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Are We Longing For Repentance? (video sermon)

Are We Longing for Repentance? By Leonard Ravenhill

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0:26 I wonder to think just really about this verse 37 in the last day the great day

0:33of the feast Jesus stood and cried one

0:38version says Jesus hadn’t cried with a loud voice saying if any man thirst let him come unto me and drink I shared some

0:47thoughts last Sunday morning about this but it’s been stirring my heart ever since you know when we teach children

0:57about heroes in the Bible we usually teach them out David and Goliath or Samson or Daniel in the lion’s den I

1:06think this chapter is incomparable for courage it was the last day the great

1:15day of the feast and this feast was the last feast in a Jewish calendar there were seven great feasts according to

1:23Leviticus in three of them only men were allowed to go but in this last feast this is the last feast in the year and

1:31this is the last day on the last feast and this is the last feast that Jesus

1:37himself will attend he says that he went

1:44up into the temple or look at verse five

1:49for neither did his brethren believe on him then jesus said unto them my time is not yet come that your time is always

1:56ready the world cannot hate you but it hates with me because I testify of it

2:01and the works that are evil go ye up to the feast I go not up to the feast now

2:08verse 14 in the midst of the feast Jesus went up now why did he say he’s not

2:13going to the feast and then that right in the middle of the feast he goes to the feast it seems to me that this is a

2:22lesson to us in conserving our time

2:28the three main feasts I think in the Jewish calendar were still celebrated or

2:33still are celebrated in the Christian calendar Passover which is a type of our

2:39Lord Jesus Christ dying for us and then there’s the feast of Pentecost that they

2:46had which we still celebrate remembering the Upper Room that this third feast we

2:52do not keep in our Christian calendar it’s not yet come it’s the time of ingathering again three of the other

3:00feasts on him males were allowed to God this final feast of the year people came

3:06in from 70 different countries as a matter of fact the Jews previous to this

3:12killed seventy bullocks one representing each country where their people were dispersed the last day the great day of

3:22the feast now this actually followed immediately after the super day in the

3:29Jewish calendar the Day of Atonement remember the priest went and shed blood for the people and then he took two

3:37goats and he I don’t know he chose he chose one goat that he would lay the blood upon that goat and take it to the

3:43wilderness put the sin of the nation on that goat and send it out into the wilderness so that it was lost forever

3:49a type of God taking our sins and putting them behind his back never to be remembered against this anymore forever

3:57the other blood was taken in a bowl and it was taken put onto the into the Holy

4:02of Holies and put that on the mercy seat the Salvation Army used to have a great

4:10chorus they sang at their altar calls they didn’t sing just as I am without one plea they sang come to the mercy

4:16seat fervently kneel here bring your wounded heart here tell your anguish

4:22earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot hear scores of thousands of people were

4:28sung into blessing through that marvelous chorus when I was a boy which was last century by the way I feel

4:34tonight but anyhow he’s a long way back earth hath no sorrow haven’t got it okay

4:40now this is the last day the great day of the feat it’s estimated I don’t know how that more than a million people

4:47crushed into the city for this last final feast if you go into the Old Testament you’ll discover that they took

4:53branches of trees I remember seeing a lot of these in India when I was there lots of people make homes like that out

5:00of branches of trees and then Platt leaves in between to protect them from the rain or the heat whatever it was and

5:08so there’s this celebration now Jesus

5:13went up in the midst of the feast and

5:22verse 15 says the Jews marveled saying how North this man letters or maybe

5:28there’s a marker on that letters which in the margin says how is it this man has wisdom he’s never learned he’s never

5:34been to the school of a rabbis where is he from we know who he is easy legitimate anyhow

5:41he’s the son of Joseph they actually say we know his father we know his mother

5:48but he went into the temple and taught now in the first place I want to know how he got in the temple he must have

5:56had his fight his way through the crowd and the temple was always guarded by temple police but he gets through the

6:03crowd he gets into the temple and he goes and stands in the pulpit that must

6:09have been pretty shocking how can a man who isn’t all day and go in the pulpit isn’t that beyond reason excuse me

6:17but people think it is today even when sat this man wisdom had never having sat

6:23at the feet of men but if you turn to the eighth chapter not now but when you go home he said I was taught of my

6:29father so then he had the greatest teacher of all you know John that wrote

6:36this gospel is being called a playthrough of the New Testament because it’s the most proud profound chapter

6:42maybe ever written now you may or may not remember I guess you do you.why

6:48scholars that’s was it plato’s us was the student of Socrates one of the

6:53wisest many whether lived and so they said that this man is

6:58as wise as Plato no you see poor plato only had Socrates he may have been the

7:04greatest intelligence in the world at the time but he didn’t have the Holy Ghost to teach him so it’s still

7:09ignorant we put men in pulpit because they’ve got degrees but you can have

7:15thirty-two and still be frozen but today

7:21there’s such an emphasis on scholarship isn’t there all we getting a new pastor

7:26is gotta be a but my sheep used to say that every time I look them bay so

7:34what’s the VA or an MA I got a BA I’m born again and I’ve got my MA I’m

7:40marvelously altered I’ve got my PhD sometime I’m a posthole digger but

7:47anyhow they I would love to know what

7:54Jesus taught you Martin I’ll tell you it was so sensational that

8:00those people those rabbis mother sat with their mouths on they marveled at him what did you did you unveil the

8:09mysteries of Daniels image he told some

8:14of the most unheard well only unheard of things they’d never heard but they marveled at this man now it’s a

8:25wonderful thing that Jesus ever got into this place why again I say because he

8:30had to push his way through a million people outside you have to push his way past the temple guards and he comes into

8:38the temple mercy honors what’s he doing here in the second chapter he says he

8:45went in the temple he called him a den of thieves well that’s a way to get the welcome mat out isn’t it anyhow you say

8:54to a bunch of the most learned men in the world get a bunch of thieves that’s what he said

8:59not only that he kicked over the money changers tables

9:05kind of like the Irishman said everything that for me is against me

9:10don’t you think they squint yeah that’s the man that kicked over how many tables our money went rolling down the street

9:16there this is the man who said we’re a bunch of thieves and robbers we hold

9:21truth from men we’re blind guides leaving the blight why don’t they kill him look what the

9:27first verse says after these things Jesus after what things after all these miracles you know if we don’t get the

9:35background of some of these stories we miss the majesty of them you know

9:41between Malachi and Matthew you’ve got 400 years of darkness without any prophetic light and then like Halley’s

9:48Comet streaking over the sky black midnight a rugged rugged man come okay

9:55he was an awkward man he was a Baptist but anyhow

10:01there’s some Baptists hid that okay don’t tell your pastor I said that you

10:06see the amazing thing is the first man that ever preached the baptism of the holy ghost was a Baptist why don’t they

10:11keep up with it huh and why do the Pentecostals run their flag up their

10:17years behind the Baptist preached it long before the Pentecostals ever born

10:23you see truth is nobody’s property isn’t that great no man has a monopoly of

10:31wisdom I’m getting there bit by bit but anyhow I’ve been looking for it for all the

10:38sudden somebody asked me out today how long have you been saved I think about 65 what 65 years nearly 65 years but you

10:48know I still feel I’m an amateur I still feel I’m groping I’m still don’t think I’m in waters to the ankles not to

10:54the knees or the loins or waters to swimming you know the Word of God is

10:59like an ocean somebody said it’s so beautiful a lamb can splashing the water here and there elephant should swim in

11:06it up there some of the most intellectual men I know I know two of

11:11them there they’re the humblest of men oh I love the hymn we sang tonight Oh

11:20worship the King his wisdoms Wendy sing his robe is the life and his canopy

11:25space our scientists are too proud to believe in eternity they do believe in

11:32infinity they shot a tin can up there two or three years ago into space it’s

11:37already done 250 million miles isn’t it silly that wise men down in Houston sit

11:44down and talk to a tin can up there and tell it turn right turn left if I did

11:49that they say he’s got religious mania but they’re scientists they’re wise you see but there’s no wisdom beyond the

11:56wisdom of this book I told someone in there do I think what one of our sons

12:02has done for years learned a new proverb every week and you’ll be smart if you’re

12:08at the end of the year you’ve got 52 proverbs the most amazing book of wisdom

12:14maybe in the world Jesus came into the

12:19place where it said you’re a den of thieves he walked into the midst of it and it says they wanted to kill him

12:27now it says in verse 19 did not Moses give you the law and yet none of you keep the law isn’t that a nice insult

12:33huh looking right in the eye of the most learned men in religion in the world

12:39Moses gave you the not one of you cheeps it so he got is getting a real scorecard

12:45isn’t he he’s kicked the money chambers out of the out of the place he’s call him a den

12:51of thieves again I say right after that four hundred years of stillness there

12:56came this amazing man John the Baptist he shot their culture he upset their

13:05theology nobody’s going to church right they’re all going to hear a man out in

13:10the wilderness what’s he doing raising the dead no isn’t is raising hell did he

13:16raise the dead no I didn’t raise a dead man he raised the dead nation dear Lord we could do with the John

13:22Baptists in every city in the nation tonight some of you now are taking it

13:28easy to say we will relax and be raptured now we’ve got mr. Reagan in

13:33Reagan can’t do much follows Oh the issue of politics that we went through

13:39just now people say it wasn’t politics it was something model it wasn’t

13:45something model it was something spiritual we could have a nation full of nicodemus a–‘s and they’d still be lost

13:58did not notice verse 19 did not Moses give you the law and yet none of you

14:03keepeth the law why go ye about to kill me that was 25 and said some of the gem

14:12in Jerusalem is not this from whom they seek to kill but he speaketh boldly and they say nothing now come on this plate

14:20this place this marvelous temple was no little room like this this wouldn’t even go on the platform it held at least six

14:29thousand people there’s a day when there was a riot one of the priests tripped up

14:36and spill the holy water and those are stampede and fighting broke out and it’s estimated that nearly two thousand

14:43people rather seriously injured or killed now Jesus goes up into the midst

14:49of the feast with the eyes of everybody those frowning Pharisees and those dumb

14:55what were the other Sadducees oh the Pharisees liked him because he raised

15:01the dead and the Sadducees said there isn’t such a thing as a resurrection that’s like wow that’s like that why

15:09they were sad you see thank you I thought the penny might drop

15:16after a while all they’d love to hear

15:23him because he believed in and not only believed it but he actually raised the debt the trouble with our theology so on

15:30the blackboard our theology is all in textbooks it has no life it has no breath it has no power it has no

15:36authority how in the world did Jesus stand in the middle of that crowd of

15:42vexed angry people he’d antagonize him

15:49he’d reveal their spiritual bankruptcy they were just getting over the shock of

15:56John Baptist standing there in the wilderness they couldn’t fathom it why are people going read the third chapter

16:02of Luke when you go home even the Roman soldiers went Masefield would call them

16:08the lesser breeds outside of the law they were fascinated when they heard him

16:13nothing like this in Rome Caesar has nothing like this here’s a little

16:19strange man with a leather girdle round his loins and old camel skin around his neck and people are swarming from

16:25everywhere what does he say read the four laws he uses that word nobody likes

16:35repent repent not only confessor sin

16:41forsake your sin repent run away from it then Jesus comes up after us I don’t

16:49know what all the order is in this but you know I was reading today the last verses of the twentieth chapter and the

16:5521st somebody is estimated that if he would take all the events that are

17:02mentioned in the gospel recorded by John and put them in a line they would only give you 21 days out of the three and a

17:08half years that Jesus ministered I go further than that I say if you took Matthew Mark Luke and John and take all

17:15these historic events that this miracle had upset the whole town don’t you think

17:22when the next day after he turned water into wine that everywhere there was did you hear what he did then I’m out of

17:29wine last night and he turned water into wine this is the man that tosses people

17:35after the synagogue this is the man that kicks over the extortionist this is the

17:40man that says to learn at men you’re the enemies of God he’s merciless you know

17:49we are preaching an acceptable gospel today make it as painless as we can and

17:55all we do is give people a shot to put them to sleep so they’ll get to hell quicker we need some help fire preaching

18:04on repentance when all definitions said repentance is to leave the sin I’ve done

18:12before and show that I learn is grieve by doing it no more

18:19if a man is genuinely born-again all things pass away all things pass away

18:25and all things become new so here we

18:31have Jesus rights in the center of the crowd you see for six days what happened

18:38they had a wonderful performance what are they thinking of Jesus stood there

18:44where the priests that stood every day for seven days and then the temple

18:49orchestra came with our instruments and the temple choir came and they went down the shoulder of the hill to the pool of

18:55Siloam and they did that golden vessel into the pool and the priest carried it

19:01on his shoulder with pomp and circumstance and he went and poured it out to what to remind them of rod that

19:08when they cried there in the wilderness they had no water and God told Moses to

19:15smite the rock and he smote it told him to speak to it the second time he still

19:20smoldered he got into hobbies but they were commemorating that tremendous event

19:26when that River followed them a river of life followed them wherever they went and the rock that was smitten that was

19:32Christ the Word of God says so for seven days they’d seen this

19:38performance everybody stood on one side and bowed when they came back oh you think what God did god that put the

19:45stars up there God that one day party like you part your hair he parted the

19:51rivers the water and over a million people pass through this is our God

20:00they’re commemorating the miracle on the last day the great day of the feast they

20:06did not go through that performance and Jesus went and stood there I if I were

20:14an artist I’d want to paint this I think around the world art galleries I’ve been

20:19I’ve seen all kinds of pictures about the Lord I’ve never seen a picture of Jesus Jesus standing here in all his

20:25moral majesty why in god’s name that they go punish him why doesn’t something

20:31do what they’ve already put an assassins threat on him we will kill him the people say oh I don’t you’re killing me

20:37standing there is no bodyguards there’s no angels rounding well actually I think the other bodyguard of angels I

20:45think he stood there in his model majesty and they could feel what we called vibes going out of him of the

20:51glory of God that they dint go near him I saying I say I think this is one of

20:58those gorgeous pictures of Jesus in the hall of the New Testament

21:05but the last day the great day of the feast he says Jesus stood and cried

21:13Isaiah says my servant shall not cry in the streets well he’s now crying in the street he’s not crying in the street at

21:20all he’s crying in the temple he’s crying – oppa took particular crowd of

21:26people but he adds it insult to injury I demand

21:34you again you’d already call him a den of thieves it already it’s tossed the money changes out each stun them with

21:40the miracles that he’d done and yet this is what he says to them these people

21:48have a monopoly of God didn’t they have ancestry like Jeremiah and Isaiah and

21:55these huge enormous characters but this man comes this unlettered man this

22:02usurper this man with no backing stands in the middle of the holy of holies as

22:08far as they’re concerned it’s like me rushing into the Vatican and shouting hallelujah and starting to praise the

22:14Lord wouldn’t gun down too well I’d like the Chancellor

22:19and there he is in the middle of the feast and listen to what he says if any

22:28man a hole in a minute you can’t say that Jehovah is the god of the Jews the

22:3510 commandments are given to the Jews all those giants you talk about spiritually subdued kingdoms and wrought

22:42righteousness and stopped the mouth of life they’re all Jews why do you dare to say to this

22:47cosmopolitan crowd here if any man come I think one of those beautiful things

22:54that even Paul said my great favorite preach of the Apostle Paul nobody says in to what is in the second of

23:02Corinthians chapter 5 is it 5:17 don’t look now look after and find out I’m

23:08wrong but anyhow do you remember what he said if any man did he say that what did

23:17you say pun

23:24right I’m cutting not all sleeping that’s great if any man anywhere at any

23:31time being Christ he may be the most twisted perverted caramel crew stinking

23:38man in the whole world but if the miracle of regeneration comes enemy gets

23:44a new heart a new mind a new spirit a new in look and you outlook new everything we forgotten about the

23:53majesty of the new birth people just nod their head and say the sinner’s prayer and go straight to hell down the aisle

24:00are they after they’ve leaned the head on the shoulder of the pastor do you

24:05know I doubt if 5% of professing Christians in America are born again

24:13through of England I ask that giant will man buck sing the

24:19man from it and you ever meet him out there brother you’ve got a scene this time he’s getting old

24:24he’s about eighty six he is a man he’s a man that’s going over the world he goes

24:30to the railway station without a penny in orders his ticket I believe in faith but not fanaticism I

24:37mean you know I mean you what if you embarrass God but you don’t embarrass

24:44God but I asked him one day of all the professing Christians in India how many

24:49have saved these at about two and a half percent what about the Christians in

24:56America brother Singh he said two and a half percent

25:02I’m astounded the wilded confused baffled when people tell me in America we’ve 75 million people filled with the

25:09Holy Ghost with the rottenness nation on earth come on

25:16he says here that Jesus stood cried when

25:24version says with a loud voice it was

25:30not a shriek it was not a scream

25:36the Greek word implies that he did it with authority he did it loudly eat it

25:42and tragically he did it with emotion why

25:53well I’ll tell you what I discovered last week in this now preached on this 40 or 50 years never found it here he is

26:01in the temple two or three four or five thousand people Ram him and he stands

26:08there and he cries with a loud voice why

26:16because time is running out for these people in the dumb and blind they don’t know it they doubt the law they’d had

26:26the prophets they’d had one of the most amazing men in history previous to Jesus coming and what they did they got rid of

26:33him to chopped his head off Jesus stood

26:40and cried with a loud voice in my judgment for this reason that he knew

26:47that time was running out

26:52that God’s Spirit does not always strive with men there’s a cut-off point

27:12trying to think of a verse here I can’t remember right at the moment I believe

27:20that Jesus is running in his mind going through history God gave them a margin

27:25of deliverance for the time that John Baptist was here they still did the same thing they’d had the law they’d had the

27:32prophet they’d had the most amazing men in history they’d repeatedly got into captivity

27:39which might may not be a good definition but my definition of a fool is a man that falls in the same hole twice that’s

27:48exactly what Israel did they’ve been in captivity for 400 years under Pharaoh

27:53you think that they trim everything that would in any way defile them in the sight of God and yet they’re just coming

28:02here out of 400 years of captivity again

28:11let me look at this here Matthew what is it

28:29now that’s on another reference Matthew anyhow you can put it down if you want to Matthew 13:54 when he came to his own

28:35country he taught them the verse I want is is not that verse it’s Luke 11:50

28:55remember he said to the Witch of the profits of your father’s not killed now

29:00look what he says here in the eleventh chapter of Luke and verse 47 woe unto you for you build a separate because of

29:07the prophets and your fathers kill them they’re trying to wash away guilt by making memorials to famous men there’s

29:14no sign of repentance come down in the verse verse 49 therefore also said the

29:23wisdom of God who is the wisdom of God he is I will send them prophets and apostle’s and of that and some of them

29:29they shall slay and persecute now here it is I believe this was eating the

29:34Heart of Jesus Christ when he stood there in the temple and they were going through a dead formula that didn’t mean

29:40a thing they had altars but they had no fire they had preachers but they had no

29:46anointing they had no Sun of life or the authority of majesty of the holiest

29:52being in the world God so listen God he said verse 50 the blood of all the

29:58prophets which were shed from the foundation of the world may be required of what of this generation from the

30:04blood of Abel unto the blood of Zacharias which perished between the odds and the Temple and that only I said

30:10to you it should be required of this generation do you wonder he was heartbroken what

30:16happened is prophecy came true within a generation Titus invaded Jerusalem in one of the

30:23greatest massacres ever and blood flowed to the bridles of the horses and Jesus

30:28is standing here remember the story the man who had business li sent his men out

30:34into the fields to work they didn’t honor him last of all I’ll send my son God has sent a whole column of prophets

30:44finally he sends John the Baptist the firebrand that waken the nation and they did away with him and now they’ve got

30:51the son of God they’re going to do it away with him and Jesus says with this generation all the blood of the prophets

30:58that’s ever been shared from Abel right down to this day is going to be shed in your day before very

31:07long they’re going to reject him what did they do they turned away from him

31:16but instead of them turning away from them he turned away from them your house

31:24is left to you desolate the Jews are remarkable nation but they’ve been desolate from that day to

31:30this they had no power they’ve had no profits they’ve been preserved in the mystery of

31:36God if any other nation in the world asked America for the money the Jews of the house we’d have kicked them in the

31:41ocean but we give them everything they ask for billion but as soon as America

31:48turns our back on the Jews you can dig the grave for America

32:01Hitler brought the chief rabbi in my day 1939 he brought the chief rabbi into his

32:06presence he told him what he was going to do with the Jews the old rabbi sat

32:12there with his nice long beard and Hitler said you were sitting there pondering what were you doing well your

32:20excellency he said my people were almost annihilated years ago by a man called

32:27Pharaoh I know about that did you know where the flat cake I think they call it

32:33mat serum at sauce matzah I’ve eaten yards of it it’s tasteless

32:39with it better than nothing that’s about it but anyhow it’s a memorial to Pharaoh

32:48and there was a day when somebody’s decided to liquidate the gorge and a

32:54young lady stood in the way Esther didn’t she Esther and the Jews have a

32:59little cake remodel of that called the hamantash I think it is little thing full of seeds and Hitler said well your

33:06excellency I was thinking we made a flat cake to remind us of Pharaoh and we have

33:12a normal cake with seeds called a hamantash I was wondering what kind of cake we could invent to remember you

33:20and would you believe Hitler showed him the door they’re in for trouble don’t

33:29make any mistake about it but Jesus is

33:35standing there weeping he stammering out he cried with a loud commanding voice he

33:42had no amplification and five or six thousand if any man thirst let him come unto me he sees her at the end of the

33:52line surely he had a word of knowledge if anybody had and he knew they were

33:58going to be massacred slaughtered if they didn’t repent but they never repent I think that broke is heart in that

34:04feast you dumb blind people how are you going to walk here and say Moses walked

34:09here or something else watch it or maybe before this there was a great marvellous temple that was built by Solomon and yet

34:18you go through you what does that water mean that you poured out a bit not that much you just tell your children well

34:23that’s swimming at your father’s great-grandfather saw one day away in a wilderness ittan lost its meaning as God

34:32is my witness I believe that thousands of people take communion this son in it doesn’t mean that much to them they

34:40don’t think of the blood of Christ they don’t think he turned god’s anger away

34:45they don’t think he rescued them from eternal hell if they did it either weep for joy or or weak for sorrow but they

34:53weep for nothing

35:00this unrepentant trout they’re going to

35:05turn the Senate no he says you’re not rejecting me I’m rejecting you there’s a

35:14fantastic verse in lamentations this is hardly a book you read for anything fun

35:20enjoys it if you don’t know where it is it happens to be in your Bible it comes

35:26right after Jeremiah

35:39lamentations chapter 2 verse 1 how hath the Lord covered the daughter

35:46of Zion with a cloud in his anger and cast down from heaven unto the earth the

35:51beauty of Israel and remembered not his foot stole in his anger the Lord hath

35:57swallowed up the habitations of Jacob and he hath not pitted he is thrown down in his wrath the strongholds of the

36:03daughter of Judah he hath brought them down to the ground he has polluted the kingdom and the princes thereof verse

36:11fortieth bent his bow like an in it like an enemy he stood with his right hand as

36:17an adversary and slew all that were pleasant in the eye of the tabernacle

36:22and of the daughter of Zion he poured out his fury like fire here is the

36:28people that said God is our God okay take him for good or ill whether he has

36:34a smile or his nature look what he says here in verse 5 the Lord was an enemy he

36:40has swallowed up Israel in a swallow polar palaces he has destroyed their strongholds it increased the daughter of

36:46Judah with mourning and lamentation he has violently taken away his tabernacle they suddenly realized that

36:53God is their adversary the God who delivered them all over and over again

36:59he sent angels to deliver them he delivered them in a hundred different ways but now his anger is kindled

37:06against them what do they say well of course maybe God has moods he’ll change

37:12no not on your life do you think of anything more devastating than coming

37:18down to verse 10 in this chapter the elders of the daughters of Zion sit upon

37:25the ground and keep silence here you have these charming women this is what they do they’ve cast dust upon their

37:31heads they’ve gathered themselves with sackcloth the Virgin’s of Jerusalem hang down their heads now here is Jeremiah he

37:39says my rise of do fail with tears he said my eyes are blinded with tears I’m

37:45choking with grief listen my bowels of trouble my liver is poured out for the

37:50destruction the odds of my people because the tune of the sucklings are in the streets they

37:56say to their mothers where is the common wine you see little children here in a

38:02state of destitution when they know the anger of God is kindled knees is destroying their priesthood and

38:08destroying every treasure they have the children say where is the corn and the wine oh you’ve told us mummy that our gump

38:16ours and others they came out of a barren wilderness and they came into a land flowing with milk and honey but the

38:25glory is departed I’m convinced that when Jesus stood in a temple that day he

38:30was thinking of the day when the glory of God through the temple do you

38:36remember the time when schölermann stood there and the glory came down and the priests could not minister for the glory

38:42of God in God’s name when are we going to see that the glory filled the temple

38:54and now the temple is a museum now the temple is just a place of historic value

39:00to us as a nation there’s no sign of light our altars have no fire the glory

39:06of God doesn’t fill the temple the priests add no prophecy how can we be worse you can hardly find anything more

39:14desperate than this my eyes are blinded with tears my bowels are trouble my liver is poured out for the destruction

39:20of my nation can you imagine a past with

39:25a nice fashionable church going in next Sunday morning with his not nice suit on feeling on top of the world and suddenly

39:32weeping and say my barrels my barrels are troubled my liver is poured out they

39:38think it was nuts the Deacons would rush up and ice got him out to the vestry

39:45there’s no despair how many Pentecostal do you think will

39:51be beating their breasts this Sunday and say oh we remember the glory of gathers Azusa Street you remember when the

39:57rivers of God flowed out there from a people who are poverty-stricken in material things but rich in God where

40:05are the Nazarenes the day they had a glory when dr. breslar he founded that organization and the pilgrim holiness

40:12people or the Methodists other salvation is do you know why we don’t cry and weep

40:18and feel our bowels of thought and our livers because we never seen the glory of God that’s why we content to spread a

40:26theological doctrinal treadmill until we’re wearing we drop into bed tired out we haven’t departed one iota

40:34there isn’t an angel Gabriel on my nobody could say we deviated from the

40:39truth of Baptist teaching or Pentecostal teaching or somebody else’s teaching

40:48we have no passioned we have no brokenness Jesus is torn he knows that

41:01the dev rejection is almost over he knows that outside of that Street

41:07he’s going to walk in there a few minutes before long it would be full of blood up to his knees but those people

41:13have no time for God will be screaming for mercy and it’s too late they’re going to be slaughtered by the hundreds

41:18of thousands maybe a million people were destroyed in the days of Titus when he

41:24invaded that city

41:35remember the scripture that says o Jerusalem Jerusalem thou that killest

41:40the prophets why don’t we change input Oh America America thou that killest the

41:46prophets 3000 radio station in America today a broadcast something of the

41:52gospel my country that gave the world the Bible that gave the world Methodism

41:59that gave the world a Salvation Army the two greatest revivals since Pentecost is

42:05now as dead as the dodo we are wanting

42:15to make a short-term investment that we and get the glory of God on one night of prayer or one evening of prayer or I’ve

42:23added to ten more minutes to my praying each day do you wonder that the writers

42:30of the Hebrew who said we have not yet resisted unto blood striving against sin

42:38every drop of blood from able to Zechariah a had that Rao in the temple right down to the very last person is

42:45treasured by God and listed by God and

42:50everybody will be martyred in Russia today every drop of blood was just recorded in heaven or China or whatever

42:56it was I’ll go back in our own history here some enormous meant some of the greatest

43:02preachers since Pentecost what these streets are rode the horses one of the

43:08greatest meant the only man that out rode mr. Wesley Wesley road 240,000

43:14miles on horseback bishop Asbury wrote wrote two hundred and two thousand four

43:23hundred I think exceeded Wessel anyhow you’ve had the host of great jet what

43:29about Jonathan Edwards Suz have been reading that story this

43:34week I think the man who said stamp eternity on my eyeball not prosperity

43:40god help us I pity those poor guys over there in Dallas at the judgment seat

43:46that are leading people down the garden path looking for wealth when the

43:52churches tourists she’s richest in God the Blessed Apostle says I have nothing

43:58I’ve no home I’m no protection have no creature comforts I’ve no right I have nothing but I possess all things and it

44:05wasn’t some olive tree it wasn’t some sweet saying he demonstrated the adulting heat power over demons he power

44:12over death he powdered adversity he can rejoice in prosperity and adversity in

44:18season out of season lashing 195 times he sings hallelujah

44:24rock him in a stinking prison in Rome he writes four of his greatest epistles to the Philippians and Colossians and

44:31Hebrews and Ephesians I think all hell

44:37are the days holiday went all dead but

44:42this is the man who says I travail in birth this is the man who daringly says

44:49I could wish myself a curse the literal word is damned if need be for my brothers now you might say this is way

45:00above our heads round stand up

45:06grow the trouble is were all locked up

45:13come on maybe it’s shot for this that’s okay we all live in a little theological playpen

45:20we’re scared to death to disagree with some I’m not asking for rebellion I’m asking you to stretch your soul not your

45:26mind that mr. Mondale said he tried it didn’t work so but stretch your soul

45:36move in the area of this come on this thing trouble me last Saturday night I

45:41hardly slept a wink I tossed on my bed I cried i wept i groan gone in half what’s

45:47my generation doing we’ve all the equipment we more bibles need more

45:53interpretations of the Bible we’ve more tracks with more books on the Holy Ghost and any generation ever but we never had

45:59less power it’s all in print on bookshelves like most of our praying is

46:07I’m sure in that great day I’ll discover when Jesus stood in the temple he’s looking backward and remembering the

46:14marvelous deliverance of God and then he’s looking forward because he’s he had said already enough to run this over

46:20times ruling off always does remember he made a woman there in the fourth chapter of John and he said give me a drink and

46:30if you knew who it was you’d ask of him and he put in you a well of water

46:37springing up to everlasting life now he says I’m not well of water but wait a

46:43minute go back to John for a minute here Tommy John seven

46:5037 in the last day the great day of the feast Jesus stood and cried saying if any man thirst let him come unto me and

46:57drink and he that believeth on me listen as the scripture said out of his belly

47:02shall flow rivers out of his belly I know well whose well look at the next

47:11verse this spake he of the Spirit I like John Wesley’s him geez you lover of my

47:18soul remember a verse section it says thou of life the fountain art freely let

47:23me take of the spring thou up within my heart and rise to all eternity this

47:30spake he of the Spirit who was not yet given white the Holy Ghost was not yet given why told you here because Jesus

47:40was not glorified though you can pray your heart out and weep and fast knock

47:46your head on the wall and ask for the Holy Ghost but he’s not glorified in your life before that you’ll not get the

47:52Holy Ghost if there’s bitterness in your

47:57life it’s there strife in your life if there’s anger in your life if your secret lust shout to high heaven beat

48:08your breast get out in the field and yellow head off or make a bit of difference until Jesus is glorified till

48:15he knows he has full control of your life your spirit your soul your body your mind your will

48:20he won’t come and take up his abode now

48:26let’s get this straight remember this they these men that went to the upper

48:31room they’d already receive the Holy Ghost read John what does John say that

48:41while they were gathered in the upper room Jesus came and he breathed on them I always think of Abraham remember a a a

48:49B ra and Abram and God breathed on an Abraham never the same

49:03the Holy Ghost is not given because Jesus is not yet glorified Jesus has to go through Gethsemane the hell of an

49:10agony of being separated from God he has to descend into the abyss he has to go

49:16and announce his victory in hell to demon spirit and then he ascends on I like the high priest who presented blood

49:23in the holy place he takes his own precious priceless blood and presents it to the Father the Holy Ghost is the

49:30coronation gift of Jesus if I do not ascend he will not descend

49:38if you don’t do some housecleaning curse your own habits less than tell God what

49:46they are what your failure is prayerlessness powerlessness lack of vision lack of tears lack of compassion

49:51like it love for lost people I don’t

49:58know a facetious here but you know each time I’ve seen on the TV a little crooked woman there that’s made a fortune out of saying three words

50:04where’s the beef what’s he got to do with you brother in this and if I had a

50:11church now over my pulpit I’d have this in big capital letters where’s the grief

50:18let people go to hell what do we worry we’ve got a nice Sunday coming up we’ve got it all planned we’ve outlined the

50:24hymns we know when the crowd will stand up and sit down and Miss John will stand up and sit down my song and something

50:30else and we begin the pasta a little more time now he asked 21 minutes today instead of 20

50:40I could walk up my knees onto the platform some Sundays I’ll tell you that quite honestly the biggest job in the

50:49world is not running the White House it’s running God’s house

50:57Jesus is not glorified he’s not glorified with the selfishness in the

51:04life of so many Christians me first me second and me last does he have priority in everything in

51:11my life in my eating in my sleeping in my social life will I push others on one side to give him time

51:22the greatest gift this side of the world is to be filled anointed and kept anointed with the Holy Spirit of God

51:29dinner was trip with our generation I’ll tell you the highway of Christian living is strewn with the wreckage of has-beens

51:38remember preaching in Australia the pastor you know what they do on the platform talk behind his hand you see

51:43the man over on the right that big man with a ball head yet do you know that 15 years ago he was the greatest man in

51:49Australia he had an incredible anointing

51:55he was almost as I had a torch in his hand going through dry grass everywhere he went he said cities and towns on fire

52:02he lost out he got caught up in Maui money and something else I believe the

52:10only person in God’s earth that gives the devil any nerves it’s a Holy Ghost man I’ve seen God do all kinds of

52:20miracles people jump out of bath chair blind people get the sight when we prayed crippled who are I’m out of that

52:27now you think I like compassion or whatever right to think it there’s something greater than that the greatest

52:35miracle that God can do is to take an unholy person out of an unholy world make that unholy work person holy put

52:42them back in an unholy world and keep them holy in the midst of a crooked and

52:47perverse heed and perverse generation spend little time yesterday with Dave

52:53Wilkinson and he said Elaine I’ve come to this conclusion five years from now

53:00I don’t think any Christian will dare to have a TV in their home there’s some new

53:07invention you can get put it on the top of the house I think he said about $100 you can get all the corruption you want

53:13from all the stations around this country and if it’s powerful enough other countries

53:19we’re saturated with worldliness the king of America there isn’t one yes

53:25there is that his name sport he has a wife what’s her name

53:31entertainment think of her billions that they get think of the billions that go

53:38into the liquor business the billions that goat billions go into pornography did he disturb us I’d like to see every

53:49church in the nation shut down for a week at least why should I preach to you God knows I’m

53:56adding condemnation to you tonight you can’t handle the truth you’ve already got you’ve got it for 5 or 10 years you

54:02can’t handle it why should I bring you more truth why should they give you the challenge of having a spirit-filled life out of his

54:08inmost being when he is resident out of my in-laws being will flow rivers not trickles rivers of living water

54:16what kind of rivers rivers of mercy rivers of compassion will we melt my eyes to tears rivers of love that let me

54:25go to the most perverted and wicked and crooked people that helps me to look at

54:31the TV and not see a bunch of skeletons dear lady here said the other day she was tremendously moved I was it was on

54:37last night again those million people in Ethiopia somebody says that’s a

54:44contrived famine I could give you names of men who contrived it to a million

54:52people made on Ethiopia and more than a million in Africa there’s a woman with a

54:58withered breast and little things sucking sucking getting nothing she gets some water and that kid’s glands are so

55:05swollen when she pours the water it goes all over him down his butt I can’t even take it well I want to tell you about it

55:13I believe the same thing happens in our churches every Sunday people are choking

55:20and we’re trying to pull the water of life into them and the post office on dammed and lost they can’t take it they

55:27listen to the same preacher year after year says the same things in the same way he hasn’t shed a tear since he left

55:34his mother’s womb he went to the seminary got a big fat head in a shrunken soul I wonder God Almighty

55:43doesn’t keep his promise what’s his promise he keeps his promise all right then before long I’ll tell you what’s going to do he’s going to spew

55:50most of the not Christianity but christened them organized financially

55:57backed religion that counts on this neck why do we send people to other country

56:03we can’t even save our own country little guy on TV said give me more money

56:08my message should go into Japan why they’re lost are they did how many death

56:15how many murders they have in Japan in a year 20 we have that in a day in New

56:20York State what’s the good of taking till to an amnesty and go back and clean your own

56:26country up with two precious men from Poland in our house the other week Dave

56:33Wilkinson brought them they were amazed they said when they saw people come out of church and light up smoke oh you

56:42would never see that in Poland Poland is wedged between a rock and a hard place

56:47an inflexible Roman Church and the devilish power of come is but you know

56:53what they have no homosexuality they have no gay communities they have no

57:01pornography come on we can’t even clean that allows this thinking stuff out of

57:06the nation never mind go convert Japanese I know they need to be saying I’m not saying they won’t be now I can

57:13draw a picture as black as anybody I guess I believe we’re going into the darkest

57:19days that humanity has ever known so

57:25dark they make the dark ages look like midday does it say that in jaw before

57:31the final break is going to be a day of darkness and gloominess but you know I

57:37got some help today brother ray when I was pondering that

57:47the story of Egypt in Egypt do you remember it says there was darkness in Egypt but light in the houses of the din

57:54of Israel darkness doom is going to settle over the capitalist system every

58:00other system communism people are going to screen for light in its darkness I

58:09read a statement here let me see if I can find it there get darkest day in

58:18history is coming but what you know I believe the most glorious day is coming to this writer says the dispensation of

58:27the law could only end in tribulation and the curse for it is administration of death but the dispensation of grace

58:33must stand in glory and victory because it’s the administration of life religion

58:39continues to patch up that which Christ has declared useless here’s a phrase for you the veil that was rent in the temple

58:47was rent in twain we’re trying to stitch it together flesh continues to row in

58:56the place of the Spirit instead of the blood of Christ there is the work of man instead of the new birth there’s moral

59:02rearmament instead of the Holy Spirit there’s fleshly entertainment the day of

59:09the Lord is the time it should be a day of glory a day of light a glorious life

59:15the day of the Lord is at hand even the end of the ages and great should be this

59:21display of God’s glory it should be light glorious light or it should be darkness gross darkness and it will

59:28depend upon our position before God just as all the wrath and judgments were due to the preceding generations were heaped

59:34together and laid upon the generation of the Christ and laid upon the upon me

59:39laid upon the generation of Christ they Rev already said the blood of all from Abel right down to this day will be upon

59:47you he shall therefore be Great Tribulation such as such as was never

59:55known from the foundation of the world but it shall also be a great glory so children ever known before

1:00:00from the foundation of the world one classic should be a day of darkness and

1:00:05gloominess to the other as the morning spread among the mountains then he says

1:00:12this focal point in history is coming the glory of Moses day is for us the

1:00:17glory of David’s Kingdom is for us the glory of Solomon’s kingdom is for us the glory of the restored temple in Ezra’s

1:00:23days for us and the glory of Elijah’s day come on The Devil’s gonna do his

1:00:29worst but God’s going to do his best

1:00:34that I’ve used the phrase for you there’s going to be a Pentecost that will out Pentecost Pentecost

1:00:40I believe the glory of the original

1:00:45Pentecost was greater than the glory in Solomon’s Temple I don’t know how many

1:00:53were in that temple at that time I know a bunch of unlearned uneducated men and women were in that

1:00:59upper room and they went out no financial backing they didn’t go out to

1:01:07do miracles tell me a miracle they did after Pentecost they didn’t do before Pentecost then they run back to Jesus

1:01:13was even Devils are subject to us we’ve done many mighty works but that’s not the greatest thing the greatest thing is

1:01:20that you that were lost without God without hope your names are written in the book of life do you know what I’m

1:01:27sick of I’m sick of sea sick of seeing so-called revivals or blessing where men get the glory I believe there’s going to

1:01:36be a visitation of God where no man will get the glory men won’t dare to open

1:01:42their mouths and time put a crown on somebody’s head because he has a super anointing that this world has never known I’m getting old but and I’m

1:01:51getting tired tonight physically but I don’t know what I’m not tired in my spirit I have to wear glasses but my

1:01:58inward visions alright so many what the other day said by the rain you’re being

1:02:04praying more than 50 years for about I believe you’re gonna live to see it so do I otherwise I’d say Lord take me home

1:02:09tonight because I haven’t got a great plot yet but then he

1:02:16we’re going to do hang our hats on the Willows you see when the glory departed

1:02:23and the people lost the majesty of God what did they do they were taken captive in Babylon and they said sing as the

1:02:30Lord’s song in the strange land they said we can’t we can we can marry

1:02:35Christian words to rock music they were carried away to Babylon but Babylon is

1:02:42good to us you can give some money to Babylon you get a tax credit for it

1:02:48Babylon’s very kind to us these days it doesn’t put us in prison there are some

1:02:54things to pray urgently for we had a young man here last year who had a revival in the Caracas Venezuela by

1:03:03faith he went and took a great big bull ring that held I don’t what he got he got twenty thousand a night I think 25

1:03:10thousand at the weekends I had a letter from him today another brother had a

1:03:16letter from him this week you know Louis has a who’s it belong to Louis boat come

1:03:24on operation mobilization that longest boat went to China and they had no trouble

1:03:30they let them dark and let them take out their Bibles they went to the knees so

1:03:36earlier a few weeks ago and the police got hold of them made them lock up the

1:03:41ship and then the police bombarded the ship broke windows took everybody out of

1:03:49the ship and put them in jail for a while and let them go you see the Pope is going to Venezuela so now for the

1:03:57time being let’s hope it changes you cannot get a visa to go into Vanessa earlier as a missionary they didn’t want

1:04:05any evangelical activity they don’t want anybody’s eyes to be open they want to bring the false priests there who is

1:04:11Antichrist not the Antichrist but he is Antichrist anyhow

1:04:18I want this over listen Paul says I tell you even weeping their enemies of the

1:04:25cross of not enemies of Christ Rome is an enemy of Christ it has him everywhere hung on a cross it’s an enemy of the cross of Christ

1:04:31because it says Mary is equal redemptive in redemptive power you can pray to Mary

1:04:37also Jesus it’s optional not so Dee holds witnesses talk about Christ but

1:04:43they’re Antichrist they’re enemies of the every denomination Mormonism Latter

1:04:48day Saints my foot why because they reject the blood of Christ

1:04:54the Mormons reject the blood of Christ Jones witnesses reject the blood of Christ all the modern so-called

1:05:01religions reject the blood of Christ

1:05:08we’re not too worried about it are we

1:05:17I tell you I told god I don’t care if I never go out my house out of this area again I don’t care if after weep and

1:05:26grown and fast and travel I don’t care a hill of beans about that what the church

1:05:33has had in the last 25 years I haven’t moved a merry cut to the near heaven with all the millions of dollars we

1:05:40spent so God has to do a new thing and he’s going to do a new thing and that’s why I love to come to last day and talk

1:05:47to you for can do others that come in from other places you’re the hope we gray heads had our day what are you

1:05:54going to do just talk about the history o fini fini fini forget fini fini fi ni

1:06:02is Latin for finish so fini with fini

1:06:09and get down to the word and read through the Apostles and read through the prophet and tread with these men of

1:06:15soul here is a man of sorrows standing in the midst of hostility ending pan me in the midst of because this feast was a

1:06:22feast of joy and they were happy and laughing and clapping their hands and going to hell at the same time they were

1:06:30squeezed in they were slaved I think Jesus was weeping for that the whole nation was in slavery to the Roman

1:06:36Empire and they were in slavery to godless religion

1:06:44you know we have the biggest task on our hands that any generations that are more lost people tonight than ever they have

1:06:52been in history and we sleep not just

1:07:00physically we sleep spiritually there’s

1:07:07an old old hymn I hope it’s in heaven ask you to sing it let me ask you to tonight here how many of us here have

1:07:14lost children or lost parents raise your hand let me see he’s not enough to drive

1:07:21us to our knees drivers to tears tell

1:07:27God we don’t ever if people think we’re insane so on I’ll tell you what we won’t be embarrassed at the judgment seat that

1:07:33we fasted and prayed and wept and got out of step with some denomination or bunch of cranks the Holy Ghost wants to

1:07:44come in me in his fullness and you and pour out rivers not trickles not when

1:07:51you just feel like pray but taking hold of you like a river that you see sometimes on TV and the river is in full

1:07:57flood and it streams houses away it sweeps away cars it sweeps wait big tree there’s nothing can stand there is no

1:08:05hope this generation will fill hell quicker than any other generation with sokurah unless God in mercy fills us

1:08:12unless you say Lord there’s nothing I want I don’t want to swim new watch for Christmas Sonia I want a new anointing I

1:08:19want a new revelation I want a new quickening


1:08:34see if I can find it now I want you to sing it just not

1:08:42emotionally but spiritually to tremendous him 207 let’s done dancing it

1:08:52let’s try and see these lost millions at home and abroad of reasoning