spirit nice spirit

13:29must connect with God’s Spirit most of our religion today in Christian centers is soulish it’s not it’s not spiritual

13:36it’s solid that’s right kids right to go to these rock concerts because it’s so

13:41nice it stirs the soul and they go out and sin and do all the devilish things

13:46they want to do there’s no change there you can’t glorify God you can’t have a

13:52vision of the glory of God and turn around and be mean to your wife or children

14:00oh this is a marvelous Scripture but I’ve got to link it up with something

14:06else yeah go to the second where now it’s second book of Corinthians

14:24now what I want to go second book of Corinthians chapter 3 I guess and true

14:41Corinthians 3:18 I think it is I’ll get there in a minute

15:02now this is bringing it right down to earth where we live 2 Corinthians 3 and

15:08verse 18 that we all with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the

15:15Lord are changed by the same image from glory to glory even by the Spirit of the

15:22Lord now he’s talking about us he’s turn about the Corinthians that got lost in vanity and they drifted away from

15:29fundamental truths they were turning to other things but he says we all with

15:35open face Philips translates that we without veils on our faces I didn’t read

15:42the scripture I should have gone on there and read where Moses came down the mount and his face so reflected the

15:48glory of God he had to wear a veil now in the 32nd chapter when he comes down the mountain his blood red with anger

15:55God is angry angry and he’s angry because it in tune with God how often you get angry how you’d chill with the

16:01Holy Ghost when the Spirit of God is offended are you offended and you just go on buying and selling and eating and

16:07drinking and all the normal things that the man next door does I’m supposed to

16:12be a spiritual man I’m supposed to be in tune with the infinite I’m stable

16:19supposed to be regulated by the Holy Ghost not the traditions of my setup or

16:24denomination Moses stood there until the very radiance of God shone on him

16:32remember the Mount of Transfiguration well the Mount of Transfiguration was

16:38not Jesus reflecting the glory of the Father it was the inherent qualities of Jesus Christ it wasn’t a spotlight from heaven

16:45it was a holiness and purity of God in him being God that flashed out but I

16:50noticed this that never fell down and worshiped him they fell down and worshiped him at the beginning of the

16:55revelation because he was a different Christ in one sense he’d accomplished his mission he’d led captivity captive

17:01given gifts unto many take the hinges off the gates of Hell he destroyed the

17:07power of the devil do you think the church will ever enter into that I people saying Lord rebuke the devil he

17:13rebuked him 2000 years ago come on why don’t we enter into what he did

17:20there’s only one reason that the world is going to hell tonight that is the unbelief of the church and you’ll now

17:25use your light we do not believe God it’s not the sinners that don’t believe

17:31him we don’t believe him we have a partial belief not a full belief but

17:38when they saw Moses come down from the mat they couldn’t gaze on him I was

17:45going to say I have a poem I had it somewhere I’ve got part of it here written by Freda Hanbury Allen which I

17:51think explains a thing very beautifully she’s talking about you and I going into the holy place not being in the outer

17:59court not going into the holy place but really going into the Holy of Holies that’s the only place where God came in

18:07the outer court there was daylight in the holy place in the Holy of Holies or

18:13in the holy place there was candle light assemblance candlestick in the Holy of Holies there

18:19was no light it was pitch-black and unless that she kind of glory came there

18:27was no light you know when men put Jesus Christ to that they put out the light of

18:34the world the only lights in the world tonight is the Word of God thy word is a lamp to my feet that’s to

18:42guide me in what to do and the light to my path that to me is the the light is

18:51the word of God the lamp to my feet is the word of God and the lamp to me is

18:58the word of prophecy that tells me not just what to do but where to go and the

19:06only light in the world tonight is the Word of God plus the glory that’s reflected in your

19:12personality and mind Romans 12:1 and 2 says present your body

19:18a living sacrifice unto God and be not conformed to this world

19:24although JB Phillips puts it so well don’t let this world press you into its mold come on is it doing that the style

19:32of clothes you wear the style of life you live is the world system pressing me

19:37into its mold do you feel unhappy if you go to church and um to design a dress on

19:43all the ladies shoes is the world

19:48pressing us almost unconsciously into its mold be not conformed but be transformed it’s the same word used of Jesus be

19:55transfigured be transfigured by the renewing of your mind having the very

20:00mind of God Himself given to us Freda

20:09Henry Allen Allen says this within the veil be this beloved thy portion within

20:14the secret of thy Lord to dwell beholding him until thy face is glory

20:20thy life is love thy lips Aspray Shoto

20:25within the veil for only without gaze dust upon the matchless beauty of his face canst thou become a living

20:32revelation of his great heart of love his untold grace within the veil is

20:38fragrance poured upon thee remember the woman that wash the feet of Jesus with

20:45tears and then put that wonderful ointment on then dried his feet with a hair of a head what happened the

20:51fragrance she poured out on him came back on her do you know why you find prayer so dry because you don’t worship

20:58you know why you come out of the place of Prayer the same as she went in because you don’t gaze on these wholeness on his majesty on his

21:04sufficiency on his glory and then having tasted something of the other world you

21:09come back into this world with the radiance that’s totally and understandable to the world be not come

21:17far be transformed within the veil that his fragrance poured upon thee without

21:22the day of that fragrance shed abroad within the veil is hand shalt tune the music which sounds on earth the praises

21:29of thy God within the veil that thy spirit deeply anchored thou walkest calm

21:36another world of drive within the veil by soul with him United to live on earth the resurrection

21:43life now that’s right we should be living now not after we die and shuffle off this mortal coil if you want to be

21:49Shakespearean but even now I should be not I’m gonna reign with him I should be

21:54rainy if I’m not reigning with him then the world’s reigning in me either I have

22:00total dominion by the grace of God over the world the flesh a devil or the

22:06picture is reversed it I think there’s a

22:11very wonderful verse here we all with open face we don’t have to veil our

22:19faces do we I’ve got it too before that

22:24little daughter nine-year-old daughter of the man who preached that a Hellfire sermon that still preaches sinners in

22:30the hands of an angry god Jonathan Edwards and his little nine-year-old daughter says people mock my daddy it’s

22:37so gravel-voiced he’s so serious when he preaches rogue God in heaven what is the more serious

22:42to preaching the gospel Paul says more than once to Timothy be sober be sober

22:49be sold at the end of the world is coming dear lord if it was coming 2,000 years ago where are we tonight he’s the

22:54church so Burt go down the road and see him and the other in the Family Circle outside the church they’ll be playing

23:00ping pong and fooling as though the world’s gone to heaven I said before if

23:08you take the view of the politicians mister mister president I’m glad he’s getting better he saves as a Holocaust

23:16coming up because fires going to come and destroy the nation there supposing you don’t believe what the politicians

23:22say the word of god says Armageddon is coming and a system is going to come to

23:27destroy a third of the world’s population that should make us a nightmare if he’d any gumption at all if

23:33a reflection of spirituals we think we are both at last days in every church in town with other prayer meeting 24 hours

23:39a day at least a row in the church if I ever get into a fellowship now have control of it there’ll be a there’ll be

23:45a room open 24 hours a day and I’ll expect you to keep up that 24 I pride

23:50that does the devil go to sleep you go to bed tonight it happens to me Friday night

23:57folk don’t have to work tomorrow they’ll be at the hellhole the dung houses till 12:00 1:00 to 3:00 in the morning many

24:04of them don’t start till about 2:00 or 3:00 they go to these nightclubs nightspots the church doesn’t the church

24:10every Church nearly in town will be locked up tonight by about 10 o’clock if the tide department did that we’d

24:18raise hell about it wouldn’t we if the hospitals did that we’ve been disgusting

24:23you can’t do it I think I told you last

24:31week two men came into my office and the first thing they said it’s anybody real

24:36you remember that year we got you were there you’re one of them I’ll put you on the spot Jacob but anyhow he doesn’t

24:43mind I know him I straighten him out every day but he’s twisted the next day but anyhow just like Jacob just like

24:51Jacob in the scriptures no he’s really coming on I love this man very very much he’s my new neighbor and if he doesn’t

24:57buy that house you’re in trouble but

25:03they asked the question the other brother I think with you a secret is anybody real I change that a night

25:09sure I break up my question is does anybody care do we really care the world

25:17is going to hell do we want to go on Sunday and be nice and sweet and have a

25:23nice little time and get a hug and a kiss and then go out to a perishing world exactly the same you can’t do that

25:28if your gates on these holiness the more you cease holiness the more you see corruption in the world you mother see

25:34you more you see its integrity the more you see of the deception and falseness of the systems that we live in the

25:40church as well as outside of the church we all with open face beholding as in a

25:48glass the glory of the Lord yard changed from image from glory to glory or it

25:56said it said to emphasize that’s a good Bible to read reflecting the glory of God into the same age image

26:05being transformed from glory to glory so I showed you quickly there the glory of

26:10Moses he had to drape his face because people couldn’t bear to see the reflected majesty of God in him and I’m

26:19supposed to live reflecting we beholding in a mirror you can’t look on God and so you have to

26:25hold a mirror and seem that way we see his glory in the Word of God the more you know of the Word of God the more you

26:31know His Majesty the more you’ll know his glory look at Acts chapter 3 for a

26:36minute or two here the more I read of

26:46this book the more trouble I get sorry

26:55it’s Acts chapter 4 Acts chapter 4 verse

27:0313 now when they saw the boldness now they say when they saw the coldness he

27:13said in the same chapter I guess see how these Christians loved one another now they see how these Christians shove one another hmm verse 13 says now when they

27:23saw the bolas who are they well look up the chapter a bit further back verse 5

27:31it came to pass on the morrow that their rulers they were the rulers and the elders and described anis the high

27:36priests and care force another high priests and that’s illegal anyhow the Jews weren’t allowed to have two high priests and they had them and John and

27:44Alexander and as many as were of the Canon of the high priests were gathered together in Jerusalem now when they saw

27:51the boldness of Peter and John they conceived that they perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men and they

27:57took knowledge of them that the glory of Jesus Christ was shining in them the glory of Jesus shining in Moses upon a

28:04mountain he’s by himself these men are in a hellhole these men have been to prison and yet the glory of

28:11Jesus Christ is there though they have a prison sentence hanging over them you don’t need ideal situations to get

28:18the glory of Jesus Christ all you need to do is to be in his will now when they saw the

28:25boldness of Peter and John they perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men isn’t that something just

28:31imagine those men in the room didn’t have a PhD between them didn’t have a

28:37bank account between them unlearned and the unusual unwanted but boy before long

28:44the world knew they were around they know back in company they know bank

28:50accounts no newsletters not terrible don’t mention that please round here but

28:56anyhow and we all get to have one to be

29:06wonderful not getting in junk mail from all these big evangelist it would tell

29:13the Evangelist when to get to when you get to heaven very clearly you know the streets are made of gold they’ve been digging the streets up I’ll be looking

29:25for you who see if you you need a

29:33paradox this book if you want to go up go down if you want to gain throw everything you have away lose your life

29:39you’ll find it keep your life you’ll lose it if you are send you’ll be humiliated if you’re humble yourself you’ll be exalted if you want to be of

29:46somebody be a nobody so foolish isn’t it

29:53you better not be a hater because you know it’s true anyhow when they saw the

29:59boldness of Peter and John and per say that they were unlearned and ignorant man they took knowledge of that gets under my skin it gets in my heart they

30:06took knowledge of them go back and see

30:12why they should be so happy verse one they spake to the people the priests and the captain of the temple

30:17and the Sadducees came upon them now you’ve got the whole load on your back the priests were captain of the temple

30:23the Sadducees and then over in verse five you have the rulers and the scribe

30:28verse six anise the high priest in Karras and John and I and there are menus over the kindred of

30:33the high priest they were gathered together and when they set them in the mich fancy facing that gang how would

30:40you feel if you were rushing into the High Court and you saw all the big shots there and you knew that their life was

30:45hanging on a thread would we have boldness when they saw the boldness of

30:50Peter and John verse 3 says they laid them their hands on them and put them in hold for the next day for it was even

30:57tied how be many of them which heard the word believe glory to God isn’t that

31:02preaching that when you lock the preachers up the revival still goes if

31:07your revival isn’t working in your church get the cops to it sheriff to come and arrest the preacher stick him

31:13in jail and see if he comes around you know the tragic thing about this today

31:19is the world can put up with us it couldn’t put up with the early church the early church was going that way the

31:25world was going that now we’re running side by side of God knows nobody knows there’s a no line of demarcation but as

31:32greed years the world as fashionable as it well we want to place in the Sun without jealousy or envy our pride

31:38these men were destitute of all that why because they gazed on the risen Christ

31:45of God and even though they’ve been in jail for days it didn’t brush-off they

31:51couldn’t be intimidated didn’t matter what you said to them they’d seen Jesus

31:56and ungodly men said there’s only one reason why these men are like this they like their master we continue to mediate

32:03their master we tried to friend them we tried to destroy him we pushed him over the edge I tried to push him over the

32:09edge of the cliff and he was as calm as could be we got men to scream for his

32:15death and he was still the Prince of Peace he was still Placid and these men have the same kind of spirit in them

32:24they didn’t just take notice of them look what it says in the middle of verse 13 they marveled they marveled they were

32:32astonished they were dumbfounded they were saying under their breath what in God’s name is the secret of these men

32:38they’re no better than when we put them in jail the hair hasn’t changed a different color they’re not at six

32:43inches taller they know looks they had a living intimate relationship

32:49with their ISM son of God that’s why preachers argue about what happened in

32:55the Upper Room no argument about it coming sense once it says at the end of

33:01Luke where it says that when they saw Jesus risen what did they do they went roaring back to the temple filled with

33:07aches as they filled with joy do you think they stopped I think that 10 days that they waited the last 10 days in the

33:13upper room was the most ecstatic meeting that ever been in the history of the world I believe it exceeded the joy of Moses

33:20when he wrote got all Israel to sing the horse and his rider hatty cast into the sea they knew the devil’s power was

33:26broken they seen Jesus going up he says I got there to my father and when I get there I’ll make perfect your imperfect

33:32prey I think in the above they were saying he’s there he’s there at the right hand of the Father if we just pray

33:38he’ll just communicate with the father he said I go to prepare a place for you he’s got angels busy getting your

33:44mansion ready so why worry they’d lost

33:50all fear of men they’d lost all fear of death they’d lost all fear of consequences they lived in this world as

33:58though that already in the next world well isn’t that what it’s about why do

34:04you say thy kingdom come thy will be done not on earth if I am earth I’m of the earth earthy and the kingdom of God

34:12can start now that’s where it starts not right after I die I read the other day

34:17somewhere about they buried a man or they say they buried a man yesterday or

34:25so-and-so died yesterday and they buried him and somebody who knew him said he died 45 years ago he’s been no good for

34:3345 years he wasted his life are you dead are you alive tonight if

34:40they bury you tomorrow would you say well that man’s already been dead about three years now there are two classes of

34:47people in the world not rich and poor not black and white not blond slaves and

34:53freemen just two kinds those who were dead in the sin and those were dead to sin there’s no other cloud but either dead

35:01in trespasses and in sin or that miracle is taking place in us which had taken place in some of these men in fact all

35:07of them it says in Ephesians 2 doesn’t the first verse you what he did in time

35:14past time past something’s happen in time past ye walked according to the

35:19Prince of this world the power of this world the Prince of the power of the air and yet at the end of that very very

35:24very same chapter it says here the habitation of God you can’t show me a

35:30miracle in the world greater than that and man is the habitation of fear the habitation of sins bondage to habits and

35:37God gets all of him kicks the devil out of his life and fills him with God you

35:44know if we gazed every day on the majesty of the Risen son of God you never backslide you never be afraid you never get depressed after all

35:52everything’s going our way because we’ve gone his way they took knowledge of they

35:57marveled at that Oh Lord I’m waiting for us some Sunday I’m expecting the glory

36:04of God to come we’ll walk out of the

36:10sanctuary with a different attitude entirely a revolutionized personality a

36:15consciousness that even now with two feet on earth I can be in heavenly places in Christ Jesus I that’s what

36:23paul says we’re seated with him and that’s where these disciples were I went

36:34to a little Bible College I’ve told you with 35 students no girls they’re too

36:39distracting both before and after marriage but anyhow 35 young men and I

36:49sat here there’s a picture of a saintly man here at one time president of the

36:54Methodist Church and president of the college before I get there his name was Thomas cook he wrote a very fine book on

37:02holiness which is still printed these days I used to look up at that when I

37:07get when I couldn’t answer questions he didn’t help me at all but they had a marvelous saintly face

37:14and he used to go round the village churches and one day a little girl went

37:20the old-fashioned way oh the hosts have a butcher’s shop where all this old was meat you won’t remember those days you

37:26go to supermarkets you see half a cow here and half a pig there and other pigs outside but anyhow then you saw the

37:34butcher’s meat and this little girl was Restless and the butcher said now Mary come on you’re usually so quiet now

37:41don’t step out of line dear but but what oh she said we’re having a visitor at

37:48the manse as they call the pastor’s house having a visitor at the manse a sweet well don’t you have visitors

37:55almost every week yes what’s the difference this week Oh they’ve taken the furniture out on the lawn and

38:01they’ve been beating it and beating the mat and the little girl was 14 and she said you know sir they’re making such a

38:07fuss as we say in England getting excited so much you think Jesus himself

38:13was coming and the butcher laughed and said well Annie that’s a nice little thing to say

38:19next week she went to the butchers and he said well Annie how are you she said

38:24he’s been who’s been I told you last

38:29week they were making such a commotion at the house would think Jesus was come well he came his name is Thomas cook in

38:36that night the same man was going on a ship off the west coast of Africa they

38:45pulled out from Spain and gone down the coast there and the first night he was

38:50out he went through the saloon where men were drinking and smoking and playing cards and suddenly everybody grabs the cards and put them under the table did

39:01you notice that yeah sure did I’ve been on this trip of many times

39:07what happened everybody grab their cards stuck their pipes underneath why did

39:12they do it one man said well could you do anything less with a face like that that came through this alone he had a

39:19face like the Prince of Peace it was engraved on

39:25there was a Majesty about and there’s something in his walk something in his talk something in his actions and

39:30everybody took notice of him that he lived with Jesus he did because he spent hours every day in the presence of Jesus

39:42they took knowledge of them within the

39:50veil is fragrance poured upon thee without the veil that fragrance shed abroad abroad within the veil is hand

39:56shield tuned the music which sounds on earth the praises of thy God there’s

40:02something wrong I think I think you said today when you’re at the Vanity Fair the other day Christian Booksellers

40:09Association which is two doors from Babylon in it something when you have

40:16Christians live with Doug’s little coats on Dougs of Jesus Saves and shirt

40:21buttons that have Jesus and others rotten stuff then that said well it’s

40:28the only testimony some people have well why not get them saved

40:35that’s only testimony they have boy if your button comes off yes anybody seen

40:41my testimony around here the whole thing

40:54will babble on their little stuffed dogs with Jesus on them that’s degrading its

41:02babbling as far as I’m concerned do we

41:08have to wear a badge a sign that the Living Christ is in us isn’t there a dignity about our language

41:14about our attitude I don’t care if you’re a deacon or a beacon the what in the world you are I won’t ask your

41:21friend what kind of a person you are I’ll sweep up to the back door when you’re away and ask your wife how you live do you get wild you get angry you

41:28get distressed or do you live as calmly as Jesus would under those circumstances

41:35after all you guys know the lights to shine in the world except you and I

41:41reflecting as in a mirror do you know how to get a mirror so it won’t work smear it with grease you don’t have put

41:48an inch thick just smear it with it with your hand that always are oil on it and the middle of immediately this figures a

41:53reflection and if there’s something in your life of bitterness and strife and

41:58envy or some other thing the image will be marred the image of God that should

42:05be nurse restored by the redemptive work of Jesus Christ and by this biding Spirit of the Holy

42:11Ghost I see God only has one class for his people only one and that’s holiness

42:17I didn’t write it I like that verse in math upon me in Hebrews where it says

42:23that we we we we on this earth why we’re here as the hymn writer says in this

42:29body pent or tied up we why we’re here

42:34on earth are supposed to be as holy as Jesus Christ was when he was on earth he didn’t die to leave us model cripples

42:42leaping around or staggering and falling and stumbling the ordinary course of the

42:48Christian life is victory from morning your time you get out to the time you go to bed it

42:54isn’t that we can’t sin it so we don’t wonder sin it’s not it impossible to sin it’s possible not to sin it’s a big

43:01difference I want Jesus Christ expects that you and I to be little Christ’s why

43:08we’re here in this world reflecting the model and spiritual glory of God in the

43:14face and not just our physical face but in our display to other people as they

43:19read us as they see us we don’t need veils on our faces we

43:26don’t have enough glory but it should be that the glory of God is reflected in our demeanor in our actions in our

43:33attitudes in our personality there’s nothing more revolutionary than the sacrificial work of Jesus Christ made

43:40realness putting to death the old man and putting on the new man and then meaning dwelt by the Spirit of God

43:45that’s not that’s not super that’s the normal Christian life again it’s not

43:52impossible to sin it’s possible not to sin what a difference when Moses was

43:59there in the presence of God and God was angry he came down livid with anger so much so that he threw the stones down

44:06and he broke the Ten Commandments but in the next chapter it’s altogether different he’s a different Moses when he

44:15comes down this time his face isn’t blood red with anger his face is radiating a holy God the reflection of

44:21eternities in the face of the man and the people of speechless at him no wonder you know if we ever get into the

44:30fullness of the blessing then the neighbors will wonder what is the world’s wrong with us I think about half

44:37a dozen going down a dark street one night the street will light up it’s a bit of an exaggeration but I’m hoping it

44:44will work anyhow it should be that we change the atmosphere in any place that

44:49we go to the Craig is used to say that you remember that dear brother do you say a man is his own atmosphere if

44:58you’re on fire for God you can go into a frozen atmosphere and it will change like that

45:03if your Holi the atmosphere will change you’ll send some waves through that

45:09audience because they know the holiness of God is there and it doesn’t reflect on me it reflects on him not me no we

45:18don’t have to put those on our faces he should be the normal reaction of our

45:24lives that the grace of God is in these honest to its fullness that everybody knows every time they see us there’s an

45:30evenness you know you see some people one day there’s a smile like this excuse

45:35me not quite as big but anyhow it’s from ear to ear nearly another day you see it

45:41morning and you think they’re in morning

45:53if it really is true what we sang tonight my sin oh the Bliss of this

46:00glorious thought he doesn’t have dominion over me I have it under my feet by the grace of God all the vain things

46:08that charm me most have gone away that vain things charm me most and help me least it should be that when we go into

46:17an atmosphere that people welcome us not about stationing life’s not the wealthy or brilliant because the grace of God is

46:23there and they know that we’re people of sound speech not critical speech not unkind speech but wholly speech they

46:32took knowledge of them the hierarchy the bigshots religious leaders the other leaders and

46:39these little nobodies come up and they take notice of them and so you don’t see men like this every day what’s the

46:45quality of them also quality of their living and so many says they’ve been with Jesus just one thing I remember

46:54when we live just outside of Manchester that’s a place to live it’s one of the darkest towns in England one of the

47:00wettest it seems to rain every day and I’d been visiting and boy it was a

47:06pretty miserable day I was pretty wet I saw a bus coming and I flagged the fellow down and when I got in oh mercy

47:15it was overbearing with perfume it was just fantastic and then a lady put up

47:21her money the fella goes down the middle corridor of the bus and you’d hand him your money and this lady raised her hand

47:27and she had a red car found a blue thing like this and she gave her money and as

47:33she did I suddenly realized you know some of you guys have some stuff called

47:40English leather and it’s made at the factory where the bus started and those

47:46women had been in that atmosphere all the day and just as you go home where

47:53have you been I was on the plane and they were all smoking and it penetrates your clothes these women had been in

47:58that atmosphere they hadn’t taught it on but the clothing absorbed it and they

48:04were all sitting there in the Burson when I got out of that dirty my sphere in Manchester which is a dull atmosphere and stepped in it was a

48:10fragrance of the garden they didn’t shout they didn’t say look it’s spoke for itself it should be the grace of

48:18Jesus Christ the gentleness and meekness of the Lord Jesus Christ I don’t know

48:25maybe our little David be here next week Paul well you’ll have a good preacher

48:34one of my sons may be hearing him preaching so I’ll get the night off I won’t get paid but that’s all right

48:46but David always remind me of that scripture the gentleness and meekness of Jesus Christ he was the most nervous boy

48:53I thinking I’d ever seen in my life till the Lord got ahold of him and saved him and fill him with her spirit now he’s

49:00caught pastoring a church of sixteen hundred every Sunday morning in another 600 in Sunday school running at the same

49:06time God has used him around the world he’s on a trip around now I say that not

49:13to boast with my son though there’s nothing nothing boasting about it I guess but because if you think it

49:18couldn’t happen to me it can listen it’s not what you can bring to God that matters it’s what God can bring to you

49:25now you’ve got to be a clean vessel a purge basement you’re not wanting to be a somebody and hang your hat up with a

49:31great preachers I’ll get some Society behind your name but just totally glorify him and so I want to say sit in

49:39your presence until the very fragrance of eternity comes into my being into my thinking into my acting into my talking

49:45into my demeanor just like the fragrance got into the clothing of those women

49:52well what’s it all got to do with praying well if you see the glory of a god like that in all his majesty you

49:57have more confidence in prayer at least you should I do I think that bunch of

50:04failures they almost all let Jesus down and now they’re standing up against you see the greatest miracle was not Peter

50:10and John healing the crippled of the gate of the temple it’s a miracle in John and Peter Peter that run away from

50:16the finger of a girl and now he stands up against the big high hierarchy the big shots neat and he points the finger and

50:22says you crucified the Lord of glory but him out the God raised up come on Jesus

50:27has nothing else to do he’s done everything he can for the church it’s just that we have to enter in and we

50:36enter in by humility we enter in by recognizing again our weakness and yet

50:44his majesty what the church has had up to this point doesn’t shake in the world and if we’ve

50:51gone like this it’ll take a thousand years to get the world turned round and we won’t do it then because we’re

50:56working on the same old formula we have to be holdings glory we have to be holding majesty we have to be holding in

51:02risen in all his glorious power and then this let this be absorbed in our lives

51:08that people take knowledge of us not by what we dress or the car we drive but

51:14they take knowledge of us we’ve been with Jesus I get bored to death when I’m in with

51:20places am i down nice and smart the armor how big the house it see the conversations about Jesus it’s wasting

51:25time when we travel I don’t travel much I travel so and when we go every time we

51:31go it’s an amazing journey even if it isn’t a Cadillac you have to make the best of it and you can sing and praise

51:40and magnify the Lord come on there’s not much time left I haven’t said afraid I intended to say

51:48it the other night any of you that how many of you that the night I preached on daily Betty you weren’t there that was a

51:53night the glory came not because you weren’t there I preached on the judgment

52:03seat the other night how many were there some of you oh good wasn’t it gracious meeting I preached that a hundred times

52:10but never with as much joy in anointing I think is that night but one thing I forgot to say there be no maturing after

52:17we die I believe as a tree falls it lies I don’t think a million years in

52:22eternity we make a bit of difference – you’re standing there or your maturity all the maturity is here and that’s what

52:30that a serious thing there’s not much time for many of us any

52:36of us really and to think that between here and there that once the threat of

52:42life snaps I’m not going to maturing God has given me all I need for maturity in this book and no man who ever told you

52:50also ever strong he was who ever great he was in the kingdom of God ever had more than I have in this book he just

52:56absorbed more of it he dwelt on it more he meditated on it Moses could have run

53:01away oh I’ve seen the glory of God he stays there he isn’t caring what’s happening what if they’re making another golden calf

53:07forget II said I’m absorbed with God’s glory with God’s majesty with God’s beauty and if you say God like that you

53:13won’t care a hill of beans if somebody leaves you out of some special function they have they didn’t invite you to a wedding and invite you somewhere else it

53:22won’t make a bit of difference the more I’m absorbed in him the less I care about the things around of that I

53:29want to be eternally conscious I want to be God conscious I’m going to eternity

53:36not for the weekend if you are well go but no I’m not going with you I’m going into his eternal

53:43presence forever so what if I suffer a little what if I’m not liked people

53:49don’t like my preaching so I don’t like your preacher say shake hands I don’t like it either you won’t get one over me saying that it

53:57could be a lot better maybe it could be worse to hood come on we’re eternally

54:03bound people are we absorbing all there is in the risen Christ of God he’s your

54:09life reflecting his pieces pieces joy his love it’s all there to be absorbed

54:17by us my peace I live but not peace my peace joy no my joy no man taking it

54:24from you and take everything else take the shirt off your back take the money out of your pocket take your friend you

54:29can’t take your joy joy he says George I no man taketh it from you read the

54:36sixteenth chapter of John it’s his joy the joy that dominated his life under pressure when they threatened him when

54:42they would have killed it but he was dominated by joy by P and I leave you my peace by joy and his

54:48joy was doing the will of the Father this is his legacy to his disciples any

54:54King diasporic Jesus he didn’t have any houses he could share didn’t have any horses to leave them he didn’t have any

55:02money he said I’ll give you my peace I’ll give you my joy these are worth a million million times the other things

55:07you have and if I’m living in less than that I’m not living where God wants me and if I’m not living there I won’t

55:14reflect his glory I won’t reflect his beauty oh yes and why we’re rejoicing

55:23there’s a world outside perishing the more I see him the more I’ll hate sin

55:30the more I see of him the more I long that the what Jesus died for will be

55:35accomplished in my generation has been accomplished in any other you’ve got the greatest chance in the world to make

55:41history and you’ll only do it when you’re cleansed and filled with the Spirit of God we’re going to pray if you

55:50wish to go you’re free to go as we kneel to pray we leave the service open-ended

55:55because so often we’ve any find a watch

56:01I borrowed it then I’ll put your hands

56:09up how much was this son brother

56:18catch know what how’s it over twin please thank you so much it didn’t help

56:25me too much but anyhow let’s pray we’re

56:32praying for revival in this community as well as other places we’re praying for revival in your church I felt it was

56:40real blessing down there that what I call it rolls Heights Church of God there’s a lovely spirit a very precious

56:47man there I learned to love him in the few nights I was there and ask you to

56:52pray for that Judge as well that the glory will come I don’t go where the fire falls it but it must fall somewhere

56:59so feel free if you’re not in the spirit if you say my life doesn’t reflect the

57:06glory of Jesus well cough out what’s wrong is it pride is it envy what is it stubbornness jealousy what is it don’t

57:14say bless me Lord kill this thing in me go to the cross and die and get

57:22resurrection life so now we’re going to pray and as I say you feel to leave anytime you like give me a chaplain