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Christ Magnified in Our Bodies (video Sermon)

Christ Magnified In Our Bodies by Leonard Ravenhill.

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0:11one thinking particularly of the 20th verse

0:17according to my earnest expectation and my hope but in noting that I shall be ashamed

0:24that that with all boldness as always so now Christ shall be magnified in my body

0:40I used to think that in the second letter to the chronic of Corinthians and

0:45Chapter five my poll gives us a kind of summary there of his theology he

0:51believes that if we’re absent from the body were present with the Lord knowing the title of the Lord we

0:57persuade men we must all appear at the judgment seat of Christ and then verse

1:0314 I’ve always considered was the thing that really motivated him he out preached everybody out suffered

1:09everybody he out prayed everybody I thought that 14th verse the love of

1:17christ constraineth me was his main motivation along along again with the

1:23obligation to present Christ in all his majesty all his glory to remind us as

1:29dear Keith said one day in my office we were talking about the roads he said

1:34well all roads lead to the judgement seat which is true they do whether a Democrat and autocrat of plutocrats or

1:40any other crutch or a liberal or what you are whether we’re slaves or freemen

1:47intellectuals or ignoramuses black or white rich or poor all roads lead to the

1:52judgement seat without exempt exception

1:58now I’ve come to this conclusion reading recently in Philippians here that the

2:06motivation of the Apostle in his zigzag course not up and down spiritually but

2:12zigzag in prison out of prison in winners in fastings in painfulness in tribulation in dress distress in pedals

2:20of his countrymen in perils of the deep in perils of Robert whatever it was the

2:25one thing that motivated him I believe is in this 20th verse as now always

2:30Christ shall be magnified in my body or some put it by my body whether it by

2:38life be by life or by death the thing that grit meals are ready this

2:43week Christ may be magnified not in my ministry

2:49not in my miracles not in my super love

2:55I outline the world today I’ll preach them I’ll suffer everybody but he says

3:03that Christ may be magnified in my body if you turn over to the where is it

3:11chapter 4 verse 8 this explains his life

3:20I think he says be careful for nothing be careful in everything and be thankful

3:27for anything that covers a lot of territory doesn’t it the King James was

3:33of course the best one says be careful for nothing but in everything by prayer and Thanksgiving a prayer and

3:42supplication with Thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto the Lord I

3:48believe that’s a territory in which he lived and moved and had is being know

3:55this epistle is very beautiful do you know why because it’s a love letter some

4:04of you ladies remember the first one you got I guess it stuffed away somewhere now tied up with a ribbon maybe or I

4:11threw it in the garbage just literally I don’t know but anyhow love letters are

4:16beautiful a fellow in our church fell in love with my sister he wrote a letter to

4:22a boy Shakespeare couldn’t have done better he saw everything she dyes like stars and her cheeks were rosy and

4:29choose this I never knew I’d live over

4:35twenty years never noticed one of the things he said she had because Beauty

4:40again is in the eye of the beholder this is a lovely epistle for one thing

4:48there’s no mention of sin in this epistle at all I think what he at

4:54Paulette Paul is actually saying here that in the greatest suffering you can have the greatest joy

5:03we like the bonuses we’re not toward it too anxious to have the burden Zoe if

5:11you read the Epistle carefully you’ll find that 14 times he mentions joy and he’s in a stinking hall of the prison we

5:18won’t put a dog in in these days no bed in it no creature comforts the rotten is

5:24food just a hellhole and yet he is

5:30sending a letter of greetings and cheering to other people who should be writing letters to him so with all the

5:39greatness and all the pressure he says it’s possible to have this boundless joy

5:45again he does not mention sin he mentions flesh once and then dismisses it he’s showing us that there’s a grace

5:52of God far more exceeding abundantly above all the we can either ask or think

5:58the great old Scottish Saint Samuel Rutherford some of you though like grade

6:04him the sands of time and sinking he didn’t write it mrs. cousins extracted phrases out of his wonderful diary and

6:10put that marvelous marvelous him together I think it’s maybe the greatest name ever written but he says I have to

6:17go into the Kings cellar to find the King’s wine I remember old houses not

6:23far from where we live we got in one one day the owner’s son was a friend of mine

6:28he said ever been in our huge underground cellar I said no we went in

6:34there and not there were all the old wine racks we searched dozens they were all empty

6:41it’s a blessing they were I’m sure I’d have got drunk that day I was so thirsty in that old basement but he said look at

6:48the old wines are used to keep labels you know from Portugal and Spain and here and there and champagne from France

6:54and all the rest of it but they’re not stored upstairs in the refrigerator that

6:59stood or were stored in dungeons in the dark places and we would like God to

7:07serve up as it were the wine of heaven just right we’re living on the level without any interruption of trial or

7:14tribulation or testing but that’s not the way that God works let me look over

7:25here a minute

7:36I’ve lost my marker here let me see I’ll find it

7:48well or you could be looking right now well you know anyhow you know Romans chapter 12 and think about places where

7:57Paul talks about his body he doesn’t talk about yielding your mind merely he says in Romans 12:1 and 2 I beseech you

8:06brethren therefore by the mercies of God that you present your body a living sacrifice not your brain not your

8:13emotion not your spirit but if I said to somebody look here’s my watch well it’s

8:20a fairly modern one you know it doesn’t have a battery I don’t have to widely do

8:26the old one they had works in you know they were marvelous all things used to call them stem wonders they’re

8:33collectors items now if I give a man my watch I gave him the works I gave him

8:38the hands I gave him the face I gave him everything well if I present my body a living

8:44sacrifice surely I’m presenting everything that I have my spirit my soul and my body for

8:52which Paul prays you remember when he’s praying for the speaking to the

8:57Thessalonians 1 Thessalonians 5:23 he

9:02prays the very God of peace sanctify you wholly and I pray that your spirit and

9:08soul and body be preserved blameless and to the coming of the Lord

9:14faithful is he that call us you who also will do it so I give my body and it’s in

9:25entirety to God

9:30again a girl not very well known in England years ago wrote a beautiful hem all for Jesus all for Jesus

9:37all my beings ransomed ours all my thoughts and words and doings all my

9:43days and all my hours she goes on to say let my hands perform his bidding let my

9:50feet run in his ways let my eyes see Jesus song they let my lips speak forth

9:56his praise all for Jesus all for Jesus then she says so beautiful since my eyes

10:03caught sight of Jesus I’ve lost sight of all beside sine chained my spirits

10:09vision gazing on the crucified vision is so vital in the Christian life

10:17I’m not Damascus Road I don’t believe the Apostle Paul ever recovered from

10:23that experience of being blinded physically he did his eyes were open sure enough but I believe that he was

10:32blinded to all the treasures of the world as this girl says since my eyes caught sight of Jesus I’ve lost sight of

10:39all beside so enchained my spirits vision gazing on the crucified or if you

10:46want in the words of Isaac Watts after you’ve seen him my richest gain I count but loss but as I’ve said so often we

10:54use that phrase you know one day when we the things of Earth after you’ve seen Jesus the things of Earth will grow

11:00strangely dim you know I like to turn that round and say when we get to heaven

11:06and look back the things of Earth will look strangely grim we live we spit we

11:13spend our time gathering sawdust everything that we spend our lives to

11:19get is perishable outside of the spiritual Paul says where do I present

11:26our bodies a living sacrifice so the

11:31body can be a living sacrifice in the same verse he said it can be holy and

11:38acceptable unto God which is your reasonable service

11:43now in its normal condition it cannot be that the human body is corruptible the

11:50flashiness is corruptible but once he takes us in His infinite mercy in Romans

11:57five is fulfilled and we receive the grace of God and we receive the peace of

12:03God a moving to walk with God then we can present that body which he will

12:08sanctify a living sacrifice holy acceptable unto God which is only our

12:15reasonable service you know this is a fantastic chapter Romans 8 verse 1 says

12:26that is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit

12:33for the law the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of

12:38sin and of death now come down mmm the

12:44seven of the six to be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded is

12:50life and peace now how can you harmonize death and life a man called me yesterday

12:56talked I’m sure 4050 minutes from California everybody’s bewildered out there that’s

13:02why so many of them come here you see but anyhow oh he was in despair about

13:08the carnality mastering his life well

13:13I’m a Christian I’m sanctified I said you are yeah but something carnal

13:19dominates me well that’s ridiculous how can you be carnally dominated if your

13:25spiritual this scripture is very clear to be carnally minded is death I don’t

13:31know what I think preachers are the devil’s advocates very often they defend sin better than atheist tell you can’t

13:39get rid of sin this side of eternity you have to have it it has to have dominion over you when the scripture says it

13:44doesn’t oh this one had just one sin of the flesh that mastered him he could not

13:52in any shape of home get the victory over it I said well get it near to the cross that’s the answer again

14:01Romans 6 if we’re buried with him in Baptism which I used the illustration so often if a man is standing here in the

14:08water and I’d bury him in under the water he’s cut off from the world above

14:13he can’t see the world above he can’t breathe the air above he can’t talk to the world he’s cut off we saw some

14:20people baptized last week and I thought of them as they went through the one symbolically they’re saying look this is

14:25my grave I’m being buried to the world above it’s Idol pump and fading Joy’s as one

14:33hymn writer says somehow preachers love to fall back on romance and oddly here

14:40is the greatest man that ever lived I heard G Campbell Morgan many times is the most amazing Bible teacher I’ve ever

14:48heard he gave a great message on the holiness to about I guess 400 preachers

14:53and I can’t I kept squeaking out a little hallelujah because it was in a Methodist Church and you know that’s

15:00almost like shouting hallelujah Margot tags so I squeak tablet oh people turn

15:07round and round on me you know so I thought well if you don’t like that wait till he says it again so I said again I

15:13said hallelujah which was alright but when he taking us

15:21into the heavenlies he said now don’t think I’m preaching a second work of grace or you can be really holy in this

15:27life because even the Apostle finished up he did not finish up in Romans said there happens to be a Romans 8 it

15:35happens to be in the Greek that there’s no difference there’s no division that’s an artificial division and Paul says

15:42there’s no answer in the law all wretched man that I sure he said that who shall deliver me from this death

15:49well if he stopped there we’d be in trouble he says I thank God through

15:55Jesus Christ my lord that’s why he starts Romans 8 that is therefore now no

16:01condemnation to those of us who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit for the law of the spirit of life in Christ

16:08Jesus has made me free I guess you know that I do not that’s alright

16:14thank you take courage

16:19well that man’s walk with God many years a dear friend of mine you know every time I get in a plane I hate planes as I

16:26say facetiously flying is for the birds but every time that monster takes off

16:32and I try and estimate how many tons of ax and tons of gasoline and tons of flesh and tons of baggage and it goes up

16:40like that if I had a feather here and said go up it wouldn’t it just come down

16:45well how does that monster keep going the law of gravity me if it leaves the

16:51ground the law of gravity pulls on it that’s why it’s harder to land a plane

16:56than takeoff isn’t it you see taking off in put the thrust and blast of all the

17:02engines enough you go coming down gravity’s pulling this way and he’s fighting that way so he has to control

17:08the two powers gravity and the power of the of the plane and it gets off because

17:14the power the thrust of those tremendous jets I suppose you know they were

17:20invented in England anyhow that any help

17:26isn’t it amazing when you see that thing going down and you look at 300 passengers in that plane all the baggage

17:32all the luggage all the gasoline off it goes with a rot soon you’re seeing the

17:37land this it’s either dropping away you’re going up anyhow but there it is the thrust that’s in there is greater

17:44than the love and they have grabbed at it well then what about the law of the

17:51spirit of life in Christ Jesus oh I love

17:57Aegina I love resurrection hymns up from the grave year old I like that as I said

18:03the other day when we sang it sing it with a sneer death cannot keep its prey since shall not have dominion over us

18:11the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free now that’s a very

18:16wonderful text isn’t it look at this a

18:27Romans 8 verse 8 ok so then they that are in the flesh cannot please God well

18:33there you are there’s your answer no the answer is in the next verse but you’re not in the flesh you talking about this

18:40flesh in one place and you’re talking about a fleshy nature in the other Galatians 5 whether all the works of the

18:46flesh are there which are manifested also corrupt but then you come down into

18:53the same next verse verse 9 you’re not in the flesh but in the spirit if so be

18:58that the Spirit of God dwell in you look at verse 10 if Christ be in you gosselin

19:06if the spirit of him that raised up from the dead dwell in you good mercy what do you want you the

19:11Spirit of God in you the spirit of life in you is the spirit of the son in you is the spirit of the Spirit in you well

19:19how can the be room for carnality

19:24knowing this Paul says it out all life out old man was crucified with him

19:31nevertheless I live judge says in not i but Christ liveth in me and the life

19:36which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me

19:42and gave himself for me

19:47in verse in Romans 6 again and verse 11

19:54he says reckon ye yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin in the same verse it

19:59says reckon the reckon the body to be dead indeed unto sin but you’re alive in God in Christ Jesus the law of the

20:08spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and of death

20:21the Christ may be magnified through my body I never heard anybody preached on

20:29this text never preached on it myself you remember the psalmist says upon an instrument of ten strings will I praise

20:36thee what kind of a thing is that guitar or something harp you say I don’t have

20:43an instrument of ten strings well supposing you put it this way you’ve got two feet you’ve got two hands you’ve got

20:49two eyes you’ve got two ears you’ve got one tongue thank God no more and one

20:56heart ten strings that’s why the girl says it not him let my hands perform his

21:02bidding let my feet run in his way let my eyes see Jesus on it let my lips lips

21:08speak forth his praise or an American name if you like take my life and let it

21:14be what do you sing that take my hands and let them move at the impulse of thy love take my feet and let them be swift

21:21and beautiful for thee take my love my lord I pour at thy feet its treasure

21:26store take my will that’s the last area that we yield take my will and make it

21:32that Paul doesn’t even say that Christ

21:38may be magnified by my epistles though he wrote at least I think he wrote the

21:43greatest things that any human being was ever allowed to write his magnificent

21:48epistle to the Romans to the Ephesians to the Philippians again this is one of these jail writings if you’re really

21:57careful here we’d have time to do that if you read carefully through this read through the first chapter you’ll see the

22:03position and life of the Christian if you read the second chapter you’ll get

22:09the pattern of Christ the third chapter you get the energy that carries the

22:15Christian through this world chapter four the Christian superiority to all

22:21circumstances in other words this epistle is the whole character of the Christian life it shows poor shot Paul

22:31shows how to walk and in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ and he of course is the fire leader he

22:39is the best example of it I’ve said before maybe say many times again I

22:45think that Paul was the greatest genius the world ever saw colossal intellect a will that never

22:53tired the faith that never flinched the love that never broke down a courage that nobody could dominate he stands

23:01cheerfully before kings he was happy in jail right in the epistle of love as he is in any

23:07circumstance of life so he shows us that the man can be completes however

23:13whatever rate of genius he has that he can complete be complete in God without

23:19even being involved in this world outside in his material concept or business concept he’s totally God’s man

23:26I think it was Spinoza that taught about a god intoxicated man that God

23:32intoxicated Manta is the Apostle Paul in my judgment in perils of the deep he

23:38doesn’t shake everybody else on the ship is terrified he stands by and captain sense for him and comes here what’s

23:45wrong with you was another night last night I can imagine the captain said

23:50I’ve been at sea for fifty years never gone through a night like that I guess you were like the rest of us cringing

23:56and holding onto your bed terrified no he’s had a great night had a great time

24:02of fellowship fellowship is another Christian on board he says the world

24:07last night what’s he called it said an angel from heaven of what he said last

24:14night I had an angel visitor in my cabin boy did we have a time talking about the

24:19glory and majesty of God everybody else is terrified you know I think that that experience that he had I forget the

24:26chapter where it is in acts I think it’s typical of the end of the age Paul got on board that ship as a

24:36prisoner ha ha and the end it is the pilots everybody got the jitters

24:42everybody was terrified everybody was vomiting and yelling and screaming and yelling and doing everything and there

24:48is glorifying God see what strange people Christians huh you know he was so

24:57amazing that when they skinned his back until it was raw he said none of these

25:02things hurt me no he didn’t all people say if you really get saved I’m filled

25:09with the spirit you know you’ll never be hurt you’ll never have any troubles and trip well I must be back slidden because

25:14I get a lot of them he did not say none of these things hurt me he said none of

25:20these things move me you could have a blast from hell and not be moved if

25:25you’re in the will of God they’ll hurt

25:31how can you get victory if there’s no battle he said we’re more than

25:37conquerors through him that liveth what are your contouring in growing toenail

25:47charles wesley as a hymn in which he says should all the hosts of hell and powers and should all the hosts of death

25:55and powers of hell unknown put their most dreadful forms of rage and malice

26:01on i shall be safe for christ displays superior power and boundless grace you

26:10see Paul touch the powers of the world to come to us as theology just that

26:18something Rick but we’re grasping after almost in blindness we’re so happy to get rid of a lot of rock Rotten sins and

26:26thank God for where we are but look at the territory there is yet for us to reach for you know God’s problem with

26:34Israel is getting them out of Egypt they could have got out of Egypt into Canaan

26:39in 11 days they didn’t even make it in 40 years most of them we’ve got people

26:45now who have been saved 20-30 years and another day older in the spiritual life they’re no more mature they no more

26:52spiritual strength they no no spiritual understanding than the more spiritual revelation why because so often they’ve

26:59lived on meetings instead of living on Christ I don’t care where you go what school you

27:05go to and I thank God for schools this school particularly again but remember you can’t but what you do in the stores

27:10pull away from you see so many people get happy and blessed rather in an

27:16association a fellowship and then you go and stick them up the Amazon somewhere they go to pieces can you imagine a man

27:25going to go into pieces who let me go back in and caught this exactly over

27:31here in Romans 8 again verse this verse

27:429 you’re not in the flesh but in the spirit if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you and verse 10 if Christ is

27:50in you in verse 11 the spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead I

27:56said in the class Tuesday night Bible we have a class A to Z now if you want to come with starting with a person this

28:03week in Hebrews 11 the Holy Spirit of God is totally incapable of doing

28:08anything that’s small the world in which we live is beautiful carpeted with

28:14flowers and everything it was a ball of mud shut up in the womb of the universe the Holy Ghost brooded over it out of

28:22chaos brought cosmos out of wildness he brought this marvelous system of the

28:28world he brooded over chaos he brought

28:33it over death and brought forth life he brooded over the Virgin of a little girl

28:38that nobody noticed hardly going up the street I’ve often thought of the little virgin maybe going up the street

28:44pregnant and people suspicious did you know about her you know she’s keeping company with you know how far along she

28:51is they didn’t think they were passing the creator of the universe in that

28:56little woman so near to her and never recognized it never knew it dance how

29:03can other people go to church they get within touching distance of Jesus and they never touch him they just go year after year week after week and never

29:10touch him the Holy Ghost came and did that miracle in her brooded over her and brought

29:20forth the most amazing creature that this world will ever know quote Wesley

29:27again you’ll think I’m a Wesleyan Wesley says God was contracted to a span

29:33incomprehensibly made man here is the one that the heaven of heavens cannot contain me contain him and he’s shut up

29:39in a little room of a woman he made all the food in the world and yet he has to

29:46sustain his life by but from his mother’s breast he owns the world he

29:52made it yet he never owned a stick in it he owns all things and yet never had a

29:59dime but after he drew did over the universe after he brooded over the

30:04virgin he brooded over a bunch of men in a furrow they weren’t all geniuses by

30:11long way what of them were cowards and now they went streaming in the power of

30:17the Holy Ghost I puzzled over this again today if you can help me write me a

30:22dissertation on it we’re supposed to have about what 15 million people in

30:30America today filled with the Holy Ghost manifesting gifts and nobody knows we’re

30:35here only 120 in the Upper Room and they turned the nation upside down what’s

30:42wrong what’s the difference within their baptism in ours tell me

30:51maybe you’re right they’re partly right I’m sure but then after the creation

30:58that the holy ghost did after the miracle of the birth of Jesus after the men in the upper room then you’ve got

31:04this wonderful Word of God the crashing holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost I heard of a local

31:12preacher saying not so long ago the story of the new John is a fish story

31:18well sure it is didn’t I buy the donkey is it but all he

31:24meant is something a bit fishy about it that’s what he meant which is not true because Jesus said does he deny what the

31:32word of Jesus a man that denies Scripture should renounce his job and go sell hamburgers he came in as a

31:40fundamental believer and he becomes a liberally to get out of it out at the back door I’d fire him if I knew had any

31:47power of that guy but hey we have the

31:53Holy Spirit of God creating through all kinds of men a man that climbs trees and

31:59gathered sycamore fruit a nun of a colossal intellect at the other end of the line like the Apostle Paul a

32:07shepherd like David a wise one like Solomon and yet the wonder of this book

32:14is that so indestructible men have burned it and banned it and blamed it

32:20isn’t it Tennyson as employment which he says men may come and men may go by go on forever

32:26well the Word of God is like that you know one of the great contemporaries of John Wesley was a very very powerful

32:32speaker in France by the name of Voltaire he really cooled the scriptures

32:39one day he said in his little house a hundred years from now Bibles will be in

32:47museums well he didn’t miss it by much today except about about a thousand

32:53million copies Bibles will be museum pieces

33:00people won’t bother they’d be so advanced they won’t bother with the Bible one of the nice things that World

33:07War two did was blow his little house off the face of the earth [Music]

33:16but you know not long with us a few years before that happened a few years before that happened the Geneva Bible

33:23Society bought that house and distributed Bibles all through Europe out of the very house where he said that

33:29the Bible wouldn’t be existing in 100 years here it is it’s God’s Word and it

33:39will last forever the throne O God is for ever and ever having an earth may

33:45pass on my word shall not pass away here it is has all the power of God behind it

33:55so come on now the Holy Spirit of God who invaded the lives of those men in

34:00the upper room according to Romans 8 here the same spirit can raise that

34:06raised Jesus from the dead abides in us is risen us from the dead spiritually we

34:12can think and move and have our being in God the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit lowery an old old Nazarene had a

34:24marvelous book that’s out of print it’s called the possibilities of grace I

34:30never read it I’ve just peeped into it I have an old old copy but I think of that

34:35so often it stretches out the possibilities of grace was a good book

34:41sake I have not seen ear heard nor that attended into the heart of man what the God has prepared for them that love it

34:47that he has revealed them to us not to the world they stagger at it impossible

34:55hello mazing the resumen being corrupted defiled doomed damned can be forgiven

35:01cleansed and indwelt by the Spirit of God and become a living vessel of God

35:11God has yet to produce the greatest men ever I don’t believe God went off production with Wesley in Finney and

35:18George Whitfield all the great men who built the old spiritual empires like

35:23Hudson Taylor and others that went to China and Gilmore to Mongolian and Judson to Burma and Kerry first

35:34missionary from England to India was Carrie I preached in his church 1:7 is

35:40in calculus I think it is then there’s the other little man Henry Martin I said

35:47to class the other night I wish some of your folk would wake up and use your brains rather young enough to use them

35:56there was a young lady singing on TV I’d love to hear these great singers she was

36:02a great thing about 220 pounds could she sing she’s born in a little shack

36:11somewhere up in the Mississippi area or somewhere that might have ended up

36:17serving hamburgers and somebody somebody took her in the home she twinkled with the piano and then they discovered she

36:24had a voice so they they got her to sing I think she wanted the Conservatoire in

36:29Milan and Venice of the places now she can sing in about five different languages did somebody suddenly suspect

36:39that in that girl was all these talents and all this ability no they just gave

36:44her a chance in one direction she took off in another now look if she could learn and I guess now she’s only about

36:50twenty six or seven something maybe at 18 she began to struggle with playing

36:56struggle with singing and struggle with languages you know the Roman Church is

37:02pretty smart there’s a great college in Ireland called Maynooth you can send a

37:11power boy into that school that can hardly do is mathematics for anything they’ll turn him out in five years and

37:17he can recite the whole mass in Latin they have other convents where they take

37:23young ladies they’d be average farmers daughters

37:29they’ll talk with them show the maps of the world tell them the need in the world lack of

37:35education lack of Christianity so far those girls will get down oh I think I

37:40would like to go to South America okay Brazil what Portuguese all right

37:47Argentina’s Spanish some other area you know every time they send a mystery out

37:53the missionary knew the language before they got there what did they do they went into the school system and taught

37:59there for the churches didn’t doubt to support them because they were running their money they didn’t have to wait to

38:06stumble out language for a few years immediately they got off the ball they

38:12could speak the language immediately they were put into operation to teaching the schools and to teach religion in

38:20other words when they went they would already accomplished in languages and again because of that they could sign up

38:26in government jobs and there’s no support needed at home now here

38:32sometimes very offer with people Oh we’ll take you on but you have to go around churches begging ask them to

38:38support you ask them to give you so much a month so much a month so much much I think God must be embarrassed by the

38:45church these days what big as we are why

38:51can you use your brains now get a language get awakened get stirred in

38:58your spirit find out where God want you there are lots of Hell holes that need

39:04the light of the gospel if you think you may have the courage why not pray about

39:09going to Russia get me out behind that curtain there or the anchor

39:16I think I’m right in saying this I’m not sure somebody can correct me maybe I don’t think there are five missionaries

39:23in the whole of Albania rather they purged Albania somewhere in the last

39:29century I think they put Christians in battles and sealed up the battles and push the battles out on the tide as it

39:37was receding out to the ocean and that they were cooped up in those horrible

39:43things a Sun coming in and roasting them no food no anything they exterminated

39:50the church to that degree there but there’s a challenge there’s nobody in Albania why not be the first to go what

39:57about going to be handy Iron Curtain Czechoslovakia some of the other countries what about the what 800

40:06million people in China this week they said there was 700 million in Indian it

40:13has about what 400 languages and dialects the world population now is the

40:20greatest it’s ever been in history there are more lost people tonight than ever

40:27have been in history and yet I think there’s more indifference shall we give

40:34a little bit to support a mission we do this we do the other but that great Dominion of Satan is almost unchallenged

40:42in the day in which we live now it’s in

40:47the same epistle isn’t it yes in this same epistle where Paul says let this

40:53mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus well actually that that little is

40:59translated that the love which dominated the life of Jesus the disposition of Jesus be yours and is worth of

41:05disposition of love of concern everywhere he went he went out doing

41:11good well if that mind is in me I’ll tell you what I’m going to have some restless

41:16minutes or restless hours I’m going to have to struggle with my own conscience I’m going to struggle with the light I

41:22have I’m going to have to struggle with the challenge that comes to me from a dozen different countries to get the

41:29message of Jesus Christ there while it’s yet day Christ may be

41:37magnified in my body he was magnified through his brain I’m sure God could have shared some things

41:42he shared with any other person except Paul magnified with his spirit his hands

41:48he wrote these epistles who didn’t type them he didn’t dictate them he struggled with

41:53some kind of instrument maybe a quill I don’t know but every part of his being

41:59was coordinated to the service of God

42:05that Christ may be magnified I mentioned this last Sunday money before long where

42:11you have some lovely flowers around here the cold dandelions nobody cut them and

42:20puts them on in the on the table in the house you may have 20/20 vision but you

42:28haven’t seen the beauty of it underline until you take a magnifying glass and look through it like that and assume you

42:34see it is the most exquisite flower maybe God ever made but we don’t see it

42:39with our 20/20 vision you need a magnifying you look through it and when you see that thing comes

42:45alive that’s what Paul says that Christ maybe when people look at my life Jesus Christ

42:51is clearer and nearer and more wonderful is that true

43:02do you think your children would say that oh my daddy and mummy I’ve never seen Jesus but I know Jesus is like he’s

43:09like my daddy and I said last Sunday old Jonathan Edwards gets me really cured

43:16you know he took a stack of notes and he read through them and had a candle here and his big frowning face and a gravel

43:23voice and he reads through his sermon the greatest most famous sermon outside of the Bible sinners in the hands of an

43:29angry god and people all remember because he thundered they said that when

43:35people fell off their seats instead of showing mercy kind of thrust the thing into them deeper the truth of God people

43:42hung onto pillars that were supporting the gallery because they were afraid they’d fall into the abyss but he didn’t

43:48spare them Bela Dave was in my house the other day last Sunday night he preached

43:55you wonder maybe the largest church in Denver Colorado he said Len as we sat there it was ready

44:02I was ready to preach and suddenly I was overcome with grief and I just walked

44:07forward and sat on the floor didn’t go to the pulpit and I began to weep God just gave me such a burden and he said

44:15look there’s a congregation about 3,000 he said there’s a girl in here was being molested by a man sexually molested and

44:22the man is going to go to jail and as he said it a girl about 16 ran down the

44:28aisle and she said mr. Wilkinson I’m the girl that has been molested my daddy did it and he has to go to jail David just

44:37groaned he said there must have been 15 or 16 other young women came there and said my father or brother or somebody is

44:45is assaulting me sexually every week and he said my spirit just groaned and he

44:51stayed there 15 minutes weeping I said

44:57Dave bless you the average preacher would have said I just had a kind of a

45:02little upset in my spirit I feel that somebody in trouble I’d like a few of

45:07you to pray raise your hands we’re going to pray for this girl she’s in trouble I know she is instead of that he swept all

45:12this theology sermon one site and obeyed the holy ghost the whole church broke up in reaping and

45:17broken the seeking guard same thing happened without ever however having to open his mouth preaching I’m

45:26sure that’s the kind of spirit that the Apostle had it’s because the Spirit of Christ indwelling him it’s the Spirit of

45:33God dwelling in him the fruits of the spirit as I’ve said if Jesus had ever

45:40said if it said one word differently it would have killed a 10-million argument since Pentecost if he said by their gift

45:48she showed all them he would have killed a million arguments but he didn’t say by their gives he says by their fruits and

45:55the fruit of the Spirit is number one what love the Spirit of Christ is love

46:02God so loved the world love again is the badge of discipleship love was

46:09unquestionably to me a motivating power in the life of the Apostle Paul but he

46:16says my supreme driving power is this that wherever I go I go to the bond of

46:23the free to the Barbarian I go to the Greeks I go to the intellectuals on Mars Hill I go in prison wherever I go I want

46:31Christ to be magnified I don’t want something to say if that’s Christianity

46:37I don’t want it I don’t want somebody to say you know the way you live you blur the image of Christ I want those people

46:47to look through my life and say I see Jesus Christ but that’s what he dared to

46:52say he says Christ does his hand save he doesn’t say about the baptism he says

46:58Christ lives in me it’s much easier to say I’m saved it’s much easier to say that the baptism

47:04we’re accepted on par with the rest of the people in the church but supposing

47:10you stand up in the next test it’s a pass anybody want to testify your stand up and say Christ lives in me

47:19I probably say I never knew that never even thought about it go back to

47:27Jonathan would Sheree groan Sheree prett but his daughter said people think my

47:33dad is a severe man a man that pours out judgment but she said in the home he

47:42lived just like Jesus and every day my mummy comes out of the closet she said

47:49her face shines like the face of Moses shun because she spends at least two hours in prayer with God every morning

47:55and all when she comes through the house there’s something so different so

48:01fragrant well that’s what God wants

48:06isn’t it he once sin to have no dominion over us

48:14but we have dominion you know what the Greeks used to say man know thyself the Lord says control

48:20yourself in the spirit what’d he say Paul says I keep my body under I control

48:29it I control my passions I control my appetite he was never an excessive eat

48:36that I’m sure of that I don’t think it was that excessive sleeper you know it looks a bit chronic

48:44when you put it this way we live what 24 hours a day supposedly we work eight hours we have

48:53eight hours free and we sleep eight hours put that into sixty years what do

49:00you do you sleep 20 years you work 20 years and you’re free twenty years

49:08doesn’t look too much when you take it in the day does it eight hours free eight hours to sleep eight hours okay

49:15but when you put in 20 years sleeping 20 years of idleness maybe 20 years of work

49:20it’s a very very different thing now

49:26this man is the man who eats at the time he buys up the opportunity as the translation says when he says redeeming

49:33the time which literally from the Greek is redeeming the time is buying up the opportunity this opportunity will not

49:39come tomorrow it comes today so I buy it up I eat it up I don’t want to waste

49:46time waste money waste opportunities you know it’s not difficult it’s not a case

49:52of living in a kind of a steel shell it’s a case of the Spirit of God and the

49:57Spirit of Christ and the Holy Spirit governing my life that he constrained me

50:03when I’m too slowly restrain him and I’m too quick and it’s judge of in submission to him

50:11Paul says he’s the bond slave of Jesus Christ a happy slavery a joyful ma the

50:19joyful to serve a master like that that Christ may be magnified by

50:25my buddy says whether by life or by death there’s a mother which way well is

50:32another way to live surely having the

50:38body under control by the power of the Spirit presenting my body a living sacrifice number one holy number two

50:45acceptable number three all packed up in that first verse of Romans 12 which is

50:52really only the normal Christian life there’s only one kind of Christian life

51:00really that’s a life of holiness

51:09we have a challenge before us tonight in prayer we have a few brother David

51:18Wilkinson is preaching in a college tonight preaching in a college tomorrow

51:24night preaching somewhere I think in Pennsylvania on Sunday a brother that

51:32comes here sometimes brother Bob Roberts he’s going out on the mission this

51:38coming week and then next Friday he and a group of men I think 10 of them are going down to beliefs again to hold some

51:45evangelistic services their ship Arnold

51:50was here last week chip called in today he his mother’s quite 6 yes I have

51:56surgery on Monday and he has a strep throat and the doctor says well you can’t go see your mother because you may

52:02add to her problem so he requested prayer tonight for himself and for his mother the news this week of course has

52:11been about India which our precious friends love so much if the Sikhs are being murdered that

52:16murdering the others I have an idea that Christians aren’t getting away with much freedom to those men that work with you

52:24and others still imprison in Nepal some

52:30young men in prison in Nepal north of India only for preaching not for rioting

52:35just for preaching you see if you serve the devil you go to jail if you got a pretty crisis go to jail so that they

52:44are those wonderful young men up in Nepal that have it rough anytime

52:50anywhere in prison for Christ’s sake some liberated periodically they go in

52:56and come out there’s no safety what are

53:01the Christians suffering right now in India tonight must be appalling I’m amazed that rioting hasn’t brought an

53:08out in Poland yet I think it will so there is serious situation yet I don’t

53:16know anybody too anxious about it do you check up for a minute have you shed any

53:23tears over it today having missed a meal so you’d have more time to pray and

53:28intercede let my eyes see Jesus only we

53:37see the world its customs its fascinations we get mesmerized by materialism we live in the present

53:43instead of we should be living for eternity even now while our feet are on earth we should be so different from the

53:52rest of the tribe around us when I’m afraid very often we’re not the life

53:58which I now live in the flesh what kind is a life of Victor life of failure its

54:03Christ magnified in my personality through my mind through my spirit

54:09through my emotions through my body all right I might just mr. average Christian

54:15a pure dweller I just pay my tithes and I love the pastor and the world goes to

54:20hell in all these all awesome men again

54:29I’m not suggesting for a minute if you do everything that Paul did you become another Apostle Paul not so that’s

54:36already been done there’s no more epistles to write that we can become men of like carrots and that’s what God

54:42wants emptied of self filled with God not just having a mind of my own but

54:49having the mind of God working through my mind through my emotions through my heart through my conscience through my

54:54will there’s a restless troubled world

55:00people will die by the thousands maybe before this business is oval India and

55:05go straight to a lost eternity 2,000 years after Jesus was born mercy on us

55:14there are more lost people without God than ever

55:20what is it every day a quarter of a million babies are born and they’ll never hear the gospel every day at least

55:29$100,000 out the world that have never heard the gospel this man is a consuming

55:35passion for one thing that Christ may be known whether by life or by death I

55:41don’t care he signed himself away one day when he died on the cross with Jesus

55:47Christ he died to all his ambitions he died to all earthly honors he died to

55:52his nation he was a tribe of Benjamin a seed a seed of Abraham he had every

55:58cultural advantage yeah every intellectual advantage I lay in dust life’s glory daddy said hundreds of men

56:12have done it since I’m gonna ask you to sing a hymn and then we go straight to prayer don’t see it if you don’t mean it


56:403 6 3 363 let’s stand and sing